This web site is dedicated to Jesson Wragg, We hope it will inform our friends and other families that are effected by this disease. Jesson was  4 years old when diagnosed, he had led a very healthy life. Jesson has always been full of fun and always trying to make people laugh.. September 2003, we visited our friends in France, we were having a lovely time until Jesson woke up screaming in pain holding his head, we couldn't decide what was causing the problem, Jesson was so upset with the pain, he found it difficult to explain where it was , we were very alarmed, but we thought it was an ear infection or a pulled muscle in his neck. When we arrived home we went the local GP, he said it was a neck spasm, I thought Jesson was in an awful lot of pain, but tried to be reassured by this diagnosis. The pain didn't seem to subside we went the hospital at 1 o'clock in the morning as he was not able to sleep, and we could not help him, every time he tried to lay down he screamed out in pain, we were so distressed, and so helpless. We took Jesson for physiotherapy, this temporally helped. After four weeks the neck pain seemed a little better, a couple of days later he couldn't walk, by this time we were very worried, we immediately took Jesson to the hospital, over the following weeks we were in and out of the LRI, each time with a different diagnosis, irritable hip, post viral infection, and after the final push we got, some more urine's and bloods. There was one particularly nice doctor who took a lot of time to look at Jesson, after her examination she was on the phone a long time to a senior doctor, who then also wanted to examine Jesson, we were kept in for the night. The following day we received the dreaded news that our son had cancer called NEUROBLASTOMA.