December 2008

It has been a very long time since I have updated Jesson's website. It is over a year since we lost Jesson, it has been an incredibly tough year to say the least. Since my diagnosis with ovarian cancer in June, life has felt almost torturous, coping emotionally has been so difficult. Losing your child is such a rollercoaster journey, the feelings have been almost unbearable, often not knowing how I would get through.


In October we had a lovely evening at the Angel Ball, this is a ball for parents who have lost a child to Neuroblastoma, we had a wonderful night, shared with wonderful company, meeting many friends who we have met over the years of Jesson's treatment.               Thanks to Elaine for a great night xxxxx


We are still working on the fund raising for Jesson's Angels, we have recently been able to grant a holiday for  Hayden from ward 27, he has decided that he would like to go skiing. 

Other news we have recently received is one of our little friends, Eden has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, she is presently on ward 27 meeting all of Jesson's friends. We have bought her a pink laptop for Christmas, so over the next week I am going to visit ward 27 to                         deliver it to her.



Update  my Cancer diagnosis !!!!

I have finally found the strength to do a personal update on the website, I have been very busy ! where do I begin.
Back in February this year  I was at the hospital having scan for my recurrent miscarriages I have suffered over the last 12ths months ( I have had 3) at the scan everything looked normal, apart from my endometrosis diagnosis and a chocolate cyst they found.
I had been keeping fit running about 5 miles 3 times a week, so I  was feeling pretty good, healthy and strong!!
I started to notice I was having to go toilet quite frequently, more so than normal, i wasn't too worried because I felt very healthy.
At the end of May I began to think that i was suffering from a urine infection, so I had a trip to the doctors, he sent off a sample to the hospital and gave me a physical examination,  I pointed out there was a swelling in my abdomen, he assured me it was probably due to an infection. 4 days later I returned to a female GP as I was even more uncomfortable, she thought it was odd because the there was no infection. She gave me another physical examination, and discovered a huge swelling in my tummy, she said it felt like a huge ovarian cyst, that evening  I ended up in A&E due to pain, I was diagnosed with a huge ovarian complexed mass.
The following morning they sent me home!!!!! They warned me it could rupture causing crippling pain.
By weds I was in crippling pain, Friday morning I had a huge incision  and 2 cysts removed, one of them had ruptured.
Apparently all looked healthy, so I kept all of my female organs.
3 weeks later I was contacted and called in to the hospital to be told I had OVARIAN CANCER, fortunately the other cyst that ruptured was not cancerous.
Since this date, I have had a full hysterectomy, and waiting for the menopause to kick in!!
I have been told there is no need for chemo, (thank god)
There was also cancer found in the right ovary, but we are hoping that this is the end of this terrible nightmare.
I know this is Jesson's website, and I'm not looking for sympathy, I am trying to raise awareness. This disease is called the silent killer, the reason being, is the symptoms are vague. I am not trying to scare people either, but be aware of you body if things don't feel normal, persist and get answers.
I am going to list some symptoms, and some websites for support, I only hope no one has to use these.

Many women don't have symptoms in the early stages of ovarian cancer. If there are symptoms, they may be hard to define but can include pain or a bloated feeling in the lower abdomen. Other symptoms can include:

  • loss of appetite
  • unexplained weight gain
  • swelling in the abdomen
  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • pain during sex
  • changes in bowel or bladder habits - constipation, diarrhoea, or needing to pass urine more often




We now have a new guestbook / memorial page.

If you want to light a candle and leave a message or tribute for Jesson or the rest of the family click here



Megan's holiday photos







Fundraising News

So far the fund raising  triathlon has managed to raise £8641.00 !!!!!!!
We are so thrilled, we have little Megan and her family travelling this month.
In December we are able to help Alex Barnes and his family, they are
going to Florida !!!
Well done to everyone for  collecting the triathlon money.





Lisa Horton has worked like a Trojan, trying to raise funds for Jesson's Angels. She has carried out numerous charity events over the past months, she has organised fun disco evenings, body wraps, and also ran the London marathon dressed as a Jesson's Angel.
I wanted to add this to Jesson's website as she has worked so hard, and deserves a big big thank you    WELL DONE LISA xxxxx






It has been a long time since I have updated the website, we have been very busy organising the triathlon and we are still collecting in the sponsor money in. 

Lots of people were involved, and it was really good fun. People from all fitness levels were involved, some were very fit and competitive, others had little experience, but what was very apparent was the fact that everyone was doing it for a good cause. 

We had people not only taking part in the UK, but also our friends who live in Belgium and France were involved. We are totally amazed at everyone’s enthusiasm to help. I would like to take time to thank everyone who took part, and to everyone who sponsored  the participants.

We like to thank the Aylestone Leisure Centre.

Without the free access to the centre we would have not been able to carryout the event. 

We have managed to collect so far £2876, this amount is amazing, as we set out with a goal of £3000, and still have more money to collect in. 

The best part of this journey has been the last few days; we wanted the money to go to a local family to provide a dream holiday.  We met with little Megan who is 3yrs old and her family yesterday, they really deserve a break, little Megan has been poorly since she just 1 yrs, suffering the effects of cancer, she has had lots of chemo, operations and lots of infections.

Megan’s family have decided they would like to take Megan to Majorca; she would love to play on a beach. It would be a total understatement to say this family is so excited; it has made us so happy to see the happiness of such a lovely family.


Claire in Belgium completed a Triathlon for Jesson's Angels and raised lots of money, what could you do?


Jesson's Angels

 Fund Raising News

Many people who were lucky enough to have met Jesson, would have known his positive attitude, with his extremely caring, selfless nature. He has had a huge impact on many people, during his short but very full life.

We had some really lovely times, that we shared with Jesson.

We now feel that this is the time for us to give a little back....

We have set up a memorial fund for Jesson called,  "Jesson's Angel's" we would like to raise as much cash as possible.

Primarily our aim to create many treasured memories, for a family with a sick child, possibly to go on a dream holiday.

We would also like to to be able to give a substantial amount to the Neuroblastoma society , this charity funds research. We would like to make a difference and hope we can improve the quality, and prognosis, of these children that are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.


We can announce the final and amount collected at the Co-op Funeral Services,

a whopping £2521,10 !!!!!!!!

The lady who we dealt with Jesson's arrangements, said in all the years of working at the Co-op she had never knew so much money to be donated, so THANKS to everyone who gave very generously. I was told there were some huge single donations. xx thank you this money has all gone to the Neuroblastoma society.