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Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfie BrookesUnited Kingdom17.1.2004 16:18:50d.brookes7@ntlworld.com Jesson hope you're feeling a bit better now after you're last chemo session.Lots and lots of lots of love we think you're doing fantastic. Love to Mum ,Dad and Kesia too.

zoe, colin & calebUnited Kingdom17.1.2004 20:21:9zoeb@nottssport.comhttp://We don't know you but we have heard about you and your illness through mutual friends in France. We just wanted to send you our best wishes and to let you know we arethinking of you. Good luck with the treatment.

Sheila JonesUnited Kingdom18.1.2004 15:26:15http://To JessonYou have to be Mummy and Daddys' Brave Little Soldier but you can do it!

Jason and MarianneUnited Kingdom20.1.2004 9:40:24jf_woodgon@hotmail.comhttp://Our thoughts are with you Jesson, Ashley Helen and Kessia.Love and best wishes Jason and Marianne

Marilyn & John VarnamUnited Kingdom20.1.2004 10:4:36marilyn.varnam@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson, We are Jode & Reds Nanna & Grandad, "Marilyn & John" We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Did you have a lovely Christmas We hope Santa bought you all your favourite toys. We are doing the sponsored walk for you on the Abbey Park this Sunday and look forward to seeing lots of your friends and family along the way.All our Love and Best WishesMarilyn & John Varnam xxxx

Sheila Goward, Jonathan Lindsay's auntyUnited Kingdom21.1.2004 12:58:40http://Keep life going as normal as possible for Jesson.He will deal with it as only children can. It's always worse for the relatives, especially mums and dads.I have leukaemia and understand some of the things Jessonhas had to cope with. As long as you are there for him hewill get through it. Everything sounds really positive.Hang in there all of you. Cancer changes your life foreverbut, good things can come out of it.Is Hannah the little girl from Sileby?All the best.Aunty Sheila

Gary, Sonia & Max IleyUnited Kingdom22.1.2004 15:48:6gary@sygnetsigns.comhttp://

Joe, Carol and DaveUnited Kingdom23.1.2004 JessonSpoke to your mum today and she told me that you are feeling OK which is very good news. I hope that you are looking after that bike for Joe. Don't wear out those wheels becauseJoe will want to have a go when he comes to visit you.Keep smiling. All our love Carol Dave and Joe xxx

holly peelUnited Kingdom23.1.2004 17:10:13xxbraunitexx@hotmail.comhttp://dear jesson, just been on your web site you seem a really nice boy hope you have a speedy recovery im sending all my love to you and all your family love holly xxx

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 14:10:5bad.hairday@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson sweetheart , wow you have your very own web site how cool is that? :O)We have just got back from doing your 3 mile walk at Abbey park , we all had a lovely time walking round the park the sun was shining and there were lots and lots of people there all for you :O)Keep on smiling that cute cheeky smile , sending you hugs and kisses sarah,jody,callum, jaymie and sonny xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

BrandiUSA25.1.2004 14:51:6aphrodite2@freeze.comI was given your URL by a friend and just read Jesson's story. He is a brave little boy, and you have many prayers and postive vibes coming your way. Never give up hope, and enjoy every single moment!Best wishes,Brandi

ToniaUSA25.1.2004 15:32:43trlrn@charter.nethttp://Hello Jesson, You seem like a very strong little boy. My prayers will be with youand your family. I got this URL address from a friend of yours. You sure are lucky to have friends and family that love you sovery much.Keep Smiling, Tonia

Jene KimBelgium25.1.2004 16:2:3http://I wish Jesson a fast reco...and his family the strength to concur this obstacle.

Audrey PowellUSA25.1.2004 17:19:58amp0810@hotmail.comBest wishes to Jesson and the whole family. I don't knowthe statistics for a cancer such as Jesson's, but surelyhope that he is able to recover with the cancer fully inremission soon and never to return. Thank God for the resilience that children have! And prayers for all...God Bless

rachel griffiths & familyUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 17:22:7rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, just a little note to say we hope you get better soon, and that we are all thinking and prayin for you, lots of love to you, your mummy, daddy and baby sister, all our love and best wishes, from rachel, ravi, luke & amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the plant familyUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 18:0:38melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hello smiler!well this is posh, having your own web site, charlie managed to walk the whole three miles without needing a piggy back, well almost!glad to hear your feeling a little bit better, must be all that love everyone keeps sending you. you have more friends than anyone i know!anyway when you feel up to it charlie would like to give you a bike race around the park, so keep on practicing matey.keep to you all,mel,keiron charlie and isobelxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charlie and Isobels NanaUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 18:10:34glynismitchinson7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson!I just wanted to send you lots of love and hugs as I couldnt be at your walk today as I looked after Isobel because she is a bit too small to walk 3 miles!I hope you will soon be feeling much better,you are such a brave little boy and everyone who knows you are very proud of you.Take care sweetheart and lots of love and kisses to your mum,dad and baby sister Kesia.Keep on smiling your gorgeous smile xxxxx

LouUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 18:25:18http://Hello sweetheartIve never had the privilege of meeting you, but have heard so much about how brave you are...Be strong :o)Love to you allLou, Darren, Lucy and Amber x

TabithaUSA25.1.2004 19:14:0http://My prayers are with Jesson.

sarahUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 20:25:12http://hello jesson my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!you are such a brave boy and i bet everyone who knows you is very proud.take carelove and hugssarah,jerry,josh and rebeccaxxxx

kirstyUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 jessonwe are thinking of you and send you love,you are a brave boylove kirsty,gary,abbie,hannah,jordan,shannon,scott and lucyxxxxxxxx

Katie CameronUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 21:7:10katieclarke17@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson,Our thoughts are with you and your family. You are such a brave little boy!LoveKatie, Dave & Joshua xx

Shannon DavidsonUSA25.1.2004 22:3:51kineticarchitecture@msn.comhttp://Your sweet smile is so beautiful!! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May the light of the universe continue to shine through you, strengthen you, and make your path smooth and easy!

Bonnie KaspersNetherlands25.1.2004 22:32:29macsgirl@xs4all.nlhttp://Hang in there, little guy, and enjoy every day~! There are many people who are thinking about you and wishing only good things for you. Big Hugs from Wooden Shoe Land (Holland).

GinaUSA25.1.2004 22:40:35ginabull30@yahoo.comYou have got the sweetest smile. You hang in there and know that there are prayers coming to you from Texas.Gina

SiannCanada25.1.2004 22:49:20inchante@yahoo.caHi JessonI just wanted to send you greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.I am sorry that you are going through such a difficult time and wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.I am sending you lots of healing energy and best wishes and I look forward to hearing of your recovery.BlessingsSiann :)

Denise SeabyUnited Kingdom25.1.2004 jesson, you sure are a handsome little boy, just wanted to say hi to you and your family, and to tell you you've the lovliest smile, my thoughts are with you, take care little one and big hugs sent your way love Denise :-)

KimUSA26.1.2004 0:37:29http://Jason sweetie, I saw your pictureand I love your smile (:You are such a handsome good looking boy.You have a beautiful mommy and a handome daddy, and who love you so much.Remember that Yes, Jesus loves you, too.We are praying for you and your familyso you will feel better. GOd bless you :) Kim

RachelUSA26.1.2004 5:16:56GRHPN@hotmail.comhttp://I have said a prayer for your beautiful little boy. May God put His healing hand upon him and free him of this terrible disease. What a beautiful little boy!

DachUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 8:58:13ImpJac@aol.comhttp://Hello Little Fella,How you doing? Your being a very brave little boy at the moment and Mummy and Daddy must be very very proud of you, so you just keep taking your medicine and you will be better soon.To Mum & DadBe strong, believe and you will all come through this"GOD BLESS YOU ALL"

Debbie SandlerUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 10:17:33debstar@his.comhttp://Sending all our love and courage and hope for JessonOmDebbie and Art xx

AmandaUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 13:53:6http://Hello there Jesson,I have read your story and you seem such a brave little boy, your family are so proud of you.We wish you a speedy recovery.xxxTo All the family,Our thoughts are with you at this very upsetting and stressful time.Amanda & family x

georgina hadfieldUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 19:41:25ginahadfield@hotmail.comhttp://Norma Tim joy ALice Georgina Tom Donna and Peter.send their love and Helen Ashley,jesson, and Kesia we enjoyed the walk yesterday and are busy collecting the money raisedlove to you all.

David BattleUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 20:49:43david.battle@virgin.nethttp://Jesson, you keep up the fight against this dreadful illness.I will be checking your website for good news on your progressGood wishes to you and your family from someone else who understandsneuroblastoma.

Edie PrussCanada26.1.2004 21:11:30speedy-eedy1@shaw.cahttp://I just wanted to say that your story has touched my heart. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. God bless you... Edie

TracyUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 there little man, I just wanted to say I truly wish you all the best, and all my prayers are with you. Never give up! x

ruth grogan sandersUnited Kingdom26.1.2004 jesson keep your chin up mate your doing well,ive heard your the loudest kid on your ward.Thats the best keep it up mate.P.S bet i could beat you at playstation no no not really.Ruth xxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA27.1.2004 4:45:8tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey Jesson, We think you are such a brave boy and we pray for you and your family every day.I know it is hard to have always go to the hospital, but you are doing so much better. Victoria had to do the same things and she feels so good now. Keep up the good work and remember Jesus and your family love you so much. Friends and prayers from an ocean away! Love, Alecia and Victoria

GloriaUSA27.1.2004 5:28:37gem_60540@yahoo.comhttp://Hello Jesson. A dear friend of mine by the name of Sarah told me about you. You are a precious beautiful strong young man. You don't know me, but I hope and pray that you will feel loads better. My blessings are with you and I pray so so much that God will protect you and heal you. Much love to you sweet Jesson. Gem aka Gloria

NicUnited Kingdom27.1.2004 13:3:33http://Hi Jesson ! Keep smiling (mam and dad too !)and take things easy (and day by day).I'll check back regularly for your progress. Best stay off the bike for a bit - don't want any broken bones !lots of love and a speedy recoveryNic

The Allen FamilyUnited Kingdom27.1.2004 16:4:52angela.allen@uhl-tr.nhs.ukhttp://To The Wraggs,Sydney and I did the walk on Sunday, we had a great day, itwas great to see all those familiar faces and to have a chat with Ashley's mum and other family members.Well as I speak to quite alot (yes Helen, no comment), I will sign off and see you soon.Love to you all as always xx

Karyn & DylanUSA27.1.2004 16:18:37love2dune@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hello Dear Sweet Jesson~You are in our thoughts and prayers. You are such a cute little guy. Keep smiling & know you have lots of people pulling for you over here in the USA. May God take special care of you & your family. Lots & Lots of Hugs~Karyn & Dylan

Barbara RiverasUSA27.1.2004 18:32:16barb121375@yahoo.comhttp://Hello Jesson,My name is Barbara. I live in Arizona which is a state in the USA. (pretty far from you)I have a little boy who is not much older than you. I bet you guys like a lot of the same things.Way over here thousands of miles away! I heard about how special you are and what a strong and brave young man you are! (and EXTREMELY handsome I might add) I just wanted to say hello and to wishyou all of the best things in the world!!!Love,Barbara

billy craneUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 8:57:24http://

billy craneUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 8:59:10http://hello jesson its me billy who works with your dad i hope you get better soon luv billy


shareeUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 12:38:32http://

shareeUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 12:39:24http://hi ya its billys mate he is cool i hope u r ok

daniel rankineUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 12:56:25http://martinrankine@btbroadband.comhi jesson its daniel,i hope u are getting better and i wish u a speedy recovery im going in the army on the 1st of march i will come and vist yousoon all my love daniel.

Sandy EdingerUSA28.1.2004 13:16:29Crosscourtp@aol.comhttp://Dear Jessen,You may not know this now, but you are becoming an inspiration to children like you all over the world. I pray that you can rely on the love of your family and all of us who will hold you up in our daily prayers. You know, God makes children with stronger wills than adults for a reason. You will be using that strength in the coming days and months.You are going through this for a reason that is unseen. May you recieve the peace of God in concentrating on the now and not the why. Please know that you are loved and supported in thought and prayer in this little corner of the world. Go Jessen!In Him,Sandy EdingerPeachtree City, Georgia USA

KateUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 13:21:31emilykate_smith@yahoo.comhttp://Hi JessonWell you're a very cute little boy aren't you!Wishing you all the best, and thinking of you and your familyLove Kate xx


HayleyUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 Jesson, Ashleigh, Helen & Kesia,I think you are all so brave and the love that everyone hasfor you will see you through this very difficult time.I hear daily updates on your progress as I work with Nannie Ross (who dosen't stop talking about you all........)So keep smiling even though it's hard and remember you all haveso many people that care about you xxxxHayley (Nannies friend from work)

Jo,Jessica,Katie and Kieran SwanUnited Kingdom28.1.2004 21:39:26joanne.swan@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Ashleigh,Helen and KesiaYou are sooooo brave Jesson,,,sorry we havent seen you for a while,,,we have regular updates from Nannie Ross,and we are all thinking about you ,,,,Lots of Love Alwaysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Margaret BarrettUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 10:16:57glyn.barrett@ntlworld.comhttp://Ashley, Helen, Jesson and Kesia,We are Thinking of you eveyday, really enjoyed the walklast sunday. We know how special you are to your family, bestrong, be brave and please get better soon. With love Margaret, Glyn, Emma Lucy and Sean xx

Uncle NevUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 10:52:4grinner/.uk@btopenworld.comhttp://Hi there Brave little man, we're all with you kiddo.

Natalie Park-ScottUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 JessonMy name is Natalie and i am a friend of Charlie and Isobel's Mum.She asked me to take a look at your website and say hello to you, so here i am.I think you are a very brave little boy and I would just like to say i'm sending all my love and best wishesto you and i hope you feel much better very soon, i'll keep my fingerscrossed for you.Lots of love and hugsNatalie xxxx

Lisa BaileyUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 Jesson,My name is Lisa Bailey, and a work colleague of mine Phil Stone has been telling me about you for a little whileand today showed me your fantastic website. I was so gladto hear from Phil and read on your diary that although a tough week there was some good news. You are an inspirationto others like yourself and with a definately health appetite, my daughter Holly aged 3 loves chocolate sandwiches but has yet to trust her mummy and daddy when we tell her that scratchins are the best luxury especially with tomatoe sauce.I will now keep looking on your website to see how you aregetting on.It was also nice to read that you are not letting yourmummy and daddy have any early nights now you keep them upplaying games, my husband Andrew and I always get collared just before bedtime to play either connect four, hungry hippos or lots of jigsaws.Keep having lots of fun and I am sorry mummy and daddy you will have lots of tidying up to do.Lots of love from a stranger who has so much admiration forboth you young Jesson and all your family.Lisa XXXXXX

katie dagleyUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 17:3:14http://Hi jesson it is me katie, hope you are having fun at home.i am back in hospital on my last lot of chemotherapy. I hope to see you soon. lot's of luv kt xxx

kayleighUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 17:15:44http://Hi Jesson its Kayleigh here from ward 27.Just thought id write you a little message coz i seen you the other day but as usual you was really bubbly and coz i was propably in clothes.HA HABut anyway i will let you get back and play like you do here.Lots Of Love Hugs And Kisses Kayleigh And Family XXXPS Say Hi To Family Thanks x

Claire and Julian MuttockUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 19:40:56julian.muttock@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello matey!You dont know us, but we are friends of your mum and dads, Just to let you know we are thinking of you and having little boys of our own makes us realise just how brave youare. Keep smiling little soldier, lots and lots of love andbig hugs Ju, Claire, Poppy,Jenson and Liam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kayleigh and katieUnited Kingdom29.1.2004 21:44:42http://Hi Jesson its kayleigh and Katie from ward 27 we both read your website and thought it was very interesting.Do you know Angel well she has just been brought in there are also 3 more patients.Its really quite with out you and your dad snoring.Hope to see you soon and hope mum,dad and kesia are all ok.All our loveKayleigh And Katie X X

KeithUnited Kingdom30.1.2004 7:55:11http://Hang on in there all of you With Love x

Roxana Nicoleta TabacuPoland30.1.2004 21:56:37roxy_nicole@yahoo.comhttp://Hi! My name is Roxana.I'm from Romania(I put Poland as a country because mine is not listed). A friend of mine from Leicester gave me this addresse.Dear Jesson, I hope that you'll get well and be able to play and maybe take a long trip with your parents and visit Romania.Me and my family will pray for you and your parents.God bless you. Be strong, courageous! When God is with you nobody is against you."May the Force be with you"-Star WarsA big warm hug,from Roxana

Doug and Paula MarrUSA31.1.2004 18:17:1http://Hi Jesson, My name is Doug and I am your Grandpa Rankine’s cousin who lives in America which is a long way from Leicester and that’s why you have not met me yet, your mum has let me know about your illness and kept meup to date on how you are doing. Now that you have your own website which is really cool I can read how you are doing , also I read how people all over the world know what a brave little boy you are.You have a loving family, doctors, nurses, friend, andpeople who have never met you, praying that you will soon be well. So keep that big smile and be a brave little warrior and hopefully you will soon be much better and doing all the things you want to do.My wife (Paula) and I might just be paying you a visit later on this year and look forward to having a few days out with you and your family.Until then you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of Love Doug and Paula.

Auntie Lisa, George & AnnieUnited Kingdom1.2.2004 11:21:25newtonuk2000@aol.comhttp://Hello Jesson :O))We wanted to say hi to you on your very own website, what a little star you are!! Well you always have been to us :O)) George and Annie send big hugs to you and Kesia. Our thoughts are with you, mummy and daddy every day. See you very soon little fella. Lots & LOts of love, hugs and kisses.

Amy & GuyUnited Kingdom1.2.2004 Jesson, uncle Ashley, Autie Helen and Kesiai hope that all of you are ok.i heard jesson was going on the little train @ abbey park, i hope he enjoyed it, i know i did when i went on it!!me and guy are both thinking of jesson and you all and we hope to see you all soon,be brave jessonlots of love fromAmy & Guy xxxxxx

billyUnited Kingdom2.2.2004 9:8:53http://

'THE RANKINES'United Kingdom4.2.2004 14:40:35martinrankine@btpopenworld.comhttp://Hiya jesson,hope you are ok?we are always thinking of you,sorry we have not seen yourecently.we all know you a brave little boy!!keep it up lots of love and BIG hugsto you kesia,mummy & daddy from UNCLE BILL AUNTIE LIA DANIEL BILLY RENAE ANNA AND NOT FORGETTING BOB XXXXX

oliver sharrattUnited Kingdom4.2.2004 18:38:54davesharratt@yahoo.comhttp://Dear jesson I wish I could see you soon so that we could play. maybe I will seeyou in the summer.lots of love oliver.

Norma HadfieldUnited Kingdom4.2.2004 19:55:11http://gina hadfield@hotmail.comhi Jesson we were delighed to hear you enjoyed the train ride on satarday. did it go fast? we have been checking you progress and you are a real brave little boy.Your mummy and daddy are also very brave and we are sending our love and prayers to you all

JonnyboyUnited Kingdom5.2.2004 20:58:16www.abbottd@aol.comhttp://Hiya Jesson....mmh bet your still better than me on the playstation. I will give you a game once my plaster off, but I guess you will still beat me. Say hello to your Mum,Dad and Kesia. Keep smiling, see you soon. Love from Jonny

Auntie Deb and DarrenUnited Kingdom6.2.2004 18:29:51www.abbottd@aol.comhttp://Wow....this is really cool :-) We think about you every so many people do. I just wish that love could be the cure, you would be all better now. You have touch so may peoples hearts and so you should, because you are such a brave little boy. Love to you Mummy and my Big Little brother and a big hug and kiss for Kesia. See you all soon Auntie Deb and Darren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

zoe spencer and rachel morrisUnited Kingdom7.2.2004 17:49:6http://

zoe spencer and rachel morrisUnited Kingdom7.2.2004 17:54:0http://hi

zoe and rachUnited Kingdom7.2.2004 17:55:49http://hi jesson your really brave, keep it up!

Martyn & Clare United Kingdom8.2.2004 10:17:41martynpol@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Hope your feeling a little better and we think you are being so brave. We are both thinking to you.Lots of hugs and kissesClare and Martyn xxx

Auntie Bev & Uncle SteveUnited Kingdom11.2.2004 14:21:22ash.burbery@virgin.nethttp://Hello Jesson, Hope you are feeling a bit better. We know you are being a very brave little boy! We think about you lots. Auntie Val lets us know how you are doing everytime she visits. Lots of love to you, your Mummy & Daddy and Kesiaxxxxx

Brian BrooksUnited Kingdom11.2.2004 15:42:59brianbrooks1@msn.com Jesson you don't know me, but I have certainly heard all about you from your mummy,you are an inspiration to us us all Jesson, keep smiling.Helen and family I know you sometimes feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but please know that I and the family are thinking and praying for Jesson, if you need anything just ask if I can do it I willGod bless you all.

JOANNE KINGUnited Kingdom11.2.2004 16:56:43joking1970@hotmail.comhttp://

kirstyUnited Kingdom13.2.2004 19:52:46kirsty_wilkinson@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson its kirsty (your mummy cuts my hair!),just wanted to let you know that you are a very special and brave little boyand that you are always in my thoughts! give kessiah and your mum and dad a big hug from me! kirsty xxx

DarrenUnited Kingdom16.2.2004 14:33:28darren@honeysucklefarm.nethttp://Hey Jesson, I will get in touch with your Mummy and will arrange for Jode and Red to come and see you soon. Love from Darren x.


Alecia and VictoriaUSA19.2.2004 4:48:2tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi Jesson, I was just thinking about you and how proud your parents must be of you. I hope you are feeling better and eating things you like. Victoria says "hi" and has her tests on Monday. I sure hope you have a good week. Your in my prayers. Alecia and Victoria

rob & beckiUnited Kingdom19.2.2004 thoughts are with you all and we hope all is going well for jesson.

rob & beckiUnited Kingdom19.2.2004 thoughts are with you all and we hope all is going well for jesson. Be strong little man and dont let your dad sleep in at weekends he.he. Ash if you need anything let me know

angie and bill sherriffUnited Kingdom21.2.2004 14:5:8sherriff66-@msn.comhttp://to jesson a brave little man are thoughts are with you alwaysto helen and ashley you are certainly brave people and have a a lot of love in your hearts keep your streneth up and keep smiling god be with you all love angie and bill

Lorraine GuessUnited Kingdom22.2.2004 20:39:16lorraineguess@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Helen, Ashley and KesiaWell Jesson I have just found out today about your Websiteits great, I think about you often and think you are being a very brave and strong little boy and you are such a credit to your very special Mummy, Daddy and sister.Love to you all from Lorraine xx

sarah,jody.callum jaymie and sonnyUnited Kingdom22.2.2004 23:4:57bad.hairday@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson, We read your weekly updates every single week to see how you are doing.Every time i read out your progress you always seem to put a smile on our faces last week you had a burger king for breakfast te hee hee my boys said that was kweeeeeellll , and now this week it made me smile to think doctor Jesson made sure his mummy kept in her canula, what a good doctor you are.You must have a very strong tummy eating lots of ice lollys its fr fr fr freeeezzzing,its a good job you live near to iceland i can see your mummy and daddy having to make a few trips to stock up on lollies,whilst they are there ask them to get you and kesia some chocolate ice-cream aswell!!!!!Take care little man love and hugs to you all The Binghams xoxoxxoxoxox

British Gas, LeicesterUnited Kingdom23.2.2004 you like the football shirt Jesson, you might be needed down at the Walkers Stadium the way they are playing!Love and best wishes from all at British Gas.

Charlotte Cayless United Kingdom23.2.2004 19:44:6ltcay@dsl.pipex.comhttp://Jesson & familyI am so glad you liked the LCFC shirt even though it's big!Dave (Williams) told me today, you've hardly taken it off!All my very best wishesCharlotte CaylessBRITISH GAS CHARITY TEAM

lisa barrettUnited Kingdom24.2.2004 16:26:52n.howsin@ntlworld.comhttp://hello allI have just been reading your homepage it is set out lovely you are all very brave,Jesson i dont no wheather you can remember me but i came round your house about 6months ago i can tell you your guinea pigs have got much bigger from when i last saw them.When i came round yours your mam cut mine and my mams hair,you was really making me laugh holding your little pigs and trying to feed them more carrots,anyway sunshine this is the first time i have came on your homepage but now i know i will drop a note to you everytime i read how your geting on,love to you all you all look a smashing family,and sometimes life throws things at you that you dont expect,but with all the love and care of your family and friends you will get through it love to you alllove Lisa Nick Georga and Jack x x x x

lorraine andy callumEurope24.2.2004 18:26:59lozza5354@hotmail.comhttp://lozza5354

matt and tanyaUnited Kingdom28.2.2004 sweetie,we know your daddy from matishe,We've heard all about you and whats happened.We think your a little trooper, we wish you all the luck in the world, because we cant think of anyone better who deserves it.We'll keep up dated on your process little man, love matt and tanya

John LindsayFrance1.3.2004 8:54:43John@sunlicked.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Heard about the new hamster sounds like you have got your hands full there. Ask Mummy and Daddy to take a picture so i can put the new addition on the web site. Thomas and Lottie say hi and hopefuly when we are over later in the month you can introduce Tom to your new friend. Love to you and the family, Jonny, Claire, Tom and Lottie xxx

maggieSweden2.3.2004 12:54:3http://Hello to your familyI now your daddy and i would like to say hello to you all and i think you are all so brave and well done. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Plonk and ColletteUnited Kingdom4.3.2004 Jesson,You don't know us but we are friends of you daddy's, who told us about your website.Well done for being such a brave boy. Be strong and keep that beautiful smile going!All our thoughts to all the family.With Love x x x x

georginaUnited Kingdom4.3.2004 20:9:28ginahadfield@hotmail.comhttp://hey its georgina hadfield so jesson how r u ur such a brave boy and your in my prayers all of you are. i bet monday was fun with the falcons. hi to the rest of family i went to the walk and enjoyed it i saw helen and it was nice to see alot of smiles from everone there.gina

Laura LomasUnited Kingdom4.3.2004 20:24:31loobyloo_328@hotmail.comhttp://Hey Jesson and family, I know that you don't know me, but im a friend of your friends Georgina Hadfield, and I want you to know, that your a very brave boy, and your family are very brave too! I'll keep you in my thoughts adn prayers! Take care, and stay smiling, because with a smile like yours, i bet you brighten every room you walk in! Take care Love Laura

sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom5.3.2004 16:11:31http://Hi Jesson, i read your artical in the leicester mercury, wow you look like you made a really good truck driver, it must have been very exciting to help to fly those 4 falcons, hope your mummy and daddy and sister are ok and that you continue to be the bestest bravest falcon flying little truck driving soldier there is(phew you have been busy)!!!!! lots of love the Bingham family

AlaraUnited Kingdom8.3.2004 Jesson,Glad to hear you had fun with the lorries and fork trucks.I am more of a crane girl myself. I like looking at them on the way to the hospital.Hope things go well with the op. See you soon.Alara

Neve GilbertUnited Kingdom11.3.2004 8:19:49lorraine.gilbert1@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson,I have just looked on your website for the first time - and have been reading all about your very busy life!!I always ask my mummy how you are and if you are getting better, and I can't wait to see you soon.Big kiss from Neve xxxx

Lorraine GilbertUnited Kingdom11.3.2004 8:29:12lorraine.gilbert1@ntlworld.comhttp://Dear Helen, Ashleigh, Jesson & Kesia,Just a little note to send you all our love and hope everything goeswell with the op!Helen and Ashleigh your strengh and determination has been wonderful, you are a creditto Jesson.Anyway little man keep that beautiful smile going!!Lots of love Lorraine, Jay & Neve xxx

JANEY LOKEUnited Kingdom12.3.2004 10:12:29WWW.JOKING1970@HOTMAIL.COMhttp://Hi all, your a credit to us all!.My love and thoughts are with you all!Keep smiling big fella!.Love to you all, ALWAYS!JANEY LOKEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Glenis and TerryUnited Kingdom13.3.2004 Jesson. I work with Nannie Ross and she is always telling us what a brave boy you are. I saw your photo in the Mercury again tonight and I must say that you are very handsome. Hope that you will soon be feeling much better. Lots of love to Mummy, Daddy and Kesia and especially to you. From Glenis and Terry xxxxx

Lorraine GuessUnited Kingdom14.3.2004 21:43:18lorraineguess@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson,It was great to see you in the Leicester Mercury again this week. Good Luck with your operation this week and carry onbeing a strong and brave little boy for your family.Love to you all fromlorraine xx

vicki scottUnited Kingdom14.3.2004 22:32:0vicki.scott1@blueyonder.comhttp://To Helen, Ashleigh, Jesson and Kesia.I have just looked onto your website for the first time.The website is very detailed and commendable to everyone involved.Jesson you are a brave and strong boy, and I wish you the best of luck,in your operation this coming Wednesday.My Love and prayers are with you all.Vicki

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom15.3.2004 9:52:18http://hijesson hope everyones ok hope the operation goes well you are so brave from me, rachel, carly, joanne and everyone at SJNCC

hayleyUnited Kingdom15.3.2004 10:2:10http://hi jesson,i hope the opportion goes well on thursday.

Doug and Paula MarrUSA15.3.2004 15:8:0http://Hi Jesson,Just a wee note to let you know that we will be praying for you on Wednesday the 17th and trust that all goes well and you will soon be back to being healthy and well again.We know how brave you are and are quite sure you will gothrough this operation with flying colors because your furry and feathered friends at home are waiting patiently for you to return and play with them.Since your operation is on St Patrick's day your sure to have the luck of the Irish with you too.Lots of Love from Doug.

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom16.3.2004 Ashleigh, Helen, Kesia and especially Jesson,Good Luck for the operation on Wednesday. As we work withNannie Ross everyone at East Goscote Plumbers willbe on tender hooks with her waiting to hear some news. Everyone is thinking of you and be strongLove Hayley and everyone at EGP XXXXXXXXXXX

Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfie BrookesUnited Kingdom16.3.2004 19:13:0d.brookes7@ntlworld.com Jesson what a brave little boy you are ,we,re thinking of you always.(love you,re web site)Good luck tomorrow with you,re operation.Helen Ashleigh & Kesia keep strong all our thoughts and prayers are with you lots of love .Big hugs and kisses for Jesson and Kesia. Gill,Dave,Kane & Alfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Westleigh DevelopmentsUnited Kingdom17.3.2004 10:12:42http://Sending you a big hug and lots of kisses today Jesson, praying that everything goes well for you.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Lots of love from Neve's mummy and all the girls at Westleigh xxxxx

melenie plantUnited Kingdom19.3.2004 9:5:15melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hiya little man, i've heard all about your operation, you aresooooooo brave! i also hear you have a hampster, how cool is that?!charlie and isobel have one too, he is really naughty,he has bit isobels finger,twice! ouch! Anyay i hope you feeling your self soon and drinking lots of coke and causinghavock on ward 27!lots of love to you all xxxxxxx

katie sherrattUnited Kingdom20.3.2004 18:24:46katie.sherratt@ic24.nethttp://Hi Jesson its Katie, The Nurse on Ward 27. Hope that you are starting to feel better today and that Mum has been abe to let you have a drink of coke now. The cats are still being just as naughty as always and I am sure they will be wandering into your garden by the time you come home. Look after yourselves and I will see you all soon. Katie

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom22.3.2004 9:56:32http://hi jesson im glad the operation went well you are such a braveboy. me and all my friends at sjncc have been thinking about youhope kesia and all the family are ok.

KarenUnited Kingdom23.3.2004 13:11:57karen_baird@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonDon't know if you remember me from Ward 27. I finished in November to have my baby. When i came into to visit with the baby you were having a very loud day! Hannah told you to leave her alone for 5 minutes as you were giving her a headache!!!It's sounds like you had a fab day at ASDA with the lorriesand fork lifts (my little boy loves all that too)! Glad to read that the surgery was sucessful. Hope things are going well.Take careLove KarenPS Say hello to everyone on Ward 27 for me (I'll be back before they know it!)

Hairdressing girls at stephenson collegeUnited Kingdom23.3.2004 14:31:31charlotte_saunders2@hotmail.comhttp://Hiya u little star! we have heard about you, and because your so brave and a special little boy we are all going to dress up as your fairies for the day and hope our magic fairy dust is going to make you better, lots of love, all thinking of you! be brave! love YOUR fairies x x x x x x x x x x x x

Alecia and VictoriaUSA24.3.2004 4:12:0tiggeral@earthink.nethttp://Hey Jesson, I am very proud of you going through your surgery. You are very brave and I am so happy that you are feeling a bit better. You and your family stay in my prayers and we think you are very special. Continue to be brave and be good for those taking care of you. I know it is not fun sometimes, but you are such a big boy. Friends from an ocean away. Alecia and Victoria

lewis bonsell and familyUnited Kingdom24.3.2004 jessonlewis says hello and hopes you will get better soon did you mum or dad video tape the flintstones 2 on tv last weekend?lewis watched it all and thought it was very funnylove lewis, sophie, karen and andrew

Denise MoodyUnited Kingdom26.3.2004 7:50:37http://To Jesson and family,What a brave family you are. I went to your Auction evening last night. What an inspiration you all are. If love and friendship helps then you will get through this very difficult time,you'll soon be able to see light at the end of it. There are so many good people that care for you.What a fantastic family. Good luck in your journey ahead.P.S. What are trucks like Jesson from Asda? Bet they are great!!!!!!Lots of Love and Good WishesDenise Moody xxxx

Sue Allen and FamilyUnited Kingdom30.3.2004 23:6:12ssallen@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson.I'm Mum and Dad's 'foot lady', and have worked really hard at being frightened of computers to see how you are getting on. I am so astounded at how brave you have been, I want to tell you how special you all are.Tell Mum and Dad from me, they both deserve a medal and you deserve to get better really quickly! Mind you, little sis' has been brilliant too, how about when you are older thanking her by always being nice to her?!!I think of you all every day, your photo is on the wall of my clinic and lots of people now know about your horrible disease, and everyone wants you to get on that road to recovery.Take care little one, love to you and the family.Sue.

jenniUnited Kingdom31.3.2004 15:13:59http://Hiya jesson, ive never seen you but heard a lot about you from Danielle, Ryans sister. Hope youre doing Ok. might see you soon when i visit Ryan. see you soon Jenni x x

DanielleUnited Kingdom31.3.2004 15:17:44http://Hiya its Danielle ,Ryans sister. i probobly shouldnt be writing this because im at school but oh well! just writing to see if youre back to normal. its a lot quiter on the ward without you! see you when i see you. Danielle x x

Marina,Johnny, Morgan n GeorgieUnited Kingdom1.4.2004 17:9:59Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson and Family,Just to let you all know we are thinking of you all.Love The Summerfields.xx.

Laura TuboUSA2.4.2004 3:48:28lauratubo@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson-I found your site on invitation from Helen Wragg who signed in on my son's site, I know you are both strong boys. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong.

seraUnited Kingdom4.4.2004 10:23:10http://hi there superstar! you are an inspiration to us all..stay strong and so very special..and just a little bit naughty :o)all our love and thoughts are with you from glenn, sera, liberty, madison and honey xxxxxp.s proud of you too helen x love sera x

LibertyUnited Kingdom4.4.2004 12:37:35http://Hola its Liberty (sera's daughter *^_~*) I just had to say that I think your a little star Jesson and to keep smiling that special little smile that you have in the photo's******** *^_^* *******

Laura TuboUSA4.4.2004 20:1:8lauratubo@yahoo.comhttp://Hey Jesson-This is Joey Tubo's mom. We have been receiving so many wonderful notes from your friends and family. And, we want you to know we are all routing for you too! I bet if you and Joey got together, you would be the coolest SuperHeroes the world has ever seen. Joey is in the hospital this weekend, but the Easter Bunny visited him there, so it was a bit of fun too. Stay Strong! We're keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!

Gary, Sonia & Max IleyUnited Kingdom6.4.2004 14:26:27gary@sygnetsigns.comhttp://Hiya Jesson & familyKeep up the fight little man...!

Stevie StarUnited Kingdom6.4.2004 Jesson I hope you are well and still watching cartoons as much as I watch football.We'll all be thinking of you at our get together on your behalf on Thursday.See you soonStevie StarPS. Keep shouting at your dad. I've been doing it for years but he never takes any notice of me!

Reece and JodeUruguay7.4.2004 JessonHow are you? My Mum said if the weather is nice we are going out for the day. I would like to go to the park and play.See you on sunday from your friends Reece and Jode

TRACEY+MIKE JOSEPHUnited Kingdom9.4.2004 20:19:42tacartlidge@aol.comhttp://


Alecia and VictoriaUSA10.4.2004 5:19:52tiggeral@earthlink . comhttp://Hi Jesson and family, I hope you are having fun being home with your sister. Thanks for the birthday wish and card. We think you are very special and you are often thought of and prayed for. Be sweet and brave. Give your dear mom a hug. Love from an ocean away. Alecia and Victoria

nibby and family United Kingdom10.4.2004 20:26:52lniblettl@aol.comhttp://TO A VERY SPECIAL LITTLE MAN HAVE A NICE EASTER. THINKING OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. BEST WISHIES NIBBY AND FAMILY.

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom11.4.2004 9:21:45kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Sophie says Happy Easter - She hopes you got loads of eggs.Good Luck with the 14th AprilKelly & Sophie xx

AdeleUnited Kingdom12.4.2004 0:29:6lancashirelass1@hotmail.comhttp://Hello....i love your webpage it brought a tear and a smile .. i am a vey good freind of jo ......i hope and pray everything goes well with the operation on wednesday has just informed me.......lots of love always...Adelexxxxxx kisses to you all

Mandy and SteveUnited Kingdom13.4.2004 11:19:18http://Hi there Jess, Kes, Ash and Hel!Just to let you know that our thoughts will be with you thisweek especially. We really hope that all goes smoothly withthe Treatment in Birmingham and that little Jess doesn't have to suffer too much poking and prodding. It was lovely to see you on Thursday and we were so glad that you both made it.Hang on in there Wraggies and be strong for each other! Lots and lots of loveThe Starrs. XXX

Doug and Paula MarrUSA13.4.2004 18:5:30http://Hi Jesson and family, Just letting you know that we will bewith you in thoughts and spirit on Wed the 14th.Hope this is just another bump in the road and that is going to be smooth sailing realsoon.Stay strong all of you. Love from Doug and Paula.

Irene & Ian (Paula Marr Sister)United Kingdom15.4.2004 Jesson & family Looked on your website to-night Jesson and found you had a guestbook and just had to say hello. We think you have been a very, very brave boy. The first time I saw you was when you was a tiny baby, such a cute little guy. You are in our thoughts we will say a PRAY for you and our family. May God Bless you always and keep you save in his care. Lots of love Irene & Ian xxxxx

alice hadfieldUnited Kingdom17.4.2004 15:41:36alicehadfield@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson im glad you had such a fantastic week and i hope everything goes well this weekand you have the quikest recovery possible love the hadfields

Charlie ParkerUnited Kingdom17.4.2004 15:47:43charlieparker1984@hotmail.comhttp://Dear Jesson and family,My name is Charlie and i know your daddy, i think your oneof the bravest boys i've ever come across in my whole life!And extremely beautiful aswell, especially that photo next to the aeroplane! On your next trip to Knighton park i hope i can with you!This is an amazing website and radients masses of love froman amazing family.Hope you didn't eat to many easter eggs gorgeous boy! All my love Charlie xxP.S Ash and family your and amazing attribute to such a wonderful little boy xx

alice hadfieldUnited Kingdom17.4.2004 15:51:24alicehadfield@hotmail.comhttp://hey jesson i just wannted to say your such a brave kid and i want you to know your in mine and my friends and famlies prayersloads of love alice norma joy tom donna peter tim and georginastay well and good luck

MaryUnited Kingdom19.4.2004 8:17:33maryadare@hotmail.comhttp://To Jesson and his wonderfull family,If the love of a good friend can get you through this next phase of your treatment,Youve cracked it XXXXXX

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom19.4.2004 10:19:14http://Hi jesson im glad you had a good break see all thebirds and im glad you had a good time at snibstondescovery park.HOPE THAT THE TRANSPLANT CHEMO can go ahead and go's well hope to see you soon

sarah steelsEurope19.4.2004 11:39:20http://www.jeessonwragg.comwe hope everything goes well this week keep being brave we also send are love to ashley and helen

Colleen - Kaitlyns mumAustralia20.4.2004 1:21:26ozi_gal@hotmail.com to see Jesson is living life to the fullest.Best wishes and prayers for transplant.

joanne ballUnited Kingdom21.4.2004 19:33:8http://hi jesson im joanne im only 12 i live quite near to you i live on vernon. i have heard of you a your fantastic bravness from a couple of my friends zoe spencer and chealsey groucocki keep reading lot's of articles about you in the paper i heard you got to go on a trip with asda in a big lorry.i hope to here from you if possible.oh also i paid some money for your sponsered walk. lots of love jo xxx

melnie plantUnited Kingdom23.4.2004 11:10:6melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hiya little man,phew, you have been about,i here you have been to the bird parki hope none of the birds pooed on you!!! uck!well i want to wish you lots of luck for your transplant,you are being soooo brave and so are your mummy and daddy, so keep smiling that cracking smile of yours xxxlove to you allxxxspecial hello to little kesia from little Izziexx

Ju, Claire+ GangUnited Kingdom23.4.2004 21:6:35julian.muttock@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson! What a busy little man you have been. Good luck with the transplant little man, thinking of you all.Lots of love with a big hugClaire, Ju, Poppy + Liam xxxx

JennaCanada24.4.2004 8:19:2hockeykid@telus.net Jessen and Family,My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Jessen, you are an inspiration to all. Keep Smiling, and keep fighting the good fight!You are a very strong, and determined little boy.You are in my prayers. I was born with a rare bone disease.I have two websites, and one of them is in the URL up at thetop of your page, and here is the other are in my prayers, and I will come by again to say hi.

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom26.4.2004 9:58:30http://hi jessonhope you and kesia are okand you are enjoying the good weather luv zoe spencer

Marina, Jonny, Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom27.4.2004 16:46:14Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Kesia, Mummy, Daddy,We are all thinking of you Jesson,Be strong.XXXLots of love to you all.

Aimee ColtmanUnited Kingdom27.4.2004 17:19:35aimz_baby8@hotmail.comhttp://hello jesson! i have a little friend that is just like u and u r both being treated for the same thing. I would just like 2 wish u health and happiness. I think ur very brave. take care with love aimee coltman

Colleen - Kaitlyns mumAustralia29.4.2004 0:51:8ozi_gal@hotmail.com in there, by day 10 Jesson will start to feel better.It's a hard treatment, but it is necessary.Will be thinking of you all.Colleen

Sue GoodmanUnited Kingdom3.5.2004 14:23:44suegoodman@FreeUK.comhttp://Just to let you know that I am thinking of you. I hope you got the aeroplane card. Love Sue XX

Colleen - Kaitlyns mummaAustralia7.5.2004 9:28:12ozi_gal@hotmail.com this weekend I am sure Jesson will be feeling better.It just takes a little while.Be brave little one.Love Colleen and Kaitlyn

Trez RichardsUSA7.5.2004 20:58:48trez@avalonflooring.comhttp://Dear Jesson,I hope this message finds you feeling better after yourrecent treatment, my son and I live in Florida USA very near to Disney Land. My Sister Michele lives in France and my Brother Andrew lives in Leicester. My son's name is Christian and he has been to England and loved it. We go to a lovely church on the beach in Anna Maria Island in Bradenton Florida and all of our friends there said a special prayer for you. I love the picture of you with the big smile. All our love goes out to you. Trez and Christian

lewis bonsellUnited Kingdom8.5.2004 20:50:0solekaan@hotmail.comhttp://Hi jessonSpoke to your mum tonight (saturday). Glad to hear that you are lot better today. Look forward to seeing you at home soonlove lewisalso love sophie, karen and andrew (my mum and dad)

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA9.5.2004 4:5:35tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Jesson, we are praying gor you and your family. We are very proud of you for doing all the steps it takes to get well. You have done a great job and we think you are extra special. Keep up the good work and be sweet. Love from an ocean away, Alecia and Victoria

Nnnie RossUnited Kingdom9.5.2004 14:55:10www.abbottd833@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, just called in at Auntie Debs and thought it would be nice to see whos been leaving you messages. Just saying what a lovely time we have just had playing with the nasty gunge that Mummy had bought you as a present. See you soon LOVE you so very much but i think you already know that :-)).

NANNIE ROSSUnited Kingdom9.5.2004 14:58:19WWW.ABBOTTD833@AOL.COMhttp://OOPS Auntie Debs typing......its NANNIE ROSS on the message below!!! And lots of love to Kesia and Mummy and Daddy too.

Bingham familyUnited Kingdom9.5.2004 17:6:59bad.hairday@ntlworld.comhttp://Jesson you are doing so well sweet-heart, every body is so proud of you ,sending you and your mummy,daddy and kesia special hugs ~sarah,jody,callum,jaymie and sonny~xoxoxoxo

andy liz reece + angelUnited Kingdom9.5.2004 18:35:26http://

reece frithUnited Kingdom9.5.2004 18:42:55http://hello jesson,i no ur in hospital at the minute and because i cant visit u i just wanted to say i hope ur much better soon so we can play together,love from reece

Claire PottsUnited Kingdom10.5.2004 15:36:44c.potts@northsupply.comhttp://Jesson, you really are the bravest boy in the world!!!!Keep on being strong,I reckon when your older you could be a power ranger.Thinking of you

michelle worradUnited Kingdom10.5.2004 22:0:20mworrad@hotmail.comhttp://hi all,jesson went to playschool with our daughter Elise and is also on ward 27 with our niece Hollie hope everything gose well,we get regular up-dates from Hollie's mum Julie.and know how brave you are all being.All our best wishesGarry and Michelle xxxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom11.5.2004 9:55:47http://hi jessonhope you are keeping well luv zoe

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom18.5.2004 10:44:25http://Hi jessonIm glad everything is going wellhope you get back to your old selfsoonHope to see you soon and hope mummy(helen), Kesia and daddy are all ok Love zoe and all my mates at SJNCC Jo,Rach, Chelsey, CHarli and Carly

tina and familyUnited Kingdom18.5.2004 a quick hello to say we are all thinking of you jesson and mummy,daddyand kesia too.keep up all the good work jesson you are a real soldier.Helen and Ashley sorry i haven't been in touch before now but we have been thinking of you all everyday and Gandy keeps us up to date with what happen nad we read the website regulary,so keep strong give Jesson and Kesia a big hug from us, hope to see you all soon

rachel griffiths and familyUnited Kingdom22.5.2004 16:23:32rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, just been reading up on you, you are doing well, keep on fighting glad to hear your back home with your mummy, daddy and baby sister, we think about you every day, all our love and kisses, love from rachel ravi luke and amy x x x x x x x x x x

JOHN LINDSAYFrance24.5.2004 21:26:39JOHN@SUNLICKED.COMhttp://Ok Jesson I shall be the first to embarrass themselves with a joke for you as you requested.“What did the Ginger biscuit say when his mate another Ginger biscuit was run over by a steam roller?”“Crumbs”That’s Thomas’s favourite joke… I know ill stick to web sites !Love to you all, xxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom25.5.2004 9:57:48http://Hi jesson Glad to hear that you are home nowHOpe you enjoyed your self at the weekend doing all the fun stuff at leicester cityHope to see you soon luv zoeXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx


Kelly & SophieUnited Kingdom30.5.2004 20:16:24kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonSophie said I was to send you this joke -Why was Piglet all dirty?Because he had been playing with Po!!ha ha ha - thats Sophie's best JokeHi Helen & Ashleigh as every are thoughts and prayers are with you!Lots of Love Kelly xx

Brenda WatsonCanada1.6.2004, A real marathon metal, that is just too cool! Hope you are feeling well and keeping Mom and Dad on the run.

Stevie StarUnited Kingdom1.6.2004's the coolest kid on the block?That's right. It's Jesson Wragg with his shiny marathon medal.All the best Jesson.Lots of Love Stevie Star and Mandy Morgan

Sophie ScothernUnited Kingdom1.6.2004 16:57:0sophie.scothern@htcoms.comhttp://Hi Jessom!My name is Sophie and i live in Leicester too! I think you are a really brave boy :-)Hey, you know Thomas and Lottie who live in France, i'm their Auntie Sophie! Thomas tells lots of jokes (just like his daddy!) one he likes is: "knock knock, whos there, egg, egg who, egg but no bacon", i don't really understand that one but thomas must like it because after he laughs very loudly!I bet mummy and daddy are really proud of you, being so strong, i think you're cool!Love to allSophiexxx

SalilaIndia4.6.2004 17:12:53salilasukumaran@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Little Angel,You have the bestest smile in the world !!You look soo coool !!Hugs and prayersSalila.

Iveta NamikeUSA4.6.2004 21:49:19info@fabulous-bridals.comhttp://www.fabulous-bridals.comHI JASON,I saw this pink elephant flying this morning

Doug and PaulaUSA5.6.2004 18:38:21http://Hi Superman(Jesson),We keep watching your progress and it's nice to see you do have some fun along the way.Just keep up the good work and keep that big smile on your face.We found something silly that you might like.What is brown,furry,and has 4 legs and a trunk.The answer is a mouse on holiday.Give our love to you Mum and Dad and little Sis too.Lots of love to you. Doug and Paula.

RachelUnited Kingdom7.6.2004 ya its rachel u dont know me but u know my friend zoe. everytime she comes on the computer in ict she always go on ur website. hope u get better...i think u r very brave...hope everything goes well from Rachelxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom7.6.2004 10:37:0http://HIYA JESSONGlad you had a good time at billy bates funfair me and my mates went we had a really fun timei bet you and kesia did.I went with Joanne, Rachel, KimCarly and Lana some of my best mates.Hope everything go's well see you soon luv zoe XXXX

joanne ballUnited Kingdom7.6.2004 10:38:17juicy_jo04@hotmail.com jesson hope your ok my friend zoe just keeps going on about you all the time so i thought iwould have a look at the web-site and see for my self. They alsotold me that you also ran the marathon . . . . .well done. anyway i live near you and will hope to join in one of your acctivites like the walk you had theother week. anyway write again soon love joanne ball x x

RachelUnited Kingdom7.6.2004 ya again hope u r well from rachel

Emma SmithUnited Kingdom8.6.2004 21:49:15smiggyemma@hotmail.comhttp://Hey Jesson,You are probably tired of hearing this but you really are a creditto your mummy and daddy, you are sooo brave. I hope you get better soon.Take CareLove Emma xxx (Lorraine Gilberts Niece)

ben steelsUnited Kingdom10.6.2004 21:51:39holstenben@aol.comhttp://hi jesson. Proper good looking man aint you just like me!Your much braver than me though so stay strong

Anita FerriItaly11.6.2004 18:21:55info@arredamenti-arpino.comhttp://HELLO Jesson,im writing from Naples i am autie Lia's sister,the last time i saw you,you were just a babyand now i get to know thtat you are a strong and brave little man.Whay do you think abaut my daughter?She's had the pleasure to meet you today....she think's youre fantastic!!!!!!!ive sent you a foto of the Italian football team on uncle Martin's pc.a great big hug to you and your mum dad.Anita Ferri.

Hannah AleskyUnited Kingdom11.6.2004 22:13:5hannah.alesky@ntlworld.comhttp://adoptmepets.comDear Jesson, You look very happy with your medal! It looks very heavy!You must be really strong! It looks like you made some friends at the hospital. Goodbye, Be good for the nurses! Love Hannah Alesky x x x

Janey, laggy, aliciaUnited Kingdom14.6.2004 13:5:31jane.loke@virgin.nethttp://Hi to you all, I e-mailed in march,just got our own computer so i thought i'd try it out, I'm not very good yet!.Your so brave jesson, and so cute!, I wish i could do somethingto help you.Your in our hearts and thoughts always!.Lots of love, hugs, kisses, forever!Love to your very special family aswell.Jane, Laggy, Alicia Loke.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom14.6.2004 Jesson,Got a couple of jokes for you...............What do you call a woman with two toilets on her head???? Lulu !!!!What do you call a woman with a plant pot on her head???? Rose !!!!Why did the jelly wobble???? Because it saw the milk shake !!!!Maybe thats enough for today. You look great in goal. Nannie Ross told me what a great footballer you are. You could play for Leicester one day!!!!!!Hope you have a lovely day on Kesia's birthday and you manage to get a go on her scooter.Take care and keep smiling little man xxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom15.6.2004 10:10:19http://Hi Jesson, Helen, Ashley and Kesia Hope that you are all well and jesson is enjoying his self.Hope Kesia's birthday go's well and shegets her fimbles scooter off jesson and everything else she wants.Hope to see you soon luv ZoeXxXxXxXxXxX

sonia,andy,abbey and mollyUnited Kingdom15.6.2004 21:0:54andrew.jones84@btopenworld.comhttp://Hi jesson, your mum says you like jokes at the minute so i asked abbey to find you some jokes ,hope you find these funny.What happened when a cat ate a ball of wool?it had mittens!Where do cows go on holiday?moo york!Where do spiders get information from?the web!hope they made you smilefrom abbey aged 11

melenie plantUnited Kingdom17.6.2004 15:55:26melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hiya matey, thanks for a lovely afternoon on tues, and thanks for leaving me to tidy up! i still keep findingice pole rappers!heres a joke to tell your dad.....what do you call a monsterwho gobbles his food?a goblin! anyway my newphew jaymie has given me a joke book to give toyou so you will have to come for tea again (try not to make tooooomuch mess this time)!!!!!see you soon, love mel xxcharlie and isobel say hello too xx

Kim BoothUSA18.6.2004 for signing our site! It is always sad to know of another cancer kid, but it is always so goodto know of other survivors too! Keep up your strength and keep praying for NED status!How long have you been waiting for your residual disease toclear? How long have you been on the cis retinoic acid? Wewon't be done until mid September.Please write again!

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA19.6.2004 4:17:33tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi Jesson, you are looking great and I am so proud of you. Have fun at Kesia's party and be extra sweet to mommy and daddy. We think of you often and I know God loves you and is smiling down on you. Give everyone in your family a big kiss! We think you are extra special. Friends, an ocean away, Alecia and Victoria

angela daviesUnited Kingdom19.6.2004 5:58:36http://1 for Kesia,happy Birthday little lady.With parents like yours it'll be a fab fun filled day.

angela daviesUnited Kingdom19.6.2004 5:59:39http://1 for Kesia,happy Birthday little lady.With parents like yours it'll be a fab fun filled day.Love to you all well thats all except Ashley.!!!!!!!!!!! Us lot on the ward.xx.

Colleen - Kaitlyns mumAustralia19.6.2004 13:9:9ozi_gal@hotmail.com on to your hat family, you are on the roller coaster ride of Neuroblastoma.I know those feelings well.As you say, One day at a time.

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom21.6.2004 10:0:45http://Hi Jesson, Helen, Ash and Kesia Hope you are all ok and you had a great time at montrose School fete. Hope Kesia had a great Birthday and hope she got her Fimbles Scooteroff jesson. Hope to see you soon luv Zoe XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

joanne ballUnited Kingdom22.6.2004 9:55:33juicy_jo04@hotmail.com jesson how are you i hope you are keeping well. Me and my frieds are doing a sponsored walk that we have done from scratch we are even going to advertiseit in the papers and we are hoping to give some of the money to neuroblastamonia or how ever you spell it lol!!!!anyway write to you soon love joanne x x x keep your spirit high!!!!!

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom22.6.2004 10:4:13http://Hi jesson hope you arewell say hi to kesia and mummy and daddyhope to see you soon luvzoe

Sophie HatfieldUnited Kingdom22.6.2004 10:52:37kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Doctor Doctor - I feel like a pair of curtains.......Pull yourself to gather man!!Sorry they don't get any better than that.Love to you allKelly & Sophie xxxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA23.6.2004 6:32:8tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey Jesson, you are looking great! I love looking at the new pictures. Glad you got to go fishing and have some fun. Victoria played ball with her two boy friends behing us. Your still in our prayers. Keep up the good work. Love an ocean away, Alecia and Victoria

Sven Goran ErricsonPortugal24.6.2004 6:58:48http://Hey there young man,What are you doing tonight? would you be able to play in goal for us against Portugal?Looks like you could help us to win with your goal keeping skills and your good looks!!!!Love to you and all your family xxxxx

seraUnited Kingdom25.6.2004 21:41:31http://hi there pleased to hear you are finally home and having a fabulous time by the sound of it! cant believe your mum managed to catch fish!! :o)love to you all..hope to see you all very soonlove from sera xglenn, liberty, madison and honeyxxxx

vivUnited Kingdom27.6.2004 21:0:53http://Good luck little man,Your one brave little boy. Thinking of you and your wonderfull family!

kayleighUnited Kingdom28.6.2004 15:8:3http://hi jesson its kayleigh from of the ward.just been reading you page and it sounds like you are havinga super time at home with everyone.well im just about to be put on my last bag of chemo.never thought the day would come but it has.anyway better be going know tell everyone i said from katleigh xxx

Clare BoswellUnited Kingdom28.6.2004 23:2:47mhariclare@letsbuyshoes.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Just a little note to say that we are thinking of you and your family.Been looking at your pictures and we think that you look great and that you are having loads of fun!!Keep smiling :-)Love to you all,Clare & Jody xxx

MuthanaUnited Kingdom1.7.2004 19:19:34muthana.alobaidi@ntlworld.com Jessonit's good to know that you are well,I miss all of you ,my throat is still sore :(but hopefully will be back to the ward next weekso i'm sure i will see you aroundtake care Muthana

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom6.7.2004 9:57:0http://hi ya jesson,Helen,ash and kesia how are you allhave you made any more lolliessee you soon luv zoe XXX

Jane LokeUnited Kingdom7.7.2004 0:3:50jane.loke@virgin.nethttp://Hi big fella!,I hope your all ok, and having lots of fun, If i win the lottery on saturday i'll buy you that Robin Reliant you keepmentioning to mummy and daddy, but you will have to let me know what colour you'd like!.Anyway, lots of us from East Goscote and Syston are busysorting out a fun day which will be held in your honour,It's on Saturday 31st July 04, in Rearsby, and my very goodfriend tells me that your mummy and daddy might bring youif you feel up to it, I hope so I'd love to meet you!,anyway i've got to see you to give you the Reliant Robin carthat you'd like, so pray i win the lottery!.i'd better go now, as it's late and i need my beauty sleep,so big fella, i hope to see you very soon.Take Care, and big hugs and kisses.Janey LokeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ColleenAustralia10.7.2004 2:30:3ozi_gal@hotmail.com, you'll have to tell me what a reliant robin is? I've never heard of it.Glad to hear you are having fun.Love to you allColleen - Kaitlyns mum

SonanGermany13.7.2004 8:45:7http://Hi Wragg familyPleaze would we have a up date on Jesson. Hope he is well.God Bless you allSonan Adreghn

angela daviesUnited Kingdom15.7.2004 5:19:17littleoik@hotmail.comhttp://possibly for the first time am speechless! Thinking of you all.

Stevie Star and Mandy MorganUnited Kingdom15.7.2004, Helen, Jesson and KessyiaHang on there. You've all been incredibly strong over the past year or so.Stay strong and the little man will be OK.All our thoughts and best wishes are with you.Steve and Mandy

Joyce of AylestoneUnited Kingdom15.7.2004 21:20:17jangrave511@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson!You don't know me but I'm a friend of Mary round the bend. I've been visiting your website and reading your weekly progress reports for some time now. I just wanted you to know that I'm rooting for you with everything that I can muster. You are an inspiration to all of us. keep smiling, (and talking!). And keep gettingwell........Lots of love and gentle hugs to you and your family,From Joyce of Aylestone........

seraUnited Kingdom16.7.2004 14:3:5http://love to you all .. and jesson..a reliant robin??? surely an BMW or mercedes is more suited to a superstar like you! :o) xx sera xx glenn x liberty x madison x and honey xx

rachel griffithsUnited Kingdom17.7.2004 9:33:6rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, how you doing? i saw your fishing photo's they are great. keep on fighting mate your a tuff little soldier, thinking about you, your mummy, daddy & little sister, love and kisses to you all, love from rachel, ravi, luke & amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dr Jamie Phillips & Charlotte PhillipsUnited Kingdom17.7.2004 15:38:27jamiecphillips@hotmail.comhttp://We found the link for your web page through ebay - we have put a bid in for the rugby shirt and we would like to wish you and your family all the best.Jamie and Charlie

ColleenAustralia19.7.2004 11:6:7ozi_gal@hotmail.com wondering if you have any news as far as where you go next?

Claire and Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom19.7.2004 13:38:7julian.muttock@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi there!Just alittle note to say we r all thinking of you, Your a bravelittle soldier JessonLots of love and big hugsJu Claire Liam and Poppy xxxxxxx

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom19.7.2004 19:47:59n.howsin@ntlworld.comhttp://HELLO TO YOU ALLjust wanted you to know,were all thinking of you all be stong be brave you have a smashing family love too you alllove lisa X Nick X Georga X Jack X

Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfie BrookesUnited Kingdom19.7.2004 20:35:40d.brookes7@ntlworld.com Brooksies send all their love to the Wragg Gang. All our thoughts are with you.

tracey josephUnited Kingdom21.7.2004 13:40:41http:// Ashley,Helen,Jesson,+Kessia just to send our best wishes to you all and to let you know were thinking off you. love Tracey,Michael,Lewis,+ Sasha Joseph xx

Alecia FulenwiderUSA22.7.2004 4:33:4tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi Helen, I havn't hear from youa while and was just wondering if my e-mails are coming through because it takes an extremely long time now for it to go through whereas close by it takes just seconds. I know you are staying busy and trying to stay on top of things. Let me know how your doing when you get a chance. I hope Jesson is still feeling good. You are all thought of often and my love and prayers go up for you. Alecia

ColleenAustralia23.7.2004 14:0:48ozi_gal@hotmail.com too am looking at homeopathic options for Kaitlyn.At the moment she is doing Detox therapy along with immune boosters and nervous system boosters.Next she will be doing Protocel, and some leaf from India, and then some treatment called scaler energy (as long as this is affordable).Praying our babies become NED soon. Hugs to Jesson.Colleen - Kaitlyns

The Bingham familyUnited Kingdom7.8.2004 23:18:6http://Hello Jesson, cor blimey sounds like you have been having a great time,i love the new photos,where do you get all that wonderful energy from?you certainly keep your mummy and daddy on there toes!you never fail to put a huge smile on my face when i see your photos, special hugs to you,mummy,daddy and of course you gorgeous little sister Kesia, love sarah and family xxxx

Dean & LisaUnited Kingdom9.8.2004 17:32:49lisa.brant@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson, We just thought we'd leave a little message to tell you that every time we look at your smiley face it brightens up our day, you are a very handsome little fella and you are very brave as well. We know your daddy from Matishe, and we know how proud he is of you. You obviously get your looks from your mummy's side cos you are gorgeous! (sorry Ash) Lots of love to you all xxx

Ju & Claire MuttockUnited Kingdom9.8.2004 21:27:56julian.muttock@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello little manWhat agreat time you have been havin,the pictures are great.Thinking of you all, Lots of love with a big hug to brave and special little boyfrom Ju, Claire, Liam and Poppy xxxx

Kerry TaylorUnited Kingdom10.8.2004 0:31:41http://Jesson, I found out today from your mum that you had your ownwebsite and I just had to have a look. Your photos are great, I like the one with your head against the mirror, you looklike you have been busy. Keep fighting mate. Kerry xx

Vicki scottUnited Kingdom10.8.2004 20:40:21vicki.scott1@blueyonder.comhttp://I can not imagine what you are all going through. I read your website everyweek, to see what treatment youare receiving and to see what trips mum and dad have taken you on.The pictures images describe a very happy contented littleboy who shows no fear, just happiness.I think about you allthe time and often wish I only lived around the corner so that i can visit you all more often...oh and have my hair done!I wish you all the best and if there is anything i can do, Helen you have my number.My Love to you allVicki

NatashaUnited Kingdom11.8.2004 12:44:15natashakirkpatrick63@hotmail.comhttp://Hey Jesson, Its Natasha from the ward. Just wanted to say your pictures are great, and I've missed playing on the play station with you and making robotsout of boxes.All my love to you, your mum and dad and Kesia. x x x x

MarinaUnited Kingdom11.8.2004 13:21:7Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Ash,Helen Jesson and Kesia,I was just having my weekly read on how you are and what you have been doing, Jesson you are a busy Boy!!!the pictures are great.As always we are thinking of you allTake careMarina, Johnny, Morgan and Georgie.XXXXX

BinghamsUnited Kingdom13.8.2004 12:12:34bad.hairday@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson, you and kessia are looking very slick there sitting in your little deck chairs! you both look very cool and happy,it is lovely to see.Fingers crossed that every body can raise enough money to send you to the big apple (thats new yorks nick name,sounds funny doesnt it hehehehe) you have so many people thinking and praying for you,you really our a special little boy Jesson, hugs to you all,sarah,jody callum ,jaymie and sonny,xoxoxoxox

Charlotte Cayless - British GasUnited Kingdom13.8.2004 19:2:40ltcay@dsl.pipex.comhttp://Jesson,Just to let you know that we are going to do all we can at British Gas, Aylestone Road to raise money to help towardsthe treatment you need. We are planning several events to get you as much money as we can.Hang in there little star! Your such an inspiration!Much Love & Hugs to you and all the family.CharlottexxxP.S. I think I had better start playing the lottery again.If I win I sware I'll just write you a cheque without a2nd thought. Keep your fingers crossed little star!

ColleenAustralia14.8.2004 2:54:1ozi_gal@hotmail.com heart is heavy for you. I read your entry and am now sick to my tummy.Jesson, Keep fighting little man. We love you!Helen, I am praying your family and friends also fight for you, to raise the funds you need for Jesson.Love to youColleen - Kaitlyns mum

ViksUnited Kingdom14.8.2004 Jesson, i have some jokes for you,What do you call a man made from toilet paper ?Louie ! What do you call a very tidy woman ?Anita House ! Hope they made you giggle, Love viks,

Kirsten LindsayUnited Kingdom14.8.2004 17:50:12tall_n_twirly@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson! You may not remember me, I am Thomas and Lottie's auntie (Jonny's little sister), I met you a while ago at one of Thomas' parties.I regularly read your web page and find out what you are up to. There are so many people thinking of you and I think that’s really great, as I believe the thoughts ofThose who care about you can really make a difference, I just wanted to let you know I’m one of them. Love to you and your family xXx

British GasUnited Kingdom17.8.2004 yourself ready for that trip to New York, Jesson. We will make sure you get first class service all the way!!Love from all at British Gas.

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom18.8.2004 12:52:37http://Hi Helen & AshleighJust to let you know all our thoughts are with you all.Come on Jesson! You can do it!!Any help I can give - let me knowLots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxx

mike hoylandUnited Kingdom19.8.2004 14:10:41mikehoyland@churchillwastesolutions.comhttp://www.churchillwastesolutions.comGood Luck Mate !A close member of my family went through similar treatmentand has made a full recovery, so my fingers are crossed foryou.Mike Hoyland

marisa & daveUnited Kingdom29.8.2004 1:13:19dave.marisa34@tesco.nethttp://Hi Helen,Ashley, Jesson & Kesia Just been reading your latest news,we havent spoken since seeing you in clinic.Just wanted to say we are all thinking about you all and keeping our fingers crossed.Natasha wants to send jesson a big kiss and cuddle,give kesia a big hug for us to.Love to you all Marisa,Dave,Aaron,Natasha & Siona

rachel griffithsUnited Kingdom31.8.2004 20:17:31rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, just been reading your update, sounds like you had a fab time at centre parks, your photos are great. just want you to know we think about you every day, lots of love to you, your mummy, daddy, and baby sister, see you soon sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom2.9.2004, just saying a hello, I have a few jokes for you today, this time about bears Q: What do you get if you cross a skunk with a bear?A: Winnie the Pooh! Q: Why do bears have fur coats?A: Because they'd look stupid in anoraks! Lots of love and big… Viks

glenn,ser,liberty,madison and honey!United Kingdom3.9.2004 12:55:32http://wow! looks like centre parcs was great fun!and how cool did you look in the deck chairs jesson!thinking of you all every from us all xxxxxp.s madi had a joke for you..but i've forgotten it! i'll ask her to post it later!

RussellUnited Kingdom7.9.2004 7:14:37russell@wishes4kids.orghttp://www.wishes4kids.orgHi Jesson,At last I have managed to find your web site.Keep up the fight.We are here to help in any way possible.Russell

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom12.9.2004 19:32:56n.howsin@ntlworld.comhttp://HELLO ALLHello big fella just catching up on what you have been up too,wow it looks like you have been having lots of fun at centre parks and lego land your photo's look great;love too you allthinking off you big man,your in our hearts and thought'slove LISAx NICKx GEORGAx JACKx

vikkiUnited Kingdom12.9.2004 on passing your driving test Jesson :) Im glad you had a good time at LeogLand, ive never been but it looks fun, lots of love viks

Ju & Claire MuttockUnited Kingdom14.9.2004 Jesson Looks like you had agreat time at legoland,and congratulations on passing your driving test.Your always in our thoughts little man, Love to yourmum, dad and kesiaBig hugs and lots of love to you allJu, claire Liam and poppy muttock xxxxxxxxx

Madison and LibertyEl Salvador15.9.2004 17:25:51http://Q: Why was the broom lateA: It oversweptQ: What brush do you use to groom a rabbitA: A hare brushQ: What do you get if you cross a elephant and a FishA: Swimming trunksHope you like them Jesson *^.^* xxxxxxxxxxxx

madisonCosta Rica19.9.2004 21:48:37http://hi jesson..forgot to tell you..i've just got an iguana!! when you feel a bit better come and meet her....shes just like a dinosaur..only friendly! hope you giggled at the lame jokes!love madison x (my mums sera :o)


zoe spencerUnited Kingdom30.9.2004 9:23:44http://hi jesson not spoken to you for ages hope you are all okand you are enjoying schoolsee you soon luv zoe also hope you liked being a mascot for leicesterXXXXXXXXX

The binghamsUnited Kingdom30.9.2004 22:51:51http://Hi jesson, Sounds like your having a great time at school meeting new friends and learning new things you look very smart (and a little bit cheeky!)in your school uniform.And you certainly looked the part as a leicester city mascot(did we win or not? im not a football fan so i dont know what the score was)we are all hoping with all out hearts that are fit and well ready to get on that big plane and go to florida.big hugs to you and kesia and also your mummy and daddy xxxHelen and Ashley your strength is amazing,Jesson and Kesia are beautiful children you must be very proud of them,keep strong :0) xxx

Robson KingUnited Kingdom2.10.2004 19:39:37joking1970@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson,I am coming to your birthday party tomorrow.I've got you a BIG present!I'm looking forward to seeing you very much.Lots of love,Robsonxxxxxx

Ju & Claire MuttockUnited Kingdom5.10.2004 20:58:44julian.muttock@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson!Sounds like your really enjoying school, Hope you all haveasuper time in Florida and we cant wait to see your holidaysnaps when you get back.Thinking of you all, Lots of Love Claire, Ju and gang xxxx

honeyUnited Kingdom6.10.2004 19:33:24http://hi jesson, so sorry to have missed your it was great!!i was poorly and my mummy said i had to stay at home ;o( mums!!!have great holiday..and i'll see you when you get honey x

Megan, Kelly & JamesUnited Kingdom7.10.2004 Jesson - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Just to say what a brilliant time I had at your party on Sunday. Hope you got lots of presents (it looked like you did!) Anyway, this message is to you, Kessia and Mummy & Daddy,and Nan Nan we hope you allhave an absolutely brilliant time in Florida, say hello to Mickey and Minnie for us. See you all soon.Lots of Love,Megan xxxxxxxKelly & James xxxxxxxxxxxxx

charley groocockUnited Kingdom7.10.2004 17:12:51http://Hi jesson not seen you for ages hope you are ok see you soonluv charley

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom7.10.2004 17:14:1http://HI jessonhope you are enjoying school c u soon luv zoe

Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfie BrookesdUnited Kingdom7.10.2004 18:49:30d.brookes7@ntlworld.com Jesson WOW what a great party! Hope you had lots of funopening your presents,I bet that kept you busy. It was so nice to see you all again. Have a great time in Florida lotsof love to you allThe Brooksies **********

viksUnited Kingdom9.10.2004 a short hello from me,Viks

viksUnited Kingdom11.10.2004 lots and lots and lots of fun at disney

Marina,Jonny, Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom15.10.2004 10:12:51Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Thank you for inviting us to your Party, it was great to see you looking so well. a BIG BOY now hey!!!Morgan and Georgie loved the party and Cried in the car because it was over!!Lovely to See Ash and Helen, KesiaLove to you allWishing you all a fantastic holiday.Lovethe summerfields.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom21.10.2004 9:14:17http://HI jesson hope you had a great time in disney landwish i could go hope to see you soon Luv zoeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

LisaUnited Kingdom1.11.2004 6:53:39http://hi everyone,hope you had a fab time in Florida. Could we have an update sooooooooooon please??????Love to you all

Steven BradburyUnited Kingdom2.11.2004 and all the familyGreat to hear you had a fantastic holiday and that you are doing well.We loved all the pics. Especially the one of your dad with a plastic mac on stood in the rain.Lots of loveStevie Star and Mandy Morgan

RICHARD COOKEUnited Kingdom3.11.2004 13:15:57rcooke@cobaplastics.comhttp://matting-solutions.comJesson, I have just spoken to your mum who tells me you are doing well and that you had a great time in America. Keep going, our family have not met you yet but we all wish you all the best in the future. Regards Richard

charlie taylorUnited Kingdom3.11.2004 20:48:3charlietay81@aol.comhttp://hi helen and jesson just thougt i'd send a little message to say i think jesson looks in fantastic shape- i don't get to see you guys now i've left 27 and it really makes me smile to come to jesson's site and see him having so much fun.Hope all are well take care loves! much love, charlie x x x x

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom4.11.2004 9:28:23http://HI Jesson hope you are all ok and you had a great halloween and you had a great holiday in disney land wish i could of come.see you soon luv zoe XxXxXxXxXxXx

max aleskyUnited Kingdom5.11.2004 16:43:38max.alesky@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson here's a joke for you...What's grey and heavy and send's you to sleep?Hypnopotamus!....Hope you haven't got a nut allergy, because I've got one and it is really horrible :( My mum buys me KINERTON chocolate and FABULOUS BAKING BOYS cakes 'cos they have no nuts in at all. The only nuts are the people who work in the factory ;)luv from max...

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom11.11.2004 9:1:44http://hi jessonhope you are ok c u soon luv zoe

NatashaUnited Kingdom17.11.2004 14:33:13natashakirkpatrick63@hotmail.comhttp://Hey Jesson,You are looking fantastic little man... Your photos of Florida are cool.I'm sorry I didn't make it to your party, I would haveloved to see you!I saw you in theatre just after you had mushroom and clamptook out, but you were so sleepy, nobody could wake you up!I was glad to see you matey, miss you lots.All my love Natasha... the mad one from ward 27!Say hi to everyone for me. x x x

JOANNEUnited Kingdom19.11.2004 18:14:49http://UP DATE WOULD BE GOOD.

Louise hemmingsEurope20.11.2004 Jesson,The photo's of your time in America look great and so do you and your sister! I worked with your mum at college and often look at your web site to see how you are getting on. Last year, we had a fund raising event for you at the college and one of the raffle prizes was for someone to win a 'chef for the night', i.e. my husband whos is a professional chef. Last month we went over to the winners house and cooked them a meal, (I was the waitress for the night). We cooked duck for starter and beef for the main course - I'm sure you would have loved it. The couple who won the ticket really enjoyed themselves and asked us to send you lots of love. So that is what I am doing now - sending you and the rest of your family lots of love from them and also us too!Take care 'little man' and continue to build up your strength,Lots of love,Louise

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom22.11.2004 16:6:40http://hello jessonIooked at your photos in florida looks like you had a greattime...Me and my family come too see you and your sister turn on the lights on sunday night wow you have got really big... anyway sunshine keep smiling and be stronglove lisa nick georga and jack xxxx

Margaret, Glyn, Emma, Lucy + SeanUnited Kingdom23.11.2004 14:3:38http://Hello JessonWe are finally back on the internet after moving house! We have done alot of reading on your website to catch upwith you. You have been busy! Loved the pictures! We all watched you switch on the christmas lights on sunday, it was very special. Give our love to the rest of the family, take care Jesson, see you soon xxxx

seraUruguay24.11.2004 16:17:20http://hi jesson..superstar light switcher! every time we look at those magicallights this christmas we'll smile and say a little christmas wish just for to you all..lapland next! give santa a big hug for us ..oh and please tell him not to bring madison a sausage dog (top of her christmas list!)have lots of sparkely magical moments this christmas xxxx sera xx liberty xx madison xx and princess honey :o) xx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom25.11.2004 8:59:31http://well done jessonand kesia the christmaslights are amazing wish i could do it!!! see you soon and hope you have a great time in lapland!!!LUV ZOExXxXxXxX

ColleenAustralia2.12.2004 6:9:10ozi_gal@hotmail.com, Jesson and Kessia, you got to turn all those lights on??How cool is that? Sorry to hear you aren't feeling very well now.Love to you allColleen and Kaitlyn

Linda SpencerEurope15.12.2004 11:36:17Linda.spencer@swarkpct.nhs.ukhttp://Hi Jesson,We heard about you from my brother John Williams, we live in Nuneaton and our family have been looking at your website.You are an amazing little boy, and we are anxiously waiting to hear when you will be able to get home from Lapland. All that time in Santa's homeland eh?We will be following your story, Take care for now. Linda, Paul, Claire and Emma xxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom16.12.2004 9:29:46http://hi jessonsorry to hear that you are in hospital!hope you get well and hope that mummy ,daddy and kesia are allok see you when you get backluv you loads and look forward to christmas zoe XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

chelsey groocockUnited Kingdom19.12.2004 10:54:36chelsey578@msn.comhttp://

chelsey groocockUnited Kingdom19.12.2004 11:4:4m.groocock@ntlworld.comhttp://hi jesson its chelsey here i am just writing to you to wish you a merry xmas and that you will stay as strong as ususal throughout the winter seasoni also wish you and kessia all the best far christmas timeXXXXXXXXXi also hope that before you injured your leg you got to do that you wanted to do in ''lapland''.love you loadsXXXXXXXXXlove from chelseyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

chelsey groocockUnited Kingdom19.12.2004 11:10:8m.groocock@ntlworld.comhttp://hi jesson its chelsey again i just want to say i thought you were great at turning the christmas lights on on towm!i went to see you and when i got there i thought it looked great !!!!!!!!i think you and kessia look great with noddy in that picture on your websiteXXXXXXXlove you loadschelseyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

charley groocockUnited Kingdom19.12.2004 11:19:50m.groocock@ntlworld.comhttp:// hi jessoni seen you tern om the christmas lights i thought that they were brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! im sorry abuot your leg !!!!!!!!!!wish you get better merry christmas to you all love charleyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

charleyUnited Kingdom19.12.2004 11:24:57http://i ment i seen you tern on the christmas lights sorry about the miseake love you all bye bye xxx !!!!!!!

DaveUnited Kingdom22.12.2004 Jesson,We were really sorry here at British Gas to hear about youraccident. We hope you recover OK and it doesn't spoil your Christmas too much. If Santa knows what's good for him hewill leave you lots and lots of brilliant presents!!We're all praying that you, Mum and Dad, and Kesia have areally happy New Year and are able to look forward to happier times ahead.Lots of love,Dave and the Gas people!

Sally BarrettUnited Kingdom24.12.2004 9:11:26sally_barrett@ntlworld.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comHello Jesson and Family,So sorry to hear about your accident in Lapland Jesson, I hear you are being a very brave boy! I hope Mum and Dad are spoiling you lots. I do hope that you have managed to make it home by now and I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thinking of you.Sally XX

viksUnited Kingdom28.12.2004, i lost all my webaddresses so haven't checked in on your site for a while, im so sorry to hear the latest update, i really hope you made it back to england for christmas. if there is anything we can doto cheer jesson up then please let me know. lots of love viks x

chelsey groocockUnited Kingdom1.1.2005 16:28:7m.groocock@ntlworld.comhttp://hi jessonit is chelsey here and im just leaving a message 4 u 2 sa i hope u hav a brill ew year.i hope u got all u wanted 4 christmas and that u love playing with ure toys.''happy new year jesson''to yopu and ure familyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXhope kessia likes all the toys she got ofr xmas aswellXXXXXX

viksUnited Kingdom3.1.2005 you a happy new yearLove Viks

SERACzech Republic3.1.2005 21:46:24http://hi jesson..another adventure then i hear!! well life certainly isnt dull with you around :o)and i'm so pleased you managed to make it back in time for the big day! (christmas)love to you all..a special wish for a peaceful 2005 with lots of giggles and smiles every day!sera, glenn, liberty, madison and honeyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marina , Jonny, Morgan and Georgie United Kingdom7.1.2005 13:14:40marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson and Family,So sorry to hear about your accident whilst away, Hope you are ok and feeling better, Poor Mummy she does go through it all :)Wishing you all a GOOD HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2005always thinking of you allThe Summerfields.xxxx

PaulaFinland9.1.2005 3:4:32paula.maikkula@luukku.comhttp://Hello Jesson and family,This is Lapland calling..We heard that Santa visited also therein UK too. Our Christmas here was white and not so cold than usually.Unfortunately some children must spend Christmas eve here in our ward,lucky you that you could spend it at home.Nice to read that the fly home was good. The idea move by the skateboard is great, but be carefully..Hope that memories from Lapland are not so bad, even the accident wasunfortunately. We wish that your leg is going to be ok, and you health too.We will visit your homepage time to time and read how areyou doing.All the best for year 2005!From Lapland central hospital, unit 9.nurser Paula and Mari

Eric DupratUSA13.1.2005 7:45:28eduprat@pacbell.net, Jesson and the whole family, please receive our best wishes for 2005 from our family! You are a formidable team!

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom13.1.2005 9:26:39http://hi jesson,kesia,helen and ashHAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!glad to hear that you have had your cast offand that you GOT EVERYTHING YOU WANTED FOR CHRISTMAShOPE THAT YOUR PUPPY IS OKSEE YOU SOON LUV ZOE

Colleen - Kaitlyns mumAustralia19.1.2005 1:40:17ozi_gal@hotmail.com, Jesson is growing so big and handsome.Good luck with the puppy!!Toilet training could be bigger than cancer treatment.

Auntie Deb and crewUnited Kingdom20.1.2005 20:36:23abbottd@aol.comhttp://hiya....just having a read of what you have been upto now. Looking forward to seeing you all on sunday. Bye for now xxxxxx

zoe spencer and hayley oldfieldUnited Kingdom25.1.2005 9:34:9http://hi jj hope everything is oksee you soon luv zo zo and hayley

John MontgomeryUSA29.1.2005 16:15:48jrmont@comcast.net, you are an extremely strong little boy. You and your family will be added to our prayers. May your news always be positive.

seraSingapore31.1.2005 19:1:44http://**************************************************************** hi there jesson..hows tilly ?? as cute as you i'm sure!**** hope mum and dad are being good and kesia of course! *** love to you all...sera, glenn, liberty, madison and honey! ***************************************************************

viksUnited Kingdom3.2.2005 know im early, but Happy Valentines Day Love Viks from Post Pals

zoe spencer and bradley spencerUnited Kingdom3.2.2005 20:20:36http://hi jessonhope you are all ok see you soon luv zoe and brad

seraSlovenia14.2.2005 17:34:45http:// ** hi to you all****have a fabulous break** **love from us all** xxxxx

Colleen - Kaitlyns mumAustralia16.2.2005 9:8:52ozi_gal@hotmail.com news yet on CT results?

Bingham familyUnited Kingdom16.2.2005 14:43:2http://Hi to all of you, hope your having a great time at center parcs, fingers and toes crossed that jessons scan comes back all clear, best wishes take care, the binghams.

hollie and julie worradUnited Kingdom17.2.2005 jessonhope you are ok and recovered from your weekend away heard you had a great time at centre parks dont let tilly bite your feet see you soon love hollie and julie x x x

Amanda & Paul BeasleyUnited Kingdom23.2.2005 Jesson, Kesia and Mom & Dad (sorry we've forgotten your names!)We've just found your information on a paper from the Holiday Inn, Manchester where we shared that great evening meal with you all before you set off for Lapland.We are so sorry to hear about your accident whilst you were there.Jesson: you certainly made a lasting impression on us and we think of you often, particularly when we think we're having "a bad day".You're a very brave and special little boy and our lives are all the richer for having met you.With lovexxxxxxxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom28.2.2005 21:40:20zozo_123@hotmail.comhttp://hi hope you are all ok!!!!!!!!!!luv you allZOE

** sera **Africa4.3.2005 10:11:4http://** sorry to hear its not going so well** ** good wishes on their way through ** ** cyberspace right now! ** * love to you all-and to jackie too!* *sera*glenn*liberty*madison*honey*

Tracey JosephUnited Kingdom8.3.2005 11:24:47http://Hi Jesson Really glad to hear your feeling much better i read your updates every week and look at the lovely photos of you and kessia. say hello to your mum and dad for me love Tracey x

the plant familyUnited Kingdom8.3.2005 20:21:28http://hiya matey, hows that little scamp, tilly? still trying to eat you!charlie would love you to come round and play, you can show him that cartoon net work web site you play on.good luck 4 thur/fri x will be thinking of you all.see you soon soldier x x

Gillian BrookesUnited Kingdom8.3.2005 21:2:29d,brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson and the Gang.Glad to hear that you're feeling better after all those nastyheadaches. Good luck Thur and Friday, you've got to stay stillfor one whole hour,but we know you can do it cause you're the one the only SUPER JESSON!!! Lots of love to you all The Brooksies ***

James, Kelly and MeganUnited Kingdom9.3.2005 17:50:3http://Hi to you all.All the very best for Thursday and Friday.We will be thinking of you.Take careJames, Kelly and Megan xxxxxx

Janey, laggy, aliciaUnited Kingdom10.3.2005 23:31:44jane.loke@virgin.nethttp://Hi jesson,We hope everything go's well for you sweetheart, the photo'sare fantastic you look so handsome. Keep mummy and daddy andKeisha smiling, as always! Your a real big STAR.Your still in our thoughts always!.Lots of loveJaney, Laggy & Alicia Sian.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

* sera *Trinidad & Tobago12.3.2005 20:20:48http://* hi all *well jesson..i hope you not itching tooooo much! i think you should have the world record for the boy who's determined to have every adventure possible...and all in one year!!!stay safe and just a little bit naughty!love to you all (especially mummy helen x)sera and gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MuthanaUnited Kingdom13.3.2005 0:22:18muthana2@hotmail.comhttp://hello Jesson:hope you will get over the chicken pox quickly& hope things will go alright with yousay hi to your parents and to everyone on ward 27 :)Muthana

debbie WalkerUnited Kingdom14.3.2005 you get over your chicken pox soon . Take care Love Debb

The BinghamsUnited Kingdom14.3.2005 13:39:27http://Hi Jesson,kessia,Helen and Ashley, Oh dear Jesson fancy getting the chicken pox,hope your not feeling to bad,they can be itchy some times but try not to scratch if they itch soooooo much your mum might have to put socks on your hands to stop you scratching them :O) dont use your dads socks coz i heard your dads got really really smelly feet!!!keep smiling,hugs to you all sarah and family.

seraParaguay17.3.2005 13:23:16http:// ** hi all **my honey has that medicine you are on jesson and it ALWAYSmakes her have super human bounce of the wall kind of energy! hope you are feeling better very soon love to you all sera glenn liberty madison and princess honey xxxxx p.s hope nanna jackie is also feeling better x

Glyn, Margaret, Emma, Lucy and SeanUnited Kingdom18.3.2005 11:3:15http://Jesson, Sorry to hear about the chicken pox!Hope your feeling well and strong again in time for easter so you can eat lotsof easter eggs! Always thinking of you and your family. xx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom22.3.2005 13:36:7kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Happy Easter JessonHope your spots are okHave a good Easter Helen,Ashleigh & KesiaLove Kelly & Sophie xxx

VickyUnited Kingdom22.3.2005 23:21:25vicky_2002@ntlworld.com Jesson! Hope your itching stops soon!!!All my love to you all! Love Vicky xx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA23.3.2005 5:38:21tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey Jesson, sorry to hear about those chicken pox, but I bet your up and jumping already? Victoria is getting ready to celebrate her big 5 year birthday! Wish you were close enough to come! Tell your mom "Hi" and be sweet! I still keep you in my prayers and am so happy you have been feeling better! Take care! Love and prayers go out! Alecia and Victoria

SERAPanama24.3.2005 15:27:34http://*** HAPPY HAPPY EASTER *** XXXXX

Hannah and MomUSA24.3.2005 22:57:51skiddles9@adelphia.nethttp://www.caringbridge.comYour son is a cutie. Hannah is very tired today. But hanging in there. I am so glad to here your son is doing well. He is also is in our thoughs. Keep in tuch

Claire and Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom25.3.2005 there Little Man!Just wishing you all a Happy Easter, Thinking of youLots of Love, With a big fat hugClaire, Ju, Liam and Poppy xxxxxxxxx

Hannah and SydneyUSA27.3.2005 22:51:8Skiddles9@adephia.nethttp://Hi Jesson,Wanted to see how you are doing and what is going on with you,We are home now and Hannah is loving it.We hope you had a good easter.We hope to ealk to you soon. Email us anytime Hannah and Sydney (mom)

Gill, Dave, Kane and AlfieUnited Kingdom28.3.2005 11:43:35d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://"HAPPY EASTER" Hope your spots have all gone Jesson. Thinking of you all. Lots of loveThe Brooksies ****

The SummerfieldsUnited Kingdom1.4.2005 11:57:53marina@checkind.conmhttp://Hi Jesson and Family,Sorry to hear you and your sister have been poorly,Fingers crossed for your next set of test's.Thinking of you allThe Summerfields.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NikkiUnited Kingdom1.4.2005 23:9:53topginger24@hotmail.com Jesson & Family. Just to let you know I keep checkin on here to see how everything's going!Jesson you are sooo brave! You dont know me but I'm proud of you! My thoughts are with you all! All my love Nikki xxx

the plantsUnited Kingdom2.4.2005 9:45:51http://hiya matey, glad to hear you and kesia are not so spotty and itchyanymore, bet it didnt stop you eating all those yummy chocolate eggs!!nice to see you have been out and about, showing off that cheeky smile, good look for wed, fingers and toes crossed xsee you all soon xxx

seraFrench Guiana3.4.2005 21:16:55http://* love to you all *we are all praying for positive news *glenn,sera,liberty,madison and honey easter bunny x

charlie taylorUnited Kingdom4.4.2005 16:24:55charlietay81@aol.comhttp://hello jesson, helen and the familyi've not managed to see you all since i moved on from 27 six months ago so i just thought i'd drop you a little message to say i still check on your web site to see how you all are. Glad to hear you're over the chicken pox look like you've been having a lot of fun from your piccies.Anyway I'll hopefully get to see you again soonTake care chicklovecharlie x x x x

viksUnited Kingdom5.4.2005 Jesson, have you ever seen this link? It makes me laugh a lot (but you need speakers on to hear it :) )Love Viks x

ANITA FERRIItaly7.4.2005 16:58:33http://HI Jesson,glad too know that you're over chicken pox,now if you ever wish too see Naples i will be very glad too have you and your family at my house.aA big hug too you, Kesia,mummy and daddy

Nicole BensonIreland8.4.2005 15:38:55nicolebenson6@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson. You are such a brave boy. My daughter Emily Grace was diagnosed with the same cancer as you last September. If you could please ask your mom to email me about the anti-GD2 trial.I'd like to talk with someone who knows something about it!Good luck with your MIBG. I will be thinking of you.Nicole Benson

malcolm finchUnited Kingdom10.4.2005 JessonThought I would drop you a line and say Hi!I am running the London Marathon next weekend for theNeuroblastoma Society, as my cousin Sarah has Neuroblastoma. As you have just had Chicken Pox, thoughtI would tell you a funny little story about Chicken Pox.Two weeks before Sarahs Mum and Dad got married (nearly 20 years ago), my two brothers and I got ChickenPox and for the photos, we had lots of spots and kept itching through the wedding (where our mum made us weregloves to try and stop us from scratching)Hope yours are better and that you're doing cool!Take care malc

The BinghamsUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 10:46:0http://Hi Jesson ,Kesia,Helen and Ashley, been sitting here for half an hour trying to think of some thing to say but words arent coming easily after reading on jessons update.The results are so unexpected i just dont know what to say,i just want you to know that we are all thinking of jesson and praying that you hold your precious family tightly and enjoy every second of every day .Let me just say Helen and Ashley you must be so so proud of your little cheeky chappie and not forgetting his little curly haired side kick,from looking at your photos you can tell they are both so full of beans i bet they keep you on your toes,hugs to you all Sarah,jody.callum jaymie and sonny xxxxxx

Louise & Rob GrayUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 11:51:22louise.gray@virgin.nethttp://Hi Jesson & familyI am Marina's sister and only asking on Sunday how you were, so sorry to hear of the update.I cant imagine how you all must be feeling having three healthy children myself.My heart goes out to you all, and hope there is something out there to help.Our thoughts are with you all.Louise & Rob Gray

Marina,Jonny, Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 17:31:45marina@checkind.comhttp://Helen,Ashley, Jesson and Kiesia,We are so very sorry to hear of these lastest resultsJesson we are sending you all our love.xxxWe are always thinking of you and your FamilyMarina, JonnyMorgan and Georgiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire and Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 hard to know what to write when we r so guttedat the news. R thoughts and love are with u all.Big hug and kisses for Jesson xxxxxLove Ju, Claire, Liam and Poppyxxxxxx

Vicky GartshoreUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 17:33:51vicky_2002@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi All. So sorry to hear of the results, unsure really of what to say right now.can only imagine what you are going through. My thoughts are with you allKeep Smiling Jesson. and the rest of the family keep smiling for him.Love Vicky xxxx

Jo,Jessica,Katie and KieranUnited Kingdom12.4.2005 22:34:4joanne.swan@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello Jesson, Helen , Ashleigh and KesiaIts very hard to know what to put, as we werent expecting news like that.We have been following your updates,The photos have been excellant to look at.....Keep smiling for each other....Love Always Jo,Jessica,Katie and Kieran xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

StaceUnited Kingdom13.4.2005 0:20:48stace_9999@hotmail.comhttp://Hey Jesson!:) What a little cutie ey!:P Just a message to say thinking of you! You're doing so well!Stay strong! Love always xxx x

SaraUnited Kingdom13.4.2005 0:25:22sxy_angel87@hotmail.comhttp://hey jessn!enjoyin the site:) espcially the pics!stay stong and keep the big smile on your face as much as possiable!what a insperation you are hun! a BIG well done to everything your friends and family have donetake care poppet! and enjoy life to the fullest and dont ever forget you have so many peoplecarin and lovin you! all my love and hugs Sara xxx:)

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom13.4.2005 16:40:7http://Hello all xwere really sorry to hear about your results be strong all of you... and jesson keep smilingand chasing your little sister around like i saw you in asda you pair did make me is with you alwaysyour lovelylove lisa nick georga jack x x x x

Gill & DaveUnited Kingdom13.4.2005 20:35:57d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://I'm so sorry that the results are'nt what we all wanted.Thinking about you and sending all our love. Big hugs and kisses to you all you are so brave.Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfie************************************

the plantsUnited Kingdom14.4.2005 10:2:10http://hello you lot, what can i say, we are all gutted at the news.jesson keep on making your mum and dad laugh like you do, cos thats what you do best, causing havoc and generally beinga live wire where ever you go, and we all love it !!!! xstay strong helen and ash, we are thinking of you all xxlots and lots of lovemel and co x

TrezUSA14.4.2005 12:53:41Trez@avalonflooring.comhttp://My families love and prayers are with you. I do not have the words to express how connected my family has become from being lucky enough to know your amazing Jason thru your website.

Frances & Peter WoodAustralia14.4.2005 23:10:21woodpf@bigpond.comhttp://We are friends of Jonny & Claire and have been reading about Jesson for some while. Our thoughts are with you all.

Sophie RoyUnited Kingdom15.4.2005 there JessonYou won't remember me but i'm Jonnys wife Claire's sister,(Thomas and Lotties auntie!) i just wanted to wish you all the luck and support and let you know that me and my family are thinking of you at this very difficult time. You are a very strong boy Jesson, keep it up little one.Love to you allWishing you all the strength :-)Sophiexxx

Lorraine GuessUnited Kingdom15.4.2005 22:3:8lorraineguess@aol.comhttp://So sorry to here about your last test results. Think of yourall often, take care love Lorraine

rachel griffithsUnited Kingdom16.4.2005 19:0:21rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson and family,just want you all to know we are all thinking and praying for you sweetheart, you have been so brave and strong keep it up. we love your photos especially the disney land ones it looks brillent there. i,ll check in again soon love to you your mummy, daddy and little sister, takecare all, love from rachel, ravi, luke & amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jay groocockUnited Kingdom17.4.2005 11:27:50www.m.groocock@ntlworld.comhttp://hiya jesson mate its jay hope ure well one day u can come round are house and play football with me and we can go park with us and u can show me how to play on ure gameboy because i am rubbish arnt i mate hope ure well.

seraFinland18.4.2005 12:19:14http://** hi superstar jesson ** silly jokes from madison **are you ready.... :o)knock knockwho's therepeaspeas whopeas to meet you!what would you call two banana skins...a pair of slippers!did they make you giggle or groan????have fun and remember you're very special!xxx glenn sera liberty madison and honey XX

seraPhilippines18.4.2005 12:41:3http:// ** just looked at the new pics ** how cute is your dog jesson!!!madison is very envious..still no puppy inour house but madison is working very hardto persuade me! and your pics may have helpedher case! soooo cute..both of you :o)xxx sera xxx

TonyUnited Kingdom19.4.2005 the new treatment is a sucess and Jesson is not in to much discomfort.We are all hoping for the best. All at The Robyn Brooks Appeal.I have linked your site to ours hope this helps making people more aware of Jessons fight.

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom19.4.2005 Jesson, Ashley, Helen, Kesia and Tilly!!!!Love your pictures!!! hope you are all being strong for each other. I have just been out with Nannie Ross and she tells me all about the things you have been up to. Make the most of every day and enjoy, because life is so precious. Hope your puppy is behaving and not making too much mess (that's your job Jesson & Kesia!!!!!)Take care and thinking of you all.Hayley, Paul, Dan & Tom xxxxx

Nei BackUnited Kingdom19.4.2005 23:10:56http://An amazing family with amazing courage. Braver than a Tiger anyday xxx

Gillian United Kingdom20.4.2005 Jesson & Family, we found your webpage via the Robin Brooks site. My son Jack also has Neuroblastoma. Jack is nearly 6 and we come come from Scotland.We loved looking at all your photos, you look like a lively chap! Hope all is going to plan with you all at the moment, we will be thinking of you. We will visit again soon and see how you are getting on.Love and best wishes to you all. Gillian & Jack x

katie worradUnited Kingdom20.4.2005 10:36:4mickworrad@yahoo.comhttp://hi jesson i'm hollie sister, i dont think you know me but your mum and dadi tryed get a kiss from you a the christmas party but you wouldn't give me one.I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. just keep fighting, everyone love you because yourgreat. just remember that.c u soon love loads kate

Louise MorrisonUnited Kingdom20.4.2005 14:3:29louisemorrison321@hotmail.comhttp://Your little boy is absolutley beautiful! I am so sorry for the heartache that you and your whole family has suffered, please enjoy every moment that you have together, I know that I am acomplete stranger but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, louise x

Anne SmallUnited Kingdom20.4.2005,I too am a complete stranger, i saw your website through someone on the BBC message boards.I would like to say that i am thinking of you and i hope that you have lots of fun in the time to come.Lots of love,Anne

Kathy SUnited Kingdom20.4.2005 21:5:8http://Hello Jesson,You are a very brave boy - well you have to be if you are a Leicester fan! Lots of luck to you and your family.Kathy

Tracy CooperUnited Kingdom21.4.2005 10:36:39http://Hiya Jesson.You don't know me but I feel like I know you. My name is Tracy and I job sharewith your Mary round the bend. When I started working here with Mary some 12 months ago, we got talking about you and through coincidence I know your friends Clare, David and little Hannah as I worked with Clare a few years ago.Each week I check both your websites and hope that your news will show you are both strong and well. I've thought many times about writing in your guestbook, but somehow today after reading your heart gutting news, it feels appropriate.As a Mummy and after reading your and Hannahs website, like many others, I felt like I wanted to do something. So you'll be proud to know you have got me to donate my blood on a regular basis and now I'm in training for the race for life and hoping to raise lots of cash. So you, young man have alot to answer for. But I only wish I could do more.I hope you continue to smile and play and be full of energy. I send my thoughts, hopes and best wishes to you and all your family.With LoveTracy

Joanne BarnesUnited Kingdom21.4.2005 13:24:48joanne.barnes@renesas.comhttp://I have a three year old and couldn't imagine how I'd cope if something like this happened to him. Well done with the webpage - he's a wonderful looking little boy and I wish you thevery best. Cross fingers that there is some relief from thepain he is suffering. I'm sat here at work with tears streamingdown my face trying not to sob. I'm no good with words.Just trying to help a bit, even if just remotely.All the best. Joanne xxx

jacqui boydUnited Kingdom21.4.2005 a handsome little boy you have. I am sorry to hear what he is going through. I have a little boy too and can't imagine trying to cope if he was in such pain. I hope the chemo works, thinking of you all and wishing you the best, Jac xx

Sophie RoyUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 9:46:16sophiescothern@hotmail.comhttp://Such unfortunate news,keep up the fight Jesson, we send you all ourstrength and support . Love to you allSophie, Christophe, Millie & Tristanxxxx

kirstUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 10:18:33kirstie.archer@btinternet.comhttp://Hi to all in the Wragg family, I am a friend of Clare Lindsay and Michele et al and since last year I was made aware of your little boy Jesson. To say that I was touched is such an understatement...being a proud auntie of two young nephews who are healthy feels almost unfair. I just wanted to send you my wishes and let you know that my thoughts are with you all. Jesson looks and sounds from what i have read and been told an amaaaaazing brave spirit!! Good on ya kiddo!!, lump in my throat sending you all the luck in the world and hoping that the new Hickman line will help.Words fail me, they really do (and anyone who knows me knows that is a first!)Good luck, Be strong...Kirst.x

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 11:22:12http://Fingers crossed the new hickman works Jesson,we are all thinking of you at this tough time, keep strong all of you,lets hope jesson responds very well to the chemo.You are all so brave and strong i wish there was something any of us could do to help you.Sending you all big hugs and positive thoughts.Jesson it sounds like you were having a fab time with your sister in the garden keep up with the mayhem young man!Love to you all sarah,jody,callum,jaymie and sonny xxx

LisaUSA22.4.2005 11:59:6lsimp62423@rcn.comhttp://Jesson is such a beautiful little boy. This story really touched my heart. Your son and family have my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you are going through. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and pray that Jesson is healed.

SharlaUSA22.4.2005 12:6:58http://Hey, Jesson, what happy smiles I see in your pictures! I wish and pray for happy smiles every day for you. And what a handsome boy you are! Your sister is very pretty, and your puppy is so cute!And to Jesson's family, I pray for healing, comfort for all of you, and an acceptance of whatever this journey might bring your way. Love Jesson, love each other, and bond together. Make the most of what you have.Love and Hugs to you!

Tina WilliamsUSA22.4.2005 12:9:1tinanurse@yahoo.comhttp://Prayers and love to you sweet boy and to your family too. You are proof that angels tread this earth. Love to you and your family,The Williams mom and dad- from one parent to another you have our prayers andlove during this time. May God bless you and continue to give you strength.

JenUSA22.4.2005 12:30:53jlme8@yahoo.comYou and your family are in our thoughts. Stay positive...lots of smiles and hugs to you!:) xxxxx :)

Richard AccardiUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 13:26:28richard.accardi@btinternet.com, i am sure you have made the right choice,and we hope that Jesson responds well. We are thinking of you all.

PaulaUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 13:30:8paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson thinking of you loads, sending you lots of love and hugs ( such a special little boy )

the plant familyUnited Kingdom22.4.2005 13:36:11melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp:// So tilly is still trying to eat you, nearly as much trouble as little sisters!!hoping and praying that this next lot of treatment works, you are being soooo brave keep soldiering on little man x xi know you could spit everytime this gets said, but stay strong and postivewe are thinking of you, and sending you tons of love x x xhope to see you all soon x x x

Gill BrookesUnited Kingdom23.4.2005 13:24:17d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Love your new photo on your website, you and Kesia have suchbeautiful smiles. Hope the medicine is taking that horrible painaway because i'm sure your Guinea pigs would love anothertrip to Jesson's Fairground.Sending you all lots of love and kissesThe Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraEl Salvador23.4.2005 18:56:1 the new look contemporary website..brilliant!!and that photo!!!!! jesson as always an inspiration and kesia..a little darling! there spirits shine through in that photograph..and the love that they share is on their little faces for all to see! you must be soooo proud of them both!my thoughts are with you all..and we all know whatever decisions you take will be the right ones for seraglenn liberty madison and honey x x x x x

Kate ClowUnited Kingdom24.4.2005 15:28:52kate_clow@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson, I have been reading your story and my goodness what a brave boy you are! I also looked at your pictures and aren't you handsome! I'm very jealous of you having such a sweet and fluffy little dog, she is adorable, isn't she? I bet you have such fun together.Lots of love to you and your family, sweetheart. I shall keep looking in to see how you are getting on. Huge hugs for you ((((((((((Jesson)))))))))) that is a hug!

mary United Kingdom24.4.2005 20:40:29eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, What a brave little boy you are, I bet your family are so proud of you.Just to let you know that all my family are thinking of you and we send you a big squezze. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tony United Kingdom25.4.2005 wishes from all at The Robyn Brooks Appeal we have put a link to your site on ours .Hope this helps.

JuneUnited Kingdom26.4.2005 19:38:0http://Hi Jesson and all your familyYou dont know me but I know quite a bit about you as I work with Mary round the Bend and she keeps us up to date with what you are doing and how you are getting on. My 2 children Laura and Matthew have joined me in looking at your website from time to time, seeing what a good time you have been having with your family and hearing all about your treatment. You are a very brave little boy and our thoughts are with you and all your family at this time.

seraDominican Rebublic26.4.2005 21:38:7http:// ** hi superstar wraggs! **hope this week is a fun fill extravaganza!(had to ask liberty how to spell that!)lovely to hear all your voices on the phone (some louder than others jesson!)hope mums picked up all thos beads for you kesia.....after all thats what mums are for you know!stay happy and just a bit silly!love to you all...xxxxxxxxxxxx sera xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(on her round the world trip :o)glenn x liberty x madison x and honey bunny x

lynne christianUnited Kingdom27.4.2005 12:35:7http://

lynne christianUnited Kingdom27.4.2005 12:46:40http://Hi Jessonyou will not remember me but I was sitting behind you and Mummy at the Neuroblastoma AGM. You were playing such a lovely game I wanted to get on the floor and join you. I am Georgies Nana and Mum to Tania who spoke tou your Mummy at lunch time. I spoke to your Mummy yesterday and this prompted me to read your web site. I hope that you get your treatment real soon and then get to have lots of fun again with your sister and friends, like the fair ground you had in the garden recently. That sounded like real fun. You can always come and dig up my garden. I hate doing it. Wishing you well with your treatment. sending my love and best wishes to you all. Lynne

AnitaItaly27.4.2005 18:8:28http://Hi Helen,i've just read the latest news on Jesson,and im sure that he will win this other battle,he his a very special little boy with very special family.Dont give in Helen,you are a example for life,you've allways done best and im sure you will continue.If there is anything i can do dont to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

jackie hallam & familyUnited Kingdom27.4.2005 21:2:9jaxhallam@boltblue.comhttp://Hi Jesson,we are friend's of your Aunty Val & Uncle Dave and we have often heard from them about you.They obviously love you and your family a lot and we know how very brave you are. I have three boys, Tom, Joe and Ben. They were like you when they were little. They loved to play in the garden. They loved to play football especially.They think your photo's are really cool. They send their love to you and wish you lots a fun.We would like to say hi to your mum and the rest of your family. We send our fondest love to you all.We also send you our prayers.

jez elmer (olivers stepfather, imogen)United Kingdom28.4.2005 thoughts are with you all,if you want achat dont hessitate to ring me 07768606834. if you want a beer ash i will come over to see you.regardsjez

Kate worradUnited Kingdom28.4.2005 12:39:39mickworrad@yarhoo.comhttp://Hiya Jesson,it's me again how are you,i hope you are ok.My thoughts are with you all. I am in design at the minutelooking for ski hat.hope you are loads and loads of fun.All my friends say hello and hope you are ok. see you soon mate.keep smile, and don't let anything let you down love ya lots like jelly kate xx

Judy MorleyUnited Kingdom30.4.2005 15:19:0jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://Hi, Jesson,Just to let you know that all your friends and teachers at Montrose are missing your happy smiling face and are thinking about you. The class just doesn't seem the same without you and we hope you will be well enough to come and see us again soon.We have been learning about mini-beasts, and have had lots of snails, ladybirds and worms in various contaners around the classroom this week! I did release them back into the wild before the weekend, in case they got home-sick.Anyway, keep smiling, and hope to see you soon,Love from Judy Morley and everybody at school xxxxxx

seraHong Kong1.5.2005 9:0:55http://hi jesson...just looked out of the window and saw itwas guinea pig fair weather!!! quick get the furry bundlesout there!!! you know they love it :o)love to you all and a special wish for a bank holiday full ofsunshine and sera xxxxxp.s oh and tell mum thanks for her "dogs are great speech" we'regoing to look at puppies next weekend!! :oP

seraUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 15:14:26http://hi there sorry to hear you're not feeling well..stay brave sweetie,a special wish that those docs sort that nasty pain out and you can enjoy many moreguinea pig fairs..infact jesson our rabbit feels quite left out! and wants to join inyour guinea pig fair too!love to you are in my thoughts daily..sera xxxxxglenn x liberty x madison x honey bunny x

GillUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 18:57:37d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hiya beautiful sorry to read you've not been feelin to well. You are the bravest boy in the whole world.I hope the medicine will soon take this horrible pain away because you are a busy little boy, playing with your little sisterand friends, Tilly and those greedy guinea pigs.Like the latestphoto those hats are really cool(tool).Thinking of you all always and sending lots of love and kisses Gill,Dave,Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GillUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 19:6:16d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Back again I forgot to tell you my joke.Q. What do you call a 3 legged donkey?A. A wonkey.Not very good a remembering jokes so sorry if you've alreadyheard it.Take care sweetheart.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sally BarrettUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 19:55:19sally_barrett@ntlworld.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comThinking of you all. Keep being brave Jesson. lots of love Sally XXXX

Vicki ScottUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 to hear you are not feeling very well Jesson. Stay brave. My love and best wishes to you all.Vicki

taniaUnited Kingdom2.5.2005 22:8:22tania.hayhoe@ntlworld.comhttp://hi to you all. I have been thinking of you guys and will phone in next couple of days. You know where I am. Anything we can do to try and help you guys just ask.sending lots of love to you all.Taniaxxx

vickyUnited Kingdom3.5.2005 1:11:58vicky_2002@ntlworld.com you are feeling better really soon Jesson then you can give all your family BIG cuddles! and dont forget to keep smiling!!!Love Vickyxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA3.5.2005 4:29:35tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi Jesson! We wanted to send you extra big hugs this week since it has been a tough week for you. Hope you will be feeling so much better soon with lots of smiles. So many people are thinking of you and lifting you up in prayers. Stay brave. We love seeing the cute pictures of you and Kesia. Hi to your mom and dad. They are very special and deserve great big hugs and kisses. We love you Jesson and can't wait to hear that you are feeling better!

marinaUnited Kingdom3.5.2005 12:1:24http://Hi Jesson,You are being a very brave boylots of love to you, We do hope you feel better soon.xxMorgan and Georgie would love to come and visit with you,though at the moment they have brought home some unwantedpets from school called NITS, they are not as nice as ginnipigs, :)Love to you and your family .XXXmarina,Jonny,Morgan and Georgie

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom3.5.2005 12:18:25kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonSorry to hear about the tough time you are having. Sophie said I was to send you a joke to cheer you up.What goes woof woof tick tick ?A watch dog !ha ha - I hope thats cheered you up a littleBig Hug & Kisses to you allKelly & Sophie

angelaEurope3.5.2005 15:27:5angelaejames@btopenworld.comhttp:// Hi to you all - helen, ashley, kessia and of course the gorgeous and so lovable jesson, I often read your page to catch up on your news but never seem to be able to find the words to let you know how much i am thinking of you and praying for you at this difficult time- but today i just had to! I still cant find the words and just wish could give you all a big hug instead!! please give Jesson a big kiss from me(if he will let you!!)And if there is anything we can do please dont hesitate to ask xx lots and lots of love to you all Ange James (Oli's mum)and Jez and Imogen please pass on my love to Ellie and Alan(?)and tell them i am thinking of themtoo if you have the oppurtunity xx thanx xx be in touch soon

Jessalyn WarrenCanada3.5.2005 23:46:59jessalyn_w@hotmail.com like the webpage. Our son is fighting similar battle. I will say a prayer for Jesson. Hang in there, and take care.

Rebecca NicholasUnited Kingdom4.5.2005 20:51:33txtchick11@jahoo.comhttp://Hello Jesson, my names Rebecca and I'm 11 years old. I hope you are feeling alot better and that you don't mind a girl emailing you.How many Guinea pigs do you have. We have 2 but one of them is going to have babies soon.Hope to email you again soon. Take care Jesson. Love from your new mate Rebecca Nicholas.

Rebecca NicholasUnited Kingdom4.5.2005 20:58:44txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hello jesson its rebecca again hope you are ok.Just emailing to let you know that i spelt my email wrong, but then i am only a girl, what do i know.I will email soon.As my mum says big squezze love Rebecca xxx

tina gordonUnited Kingdom4.5.2005 21:5:58tina309@btinternet.comhttp://dear brave family,like you our family has been plagued by this cancer, but touch wood our little girl has been in remission for 7 months now, our family wish you all the luck in the world, and hope he makes a speedy recovery;your website is a pleasure to read thankyoutina &ewan gordon

ginetteamesUnited Kingdom4.5.2005 21:46:26ginette.ames@ntlworld.comhttp://

Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie United Kingdom5.5.2005 8:24:53paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, thinking of you loads, your such a brave little boy.How are your guinea pigs? Love to you all x x x x

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom5.5.2005 9:16:3http://Wow your guinea pigs sure know how lead an exciting life Jesson :O) been thinking of you all so much,i hope your tummy feels alot better now sweet heart, have you heard of the tongue twister red lorry yellow lorry? i bet your mum and dad know it,you have to say red lorry yellow lorry as fast as you can as many times as you can ,its really funny i can only say it 3 times before my words get mixed up,i bet Kesia would be better at saying it than me! take care all of you big hugs sarah and family xxxxx

Sally (LaLeche League)United Kingdom5.5.2005 Helen - It's hard to think what to say to someone who is going thro what you are; I think about you and check your webpage regularly - LLL leaders from all around England ask about him since we were looking for info last year. Jesson is so strong.

seraFinland5.5.2005 23:51:2http://hi there jesson..hope those docs weaved their magic and made that pain go away..then you can vist us as our puppy arrives 7th june (thanks helen :o)you are a bright star jesson that shines all the way from wherever you are to our house..and makes me smile when i think of all the magical things you have done..and the joy you havebought to those who love you.keep to you all..sera x x x xx glenn x liberty x madison x honey x


rachel griffithsUnited Kingdom6.5.2005 17:56:10rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, just want to wish you well and send you lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses. hope you feel better soon, thinking about you loads, all our love from rachel, ravi, luke and amy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Jasbinder Clair (Lady Mayoress)United Kingdom6.5.2005 Jesson, hope your well! i think of you every week.Sorry i havent had time to sign your guestbook before this. We had a great time with you at the christmas lights switchon ceremony and do you remember going up to the top of thetown hall to check the lights?Really proud of you, love you loadsJasbinder and the Lord Mayorp.s. say hello to mum, dad and kesia!!!!!

Claire & Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom7.5.2005 9:13:51claireclifton2003@yahoo.comhttp://Hi there little man!We have been thinking about you all so much, sending you allour love and agreat big fat hug to abrave little soldier.Lots of Love Claire, Ju, Liam and Poppyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraPanama7.5.2005 11:0:47http:// **yeah gerty! yeah flick!**superstar guinea pigs of the internet!perhaps we should start a fan club :o)so very pleased to hear the pain is being managed effectively,(heart breaking to hear of all his pain last week!)fingers,legs,arms and everything else crossed for hickman 4 in with no probs!love to you all as alwaysx sera xx glenn x liberty x madison x honey x

Lyn AdamsAfrica8.5.2005 6:34:55lynvirgin@btinternet.comhttp://Hi Jesson, I am a friend of Dorothy Coughlan.I am helping her organise a party on the 25th of this month for your benefit.Maybe we will meet that day.We have also started a raffle and have collected £ 23 so far.I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia as it was then ) and moved to South Africa in 1993.I had a terrible time there with robberies and my life being threatened and eventually left in 1999.I miss the bush and the wildlife and of course all my family but I will never go back because of all the terrible crime related experiences.It breaks my heart to hear of all the pain you are suffering and just wish there was something we could do.Your mother says you are a very brave little boy and I am sure you are.You just keep fighting back.Take care little one - my thoughts and prayers are with you.Much love, Lyn

Janet SargentUnited Kingdom8.5.2005 12:36:56johnsargent@btinternet.comhttp://Dear JessonHope you are feeling a little better today.Hannah Edwards Grandma is my sister - and I work with your Mums friend Kelly Bridges - she has a daughter Megan who isone of your friends and so I have kept up with your progressfor a very long time.I know you are a little fighter and will do anything to overcome this set back.Hannah and her family talk about you a great deal and youare often in our thoughts.Love to you and all your family.Hannahs Great Aunty Janet xxx(not too Great I hope)

alice hadfieldUnited Kingdom8.5.2005 14:46:28alicehadfield@hotmail.comhttp://dear jesson, i hope ur feeling a little better today and having fun.we all think you are the bravest little boy we have ever known and you are always in our prayerswe are thinking of all of you.give our love to your mummy and daddy and kesia lots of hope alice georgina joy tom donna peter tim and norma

GillUnited Kingdom8.5.2005 20:59:31d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi there Jesson, Saw Jode and Red's Mum today and she tellsme that you've been in hospital all week and how brave you are.Hope no.4 has worked OK so you can soon be back home having lots of fun. Keep on smiling my Superman.Sending you and Mum,Dad and Kesia loads of kisses and cuddlesGill, Dave, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie and CharlotteUnited Kingdom8.5.2005 23:3:9http://Hiya Jesson (you ickle soldier)We have heard SO much about you and we are always reading your website.We are very pleased to hear that your pain is not too bad at the momentand hope the doctors keep sprinkling their magic dust.You are such a brave little boy.Lots of loveJulie and Charlotte xxx

jez elmer (Boston)United Kingdom9.5.2005 are thinking of you all the time, and if we can help in anyway do not hestitate to contact jez angela oli and imogen xx

hollie worrad United Kingdom9.5.2005 23:30:32mickworad@yahoo.comhttp://hi mate how are thing all ok i hope i am missing the bed time stories that mum read and made up really hope you are feeling well and miss you lots always thinking about you and hope your pillow is still usefull love you load see you soon and keep fighting mate love holliexxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom10.5.2005 love the photograph on your page now, and the simple layout :) Im sorry Jessons had and continues to have a rough ride of it, if thre is anything we can do at all, please just shout,Take care,viks

Maxine DearingUnited Kingdom10.5.2005 Jesson,I am Adam Inghams Auntie, I hear all about what the two of you get up to when you get together. I heard all about what a Lovely time you had at Wickstead Park.Gina tells me how you are getting on and I just want you to know that we are thinking of you all.Take CareMaxine

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom10.5.2005 14:53:58http://HI THERE LITTLE CHAPwere all thinkin off you and your lovely family,keep on smiling you brave little soldier,love too all the family,our thoughts and prayers are with you all,love LISA X NICK X GEORGA X JACK X

Pamela PalmerUnited Kingdom10.5.2005 14:54:39tilton.palmer15@virgin.nethttp://You are all in our thoughts from Hannah'a Grandma and Grandad

Jenn MaxfieldUnited Kingdom11.5.2005 Jesson!I have been following your website for some time now. I was very sad to hear that you have relapsed. But you are strong and a real fighter.HANG IN THERE!! :o)I will be keeping you close in my thoughts.LiveSTRONGJenn MaxfieldMum to NB angel Madison

Paula, Rich, Dan & AbbieUnited Kingdom11.5.2005 21:27:21paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi there Jesson, thinking of you and sending lots of love from all of us x x x x

AnitaItaly13.5.2005 11:13:44http://hi Jesson,i hope that you are feeling a bit better cant stop thinking how brave you are.The new photo of you and Kesia is simply beautiful,thinking of you and you're special and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* sera *Greece13.5.2005 12:10:0http://* hi jesson and gang *no updates so still have everything crossed (getting uncomfortable :o) that hickman 4was a success and you are hassling..oops i mean "playing" with the guinea pigs as i type.. love to you thoughts are with you daily..x sera x

angeUnited Kingdom14.5.2005 11:24:18http://Hi to you all x hope you are all bearing up x thinking of you all the time x you are in our thoughts and prayers x hope you're notgiving the guinea pigs too much hassle!!!! Lots of love Ange, Jez. Oli and ImogenXXXXX

Tracy CosgroveUnited Kingdom14.5.2005 allI'm Mia's Nanna and Grandads daughter (complicated I know. We have been following your progress and you have often been in our thoughts but this is the first time that I havebeen to your web site. I was so sorry to hear that you had relasped Jesson.I just want say that we think of you and pray for you. We hope that you had a really good weekend at the seasideEmily(my 2 year old) loved Tilly and Tilly couldn't stop kissing Emily. I'm sure she's delighted to see you again.lots of love from Tracy and Emily and family.

Rebecca nicholasUnited Kingdom15.5.2005 19:46:52txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, I have just came back from hoilday. I had great fun.I think you are very brave, take care love Rebecca xxx

seraUSA15.5.2005 21:56:17http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfor you allsera

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom17.5.2005 12:35:16duranlebon1@aol.comhttp:// Hi Jesson, just to let you know that my family and work colleagues are thinking of you.I have told them all aboutyou from what your Mummy puts on your website. You are thebravest little boy I have ever heard of and you also have the cheekiest smile!!I used to go to school with your Mummy.I bumped into her intown last year, Your little sister was with her but you were at home with your Daddy.I was sad not to meet you.I will send you a message soon, Love and kisses to you and Kesia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshell

Kelly, James & Megan BridgesUnited Kingdom17.5.2005 22:5:31http://Hi Jesson,Hope you are feeling much better and that you managed toget away for the weekend.We have not forgotten that you want to borrow Cat in the HatPlaystation game, we will get it to you very soon.Megan enjoyed playing Shrek with you recently, and keeps asking when she can come round and play it again.Thinking of you all and I will speak to you soon Take care all of youKelly, James and Megan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michelle D'rayUnited Kingdom19.5.2005 13:28:8http://hello its michelle from the leicster times. wishing you all well i hope all is well lots of love michelle.

Michelle D'ray United Kingdom19.5.2005 13:33:7http://hello its michelle from the leicster times again! I have told everyone at work how brave you are and they all send there love. We all wish you the best in life carry on being srong for your mummy and daddy.

angeUnited Kingdom19.5.2005 18:47:50http://

angeUnited Kingdom19.5.2005 18:51:38http://hi just looking to see how things are xx hope you are all still being strong and brave {and not giving the guinea pigs too hard a time!!!)xx thinking of you lots xx love to you ALL X love ange, jez, oli and imogen XXXXXX

seraEcuador19.5.2005 19:39:52http://hi jesson..hope you are having fun and being silly :o)we are all relieved that hickman went in ok and is working as it should,thinking of you all the to you all.* sera * glenn * liberty * madison * honey * x x x x x

Jenn MaxfieldUnited Kingdom21.5.2005, I saw that you like to be read guestbook entries. So I wanted to leave you one and say I HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTERWe are thinking of you here in London.You are SO brave.Love Jenn

Rebecca nicholasUnited Kingdom22.5.2005 19:48:28txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://hi jesson hope you are feeling ok, Big squezze love rebecca age 11

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA23.5.2005 3:55:1tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Jesson, so glad to hear last weekend was so much fun! Can't wait to see the new pictures. Stay strong. We have been thinking and praying for you all. Victoria went to a wish event and got to ride in a racing corvette and then took a helicopter ride above the race track. Pretty cool, huh? Well, be sweet to your dear mom and hope you have a superb week! We send our love out to you!

seraPeru23.5.2005 9:23:27http://hi round the world trip is going well :o) so please to hear you had a great weekend! hope mum and dad were wellbehaved :o) after all i knew your mum when she was at school..and i know she can be a bit naughty sometimes :o)a special wish for days filled with sunshine and to you all x sera x x x x x x x

GillUnited Kingdom23.5.2005 11:4:2d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson great to hear that you had a funtastic time at the seaside. Sorry I haven't sent a message for a bit but my computers broken andI'm having to wait until I go to college to check your website.Have lots more fun, sending you all lots of love and hugsGill and the gangxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Butwell and Mrs WrightUnited Kingdom23.5.2005 12:4:7http://Dear Jesson, We hope that you are feeling well today. We are looking forward to kesia starting nursery with us in September and hope that you will come along with her to jelp her settle in. Take care and ots of love x x x x

Miss Butwell and Mrs WrightUnited Kingdom23.5.2005 12:4:47http://Dear Jesson, We hope that you are feeling well today. We are looking forward to kesia starting nursery with us in September and hope that you will come along with her to help her settle in. Take care and ots of love x x x x

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom23.5.2005 15:23:45http://So pleased you were able to go away for the weekend,it sounds like you all had a lovely time, Its good to hear you have been running around enjoying your self Jesson,we are all so proud of you keep up the good work solider,hugs to you all sarah,jody,callum,jaymie and sonny xxxxx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom23.5.2005 20:28:13txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hi jesson its rebecca, hope you had a good time at the beach, when i was on hoilday i had a great time on the beach,got to go now take care love rebecca

jeanUnited Kingdom24.5.2005 11:43:6http://Hi Jesson Glad you all had a good weekendLinda at school told me about your website. What a superb idea. Its lovely being able to keep up to date without having to bother your mum and its great seeing all the photos of you and Kesia. Hope you are managing to keep the guinea pigs away from your Hickman line. (what have you called this one?)Take care. We're all thinking of youJean

angeUnited Kingdom24.5.2005 21:57:28http://Hello to you all again xx so pleasd to hear you got away and had fun at the weekend!! bet the guinea pigs were happy to have some peace and quiet!! Hope the new line is still being well behaved - has this one got a name? how is Kesia? If she is anything like Imogen I bet she keeps you and mummy very busy and makes you laugh x miss you lots x keep being strong and hope to see you soon xx lots of love Ange XX

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom25.5.2005 17:10:14WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonWe hope your ok. I've just brought a PC and looked for your website and think its great. Love the photos of you and Kesia. We think your a very brave little boy and think about you, Kesia your mummy and Daddy (whos my cousin) all of the time. Keep on being a little soldier.Love you lots and lots.Lots of love to all xxxxxxFrom Kerry and Stacey

krishan kantUnited Kingdom25.5.2005 17:57:50kkantsharma@yahoo.comhttp://good to read that u had nice time. aarav recognises jesson from the photographs. we are at home but will be back on the weekend for fourth cycletake carekrishan kant

Maria GardnerUnited Kingdom25.5.2005 19:57:52maria.g@ntlworld.comwww.georgies-fund.comHello, my name is Maria and I am one of the trustees of Georgie's Fund.I have heard so much about both you Jesson and your mum Helen from bothTania and Sally. You really are a very brave boy and I woould like towish you all the love in the world for your fight against this cruel andhorrible disease. Think about you lots and read your web-site for updatesoften. Keep fighting! Lots of love, Maria Gardner

seraDominican Rebublic25.5.2005 20:4:9http://hi jesson..yeah! the suns shining that means you must be in the garden and hassling thosefurry bundles gerty and flick (i hope :o) our rabbit (little one) is a very naughty is his life ambition to live free from hutches and he spends his days trying to escape!he has the biggest hutch in the world..3 stories high with a run and hes still not happy! honey thinks hes lonely and needs friend to live with he may be getting married soon :o)do you think that would make him happy? you being a guinea pig expert after all..i thought i'd ask you :o)wow "big girl" starting school! how exciting!love to you all..sera xx x glenn x liberty x madison x honey and the naughty bunny called little one! x

the plant familyUnited Kingdom26.5.2005 12:41:29http://hiya dude, i thought you might have been to great yarmouth,we found a sock on the beach and i think it smells like yours!!!! glad to hear you had a fab time, we took charlie and isobel the weekend after you, are'nt caravans great! got you a stick of rock, but i guess you have already had loads, oh well one more won't hurt!!!laods of love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

Mary MarriottUnited Kingdom26.5.2005 17:30:38eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson. Glad to hear that you got away for the weekend and had some fun. I'm Rebecca Nicholas's mum and she often emails you. I must say you have a very cute dog, we have two are selfs and they are called Oliver and Molly, but I bet your dog is better behaved then ours are!! Well thats all for now and we all send you a big squezze. Love Mary XXXXXXXXX

ginette amesUnited Kingdom26.5.2005 18:12:36http://lovelt to hear that you had such a great time. Thinking of you always from Tony Ginette Joanna and Billy

Paula, Rich, Daniel & AbbieUnited Kingdom26.5.2005 21:46:5paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi to you all good to hear you had a good weekend.Keep fighting Jesson your a brave little super hero!Lots of love Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

jezUnited Kingdom27.5.2005 ya,hope you have a brilliant weekend in sunny skeggy, dont shout too loud jesson when you go through boston as you might wake us up!!! give us a call when you are passing through boston we would love to see you all. love jez,ange imogen and oli (07768606834)x

* sera *Bolivia27.5.2005 14:16:26http://good old skeggy in the sun! cant beat it :o)have a wonderful wonderful and hugs* sera * xxxx

rebecca and bethUnited Kingdom27.5.2005 21:54:14txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hi jesson hope everthing is ok. My friend beth is sleeping round my house at the moment. take care love rebecca and beth xx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA28.5.2005 3:58:32tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. We checked out your beach pictures. Looks like you had fun. Glad to hear you are getting out and having some fun weekends with your family and friends. What beautiful wavy hair in those pictures, I guess it is gone now, but hey it is only hair! I bet you can make just as much noise and fun without it! I still have a Victoria's long hair saved in a baggy when she lost hers after all this time. I bet that sounds a bit silly! You look so grown up and I know you are such a trooper having to deal with all those medicines. We are thinking and praying for you everyday. Know that God does love you and you are very special and unique to Him. I wish you could visit here. It is quite warm and summery here. We would have to cover you in sunscreen! Say Hi to your mum and family. We are thinking of you always. Lots of love, an ocean away!

Sue RobertsUnited Kingdom28.5.2005 15:56:12sueroberts88@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson,It was so nice to see you at school this week for your class photo and also we hope you enjoyed the Ugly Bug Ball and picnic we had at school. Hope to see you again soon, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Mills, Mrs Kelly & Mrs Norrie x x

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom30.5.2005 JessonI hope you all had a nice time at the seaside. Its lovely to see the new photos of you at the seaside with everyone. Did you build any more sand castles this time?? I hope the sun was shining for you. Is Kesia enjoying school?keep smiling little soldier : )

GillUnited Kingdom31.5.2005 19:49:46d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Kesia,Helen and Ashley hope you all had a greatweekend in good old Skeggy.Did you build some more sand castles.Love the new photos, you cool dude Jesson.Hope the new 'yummy'tasting medicine is stopping the pain.Always in our thoughts sending lots of love and kisses to you allDave,Gill,Kane and AlfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxP.S. here's a joke for youQ.What's a monster's favourite game?A.Swallow the leader.

ilan Israel31.5.2005 22:12:20kournikova@usa.comhello. nice pics :-) please keep those smiles . take care. bye bye.

* sera *Chile1.6.2005 15:38:5http://hi there..beach photos are great! bet you all have tropical tans :o)its amazing how the sun gets through fleeces and jeans :o)hope you all had a wonderful time..special and very precious memories to keep foreverlove to you allsera x gelnn x liberty x madison x honey xp.s..i think our rabbit, little one, was trying to visit flick and gerty jesson as they have such a wonderful time with you..he escaped (again) by leaping from the 3rd floor hutch-without a parachute :o) (no one owning up to leaving it open!!)..and made it as far as 2 gardens up this time..and fell asleep in the shed..

* sera *Chile1.6.2005 15:39:12http://* oops..sorry i meant glenn :o) havent swopped him in for a welsh version called gelnn :o)

Paula, Rich, Dan & AbbieUnited Kingdom2.6.2005 17:51:25paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson how was your weekend in Skegness? Was the sun shining? It would'nt have mattered if it was'nt you and Kessia have such big smiles you could make anywhere sunny and bright! Thinking of you, Love Paula, Rich, Dan & Abbie x x x x :)

seraNorway3.6.2005 11:46:51http://so pleased to hear of your wonderful weekend in skeggy! and especially that jesson is pain free.i bet those giggles could be heard for miles around..especiallyyours jesson! your giggle is a super loud one..i'm sure i couldhear it at about 11pm..all the way from skeggy to here in norway! :o)a special wish for many more happy and sunny weekends for you all..full of giggles and very special moments..sera x x

Marina,Johnny, Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom6.6.2005 13:13:13Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Please to hear you have had a fun packed weekendFingers crossed for you this week.:)Marina,Jonny,Morgan and Georgie

Tracey JosephUnited Kingdom6.6.2005 13:42:56TACARTLIDGE@AOL.COMhttp:// Hi Jesson i read your update every week and look at the pictures of you and Kessia it is so lovely to hear you had a good weekend.loved the picture of you and your daddy you look just like him, your mummy and daddy must be so proud of you.say hello to them for me ive not seen them for ages.take care and good luck for this week love Tracey Joseph.

Nev and SheonaUnited Kingdom7.6.2005 message to say Hi to our friends and their tough little soldier. Just been looking at the pictures on your website and they are great. Amazing.we don't see as much of you as we would like to, so we gotta make the effort and get together. Our thoughts are always with you all. Be in touch x x

GillUnited Kingdom7.6.2005 14:31:52d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://So that's what all the noise was. I should have known it was you and your super sonic voice, we heard you all the way up here.Have lots of fun sweetheart.Love to you allGill, Dave, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* sera *France7.6.2005 18:53:12http://hey pleased to hear you are being your usualloveable (if a little loud :o) self..tell mum to check her emails..i've sent a pic of our latest family addition :o)love x sera xx glenn x liberty x madison x honey x obi xhelen & ash..we know you will do whatever is right for jesson..stay strong in your belief that you know whats best for him..and always remember you are in our thoughts and hearts x

viksUnited Kingdom8.6.2005 Jesson, sorry i havent signed your guestbook for a while, i check in regularly to read your updates though. I have a joke for you (a rather bad one im affraid)What did the stamp say to the letter? Stick with me and we will go places!!!

Hollie WorradUnited Kingdom10.6.2005 18:37:53Mickworrad@yahoo.comhttp://hi jesson and the family hope mummys feeling better now hope your feeling ok too. we had a fantastic time in skegness. Mitchell and Mitchell say hello and are looking forward to seeing you soon. see you all soon love the Worrad family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* sera *Yugoslavia11.6.2005 19:15:14http://HELLO AGAIN!! bet you missed me hey jesson..after all its a few days since ileft you a message..sorry you are poorly..and mum too! what a pair! hope you are over the bug very sera x xp.s little one update (our naughty rabbit)hes gone!!!! chewed through wire on hutch and made a break for freedom!we know he's about as we left his hutch open and he went in and ate the plateof spinach we left him before running away again!so if gerty and flick have a new friend thats a lop eared fluffy bunny..its our little one!

angeUnited Kingdom13.6.2005 9:6:0http://I read and keep up with your progress all the time but unfortunately dont always have time to send you a message- because i am such a slow typist!! Its wonderful to see how you really are living for the moment and enjoying each other to the full. Its a shame we didnt get to meet with you when you went to skeggy cos its just up the road from us and we would have loved to see you, I think i might have heard you and Kessia giggling and shouting though Jesson!!I hope you are all still managing to stay strong and brave - I,m sure you are however hard it is for you. We think about you all the time and you are always in our prayers. I'm sure all the decisions you make will be the right ones- I've always admired the way you have fought for what you believd in x take care xx love to you all and big hugs especially for Jesson the bravest (and loudest!!!!) boy I know!! and that gorgeous sister of yours xx lots of love and hugs, Ange ,Jez, Imogen Lily and Oli xxx Oli sends you a spcial hug a joke - He is a big head isnt he? Who? Humpty Dumpty Ha! Ha! And He is a dark horse isnt he? Who?Black beauty!! Hope you laughed!! Take care XXXXXXXXn


Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom15.6.2005 21:28:50Emmafarmer52@hotmail.comhttp:// Hello jesson and family.Its Emma and Nathan here (Rileys mum and dad from ward 27)We are glad that your feeling better than a few weeks ago.I bet you had a lovely time at the territorial army centre.I would of been very scared to ride on the tank as its very big.Anyway you keep going strong and keep smiling as you are a very brave boy.

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA16.6.2005 4:56:53tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. Hope everyone is feeling better. We have been thinking of you and keeping you close to our heart. We have been in vacation Bible school this week. Sure wish you were here. You and Victoria would have a blast together, along with the other 18 kids in her class! Hope this weekend will be agood one! Lots of hugs and prayers.

chrissieUnited Kingdom16.6.2005 13:25:20http://hi jessonyour such a brave little soldieri hope everything keeps going well for you.your such a handsome chap with a cheeky smile :-)hope you get better real soon little man my thoughts are with your mummy and daddy keep fighting little soldierbest wishes lots of love from chrissie xxxxx

seraCaribbean17.6.2005 16:49:5http://hi jesson and gang..hope you are having some fun and not feeling too poorly..thinking of you lotslove sera x..just to let you know jesson (incase you were worried) little one has been captured!we had a reported sighting in a garden around the corner..we sent out a search party armed with spinach (his favourite)and madison set a spinach trap! a contraption involving a box, string and spinach!and you'll never worked! hes now safely back in his hutch..and annoying obi!i think we need to electrify his hutch fence..only joking! :o)hope gerty and flick are both ok..and tilly too..although a little bird told me shes being a tinker :o)

Emily Clay & Ben ClayUnited Kingdom21.6.2005 8:8:1james.clay@ntlworld.comhttp://Thinking of you

seraUnited Kingdom21.6.2005 17:39:6http://x x x x x xfrom us all

charmaineSpain21.6.2005 20:49:2wmj24hour@hotmail.comhttp://Hello to you all .I have just read your website and what a beautiful boy you are. I have been sent your picture to spain .the one driving the tank.well Jason Spencer was really jealous he would have loved to go in a tank.That looked like a very exciting day for you.Well Helen and family you have touched all of our hearts with your wonderful website and Leicester mercury news.We may be many miles apart but I think of you all the time.I know we dont know each other that well but I have a family and a son Jessons age .I am back in leicester end of July and I would love for us to meet up.Please take care of each other all my love from Charmaine,Wayne,danny and spencer x x x

AlisonUnited Kingdom23.6.2005 14:24:5thesmithys@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Helen and Jesson, Hope you weren't in too long today in the end, adn you managed to catch some of the lovely sunshine. Was nice to chat, and Jesson, your lego house was fantastic!Rachel's website is and I'm sure we'll see you quite a bit over the next few weeks.Love, Alison+Rachel xx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA25.6.2005 4:5:41tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. Just thinking of you all and knowing it has been a very busy week of trips to the hospital. I know you are so brave Jesson. I checked out the angel charms and what a great job! What a wonderful idea! I hope you have a fun weekend. Victoria has a dress up birthday party tomorrow. I bet you love dressing up too. We miss you guys and you are constantly on our minds. Hope you get some smiles in over the weekend. Helen and Ashleigh, I just pray for peace in your heart and mind as you begin the this tedious waiting period. I pray for much improvement. Love goes out to you all, an ocean away.

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom26.6.2005 17:32:48Emmafarmer52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson.sorry to hear that you have been in hospital hope you was nice and loud for all them doctors and nures.I love the jesson angel pendant what you designed.Tell your mummy to look after herself and to be strong thinking of you all.Emma Nathan and Meliah xxxxx

Jonny LindsayFrance28.6.2005 9:20:43http://Hi the Wraggies I thought i would be 501st in the guest book. When we started the web site i wouldn’t have believed so many people would have signed the book. Well done everyone!Sorry to hear the MIBG was not so good. But glad to hear Jesson is still keeping you all running at full speed..! I think Camping and fishing sounds a great idea, i can see you all now sitting round the camp fire, Jesson setting things a light, Ashley wrestling bears, you hiding in the tent and kessia making friends with squirrels and other woodland creatures.Sounds like a great idea, make sure you send me the pictures for the website.!Always in our thoughts xxThe Lindsays

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom28.6.2005 11:3:19kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi AllJesson your angel looks beautiful and I will be placing an order for one. Sorry to hear the news on the scan, but pleased to hear Jesson is still at top speed. GO JESSON !!!!!!!!!Sorry not been in touch for a while, but read the web site weekly. Always thinking of you all.Have a wicked time Camping & Fishing, Helen - I hope you will be putting the maggotts on the hook ha ha! Plus warming them up under your tongue! yuk! (One for Ashleigh I think!)If not I've heard Sweetcorn is just as good.Big Kiss to Jesson & KesiaLots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxxxx

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom28.6.2005 20:2:50EMMAFARMER52@HOTMAIL.COMHi ya all.Hope you are all looking after yourselfs? Just read the up date sorry to hear about the scan results. I know times can be hard but be strong for each other. Have a lovely time when you all go camping make sure you catch some big fish jesson.Take care. Emma Nathan and Meliahxxxx

Jo LovellUnited Kingdom28.6.2005 21:1:54lovell_joanne@hotmail.comhttp://Dear Jesson and family,I'm a friend of Oli, Ange, Jez and Imogen. Oli showed me your website today so I thought I would write to you tonight. It was also a bit hard to read it at Oli's as Imogen was trying to get on the chair with myself and my little boy James. I have met you once at LRI when I went with Oli one day. You were on a bike going down the corridor crashing into everything and everyone! My thoughts are with you and I hope to see you again soon crashing into everything. Take care,Joxx

VickyUnited Kingdom28.6.2005 21:54:44vicky_2002@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi All!!Jesson good to hear you had a good time in south sheilds we were by there ourselves the weekend before! if only it had been the week later and we may of seen you!!!I hope everything goes ok with the bone marrow etc! Keep smiling and being happy Jesson :o)Vicky xx

Paula, Rich, Dan & AbbieUnited Kingdom28.6.2005 22:10:5paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hello to you all,Jesson i hear your fab with a digger can we book you to do our drive? :0)Glad you all had a great time.I am going to send you my orders for your angels they are wonderful and so brilliantly designed. Love to you all Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

* sera *Europe29.6.2005 7:3:54http://wow! another week of fun filled visits superstar !junky toys!!! what else would we spend our money on but junky toys from the seaside and fair!they are the best invention ever! as they fall to bits after the first play..great! theres no storage problems :o)stay strong helen..youre a star too x

Rob BourgaultUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 work with your Grandma!!!!!!!Shes FAB!!!!

hollie worradUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 12:37:48http://hi jesson what a great pic of me and you even know we were really wet. glad you had a good time at digger land see you on tuesday on the trip with the school. love you loads hollie xxxxxxxx

marinaUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 16:35:55marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi The Jesson and Family,I have just completed an Eight mile walk for cancer research and raised £248, not bad hey, my feet throbbed for two days!:(I love your latest pictures and Your Angel Necklace is lovelyi have just wriiten my cheque and im posting it today,Morgan will love it.take care as always, lots of love and positive thoughts coming your way JessonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMarina and Morgan Rose.xx

vicki scottUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 Helen, Ashley, Jesson and KessiaMy thoughts and best wishes are with you all,all the time.Sending you lots of lovevicki

Ryan HudsonUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 20:17:23smartkid_14@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson:Good Luck for whatever the future holds for you.Muthana has told me about you and how brave you are and I just thought it would be nice to wish you good luck for whatever the future holds for you.Muthana says Hi as well!!

angeUnited Kingdom29.6.2005 21:21:30http://Hello again to you allX Wow jesson dont you lead an exciting life!! You are such a busy boy!! Its wonderful to know that you are still managing to have fun and be your lovely NOISY self!! Helen and Ashley , I'm sorry that the latest results were not more positive for you x my thoughts and prayers are with you both and your friends and family x you are doing brilliantly as usual and I'm sure all the decisions you have to make will be right for you and your family however difficult they may be. Tell Jesson we love his angel and I am writing out my order tonight! I hope you have a good production line ready- looks like you will need one!! Your latest photos are great. Have you decided where you are going fishing and camping yet? Let us know if you are near us cos we would just love to see you all xx bet you cant wait to go camping Heleen!!!! Still when Jesson catches you all those fish for tea it will be great!!Anyway, lots of love and hugs for now xx will ring you soon Helen but Jez gave me your number and I lost it!! take care x be great to see you soon if Jesson can squeeze us in his social diary xx oh, and I nearly forgot lots of birthday hugs and kisses for Kessia xx

lisa and nickUnited Kingdom30.6.2005 19:20:51http://hello allwow jesson your parents take you some great places....thinking of you all....your sooooo brave jesson xlove too you all.... be strong lisa nick georga jack x x x x

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom30.6.2005 21:38:4duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://Hello Jesson, It sounds like you had lots of fun last weekat digger land!!!.We saw you in the Mercury a few weeks ago , You looked likea real little soldier....It looked like you were having a great time. We are going to order some of your angels,They are really pretty and will make lovely presents .Stay strong (and Loud!!)Keep smiling that cheeky grin, Michelle, Paul, Lauren and Jakexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom1.7.2005 18:56:3millondollarbabe@hotmail.o.ukhttp://Hi jesson i like the new photos and i am going to get one of those necklaces you made. They are so pretty, you are a very brave boy take care love Rebecca xxx

GillUnited Kingdom1.7.2005 19:19:10d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Wow I see you've been very busy.Fairgrounds, seaside and driving a digger oopsand not forgetting a designer too. I love the angel necklace you've designedI've got to get one of those.What a star you are Jesson.Have a great time campinglots of love to a very special family thinking of you alwaysGill Dave Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA2.7.2005 3:36:21tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there! Just thinking about you guys and hoping you are up to something fun! Loved seeing the new pictures of you Jessson. It is a holiday weekend here so there will lots of firework shows going this weekend for July4th, Independence day. Hope you have a nice weekend with lots os smiles. Love and prayers sent your way!

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom2.7.2005 22:43:44WraKr@aol.comhttp://Carry on being a brave boy Jesson. so sorry its been so long since I last got in touch, my computer has ben broken. was lovely to see the pictures of you in the Leicester Mercury. keep it up alllots of love to you always. Kerry and stacey. x x x xx x x lots of love to you all. xxxxxxxxxx

Joanne HartUnited Kingdom3.7.2005 12:5:56jwhart@fsmail.nethttp://Dear HelenJo Hart here with Isaac and I had another little boy Albert. I have kept up with Jesson's illness via the leicester Murcury. You had Jesson and I had Isaac. I saw you that day at Enderby before he was ill and he seemed so well. I hope he got the comic we sent him.I just wanted to let you know you are always in our thoughts and we always hope for the best. I have felt for you every step of the way as I can put myself in your position with my Isaac and imagine the pain and fear you must feel.You must all have had to be so brave. Thinking of you. Jo,Andy, Isaac and Albert Hart.

Rachael TrattUnited Kingdom3.7.2005 17:30:9talkofthedevil_@hotmail.comHi Jesson!!You may not know me but you know my mum, Jean, The school nurse and you may also know y brother, Samuel from Wishes 4 kids.Just thought I'd write to say thank you very much for designing the angel necklaces, they're beautiful.Since my Mum brought me mine I've worn it every day.I am pleased to hear your doing well and isn't the photo of you and kezzia?? wonderful!!Best wishes and Good Luck!!Rachael

* sera *Puerto Rico4.7.2005 15:42:47http://hi jesson! diggerland wow..sounds exciting :o) another wonderful adventure!glenn drives an enormous lorry with diggers on sometimes and i think glenn wouldlove diggerland!! guess what jesson???? little one (the rabbit) hasnt escaped all week!!! but idon't trust him :o) i think hes plotting and planning another adventure..last time i thoughthe was behaving he had secretly chewed through the wire at the back of his run!stay loud, happy and full of fun x sera x glenn x liberty x madison x honey x obi (dog)x ramber (iguana) x x dave & dante (stick insects) x little one (rabbit) x barbara & pudding (fish) x merlina (frog x..thought i'd give you the whole family today jesson!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x helen and ashley, so sorry the results are not as are doing an amazing job..we all send our love and prayers you will continue to be strong x x

* sera *Bolivia4.7.2005 15:44:26http://*** angel order on its way..they are beautiful ***

Rebecca nicholasUnited Kingdom5.7.2005 19:1:36txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hello jesson hope you are ok i love your necklaces you made and i am going to get one as they are the nices necklaces i have ever seen. Hope you had fun at digger land it sounded like great fun ( i wish i was there) take care jesson lots of love rebecca nicholas xxx

Marie SmithUnited Kingdom5.7.2005 22:0:37bikemad.smiths@virgin.net All,Hope all is going well, sounds like you've been having fun on your days out. Thinking of you and will keep in touchLove Marie, Dave, Carl and Ryan

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom6.7.2005 9:33:46WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson Glad to hear that you've been on more adventures with the diggers, the pictures are great, I bet you had the best time.Wonder what you will be up to next, no doubt it will be lots of fun. How Kesia getting on at school? Is she having a good time?I can't wait to get one of your angels, you are very clever making something so pretty, we can keep them forever.Keep being a strong soldier.Lots of love to you all.Kerry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MARINA,JONNY,MORGAN & GEORGIEUnited Kingdom6.7.2005 11:55:21MARINA@CHECKIND.COMhttp://Hi Jesson and Family,Morgan recieved her Lovely Jesson Angeland is wearing it with pride.:)Hope you are well Jesson and getting up to mischeif!!!Lots of LoveTha Summerfields.xxxx

Tara RobinsonEurope6.7.2005 15:3:4http://Hi Helen & JessonPleased to see you have been up North,hope the weather was good!Don't know how you fit in all you trips and outings. Well done Jesson for designing fab necklace. love Tara

Hollie WorradUnited Kingdom6.7.2005 20:45:19Mickworrad@yahoo.comhttp://hi jesson and family hope you had a good time at drayton manor park. sorry i did not have time to speak to you much but the teacher was rushing me along. i will pop round andsee you after going on my Hols with the school on Friday see you all soon and love you loads Hollie xxxxxx

Colleen - Kaitlyn's mumAustralia7.7.2005 9:18:32ozi_gal@hotmail.com there, just wanted you to know I still come checking on little Jesson.Sorry to see there's been no change in scans but happy he is stable.Best wishes alwaysColleen - Kaitlyn's mum

Michelle ElliottUnited Kingdom7.7.2005 21:56:5shellbeam@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi jesson and gang,Hi jesson, you dont know me, but your mum used to do my hair.Two of my children, Kiene and Elle go to the same school asyou. Kiene wanted me to e-mail you to see how you were doing. We've been looking at your website and you've beenvery busy keeping your Mum and Dad on their toes. Elle loves the Jesson angel necklace and will be ordering four tomorrow. I have four children so I have my hands full. Hope you start feeling better.michlle and children x

SalieUSA8.7.2005 1:40:13rdpplruth@yahoo.comHey Jesson, how are you?? im good here i just wanted to stay that im thinking and praying for you!!! (((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) i will say a prayer or two tonight for you!! God Bless

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom10.7.2005 21:26:13Wrakr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Ashley, Helen, and KesiaI know that you will be in hospital for the next couple of days, I would have wrotesooner but I have just got back from Auntie Andys and Uncle Kevs in Chapel St leonards. I have some lovely photos of you all that were took when you went down there a couple of weeks ago,Aunty Andy has had some copies done for us which was really nice, You looked very busy on your gameboy Jesson (i think thatswhat it was!)Kesia, you look very pretty and are getting so big.You have been very busy again, VIP's at all these events, how lucky are you, it shows how everyone thinks your as special as we do. Glad to hear that your still as lively as ever, I hope that your still feeling well after yourstay in hospital and it doesn't make you sick.As always, be a brave soldier Jesson.Lots of love to you all. Be strong.xFrom Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

michelle & deanUnited Kingdom10.7.2005 21:38:52stuart.burbank1@btinternet.comhttp://Hello Jesson, just to say thanks for keeping us smiling while on ward 27 this past week, we looked forwardto 5pm every night just to see you. Not forgetting helen and Kesia your great. Dean says Jesson is COOL.See u soon.xxxxxxxxxxMichelle and Deanxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom11.7.2005 13:37:16Emmafarmer52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi all.Glad to hear that you are all keeping friend kate told me that she went to your mummys jewellery party and brougth some lovely things.I did the race for life on sunday at western park with my friend kim it was a lovely day seeing all them people raising money.Take care.Emma Nathan and Meliah xxxx

Paula United Kingdom11.7.2005 21:44:34paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, A BIG THANKYOU for your Angels they are fantastic! I received them on saturday what a wonderful surprise. I wear it everyday and people have admired it,i tell them i wear it for a special little boy who is so brave and strong. Thinking about you always, love Paula x x x x

chrissieUnited Kingdom12.7.2005 12:36:29http://hi there jesson.hope everything went well with your treatment and hope it didnt make you feel to poorly.i saw you at the school fate jumping around with your balloon i had to smile you looked like you were having fun with children dont go to montrose but there cousins do so i went along with them and my children .i dont no you jesson but you have a special place in my heart.i always look on your web site everyday seeing how you are and where you have have such a busy social life im jealous :-).keep fighting little soldier hope you keep staying strong.hug to you your mum dad and you sister xxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA13.7.2005 5:0:11tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. Just thinking of you. By the looks of your site, you guys have been very busy with lots of fun. Maybe not just right now, but I hope you will be feeling much better soon, Jesson. Love and prayers go out for you and your family. You are the best! Keep smiling!

Janet SargentUnited Kingdom13.7.2005 18:19:1johnsargent@btinternet.comhttp://Hello Jesoon & FamilyYour friend from Ward 27 Hanna Edwards did the Race forLife on Sunday supported by her mum Clare her Aunty Emma2 Grandmas and myself her Great Aunty Janet. We all thought of you and hope that next year you will be well enough to also join in the Race for Life - it was a wondeful day - allthose mums, daughters aunties and friends running and walking to raise money for such a worthy cause.Keep smiling.Love Hannahs Great Aunty Janetxx

Doug and PaulaUSA13.7.2005 20:50:36Dougiemar@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson and family, We hope you are doing well and also doing things you like best.We told you some time ago we were hoping to come and see you in the summer time. well it's summer time here and hopefully it is too where you live so we will be on our way real soon.You might want to check your calendar and mark July 28th as the date we hope to see all of you, provided of course that your busy schedule permits. We know by what we see on your website that you don't let any grass grow under your feet.Tell Mum to save 2 of the Jesson's angels for us.Keep smiling and just being yourself and we will be seeing you real soon.Love to all. Doug and Paula..

debbieUnited Kingdom14.7.2005 Jesson I always look at you web site but dont sign in I have took some lovely photos of of you and your sister,Say hello to every one for me.Love Debbie Mark and Stacey Amie

viksUnited Kingdom15.7.2005 Jesson, your angels are beutiful :)Viks x

viksUnited Kingdom16.7.2005 frustrating, i remember reading a page on a site about swimming with a hickman and how their family did it, but i can't find it. I thought it was on squirreltales but i can't see it now. Will keep looking (my good old friend google!)Take careViks

GillUnited Kingdom16.7.2005 15:46:8d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Kesia,Helen,Ashleigh,Tilly,Gertie and Flick,is thatall the family sorry if I've left anyone out.Lovely to readthat you've been real busy and having lots of fun,how didyou like the camping? Kane's had a hamster. His name is Horvikand he's got very sharp teeth and eats loads, he's alreadydoubled in size.I think we should of called him Pig reallyas he squeaks like one as well as eats like one. Stay strongJesson you're such a brave boy and have lots more fun splashing about. lots of love and kisses to you allThe Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gillian SamsonUnited Kingdom17.7.2005 of Jesson and the family. I hope Jesson continues to be lively, this is what children do best! Sending you all love from Scotland,Gillian (Angel Jack's Mummy) xx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom17.7.2005 15:18:3txtchick11@yahoo.comhttp://Hello jesson hope you are having a nice hoilday, i am having a great hoilday but it is getting boring allready. i just wanted to say hi, lots of love rebecca xx

* sera *United Kingdom18.7.2005 12:3:26http://(((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))) xxxxxxxx kisses xxxxxxxxbet you missed me hey???wonderful news that your volumes back up to the usual "jesson level"camping in the garden sounds a little scarey to me too!!!so so so please you've managed to enjoy some of the sunshine!love to you all...sera xx(if you need any help with the angels call me x)

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom18.7.2005 19:43:4WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to Jesson and the gangSo glad to hear that you are still being your lively self and making lots ofnoise. Hope you had lots of fun in the pool, I hope the weather stays nice so you can have some more fun. Sorry its been a while since I last wrote, but my e-mail has been down yet again,NTL have just been out to fix the problem so will be able to keep in touch.Keep being a brave soldierLots of love to all from kerry and staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma And NathanUnited Kingdom18.7.2005 21:24:56Emmafarmer52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya all.Hasnt it been very hot,bet you had great fun in your friends swimming pool.Nice to know that your still beening nice and loud on the ward for all them nurses.hehe.Take care all. Love Emma Nathan AND Meliah xxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA19.7.2005 4:2:27tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. Glad to hear Jesson has been doing well. So glad to see the numbers come down on the test. Victoria's numbers all came back in normal range. Yippee! Full scans lined up for July 27th. The computer has been down a while so I was glad to get back on tonight and hear a good update. Hang in there. You are all constantly in our prayers.

chrissie United Kingdom19.7.2005 12:27:19christine.parker@ntlworld.comhttp://hello jesson.just a few words to say how nice it was to read that you have had your volume up full blast in hospital :-)nice to see the numbers down on your test as well little man.hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have had.took my children to abbey park yest still didnt tire them out!i can see that trying to keep them happy all summer and look after my 7 month old weimeraner whos so full of energy is not gonna be easy :-)anyway jesson enjoy the summer holidays ill keep checking ure site to see what you have been doing and how things are going for you.keep strong little to you and your sister and your mummy and daddy xxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom20.7.2005 9:46:24kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonMy angel is beautiful and i'm wearing it with pride !!!!Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie

rachel griffithsUnited Kingdom21.7.2005 20:25:36rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson, sorry not been intouch for a while, but our computer broke and it only just been mended this week, anyway how have you been? sounds like you have been really buisy, im glad your doing ok keep up the good work, i'll write again soon, think about you every day, big kiss to you and your family, lots of love from rachel, ravi, luke & amy oh fred & basil there our pets, fred is a bird and basil is our rabbit, x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

JeanUnited Kingdom24.7.2005 22:33:16http://Hi JessonI know its a couple of weeks ago now but it was good to see you at Madagascar - even - if you were trying to scare the gorillas! It was easy to know where you were as we were able to hear your laugh on the other side of the cinema. Have just come back from the Isle of Wight where we went on a chair lift near the cliffs where all the sands are different colours. Rachael and I were the last people on the chair lift before it was closed because it was too windy and if you looked down you could see lots of hats that had been blown off! Rachael found it a bit scarey and was glad to get to the top. Glad to see that you're still in charge on the ward and that your social life is as busy as ever. Take care and love to Mummy, Daddy, and Kesia. Love Jean

* sera *Suriname25.7.2005 11:20:7http://hi jesson!!hope you are having fun this week..yet another little one story for you! (if anyonewants a this rabbit please let me know!! :o) only joking!i was snoring away (on my ONE day off) when at 6.15 AM a knock at my front door..i fall down the stairs inmy door to ..yes you guessed it..LITTLE ONE being brought home by the"dog lady" (shes the lady with 2 dogs who lives up the road and only talks to dogs not people :o)looking very stern and saying "i beleive this belongs to you!" i was tempted to say no but as he wassoaking wet and shivering i gave in and admitted he was mine..or honeys!.he had been fighting with her cat..but apparently won!and the cat is limping..yeah little one! hes a tough rabbit..safely back in his hutch after yet abother adventure!hope gerty and flick are slighlty better behaved than our little to you all..the superstars wraggs!!love sera x

hollie worradUnited Kingdom27.7.2005 16:28:7http://hi jesson hope you are ok. i have been down to see mr Briggs and i am finally out of my sling it feel great hope kesiais ok all the family say hi. see you soon love hollie xxxxxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom27.7.2005 20:47:27paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, thinking of you loads lots of love Paula x x x x

LouUSA28.7.2005 3:25:23skiptolou@juno.com wanted to stop by & say Hi" found your pageon Nick's page. I will come back soon.Will also be keeping Jesson in my prayers.Keep your faith & stay strong. There is light atthe end of the jounrey.Lou/grandmother to Josh (13) dx NBIV 6/01-remission 4/

* sera *Finland28.7.2005 10:15:44http://hi jesson and gang!just a hi and hugs kind of message..(((hugs))) xxxxkissesxxxxlove sera x glenn x liberty x madison x honey xp.s did i tell you how obi's puppy class went...we're the worst one's there..or i am! i'll tell you in on my next message jesson!

Claire & Ju muttockUnited Kingdom28.7.2005 13:7:28http://Hi there Jesson,Just alittle note to say we are all thinking of you,Lots of love, with big fat hugs Love Claire, Julian, Liam and Poppyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma & NathanUnited Kingdom28.7.2005 15:22:49EmmaFarmer52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson and Gang.Just a quick note to see if you are all keep well, bet you have been up to lots again.Thinking of you and your family.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah. xxx

Marina,Jonny,Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom29.7.2005 9:35:1http://Hi Wragg family,Alton towers sounds good ,have a great time.Fingers crossed and your next set of results Jesson.As always lots of love to you allThe

NatashaUnited Kingdom29.7.2005 Jesson and gang,Hows it going little man? I'm so sorry |haven't been incontact for a litle while.Its good to see u looking so great, you're getting so tall!I'd love to come and visit u soon.Just to let u know i've been playing on crash bandicootand i really could do with your help.Take care matey, miss u lots and lots.Love Natasha.p.s say hi to everyone for me. x x x

crissieUnited Kingdom31.7.2005 14:47:23chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hey there jesson little soldier!glad to read that you are keeping well apart from the bladder problem.hope you had a great time at alton towers im sure you did :-)glad you have still got your volume button up on the voice ;-) and that you are still full of energy.cant wait to read what you got up to at alton towers.keep staying strong to you your mum dad and your sister xxxx

Emma And NathanUnited Kingdom3.8.2005 17:42:53EmmaFarmer52@hotmailco.ukhttp://Hi ya all.Just read your latest update you seem to beening your normal self jesson,bet you had a lovely time at splash landings.Look forward to reading your next update cant wait to hear what you have been doing?Take care all. Love Emma Nathan And Meliah XXXX

lorna rogersUnited Kingdom4.8.2005 17:37:21lornarogers@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson so glad you had a good time at alton towers. hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.loads of lovelorna xxx(

GillUnited Kingdom5.8.2005 14:27:13d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Glad to hear you had a wonderful time, splashing and dancing in lifts eh.It must of been you and all your friends I could hear,Alton Towers isn'ttoo far from us. Good luck for Saturday I'll be blowing lots of kissesyour way. Fingers crossed Helen that the results are better this time.Love to a very special familyGill, Dave, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*sera*Slovenia5.8.2005 19:19:42http://hi jesson!hope splash landings was a fab as it sounded!we stayed in the coca cola room last year and it was great but i'msure the lift wasnt as interesting back then! hope the hospital stay isnt toooooo keep that volume on LOUD LOUD LOUD for your entire stay :O) thats just how we like you..loud and happy :o)love to you all x x x x x sera x and the heskeymee-preston gang! x :o) xp.s obi and me are RUBBISH in the puppy class jesson..i do it all wrong and then obi copies me! madison has to shout instructions to which time obi's fallen asleep on the floor!and he was beaten up by a yorkshire terrier last week on the park!he started shaking his wrinkles and the little dog couldnt bite those wrinkles are useful!hope tilly's being a star for you!hi to kesia too, bye for now superstar wraggs x

Mary MarriottUnited Kingdom5.8.2005 20:55:15eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Great to hear that wishes 4 kids have been so good to you. My children have been raising money for wish 4 kids and we are all going to do the walk on the 21st August.Splash landings sounds great I would love to beable to go in one of their lifts! You carry on doing really well and I send you a big hug, Lots of love Mary xxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom5.8.2005 22:0:3chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson.sounds like you had a great time at splash landings.good luck on sat with the chemo hope you keep the volume up on your voice :-).hope the results will be good news for you.ill be thinking of you over the week end.keep staying strong soldier.lots of love and a big hug to to your mum dad and sister as well xxxx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom7.8.2005 9:34:51txtchick2005@yahoo.comhttp://hello jesson,hope you are having a lovely time and i hope you are fellin ok, you wont belive it but i cant wait to get back to school,because i an see all my friends and i wont get bored.its only a short email but have a big hug from me. lots of love Rebecca xx

Elsie M HalkettUnited Kingdom7.8.2005 14:19:10thomas.halkett@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson and family,Hope you are all doing fine. I read all about you in last night's Mercury and have just beeen reading your web pages. I will send cheque off for a necklace and will think of you when I wear it. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you all well. Love Elsie Halkett form Hinckley xxx

Liz ShawUnited Kingdom7.8.2005 daughter Abbie also has neuroblastoma and has also recently relapsed. I think it is very difficult for anyone to comprehend or imagine what you are going through or have been through except other parents with children affected by cancer. Good luck in the future. Liz Shaw

Jean Denyer MBEUnited Kingdom8.8.2005 19:17:52jeandenyermbe24@hotmail.comhttp://I pray that all your wishes and dreams come true. My thoughts and prayers will be with youxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA9.8.2005 3:27:23tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi Jesson! Just thinking of you. Glad to hear you had a great weekend at the water park. Sounds fun. I know your having chemo now, but I hope you will be feeling better and running around soon. Victoria says "hi" and soon you will get some more current pictures in the mail. Keep staying brave, it is tough at times I know. Love to you and all your family. Thoughts and prayers go out for you.

Colleen - Kaitlyn's mumAustralia9.8.2005 Jesson,We just wanted you to know we still come and check on you little man.Best wishes always.GO JESSON!!!

Gail DavidsonUnited Kingdom9.8.2005 23:51:14gailshannon68@yahoo.comhttp://Hope Jesson doing okay,we're getting along okay taking each day as it comes.Helen braclet perfect i'll call you soon.Hugs to you all.xx

* sera *Trinidad & Tobago10.8.2005 17:26:43http://guess what jesson??a little (and very cute angel) flew all the way to my latest holiday destination..i was on the beach enjoying a cocktail with 16 umbrellas, 4 straws, a mango and 4 cherries in when.... a little package arrived!! how very clever of you to design such a beautiful and perfect little angel..i adore her..or is it a him in a dress?? :o)hope this week is going well for you love is sent to you all as always.x sera x

karen an edenUnited Kingdom11.8.2005 19:5:32kazhubbard@msn.comhttp://hello helen i will call in when eden is back at school tobuy one of jessons angels and catch up on what happeningi have never sent an emails before x

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom12.8.2005 10:29:7EmmaFatrmer52@hotmailco.ukhttp://Hi jesson.What a great time you had at alton towers.I would of loved to see you all dancing in the lift ,bet your a right little mover.hehe. Take care Emma Nathan and meliah xxxxx

madisonTurkey12.8.2005 20:40:34http://heres a very silly joke for you to tell everyone and annoy them :o)how do you catch a rabbit????sit in the forest and make a noise like a lettuce!ha ha ha ha ha !!!(mums tried this with little one but he still runs away and doesnt come back!!)

madisonGuyana12.8.2005 20:42:58 again...madison..just wanted to say we all wear your angel and ilove the way the chain goes through her halo!madi x(sera's madi in case you wondered :o)

gail davidsonUnited Kingdom14.8.2005 15:41:21gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://

chrissieUnited Kingdom15.8.2005 9:17:1chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonjust read your latest up date sorry to read that the disease is still showing in your spine.cant believe how much you have raised with your angels thats fantastic jesson!keep staying strong little soldier.ill keep checking your up dates to see how your doing and where you have been as i no you have such a busy social life :-).take care hugs to you your mummy,daddy.and sister xxxx

viksUnited Kingdom15.8.2005 Jesson, wow your angels have raised a lot! Lots of love Viks

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom19.8.2005 13:6:6http://hi jesson hope u r ok not seen ya 4 agesc ya soon luv zoe

joanne kingUnited Kingdom19.8.2005 23:10:58joking1970@hotmail.comhttp://

joanne kingUnited Kingdom19.8.2005 23:14:11joking1970@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson! hows it going! hope we can see eachother very soon? love to everyone. love robson jo and danny xxxx

the plant familyUnited Kingdom20.8.2005 9:43:46http://hello young man, are you ready for hampster sitting?we go on holiday on tues so if its ok with you we can bring scrat round on monday night, scrat is so excited he is staying with you he has even got a new ball so he can roll aroundwith you and kesia! see you on monday xxxx

seraEl Salvador20.8.2005 11:30:42http://hi there jesson..hope the picnic was fabulous! i see you took a whole car full of girlies to look after you :o)lovely to see you all and WOW!! great news the angels areraising so much money for such a good cause..well done to everyone who's bought one..and you who havent...start saving those pennies and buy one..they are as beautiful asthey even more beautiful! :o)no little one stories for you this week jesson..he's plotting his next escape i'm sure! you're doing pet sitting services now ???? ..a naughty rabbit, an iguana, 3 stick insects, 2 tropical fish and a very wrinkley shar pei on their way to you :o)love to you allsera x

seraEl Salvador20.8.2005 11:36:28http://*** hope the line thingy goes to plan ***you're a very brave guy jesson..i'll be holding my angel extra tight over over the next few days to wish you luck with it thank heaven for game cubes!!!! you must be the best ga,e cube player ever!!

Emma And NathanUnited Kingdom21.8.2005 10:1:11emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi jesson and gang.just read your update sorry to hear that there is evidence in your spine.Hope that you are still beening very LOUD.I will have my fingers crossed for when you have your next scan.Take care all.Love Emma Nathan and Meliahxxx

Alison SmithUnited Kingdom21.8.2005 22:47:56http://Hi Helen, sorry to hear Jesson needs another line. Rachel is booked in tomorrow (Monday)for her replacement line, but I am seriously thinking about asking for a port. We had a lovely week last week without the Hickman line in, she was so free, and so much more 'normal'- we were on the beach, she swam almost every day in the sea and in pools. The thought of getting another line in tomorrow and taking all that away for the next 2 years just makes me so sad. Anyway, sounds like we'll see you tomorrow.... Alisonx

olivia hedleyUnited Kingdom23.8.2005 11:54:4lou_hedley2@hotmail.comhttp://hiya jesson and helen,my name is olivia and i live in leicester.i reconised u from one of chs's asemberlys.i go chs too. i also am friends with holly warrod who is in one of your pictures! i have a condition called complex regional pain syndrome and thats why i go might of saw me there on crutches or in a wheel chair. just wanted to say hello really!! from olivia x x

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom23.8.2005 18:2:34http://Hi Jesson, sorry to hear you have had a horrible infection sweetheart, hope its all cleared up now , i hear you are looking after charlies hamster for 2 weeks, hope scrat behaves his self he has a habbit of pooing and weeing on your hands!Say a big hello to mummy,daddy and kesia for me , keep being that big strong soldier jesson you are a super star and we all love you loads :O) sarah,jaody,callum jaymie and sonny xxxxx

JaneUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 12:46:51http://Hi Jesson. I have come to visit you from Jamie R's site where your mum posted a message to another very brave little warrior. I shall bookmark your site and visit you from now on. I think your photos are beautiful and you have a great family, and a worldwide set of friends I can see from the guestbook! Have a good day - and keep up the good fight.

GillUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 14:19:45d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Sorry to hear that you,ve not been feeling too good cause of that nasty infection hope it soon clears up.We've got everything crossed for the results of your scan. Stay strong SUPER JESSON, lots of love to you Kesia,Mum and Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 18:22:32kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Ashleigh, Helen, Jesson & KesiaJust read site, so I am sending you all my love. Come on Jesson - You can do it !!!!!!Wishing you some Good News. Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxxxx

Elsie HalkettUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 21:5:16http://Hi Jesson,Sorry to hear that you've been poorly and hope you will soon feel better. I am always thinking of you and you're family. Take care little one. Love Elsie Halkett xx

Gail DavidsonUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 22:7:35gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling to good Jesson.We hope that you feel better soon.Good Luck with your results,keep your chin up,we'll be thinking of you and your family.Love Gail,Colin and Shannon

Paula United Kingdom24.8.2005 22:27:10paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi there Jesson, thinking of you loads, sending you lots of love Paula x x x x

viksUnited Kingdom24.8.2005 sorry Jesson is feeling so bad at the moment. I hope he is up and about and making lots of noise soon!

Doug and PaulaUSA25.8.2005 2:31:58http://Hi Jesson, We hope as you read this that you are out of all that pain and misery and there's lots of good things and fun in store for you.It was really nice to meet you and Kesia and of course your fabulous mum on our recent visit to Leicester.Lets hope it will not be too long before we meet again.Keep smiling and being brave and remember you are seldom out of our thoughts.Love and best wishes to all of you from Doug and Paula.

chrissieUnited Kingdom25.8.2005 20:26:6chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonsorry to read about you having a nasty infection.hope your feeling better soon and back to your noisy active self :-).hope you get good news from the results brave soldier.thinking of you today and everyday jesson.keep fighting soldier you can do it.lots of love to you and a big hug love to your mummy daddy and sister to xxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA25.8.2005 23:32:45tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. I sure hate that you are not feeling well. I hope this nasty infection clears up quickly and you will be back to your usual fun self. Victoria has been staying home with me and doing school here. She is in the process of getting reimmunized and had five shots on Tuesday. She wasn't real happy about that! We are going away for the weekend to a cool water park. It is 100F here in Texas. Jesson, we will keep you and your family in our prayers and there are many in Louisiana that keep you in their prayers. We are thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery. I know your mom and family are doing their best to take good care of you. Remember you are dearly loved by so many. Thanks for the update.

Emma famerUnited Kingdom26.8.2005 14:53:41Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson,sorry to here that you havent been feeling your normal self.Hope that the nasty infection clears up in no time so that you can be running around again.keep smiling your a star and so is your mummy.Take care all .Love Emma Nathan And Meliah XXXX

PaulaUnited Kingdom27.8.2005 22:13:0paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson, thinking of you little man, i hope the infection clears up soon so you can be jumping around again, love to you all, Paula

*sera *Switzerland29.8.2005 21:1:53http://hi jesson..hope the pain is being managed for you little guy,we all hate to hear you are not at "full volume"!!i'm still hanging onto my beautiful angel necklace with fingers crossed for good scans and sending love and kind thoughts your to you allxx sera xx

SueUnited Kingdom29.8.2005 Jesson,Hope the problems with the hickman line are soon sorted. THinking of you today,

elsie halkettUnited Kingdom31.8.2005,http://Hi Jesson,Received my little angel today. Absolutely fantastic. I will be wearing it tomorrow and thinking of you. Hope you are feeling a bit better and regaining some of your strength. Love to you and all your family. Elsie Halkett (Hinckley)

* sera *Africa1.9.2005 23:49:9http://hi there, just a quick hi and hope kesia's first day at school went well (or have i got the dates worng??)love to you too jesson..hope the pains gone and the volumes up!!!!! :o)love sera xlove sues pics below..they are fab!!!!

MarinaUnited Kingdom2.9.2005 11:14:37http://Hi Wragg Family,Just a little note to say we are thinking of you all,Kiesia hope you enjoyed school.Jesson as always hope you are well and feeling a little betteralso George wants to know how your pets are, especially the Ginni'sas he loves themLove to you allMarina,Jonny,Morgan and George

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom2.9.2005 15:15:25WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi AllReally sorry to hear that you have been so unwwell Jesson. I have been thinking about you all.I hope that you are a lot better. I have been down to Chapel St Leonards to see aunty Andy and Uncle Kev. The weather was really nicefor two days. It was lovely to see them. I stayed in the caravan which was not v ery nice. Aunty Andy puts food out for the birds and the land on the roof of the caravan early in the morning. Its very loud,it sounds as if they have work boots on. In the end i emptied the bird food off and turned the bird table upside down. It doesn't sound very nice, but it was very early. And Connor, my nephew who had come with us was not very happy about the noise either and quite scared. we went to the fair in Ingoldmells and skegness, Connor wasvery excited and wanted to go on everything all at once. He didn't give me or Auntie Andy a minutes peace.I am sending a postal order so I can have one of your lovely angels.Keep being a brave soldier JessonThinkng of you all.Lots of love Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom2.9.2005 15:41:10chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson hope your feeling better soldier.hope you got good results little man ive been thinking of you everyday.keep fighting soldier! big hug love to you and your mummy,daddy and sister xxxx

viksUnited Kingdom2.9.2005

ColleenAustralia5.9.2005 11:16:15ozi_gal@hotmail.com Jesson is feeling much better now.Waiting for news.

* sera *Austria6.9.2005 21:13:53http://just a quick hi and bye .. and love to you all too!x sera x

the Thomas teamUSA6.9.2005 23:37:41Email@ChristiThomas.comhttp://www.ChristiThomas.comThank you for sharing your precious boy with us. He's so brave not to mention handsome. You're an awesome Mom. God bless you!Love, the Thomas team Mom (Angela)

GillUnited Kingdom7.9.2005 12:46:16d.brookes@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson sorry you're not feeling very well, hope you'll soon be feeling better and being your usual NOISY self.Thinking of you all and praying for good results. Lots and lots of love to you allDave, Gill, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EmmafarmerUnited Kingdom7.9.2005 13:41:44Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya all.Hope you are feeling better since i last signed your guest book.Still got my fingers crossed for scan results.Take care all .Love Emma Nathan and Meliahxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom9.9.2005 13:16:11chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonhope your feeling better little soldier.i keep checking everyday waiting too see if your scan results were good news which i really hope they were .keep fighting soldier! lots of love and a big hug to you and love to your mummy,daddy and sister to xxxx

* sera *Guyana10.9.2005 22:6:0http://so pleased to hear jesson has some "full volume" dayslove to you all - superstar wraggsX sera x

chrissieUnited Kingdom11.9.2005 9:32:32chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonjust read your update im so glad to hear you had good results!keep staying strong soldier.big hug for you :-) love to you and your mummy,daddy and sister xxxxxx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom11.9.2005 jesson just saying hi beacuse i have not spoke to you in ages, i have started school and this weekend i had 6 peices of himework. well hope you are doing ok big hug love rebecca xxx

ColleenAustralia12.9.2005 14:6:58ozi_gal@hotmail.com for more reduction and fast counts.

GillUnited Kingdom12.9.2005 19:23:13d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi there glad to hear you're feeling a little better Jesson and the volumes up again.I bet you had lots of fun with Kesia,Jode and Red, how many sandcastles did you build.Stay loud superstar lots of love and kisses to you allThe Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom12.9.2005 23:13:11chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson glad to read that you are geting your strengh back and that volume button is on loud! :-)nice to read that you went to school for one afternoon i bet you enjoyed little boy starts nursery on mon part time hes only 3.glad you had a good time at mablethorpe.keep staying strong soldier big hug xxxx love to you mummy,daddy and your little sister xxxhelen you sound like such a strong person and it upset me to read that a few horrible comments were mad when jesson went to school.unfortunately your right children can be cruel but im sure jesson is srong enough to rise above them and not let it affect him but as a mum of course it will upset you as it would anyone.i dont no you but my heart goes out to you and i always look at jessons site everyday to see whats happening and where hes been hes such a brave boy and im sure your very proud of him.keep staying strong love from chrissie xx

Tara & ShaneUnited Kingdom13.9.2005 9:44:14http://Jesson So pleased your getting back to full vololume, and went back to school for an afternoonlove Tara & Shane x

PaulaUnited Kingdom13.9.2005 23:30:38paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, glad to hear your back bouncing around again and have had a good weekend away with your friends, can't imagine Kessia going to school already - time flies,thinking of you and love to you all Paula x x x x

Emma United Kingdom15.9.2005 13:31:56Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi jesson,gald to hear that you have got your volume up again and that your infection is getting alot better,Bet you all had loads of fun in mablethorpe.Hope you had a great time at school even if it was only for one afternoon.Meliah has started to walk afew weeks ago shes 13 months old now and into everything.Take care all. Keep being strong jesson .Love Emma Nathan and Meliahxxx

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom15.9.2005 15:45:41http://Hi JessonGlad to hear you had a great holiday and the sun came out too! Thinking about you lots and Adam still asks about you, it was lovely to see you at the racing day the other week and your Mum and Kesia too.Tried to phone you a few times but you have been so busy I keep missing you, I will try again soon and keep checking your website.Take care little man, thinking of you lots, will speak to your Mummy soon.Lots of loveGina, Tim,Adam and Lauraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kate n trudieUnited Kingdom16.9.2005 14:12:28mickworrad@yarhoo.comhttp://Hey this is Kate and Trudie hollie's sister and mate. Just want you to know that we are thinking of you and hope that you are ok. You can come and play on my trampoline when you are feeling better. We are at school dead bored. Wish we could be with you. See you soon love Kate and Trudie

AngeUnited Kingdom17.9.2005 15:29:49http://Hi to you all x sorry we havent been in touch for ages but always thinking of you and check up on you and your escapades regularly!! So pleased you managed to get away to Mablethorpe- alot closer than where you had planned, and lovely weather too. Wish we had known - we might have joined you!! Oli and Imogen are back at school and nursery. Oli still not keen, but does like his new teacher so thats a good thing.Has managed 2 full weeks so far which is fantastic! Imogen suddenly not so keen at nursery- finding it a long day now cos she is in pre-school and doesnt get time for a sleep ( or probably chooses not to so that she doesnt miss anything!!)hope Jesson is managing to get a few days in at school so that he can see his friends- Oli thinks thats the best bit, "seeing your mates". I bet Kessia is enjoying it too and making lots of new friends. they grow up so fast at that age..Anyway, must go- supposed to be doing P.E. and History planning this afternoon while Imogen sleeping, but as you can see have found something far more important to do!!It was lovely to see you (even tho it was in the hospital!) the other week x Love to you all xx Keep being strong and enjoying each other x be in touch soon x you know where we are if you fancy a natter x would love to get together so let us know when you are not busy and we can sort something out xx love Ange, Jez, Oli and Imogen XXXXX

seraSingapore18.9.2005 18:25:51http://hi looked like you were having a super time at bumpi's..i hear its the "in" place to be seen for any super trendy littleperson! :o)hope kesia has a super first day and we look forward to seeing youat your party..any prezzie idea jesson??? i only know about pinkfluffy things having a house full of girls!! so if you dont give mea clue its a fluffy pink doll!love to you allX sera x liberty x madison x honey x stay strong helen..i know its hard when people stare but you smile andshow you're better, stronger and braver than all those people!(we all know she is but we have to remind her sometimes :o)

RYAN HOLLANDUnited Kingdom18.9.2005 ya jesson its ryan, just want to sent all my love to you all.Your the bravest person in the world,im missing you all ready buddy love you loads ryan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GillUnited Kingdom19.9.2005 19:33:52d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hooray you've got your line in eventually and gained an extra rib as well. Good luck with your chemo Super Jesson you are so brave.Good luck to Kesia too have a great time at school. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love and kisses The Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA20.9.2005 22:36:54tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey there! So glad to read the update and know Jesson did get his port back in to carry on further treatment. I hope his chest will continue to heal and this round of chemo will go smooth. Keep up the good work Jesson! Glad to hear you all had a nice weekend with family and friends. We've been thinking of you Jesson and pray God will smoothly carry you through this time. Lots of love sent your way.

EmmaUnited Kingdom21.9.2005 15:49:59Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya all.Glad you all had a lovely weekend with your family.Hope you have better luck with the port than them hickman line,hope you dont feel to poorly when you have your chemo jesson.Take care all. Love Emma Nathan and Meliahxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom21.9.2005 21:20:8chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson :-)hope your ok little soldier.glad the port is in thinking of you.good luck with the chemo.hope the volume button is on full volume :-D!its my birthday on sunday and when i blow the candles out on my cake my wish will be for you.ill keep looking out for the next up date on how you are.keep fighting soldier.big hug to you lots of to your mummy,daddy and your sister xxxx

seraTrinidad & Tobago21.9.2005 23:25:43http://hi..its me...again!so pleased everythings going to plan with lines and thingies!you are sooooooooooooooooo brave jesson! :o)love to you allx sera x

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom22.9.2005 0:41:44WraKr@aol.comhttp://Big Hello to everyoneSo glad to hear that the line is now in ok Jesson. I hope you are now better.Did you enjoy going to school and seeing all your friends?Did you make lots of noise (I'm sure you did). Really glad to hear that you all had a good time at the seaside the other week, with nice sunny weather, I hope your managing to play outside with kesiawhile its still nice and warm. Bet you have lots of plans for more fun soon.Keep being a brave soldier Jesson.Keep smiling everyone.Lots of love to you all from Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire & Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom22.9.2005 JessonJust ashort note to say we think of you every day and we think your such abrave littleboy, Love to you allLots of love and big hugs Claire Ju Liam and Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marie SmithUnited Kingdom22.9.2005 23:2:11bikemad.smiths@virgin.nethttp://virgin.netHi All,Just thought i'd say hi as I never seem to get you on the 'phone. I hope all is going well, Lisa, Mum and I keep up to date on the website.Would like to visit sometime when Jesson is doing well.Take care,Love Marie x

PaulaUnited Kingdom25.9.2005 23:37:39paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, hope everything is going o.k with the chemo, thinking of you lots, love Paula x

PaulaUnited Kingdom25.9.2005 23:40:46paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Paula again, good luck Kessia on Monday - your first day at school, love to you all, Paula x

Ruth WardUnited Kingdom27.9.2005 15:53:52ruth.ward@uhl-tr.nhs.ukhttp://It was nice to meet you and talk last Thursday when I was in with Jack.I have been reading your website, you and your family are so brave. I don't really know what to say, I hope Jesson's treatment works.

GAIL DAVIDSONUnited Kingdom27.9.2005 23:40:33gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://Glad to hear that the port is finally in.Hope you and your family are doing well Jesson.I'm sure you were all glad to feel like a normal family at your family wedding,it's nice to be able to do normal things for a change instead of being stuck in hospital.Great to hear that things are going okay ,best of luck.Colin,Gail and Shannon xx

VickyUnited Kingdom29.9.2005 1:27:4vicky_2002@ntlworld.comhttp://Hey little man, hows things, Not signed over here for a long time but please dont think i've forgot about ya! i check here everyday! Keep smiling little fella, hopefully ill be able to get one of your angels real soon and wear it with pride!Vicky xxx

seraPanama30.9.2005 0:2:12http://hi there ...hope everything is going well and you are having "normal days" ya missed me hey jesson??? liberty had her 16th birthday this week so been kind of busy with parties and stuff! (can you believe it helen..16??) doesnt semm that longsince we were 16 :o) but liberty is NOTHING like us ...thank god!!!love to you all xxx sera xxxp.s guess what jesson..little one (the rabbit)has a new flat mate..we have bought him a guinea pig and he hasnt attempted to escape once!he just wanted a friend!! they snuggle up and as long as the guineapig doesnt attempt to go in the top floor bedroom..they are blissfully happy!so the saga of the escaping rabbit is finally over (hopefully)

Alecia and VictoriaUSA4.10.2005 5:7:47tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there! Hope you are feeling well and have been up to some fun. We went and visited an apple orchard today and learned how bees made honey. Pretty cool huh? It was a hot day here, about 94F, not fall weather yet. Well, we were just curious what you had been up to. We wish you well and know you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling!

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom4.10.2005 21:25:45emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya all.Hope you are all keeping well??Hope kesia enjoyed her first day at school and made lots of new mates.Are you still beening loud jesson. hehe. Take care all and keep smiling.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

charlies mum!!!United Kingdom7.10.2005 10:56:5melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://happy birthday to you iwent to the zooi saw a smelly monkeyand he looked just like you!!!happy birthday dude, hope you have a wicked party, and guess wot?i will be giving you a big birthday kiss!!!!get those running shoes ready xxxxloads of love mel xxx

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 12:49:21http://Happy birthday Jesson , cor blamey your 6 today :O) have a wicked super dooper fandabbiedozzie birthday party later today,i hear the theme is scaries,make sure your mum takes lots of photos cant wait to see what you and your friends are going to look like all dressed up as monsters and witches,Hvae lots of fun little man(at 6 your not so little any more) enjoy your birthday sarah,jaody,callum,jaymie and sonny xxxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 16:9:18paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY JESSON! Have a wonderful day lots of love to you all, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

viksUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 Viks

Doug and PaulaUSA7.10.2005 17:6:13Dougiemar@Yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Wishing you a super Birthday and a wonderful party with all yourfriends.Your Birthday card is in the mail.Keep smiling and Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and your family.Loads of Love from Doug and Paula.

MarinaUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 18:8:0marina@checkind.comhttp://HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY JESSONHave a Fantastic dayLots of Love to you and your FamilyLoveThe SummerfieldsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

GillUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 18:35:11d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://**HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSON 6 TODAY**Have lots of fun at your party, can't wait to see the photos.Well done Kesia for being so good at school. Lots of love Dave, Gill, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom7.10.2005 20:48:37Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello birthday boy hope you are keeping well.Have a great party with all your friends.Cant wait for the next up date to see how your party went.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSON. love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom8.10.2005 there little man!Happy 6th Birthday Jesson. Hope had agrt party today.I bet you and your friends scared alot of people. Thinking of you alwaysBig hugs n loads of loveClaire ju Liam and Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraUnited Kingdom8.10.2005 13:52:58http://* * * * * happy birthday jesson! * * * * *hope its a very special sera x

chrissieUnited Kingdom8.10.2005 19:2:59chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson hope you had a great birthday and a fab party.i bet you had lots of presents and cards didnt you?.glad top hear that kesia is enjoying school :-).hope everything goes well in hospital for you.thinking of you soldier.keep staying strong jesson big hug love from chrissie love to your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

Judy MorleyUruguay8.10.2005 22:20:26jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://Happy Birthday Jesson!Hope that you got lots of great prezzies and had a fabtime at your party yesterday. Hope you liked all the cards that your friends at school made for you.We have been missing you, and hope that you will able to come and see us soon,Love from Judy Morley, and all your teachers and friends at Montrosexxxxx

jeanUnited Kingdom8.10.2005 22:42:50http://Hi JessonSorry I missed your birthday although I did wonder what all the noise was when I was near your house! Hope you had a super day and a wonderful party. Glad Kesia loves school. Hope the platelets went alright and that you kept the ward nice and noisy! Catch up with you soon. Love Jean, Rachael and Samuel

deepikaUnited Kingdom9.10.2005 1:15:28dr_deepikasharma@yahoo.comhttp://Dear JessonWish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.with best wishesAarav, Deepika, Krishan

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom10.10.2005 19:52:38kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Sorry Here's a really late HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!Happy Birthday Jesson ! GO JESSON !!!!Helen, it doesn't seem like five minutes since you were cutting my hair and being heavily Pregnant with Jess. Sophie sitting in her high chair, screamingher lungs out.Where has the last 6 years gone.I know what a special day Friday was to all of you, So Go Jesson Go !!!Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie

Hollie WorradUnited Kingdom11.10.2005 11:3:57Mickworrad@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson It Hollie just checking you are ok the pins say hi to all the family hope your having fun with all your new toys hope to see you soon love Hollie and the pins

Tara RobinsonUnited Kingdom11.10.2005 14:12:38http://Hope your feeling ok.Hope you had a happy birthday and a fab Tara & Shane xx

ColleenAustralia12.10.2005 6th Birthday Jesson!!Love from Kaitlyn - also 6 now.

Mcaary & RebecUnited Kingdom13.10.2005 13:5:29eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSON!!!!!!!!!We hope you have a great day and that you get spoilt!!Love from Mary and Rebbeca XXXXXX

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom14.10.2005 1:0:21WrakR@AOL.COMhttp://Hello JessonFirst of all, please let me say how sorry I am to have missed you birthday, I am so glad that you had agood time and enjoyed your party, the picture is lovely, and where did you get that fantastic cake. I hope you shared it around, imagine how fat your tummy would be if you ate it all!!!! Did you have lots of friends around making lots of noise?? Did Kesia have a good time?Keep being a brave boy JessonLots and lots of love to you allKerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA14.10.2005 5:52:50tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY belated birthday! So sorry to miss getting something off to you in the mail. I didn't realize it was that time again. How wonderful to be six! I loved seeing you with your cake and am happy to hear you had a great party. Victoria and I have been staying busy with school and enjoying the more pleasant weather. My computer has been out again so I really enjoyed seeing such a happy update about a big birthday! Keep sweet and strong. Love to you all.

chrissieUruguay14.10.2005 12:7:11chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson. glad you had a fab party and enjoyed it.your cake looked lovely.i think 6 is a lovely age my son turned 6 in june i call it the in between age because your not a baby anymore but your not quite grown up either thats what i tell my son :-).nice to read that your doing well kepp staying strong soldier.take care lots of love and big hug from chrissie love to your mummy daddy and kesia as well xxxx

rebeccaukUnited Kingdom14.10.2005 jesson happy birthday to a very speical boy from becca

anitaItaly15.10.2005 16:28:9http://Hi jesson,ihope its not too late to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!i had problems with the look wonderfull with your cake!!lots of hugs and kisses too you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma United Kingdom15.10.2005 20:59:35Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson It sounded like you had a great birthday party .I hope you didnt eat all that birthday cake on your own???Hows your mummy daddy and kesia doing??love to you all.Emma Nathan amd Meliah XxX

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom16.10.2005 21:20:18WraK@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonI hope that your feeling betterHow does it feel to be 6???I hope that you have had a really good weekend. No doubt you have been playing and making lots of noise.Bet your looking forward to Alton Towers, the weather is going to stay nice and dry so you can all have lots of fun.Do you like going on the big rides? What about Kesia? I know that I don't, I once went on the pepsi max at blackpool and cried when it started because I wanted to get off, i was so scared.I just closed my eyes and held on really tight, I was so glad when it stopped.Have a great time all.Lots and lots of love Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GillUnited Kingdom18.10.2005 19:47:50d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson hope you had a great party I bet you did wow what a cake you didn't eat all yourself did you? Hope your feeling ok and having a great time.Love to you all The Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom21.10.2005 14:54:28chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson sorry to read that you havnt been well croup is a nasty bug both my sons had it just befor half term my youngest son had to go to hospital and like you after a check up and steroids he was home.its very scary when you cant breath properly and the cough is not nice either i told my boys they sounded like sea lions :-)hope your feeling much better keep staying strong soldier.glad you had a great time at alton towers.big hug and a x stay strong jesson love to you your mummy,daddy and kesia xxxx

Emma and NathanUnited Kingdom23.10.2005 ya jesson .Hope you are feeling better than you was last week??It sounded like you all had a lovely time at Alton towers.Keeping beening strong little man. Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

GillUnited Kingdom23.10.2005 20:18:40http://Hi Jesson sorry to hear you had a nasty cough and hope you're feeling better now. Glad it didn't stop you from partying though and a trip to Alton Towers. What's your favourite ride Jesson, Alfie liked the haunted house where you have to shoot all the monsters. Stay strong Jesson you are an inspiration to all of us.Lots of love to you allThe Brooksiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom24.10.2005 13:33:12WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonI hope that you have recovered from your nasty cough now. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Alton Towers, I knew that you would be going on all the rides, your very lucky that you have no fear.Its a good job that you have not got to go today with all the wind and the rain, are you staying at home in the warm?Keep being a brave soldier JessonLots of love to all xxxxxxxxxxxFrom Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom25.10.2005 22:43:35paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi to you all, glad to hear you had a good time at Alton Towers, what a fab room you stayed in bet it was great. Your birthday cake looked really yummy did you manage to eat it all up? Thinking of you all, lots of love Paula & family x x x x

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA26.10.2005 5:9:34tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey there. Just checking up on you. Sounds like you have been quite busy lately. I didn't know if you had started another round of chemo yet, but I hope you are feeling well and still full of some smiles. Just thinking of you and wanted to wish you a great day!

Kerry wraggUnited Kingdom26.10.2005 10:51:7WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hey JessonJust to let you know that at last I have my special angel and am wearing it with pride. I am going to wear it too work today and show it all of my friends and tell them how special you are.Your very brave Jesson and a big soldier.Lots of love to allFrom Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


seraGuatemala29.10.2005 10:54:9http://** hi there superstar jesson!**so please you've been able to do amazingly exciting things!hope you've loved every minute!love sera xp.s wow..your cake was super! did mum make it :o)love to you all x

Kelly AlroydUnited Kingdom29.10.2005 18:33:28helen10@btinternet.comhttp://I really do hope all the best for you Jesson. I'm not well myself and i know how it feels!All being well, i should be finished my treatment now.I will always be asking about you as you wont be seeing muchof me anymore.You've been through so much Jesson and your still here looking better than ever!I give you all my luck and love from the heart, best wishesmy angel, all my love your playstation friend kel xxxxxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom31.10.2005 16:41:37paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi to you all, thinking of you and hope to see you soon, lots of love Paula x x x x

VickyUnited Kingdom31.10.2005 20:51:25vicky_2002@ntlworld.com Jesson,Glad to hear you had fun at yr halloween party and even more glad you had fun hooked up to chemo!!! I hope you have good scan results next week little guy!Love Vickyxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom1.11.2005 18:25:13paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hello there, nice to hear your full of beans Jesson and enjoyed your party at the weekend. I will keep everything crossed for your results your such a brave little boy your amazing, sending my best wishes and love to you all, Paula x x x x

Michelle MorrisonUnited Kingdom2.11.2005 13:28:23michelle.morrison@bbrail.comhttp://My heart goes out to you and your family, be strong little man.

Emma United Kingdom2.11.2005 16:53:4Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya jesson .How are you? Glad to hear that you have a nice time at the weekend with ryan,even if you was both wired up having chemo.Bet the halloween party was fun.Did you scare all the nurses?Good luck for when you have your scan i will have my fingers crossed for you little man.Take care all. Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

Hollie Mitchell Jordan WorradUnited Kingdom3.11.2005 jesson havent heard from you for a while what a shock glad to hear that your chemo went well how kesia and mummy. hope you have been keeping mummy on her toes speak soon love Hollie Mitchell Jordan

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom3.11.2005 10:56:27WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonHey, it was great to see you on Tuesday so full of energy and fun. Kesia has grown up so much. It was so nice to see you. I love your dig Tilly, what a lovely bundle of fluff she is. I'm thinking of getting the same dog myself.I hope to see you again really soon, not long before the run now :o))Keep being a brave soldier JessonLots and lots of prayers for your scan results xxxxMuch love to you all from Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*sera*Guyana3.11.2005 22:55:9http://hi there super loud jesson!i bet that ward didnt know what had hit them!double trouble (you and your friend) and that mumof yours!! phew..what a trio :o)love to you all..hope kesia still loves school (novelty sometimes wears off after a few weeks :o)stay loud and happy-my thoughts are with you on result day xsera and the wirlie curlie haired gang!(and glenn of course!)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom4.11.2005 Jesson, did you enjoy halloween? I threw sweets out my window at trick or treaters- they said it was like it was raining sweets! Love Viks x

EmmaUnited Kingdom5.11.2005 12:15:52Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello to you all. Hope you are all looking after yourselfs.I bet you have lots of fire works for to night. Meliah loves the coloured ones she doesnt like the big BANGERS.What ever you do to night have a lovely time .Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom7.11.2005 12:48:42WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonSorry to hear that you have been poorly.Just a quick note to say I hope that your feeling lots better. Good to know that you keep you keep smiling through it.Lots of love to you Jesson (and Mummy Daddy and Kesia)Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA8.11.2005 6:4:24tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey Jesson. I hope you are feeling a bit better. You must have given you r sweet mom such a scare. Glad the doctors are taking good care of you. Stay sweet. You are in our prayers.

chrissieUnited Kingdom8.11.2005 17:7:12chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi there jesson.sorry to hear your not well but glad to hear you are being well looked after.keep staying strong soldier and keep the volume button up high on the voice :-).hope you feel better soon.big hugs to you jesson keep smiling lots of love to you your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

EmmaUnited Kingdom8.11.2005 17:48:42Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson Sorry to hear that you have been poorly.Hope you get back to your normal self soon.Keeping being strong little man. Hows mummy daddy and kesia? Take care all.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

seraAfrica8.11.2005 18:50:20http://love to you all x x x xand a extra bit for jesson xthinking of you alllove sera x

Mary & BeccaUnited Kingdom8.11.2005 23:31:40eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson, I hope you are feeling alot better soon and being very loud!! Big hugs to you and your family, lots of love Mary & Becca

PaulaUnited Kingdom9.11.2005 19:57:23paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, sending you love and hugs and hope your feeling better soon, Paula x x x x

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom9.11.2005 22:56:44WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Mummy Daddy and Kesia.So glad to hear that your feeling better and coming home, hope you have turned your volume back up.Praying for you lots and lots. Your very brave jesson. Please keep being strong.Love and hugs to you allForm Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraGuyana10.11.2005 18:1:34http://so sorry the results were not as good as wewere all praying for..i'm sure i speak for all us "guestbookers"when i say you are in our thoughts and prayersyou are all so brave and inspirational..(especially you were such a wimp at school :o)love to you alwayssera

GillUnited Kingdom10.11.2005 20:24:34d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://To a very special and brave family, we are all so sorry that the news isn't what we all desperately wanted to hear.You are always in our thoughts.lots of love Dave,Gill,Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mary & BeccaUnited Kingdom10.11.2005 22:15:37eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Helen, Becca and me are sending you a big hug. Sorry to hear that the news isnt what you thought it would be. You are all in our hearts Love Becca and Mary xxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom11.11.2005 11:6:56chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson.sorry to hear the results were not what you was expecting.keep staying strong soldier and keep that volume up :-).helen keep staying strong i no it must be really hard and my thoughts and prayers and with you all.sending a big hug to you jesson and your mummy daddy and kesia.keep smiling :-) xxxx

Emma United Kingdom11.11.2005 20:15:19Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson .Sorry to hear that the scan results was not what eveyone wanted.Keeping being strong.Love Emma Nathan and Meliahxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom14.11.2005 14:51:44WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonI hope your ok, thats a great new photo of you and Kesia (not too sure who the other little girl is) but a lovely picture.I hope your back to running around with your lovely dog Tilly making lots of noise and keeping you mummy busy.Keep being a brave soldier Jesson.Lots of love to allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraArgentina14.11.2005 18:10:43http://hi jesson..hope you are able to enjoy these bright chilly daysand your giggles are echo-ing around the garden!a special wish for you to find strength together,and enjoy lots, lots and lots more very special to you all as always(about time for a roll call from the heskeymee-preston house!) goes...are you ready jesson :o)x glenn x sera x liberty x madison x honey x obi x rambler xx little one (yes that pesty rabbit is still here jesson :o) xx cadburys (little ones new friend..although i think he has alopecia..the stress of living with little one!) justin & bagdum x dante & dave xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Colleen and KaitlynAustralia15.11.2005 Jesson is feeling better now and out of hospital!

*sera*Dominican Rebublic18.11.2005 11:35:24http://just a quick wish for a good weekend to you allthinking of you all lotslovesera x

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom19.11.2005 9:50:40WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Kesia, Mummy and DaddyHope your all ok and keeping warm. Did you see how foggy is was this morning? and the world is all white and crisp.I wonder if it will snow on christmas day :0 )Thinking of you all lots.much love alwaysKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA23.11.2005 4:54:42tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hey Jesson. Just thinking of you and hoping you are feeling so much better. We are getting ready for Thansgiving this week and then it will be Christmas before you know it! Hope you have a good weekend. Be sweet. Love and prayers to you and your family

seraBrazil26.11.2005 10:4:30http://hi there jesson and kesia..hows the christmas lists coming on?? or are you doingwhat honey's doing this year...and just sending the argosbook to santa :o) theres so many circles around things inthat book by honey i think shes sending a list of what EVERYONEwants not just her :o)stay warm, snuggley and to you both(oh ok to mum and dad too)sera xand the argos book princess honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tara RobinsonUnited Kingdom28.11.2005 11:21:12http://JessonHope your now out of hosptial and feeling better.loveTara & Shane x

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom28.11.2005 13:47:5http://hi jesson helen n kesia hopr u r u ok hopr u have a gr8 christmas luv ya c ya soon luv zozoXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

marinaUnited Kingdom29.11.2005 10:55:26marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Fingers crossed for your results,Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.Marina,Johnny Morgan and Georgie.xxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom30.11.2005 9:25:59WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi To you AllHope your all ok and getting ready for christmas, I have to go and fight through the crowds today : ((Whats santa going to be bringing for you two? no doubt there will be piles and piles of presents under the christmas tree.Remember, you better not shout, you better not cry, you better not sigh and I'm telling you why.....SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!Hope to see you all soon.Lots of love alwaysKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EmmaUnited Kingdom1.12.2005 15:8:46Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello to you all.Hasnt it been cold?Are heating broke down on monday night,we had to wrap are selfs in covers ,never mind hey its fix now.Glad you had a nice time in London.Hope you havent got to wait much longer for your results.I will keep my fingers crossed.Take care all.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

seraDominican Rebublic1.12.2005 16:41:50http://hi,why does it take so long for makes no sense if they gave you a verbal diagnosis!sorry...grumbling over..i'm sure theres some to you all this weekend love sera x

GillUnited Kingdom1.12.2005 21:13:58d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi there, nice to see you all on Sunday that cold weather certainly woke me up. Well done Helen on running the course a medal at the next olympics!Alfie liked your gameboy Jesson I think that might be making it's way onto Santa's list.Hope you all had a great time in LondonLove to you allGill,Dave, Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AbbieUnited Kingdom3.12.2005 11:15:11paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Kessia & family thanks for yesterday i had so much fun, can't wait to see you again soon, my mummy is going to be baking today something for christmas, she said just to let your mummy know there's plenty of brandy in it, what ever that means? Anyway going to go now we are all thinking of you lots and lots, see you before Christmas, lots of love Abbie x x x x

Hayey KnottUnited Kingdom6.12.2005 Jesson & Family,Hope you are all ready for Chrismas. Lets hope your results come through soon. All my love goes to you Jesson, and all your family (especially Nannie Ross) who i used to work with. Hope Santa brings you lots of presents as you and Kesia are very special xxxxxx

MarinaUnited Kingdom7.12.2005 13:14:26Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Helen Jessson and Family,Please put me down for an Angel Canvas.They are fantastic i have had a sneak preveiw and love all of them, clever Louise hey!Results sound positive.xHope to see you very soonMarina.xxxx

beckyUnited Kingdom8.12.2005 8:26:27rproud_7@hotmail.comhttp://hey jesson and co,ive put an angel poster up at work and at the goldsmiths.hope you do well from them.hope you had a good time in london charlie has told me allabout it. i bet the london eye was scary.c u soon mateylove becky xx

seraFrance8.12.2005 17:25:53http://hi family so pleased about the results!love sera x

gail davidsonUnited Kingdom9.12.2005 0:12:16gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://Glad that things seem to be looking up.I have been thinking about you adyour family a lot lately. Keep your chin up and make sure that you keep the nurses on their toes. Love to you all Gail Colin and Shannon xx

claire and ju MuttockUnited Kingdom10.12.2005 there little man,Just alittle note to say your always in are thoughts and to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Love to you all,Claire Ju Liam and Poppyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA11.12.2005 21:46:47tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. I miss not being able to get online and check the updates. We think of you often and keep you all in our prayers. Love you.

Alecia FulenwiderUSA11.12.2005 22:7:16tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. I have been thinking of you so often lately and I have not been able to get back to my bedroom for now three weeks to check emails,etc. due to this bathroom remodeling with me being pregnant and keeping Victoria away from any harmful demo. dust, chemicals, etc. Hopefully by Christmas, we will have all been moved back into our bedrooms as we are all camped out in the living areas on air matresses. What fun! We are taking no chances. For some reason, I am not able to get online or even check my emails today, but for some reason it has allowed to only pull up Jesson's site. Strange, I know, but You might think I fell off the face of the earth by now. I was glad to get an update and I would assume the marker meant less or not traceable NB in his marrow. I am relieved to hear he can continue some treatments and I pray for improved results as always. What troupers! This is tough stuff to keep going on! I saw the new pictures and Kesia looks so cute in her braids and is getting so big. Victoria seems to be doing well. Scans will be done in January most likely and with God's grace I just pray she will stay well. She is very excited about baby Cody's soon arrival in January, the 22nd is the due date. The last level 2 sonogram came out perfect. I wasn't sure if I got to update you on that before as the doctor was worried about brain cysts! That was an anxious week or so. Praise God that all looked clear with the more detailed songram. We have been trying to get ready for Christmas in our tight quarters and look forward to hearing Victoria sing tonight at church in her kid's choir, especially since it is my birthday today! A big whopping 35! Anyhow I hope Jesson is doing well and you guys will have lots of joy around the coming Christmas holidays. I hope to check back in a week if all goes well. Hang in there and know you are all being lifted up. Much love, an ocean away.

EmmaUnited Kingdom12.12.2005 20:47:16Emmafarmer_52@HOTMAIL.COMhttp://Hi ya Jesson.Glad to hear that your results are good.Are you all ready for christmas? Meliah loves the christmas tree she keeps pulling everything off.Take care all.Have a lovely christmas.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom13.12.2005 11:38:48kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://To Ashleigh, Helen, Jesson & KesiaWishing you a Magic Christmas & a Fantastic New Year!!Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxxSophie sends this joke to Jess & Kes :-What goes oh oh oh ??Santa walking backwards !! ha ha ha

brian muddimerUnited Kingdom14.12.2005 hope you have a happy christmas and good new year all thebest for the future best regards brian

seraIceland14.12.2005 23:27:51http://hi there jesson and gang..hope the christmas lists have been sent...i've checked andyou're all on the good list and are getting lots of prezzies!!hope you all have a wonderful christmas.we're escaping to the land of mickey mouse for a while! love to you all..have a super duper sparkley magical christmas.sera and gang x

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom16.12.2005 jesson u k hope u8 have a gr8 crimboand hope u get everything u wantluv ya luv zozo

rachel suderaUnited Kingdom22.12.2005 21:2:2rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson how are you? it was nice to see you at my wedding,you looked like you were having fun on the dance floor epecially when the bubbles were released, it was a good day hey. i must say you all looked lovely, im glad you all come, you will have to come round and look at the photos, also we would love you to meet our bunny rabbit called basil, got to go now, a big kiss for you and your mummy, daddy, and sister, just want to say have a great christmas i bet santa brings you lots of pressies, hope to see you soon, lots of hugs & kisses love from rachel, ravi, luke & amy, and basil.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom22.12.2005 22:22:27chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonjust want to say hope you have a fantastic christmas.hope sant brings you lots of nice presents.have lots of fun keep staying strong ill be thinking of you on christmas day :-).lots of love from chrissie big hug to you and your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

viksUnited Kingdom23.12.2005 Jesson and familyI hope you have a very merry Christmas, with lots of presents, smiles and family fun. Love Viks

Emma United Kingdom24.12.2005 20:24:37Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson.Just a quick note for you ,mummmy daddy and kesia have a lovely christmas.I bet santa will bring and and kesia lots and lots of toys.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

jeanUnited Kingdom24.12.2005 23:26:18http://Hi JessonHope you have a super Christmas with lots of noisy toys for you and Kesia. I saw some reindeer in Blaby this evening - they didnt look very excited by the carol singing. Hope you have a good day. Love Jean, Rachael and Samuel

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom28.12.2005 9:54:20WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson Kesia Mummy and DaddyI hope you had a fab christmas and got lots of lovely presents. Did you make lots of noise?Did you see santa on christmas eve carrying all the toys? i bet he struggled down the chimney with all of your presents. Have you been out in the snow or is it to cold for you outside?I have not even steped outside yet. I don't like the cold : ((Happy holidays and a very happy new year to you all. See you soonLoads of love to allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jessica donnachieUnited Kingdom29.12.2005 pleased to hear jesson is doing ok, i was amber murphys bestfriend who sadly died last year, good luck to jesson and hope you had a lovey christmas and i wish you a very happy new year lots of love jess xx

Jean & Rachael United Kingdom31.12.2005 13:36:27http://Hi Jesson!Glad you had a good Christmas Day.Hope you have a happy new year!love jean & Rachaelxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom31.12.2005 21:22:15chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jessonglad you had a great christmas and got lots of presents :-).just like to wish you a very happy new year all the very best for 2006 little soldier.happy new year to you mummy daddy and kesia to ill have a drink for you at midnight ;-).keep staying strong soldier lots of love to you and your family xxxx

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom2.1.2006 14:32:3WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Kesia mummy and daddyWishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.Lots of love to allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

marinaUnited Kingdom3.1.2006 12:26:12marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson and FamilyHAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALLJesson have you had a fantastic Christmas i bet you have.xWishing you and your Family all the Best for 2006See you all very soonHelen, olive apprecation night!!Love The SummerfieldsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


EmmaUnited Kingdom5.1.2006 12:43:1Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello jesson.Happy new year to you all.Im gald you had a lovely christmas i bet santa brought you and kesia lots of toys.Take care all.Love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx

seraUSA6.1.2006 11:26:49http://hi there jesson and gang!bet you missed me hey????glad to hear christmas was a magical time for you all..just have to find somewhere for all those prezzies now!love to you allseraxxxxx

rebeccaUnited Kingdom8.1.2006 jesson my name is rebecca i hope you are ok and i hope you got everything you wanted for xmas.

seraUSA10.1.2006 21:3:48http://* happy birthday to you helen*you're how old??? for just a fewshort days you can laugh cause i'm older...thenyou catch up with me :o)love to you all x x x sera xp.s know your birthdays some time now-sorry if a dau or so out!

Hannah AuffretUnited Kingdom11.1.2006 13:51:25hannah@td50.comhttp://Jesson & Family.Jesson you are an inspiration to anyone.I was very touched by your story..Hope you had a greatChristmas and New Year. Continue to be a brave boy!!All my Love and Best WishesHannah

yasminUnited Kingdom11.1.2006 jesson! what a gorgeous little boy you are so brave and you always seem to be smiling. you really are a hero alot of people look up to you! get wel soon jesson!!!! love yasmin xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LaurenUnited Kingdom11.1.2006 newsso brave

LaurenUnited Kingdom11.1.2006 newsI hope you like keeping you're mummy busy. you are just so brave

michelle and deanUnited Kingdom12.1.2006 0:6:25stuart.burbank1@btinternet.comhttp://Hello all and happy new year, so glad you had a good christmasit seems a long time since we last saw you, keep fighting jesson you will winlots of love to allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EmmaUnited Kingdom12.1.2006 11:0:4http://

Elena calabreseUSA12.1.2006 14:19:53http://I am so sorry that your son has to go through this i know exactly what you are going through my fathers beastfriends little just passed away from neuroblastoma so i wish you the best of luck

mustafUSA13.1.2006 4:49:16hmustaf@hotmail.comhttp://HI jesson first i would like to wish you all da best and prayer to all mighty god and inshallah you well get through this amiin.....

seraCroatia15.1.2006 0:2:31http://love to you allsera x

HannahUnited Kingdom16.1.2006 20:29:59http://Thinking of you, Jesson. Love Hannah xxxx

tina steelsUnited Kingdom19.1.2006 22:13:23http://hello to you all. hope you are all over your nasty coughsWhat would we do without grandma's and grandad's to help?Well Jesson hope you are looking forward to your holiday have a brilliant time and keep being the brave soldier you alwaysare. Love to you all

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom24.1.2006 14:27:21WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hello to you allJesson I hope that your ok and your cough and tummy ache is better, I hope that Kesia and your mummy are better too.Sorry its been a while since my last message but our computer has been broken : (( I think we need a new one.I'll be thinking about you as you go through your treatment,I know that you are a brave soldier and will stay very strong. lots of love to you all.Kerry and staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraVenezuela24.1.2006 17:31:49http://hi wragg gang..great to read the new year update-arent grandmas great! the things they put up with for their delighful grand children :o)hope jesson stays well and no hiccups before you florida trip.look forward to lots of photos..dont whatever you do let them buy an autograph bookin disneyland!!! you'll know why when you get there :o)hours spent chasing mickey and friends..fighting through tourists.. for what!!!!tell me please...whats so good about his autograph :o)(grumpy old me! :o) love to you allx sera x

RobynCanada25.1.2006 all is well. and he is feeling better. please take careRobynmom to Nicole type CDG unknown

laurenUnited Kingdom26.1.2006 16:56:38http://hi Jesson! i go to montrose just like you. we're doing a fundraiser to make you not poorly! everyone at school is so sad.From laurenyear 6

Alecia and VictoriaUSA27.1.2006 4:17:53tiggeral@earthlink.nethttp://Hi there. Sorry it has been so long, but you all stay close on my mind. I was so glad to finally get back on a computer to check how things were going. Glad to hear Christmas was great and trip to Florida sounds like great fun! Jesson, keep up the good work. Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit bad with that c-diff virus. Victoria has had that before and I know that is miserable to deal with. Victoria just received clear scans last week. Praise God! I know how fortuante we truly are and just wish you guys were not having to go through all of this. I guess you just have to take one day at a time. Speaking of one day at a time. I still have not had this baby, but in a week or so, baby Cody, as Victoria has named her long awaited brother, will arrive. I look like I have one of those huge exercise balls inflated in me! Well, that is a short catch up on things over here. We will definately keep you all in our prayers and hope for daily improvements. Hang in there. Love to you all, an ocean away.

Safeena chohanUnited Kingdom31.1.2006 jesson, my 5 yearold daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastomalast year. She was treated at Great Ormand Street hospital in london. I know what you and your family are going through, Safeena, my daughter had the same treatment plan as yours. All test were clear in september praying things stay that way.I wish you all the best, my prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.Be strong and brave.Amra

deniseUnited Kingdom1.2.2006 13:55:32denisehadley53@hotmail.comhttp://hiya jesson.hope you are feeling ok today.hope you have a lovely time in america,we will b thinking about you lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom3.2.2006 11:29:24Kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson & KesiaHave a great time in America !!Go Jesson !! Helen & Ashleigh I've got my fingers crossed that it all goessmoothly this time, as all your trips seem to be very eventful.All our thoughts are with you all the time.Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxxxx

Tim InghamUnited Kingdom3.2.2006 13:55:58tim@parengineering.comhttp://Have a good holiday you all deserve itTim, Gina, Adam, Laura, Olivia

viksUnited Kingdom3.2.2006 jesson, i hope you have the most fantastic holiday ever :)

chrissieUnited Kingdom3.2.2006 22:23:21chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson hope you have a fantastic time in florida.ill be thinking of you :-).hope you stay well while your there.have a fantastic time little soldier you deserve it.hope mummy daddy and kesia have a fantastic time to :-).take care keep staying strong and ill look forward to reading about what you did in florida when you get back.big hug to you and your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

RebeccaUnited Kingdom3.2.2006 23:9:14bubble_queen_94@hotmail.comwww.beccas-cool-website.piczo.comHello jesson, today i went to parklands and they were raising money for wishes, for kids we made loads of money. Hope you are ok,The parklands show was very good. I met russel and he is very kind. well thats all i have to say from Rebecca xx

SteveUnited Kingdom4.2.2006 6:4:55jj3uk@hotmail.comhttp://We found this company on the internet (also we later found out the hospital also uses this company) They really know what thier talking about and very helpfull. My daughter Laura is now in remission (5 years) we were in hospital at the same time as Robyn Brooks and have remained friends ever since.

tina steelsUnited Kingdom4.2.2006 16:40:26http://Hello to all of youglad to hear things are looking a little better and that you areall really excited about your holiday.We really hope you all havea fantastic time, with no mishaps this time.You all deserve to have a great time. Stay well jesson and have some fun for us all, your the bravestlittle boy we know. ALL OUR LOVE TO YOU ALL. HAVE A GREAT TIME AND LOOK FORWARDTO THE UPDATE WHEN YOU GET HOME

Doug and PaulaUSA4.2.2006 17:58:14http://Hi Jesson,We can only imagine how excited you must be about your upcoming trip to the land of the most famous mouse.All of you will certainly enjoy some sunshine for a change.It is our hope and prayers that you will have the fantastic time you are hoping for and that every thing will work out just like a great holiday should.Have fun with the dolphins and I'm sure Kesia will be right there in the water with you.We look forward to hearing about all the great times you have experienced on this trip when you are back home and your Mum has time to write a news letter.Safe travels,good health and good luck to you all.

SallyUnited Kingdom5.2.2006 22:28:57sally@georgies-fund.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comHello Wragg Family,I hope you all have a really fanatstic time and we'll be thinking about you lots! make sure you take loads of photo's!Lots and lots of love to you all.Sally XXXXXXXXXX

Kelly BridgesUnited Kingdom6.2.2006 14:25:59http://Hello To You All,I hope you have a fantastic holiday in Florida, I am sure that Jesson and Kesia will love the dolphins.You all deserve this holiday and hope all goes well takeslots of photos, especially of the dolphins, Megan would loveto see them when you return.Take care, and enjoy!!!!!Lots of Love Kelly, James and MeganP.S. See you when you get back xxxxxxxxx

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom6.2.2006 21:22:10duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson, have a brill "vacation". Hope all goes well and the sun shines, I will miss readingyour latest news while you are away. Love, kisses and hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom7.2.2006 11:28:54WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonMay I just say a massive thankyou for the beautiful card I have received from you today. Its an absolute honourand i will buy a special frame for it today because its come from a very special little boy.May all of your dreams come true on your holiday. have a fab time you and your family. You truely deserve it.There is nothing that I would not do to make this a very special time.Lots of love and all the best wishes for a safe journey, say hello to them dolphins for me and make sure I get to see the pictures.Love to all.Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marina,Jonny,Morgan and GeorgeUnited Kingdom7.2.2006 11:57:28http://Hi There Jesson and Family,Have a wonderfull fun packed holiday.Take lots of pictures i want to see them all.Love to all as alwaysThe Summerfield

taniaUnited Kingdom7.2.2006 13:48:31tani.hayhoe@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Kesia, Helen and Ashley, We hope you guys have a fantastic time. Lots of photos please. Will talk to you when you're home. Thank you also for my card. I will share it with Georgie's girls.take care.lots of love. Tania and Georgies fund .xxx

seraGuatemala7.2.2006 23:21:59http://love to you all..fingers crossed for an event free few weeks full of fun and laughtersera x

gail davidsonUnited Kingdom7.2.2006 23:53:20gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and have lots of fun. I'm sure you won't need any of the drugs on holiday. Helen try to stop worrying about things that haven't hapened yet,go on holiday and have a ball. I only wish we were going with you. Lots of love Colin, Gail and Shannon.xxxx

GillUnited Kingdom8.2.2006 20:58:46d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi there so you're off to sunny Florida. Have a great timeand take lot's of photos to show us when you get back. Are you sure you can't fit is in your cases we're not very big.Have lots of funLove Dave, Gill,Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom8.2.2006 23:38:24WraKkr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonHow many sleeps til your vacation?????Just another quick message to wish you all the fun in the world.May your trip be a safe and happy one.Lots of love Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ashley snellingUnited Kingdom9.2.2006 15:38:10http://hi its ashley and me mum michele here what hav u bean up to and have u got eney new games to tel me about

ashley snellingUnited Kingdom9.2.2006 its ashley from ward 27 whats ure holiday like

Dale HarrisonJapan13.2.2006 3:7:18naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hello, Jesson and family. I have just been reading about you and I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and hope you are enjoying your trip to Disney World.I think that you have been very brave with all the tests and hospital visits. I am looking forward to reading about your trip.Have fun and take care.

Pamela NewlandsUnited Kingdom13.2.2006 14:7:26thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson,I'm a friend of Julie and Neill Curran. I've known Enola and Alara since they were both babies. I've heard all about you from them. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Florida and that you keep smiling and stay strong.Lots of love, Pamela, Chas,Thomas, Jonah and Michael Newlands xxx

seraSwitzerland15.2.2006 10:20:53http://hope you are having a wonderful time xx sera x

DimitrisGreece17.2.2006 23:20:32Have as much fun as you caaaaan :DDDDYipppyyyyy!!! Holidays are great! Take care!!Consider visiting Greece as well ;)

Laura HendryUnited Kingdom21.2.2006 22:35:50laurajhendry85@aol.comhttp://You are such a handsome brave little man Jesson :) Sending Lots of Love and Prayers to youxXx


callieUnited Kingdom23.2.2006 21:35:18http://hope u get better and just remeber youll make it

tanyaUnited Kingdom24.2.2006 hope u had a good time on hoilday. hope u enjoyed swimming with the dolphins. hope you have been good for your mum. have you missed tilly when you have been away. how are your guinea pigs? write back soon love tanya x xx

samantha KnightUnited Kingdom26.2.2006 21:12:20sam_and_neil_4eva@hotmail.comhttp://you keep fighting mate and keep making mummy and daddy proud of u

JillUnited Kingdom27.2.2006 the brave face up darling. keep fighting it will all be worht it in the endyour family and many others are proud and think you are very brave darling!keep fighting loads love and kisses xxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom27.2.2006 22:6:59WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi AllI hope that your trip was a safe and happy one. I hope that you are well Jesson.Did you and Kesia have lots of fun. Can't wait to see the pictures.Keep being a brave soldier JessonLots of love to you allKerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marina, Jonny, Morgan and GeorgeUnited Kingdom28.2.2006 12:34:3http://Hi There Jesson and Family,How was the holiday, wonderfull i bet ?hope you are well.See you all soonMarina,Jonny Morgan and Gu.x

Hollie worradUnited Kingdom28.2.2006 15:9:44http://hi mate, how was the holiday hope you had a great time. not seen you for a long time seen you at the hospital but you didnt hear me hows mummy, daddy and kesia an nan nan did they all enjoy the holiday im sure they did. Did you go on all the rides mitchell and jordan missed you alot. see you soon mate love always Hollie x x x x x xp.s im at school doing my maths work!!!!!! ha ha ha

Dale HarrisonJapan28.2.2006 22:58:53naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi all of you. Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to your next journal entry.How was the Holiday? Did you have a good time? I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. Take care and be brave. My students in grade 1 send their love and hope that you will stay safe.Love and hugs from your friends in JapanDale

KellyUnited Kingdom1.3.2006 14:9:17http://Hello Jesson,So pleased you enjoyed your holiday and that it all went well.Sounds like you all had lots of fun, no doubt the swimming with the dolphins was a fantastic experience (would love to do that myself!!!)Hope you have lots of photographs, i cant wait to see them allLook forward to seeing you all very soon say hello to mummy daddy and Kesia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS Megan is looking forward to seeing your pictures especially thosewith the dolphins

seraCroatia1.3.2006 14:57:46http://* great news to hear the holiday was magical ** love to you all ** sera *

Anni JohnsonUSA1.3.2006 15:33:59sdhottie19@hotmail.comhttp://hey! i was just looking at your page and i wanted to say that i will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. you seem like really good people and i hope everything works out for you in the end.i hope you enjoyed your vacation. and i hope you will have more together in the in Christ.Anni Johnson17 yrs. oldAberdeen SD

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom1.3.2006 22:6:4WraKr@aol.comhttp://Welcome home to the Wragg FamilyI'm so pleased to hear that you had such an amazing trip. Itsounds truely magical and full of wonderful memories. I cannot wait to see the pictures.Good Luck with the new round of treatment. Keep being a brave soldier Jesson.lots of love to all, hope you've got your thermals on : ((Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dale HarrisonJapan3.3.2006 12:49:18naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Glad to hear that you had a great time without being too sick. Hope you keep feeling better and that you are able to keep strong and healthy.Don't ever give up fighting this monster and I and many people will keep you and your family in our prayers. Love and hugs from your friend and supporter in Japan.My students send their love too.

chrissieUnited Kingdom3.3.2006 16:24:1chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson, wow sounds like you had an amazing time little glad to read you had a great time with out being poorly :-).i bet swimming with the dolphins was amazing.cant wait to see the photos on here jesson.good luck with your next lot of treatment keep staying strong little soldier.big hug for you love to you your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom6.3.2006 12:24:11http://hi jesson glad u r ok see ya soon luv zoeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom7.3.2006 20:24:1Ginaingham@aol.comhttp://Hello to you allSo pleased to read that you had such a wonderfull time on your hols and almost hitch free at last!We were thinking about you while you were there and kept our fingers crossed that all went well and you had a great time.Hope the next round goes well and you can plan another great holiday for you all.Adam is ok at the moment and often reads your site with me, he wasvery envious of your trip to Disney Jesson and always talks aboutour holiday there. Like the photo of Jesson in the Spongebob gear, he's one of Adam and Laura's favourites too!Anyway, speak to you soon.Take careLove The InghamsXXXXX

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom7.3.2006 23:29:7WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to Jesson Kesia Mummy and daddyHey, it was great to see the photos of you on holiday. Thats a lovely picture of you and Kesia Jesson, and the one in your sponge bob hat is great.I hope that your treatment is going well jesson and your not feeling too poorly. Bet your making lots of noise for the staff on the ward, keeping them all on their toes.Well you make sure you keep that volume up.Lots of love to you allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dipen sharmaUnited Kingdom10.3.2006 22:46:11dipz_3@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson ur doing good keep it up dont let the cheomo let u down.Good luck in the future and carry on being urself!


seraYugoslavia12.3.2006 19:37:52http://* wonderful photos! such special memories to have forever and ever ** hope the hospital isn't too boring jesson- i'm sure you liven it up just fine :o) ** love to you all ** sera and gang ** p.s sexy legs helen (photo) :o) *


angela United Kingdom15.3.2006 20:52:23angelaejames@btopenworld .comhttp://oh helen, my heart goes out to you all xxeven though i havent written lately i have been keeping up with your great news and was thrilled to hear you had such a wonderful holiday xx its so awful when your children are so poorly and you feel so helpless. I am so grateful that i had your support when Oli and I were there for all tha t time and just wish I could be there for you too. You know that if we can help at all you can always call us, anytime. Will keep up to date and be in touch soon. Lots of love and prayers to you all xx Ange, Jez, Oli and Imogen

Sally BarrettUnited Kingdom16.3.2006 12:51:17sally@georgies-fund.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comCome on Jesson, we are willing you well, fight off that nasty infection, you can do it! We are all thinking of you lots and sending you tons of love and kisses and healing thoughts. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom16.3.2006 13:1:33WraKr@aol.comhttp://To AllMy thoughts and prayers are with you all at this worrying time.Be strong everyone, you've come such a long way. BE A BIG BRAVE SOLDIER JESSON. YOUR A FIGHTER. Lots of love and best wishes to you all.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom16.3.2006 Jesson, sorry to hear your poorly, Im thinking of you all. love Viks

Sarah BinghmUnited Kingdom16.3.2006 19:29:26http://Sorry to hear you have feeling really poorly Jesson, we really hope you have started to feel much better now.Love love love your sponge Bob hat Jesson its class ! looked like you had a fab time on holiday,those dolphins were very lucky to have such a special little boy swimming with them , hope you didnt come out stinking like a big wet fish ;O) , take care all of you, love to all xxxx

MichelleUnited Kingdom16.3.2006 20:20:32duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://Thinking of you all, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom17.3.2006 12:42:44chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson little soldier.sorry to read that you are poorly with a chest infection.fight this nasty infection jesson,my thoughts are with you at this worrying time.i hope you feel better soon.lots and lots of big hugs to you jesson come on soldier win this battle!.lots of love to you and your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

Jo HartUnited Kingdom17.3.2006 AllSo sorry to hear how unwell Jesson is. I am thinking about you all and praying for you all.form Jo Hart

seraUnited Kingdom17.3.2006 18:46:17http://* love and thoughts to you all ** may your wonderful holiday memories keep you going helen.. until jesson is well enough to make a few more to add to them*love sera x

chrissieUnited Kingdom18.3.2006 14:56:58chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi there jesson,glad to read that you are geting a little better :-).im sure it wont be long befor i read about your volume button being up full blast and giving the nurses a run for there money ;-).i no how nasty these chest infections can be my daughter had one befor christmas and made her really poorly i was very worried just like your mummy is with you jesson.keep staying strong little soldier.hope you feel better soon :-).lots of hugs sent your way thinking of you love to you your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

Doug and Paula USA19.3.2006 21:35:47http://Hi Jesson and family, we are sorry to hear about you being back in the hospital and not feeling like your normal happy and rowdy little self.Knowing what a tough little fighter you are hopefully this is just a speed bump in the road to your being back to normal real soon.We were so happy to see that your vacatio to Orlando turned out so well and that picture of you kissing the dolphin was absolutely precious.We check your website every day and with your family and friends from near and far rooting for you we are hoping to see much better news in the days to come so just you hang tough.All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and much love from Doug and Paula

GillUnited Kingdom19.3.2006 22:1:54d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi JessonSo sorry to read you're in hospital with this nasty infection.You are so brave and such a fighter hope that you will soon beup and about being your loud self. I love the picture you'veput on Helen of Jesson and his friend Latoya it's very special as are you all.Thinking of you all and sending lots of loveDave, Gill,Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom20.3.2006 10:26:44WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonSo glad to hear that you are starting to get better, I have been thinking about you everyday and praying that you get better quickly. The picture of you with that beautiful dolphinmade my heart swell, lucky dolphin getting a kiss from Jesson hey!Keep fighting Jesson, your a brave soldier.Lots of love to you too HELEN ASH AND KESIA.Thinking of you all always.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MarinaUnited Kingdom20.3.2006 11:45:6Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,So sorry to hear you are not very well, Sending you a big kiss and lots of get well soon hugsI Love the pictures of you with the Dolphins.Looks like a great timeGet well soon Little JessonWe are thinking of you all the timeLots of Love to You and your FamilyLove, Marina,Jonny, Morgan and Georgie.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

Stevie Star and Mandy MorganUnited Kingdom20.3.2006's wishing you a speedy recovery Jesson, you brave little soldier.Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and all the Wragg family. Lots of loveStevie Star and Mandy Morgan

Catherine L'Herisson- Alecia's momUSA20.3.2006 18:53:44catherinepoet@juno.comhttp://I am Alecia F.'s mom and Victoria's "Memaw",and I almost forgot,new little Cody's grandmother,also. Alecia's computerhas been down for some time now, and she has not been ableto contact anyone. I have just recently gotten E-mail, andam learning to use the computer,but was very glad to find your site, and give Alecia an update, as she has been con-cerned about y'all. We are sorry Jesson is so ill, but will certainly pray for him and all the family. Please feel free toto use my E-mail if you would like to contact Alecia, and I will get the message to her.We hope Jesson will get better!

EmmaUnited Kingdom20.3.2006 19:46:23Emmafarmer_@hotmail.comhttp://Hello jesson ,What lovely photos glad you all had a lovely holiday together.Hope you are not in hospital to long .Keep been strong little man.Take care all.Love Emma Nathan & Meliah xxx

lisa nickUnited Kingdom20.3.2006 21:51:58http://Hello allso sorry to hear you aint very well jesson...your photo's look well too you all..and i hope you make a speedy recovery..lots off hugs and kisses love lisa x nick x georga x jack x

kerry WraggUnited Kingdom21.3.2006 8:47:8WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonJust to say that I hope today is a better day than yesterday and tommorrow better than today.Onwards and upwards soldier.Lots of love to allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly Hatfield United Kingdom21.3.2006 13:25:22kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://GO JESSON - COME ON LITTLE MAN YOU CAN DO IT !!!That dolphin was beautiful !All our love to you all.LoveKelly & Sophie xxxx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom21.3.2006 20:20:56http://sorry to hear your've been so poorly Jesson,all our prays are with you.Thinking of you all at this hard time, keep fighting jesson rememberthe brave soldier you are. The photo of you with the dolphin is lovely, always keepthis in your heart and it will help you feel better.To Ashley and Helen,Thinking of you now and always. Try to be strong,sending you all our love.

Sharon NicholsUnited Kingdom22.3.2006 14:47:23Sharonnichols1@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonI met your wonderful Mummy and yourself whilst in Florida, I thought I would touch baseto see what you have been up to. Now I know you have been in Hospital, It was a real pleasure to meet you on holiday and see your little Sister who is just as beautiful asyou Jesson.Sending lots of warm wishes to you and your family and big hugs.Sharon Nichols and FamilyXXXX

angelaUnited Kingdom22.3.2006 helen, just read latest news- so great to hear Jesson is noisy at last!!! Hurray!! A quiet Jesson is not one I like to hear about. You must be so relieved. We are at hospital tuesday for lp so see you there if you are still in- hope for your sake you're not!!! But wil be lovely to have a chat and catch up if you are. Let me know if you want anything bringing in. Lots of love and prayers to you all, and I hope the little man continues to make lots of progress and LOTS OF NOISE XXX

seraFrance22.3.2006 18:37:9http://so pleased to hear you are getting back to your usual LOUD self!you certainly are a tough cookie jesson-nothing like your mum!(who between you and me jesson was a bit of a wimp at school :O)a big !!YEAH!! to montrose for the fund raising!!stay strong, loud and just a little bit naughty and kind thoughts to all x x sera xx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom22.3.2006 20:39:2http://Hello again, it's great news to hear that you are feeling a littlebetter jesson, keep it up.Make as much noise as you can and enjoy playingwith your friend. Keep fighting little man, and hopefully your'll all behome soon. Again sending all our love to you all and hope your all ok considingeverything. Kesia you keep jesson singing the with you and help him tomake lots of noise. Love from Tina, Dave and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hollie WorradUnited Kingdom23.3.2006 10:44:12hollieworrad12@yahoo.comhttp://hi jesson glad to hear that you are alot better cant wait to see you the twins ask about you every day not seen mummy for quite a while but i have been realy poorlymyself but im alot better now YEAH!!!!!!!!! anyway see you soon mate hope you feel alot better soon love always Hollie x x x x x

chrissieUnited Kingdom24.3.2006 10:23:48chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson,im so pleased to read that your volume is back up :-D.great to hear that you are getting better hope you wont be in hospital much longer little keep fighting little man ;-).big hugs to you jesson xxxx love to you your mummy daddy and kesia

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom24.3.2006 10:29:11WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hey JessonGlad to hear that you are still on the mend and most of all being lovely lively self with volume. You are such a brave and strong little manwho we are very proud of.Onwards and upwards Captain Jesson.Lots of love to Helen Ash and Kesia to all.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrissieUnited Kingdom25.3.2006 14:57:44chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson,hey its great to read that you are home!what a tough little man you are.hope you have a great weekend jesson keep strong and keep your volume button on high ;-).keep fighting soldier.big hugs to you love to you your mummy daddy and kesia xxxx

viksUnited Kingdom25.3.2006 your home Jesson :)

Doug and PaulaUSA25.3.2006 19:52:35Dougiemar@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson and family, Happy to see you are back home and feeling much better.Lets hope you continue to improve and now that spring is here and better weather in the near future you will be able to get involved in outdoor activities.Stay strong all of you and we look forward to News letters that every thing keeps going well.Best of luck and love to all.Doug and Paula.

Tina steelsUnited Kingdom25.3.2006 20:35:37http://Hi jessonGreat news that your home,hope everything is going well. Are youand Kesia still singing your songs together and making lots of noiseKeep getting better Jesson, to the bravest soldier we know, take caresweetheart. Love From Tina, Dave and familyAll our love and thoughts are with you.And love to Hellen,Ash and kesiatoo

Stevie Star and Mandy MorganUnited Kingdom27.3.2006 to hear that you're at home and as lively as ever.Loved the photo of you kissing the dolphins from your holiday.I'm very jealous. I'm only allowed to kiss Mandy and that's not as nice!!!Lots of love Stevie Star and Mandy Morgan

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom27.3.2006 23:33:40WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hey JessonHope everything is ok and your still on the mend. Bet your keeping your mumon her toes running around with Kesia. The weather is getting warmer so you'll soon be able to play in the back garden and go to the park : ))Be good and keep getting better Jesson.Lots of love to all x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraEurope28.3.2006 9:40:1http://yeah!! fab! hope its still all going must be such hard work helen...we could be clarendon parkyand call it "multi tasking" and i'm sure you'reexcellent at it!!! you have to be!!love to you all...smiles sunshine and laughters are my specialwishes for you all this week...sera xx

seraEurope28.3.2006 9:41:15http://p.s arent viks pics amazing!!! x

AndreaItaly28.3.2006 14:4:19andreabellucci@libero.ithttp://I'm from florence and i don't speak (and write!!!!) english....very italiano "Forza Jesson" i stay in Italy but i think to you.....(sorry for my english too)CiaoAndrea

EmmaUnited Kingdom28.3.2006 18:2:47Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Jesson glad that you are at home and being your loud self.Take care all .love and kisses to you all love Emma Nathan & Meliah xxxx

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom28.3.2006 22:4:29duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://Hello Jesson, I saw your mummy and Kesia today and I was really pleased to her that you are feeling a little bitbetter. I hope you will be back to being big loud noisy Jesson very soon.!!I loved the pictures of your holiday,you must have had such a brilliant time swimming with thedolphins.Keep smiling and being loud, Love to you allMichelle and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom29.3.2006 of you all, glad you had a good holiday full of wonderful memories. Pleased Jesson eating and keeping his strength up.Love to you all I know how hard this battle is. Diane Hughes (Samantha's Nana)

SophieUnited Kingdom30.3.2006 10:10:59sophiescothern@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonYou won't remember me, I'm Thomas Lindsay's auntie Sophie!I just wanted to say that I love the cool and funphotos on your website! Love to all!Sophiex

Jane PalmerUnited Kingdom30.3.2006 12:0:1nicjane@msn.comhttp://Glad to hear you are battling on, will keep you in my prayers.

Pamela NewlandsUnited Kingdom30.3.2006 16:22:32thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson,Sorry to hear that you've been poorly again. I'm glad that you are now back at home. Hope you'll continue to feel better. Stay strong and keep fighting.Love and best wishes from Pamelaxxx

GillUnited Kingdom30.3.2006 22:24:36d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson Nice to read you're back at home and hope you are feelingbetter and better and getting louder and louder each day.Take Jesson thinking of you allLots of loveGill and the gangxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHi KesiaJust wanted to send you a little message for being a greatlittle helper. Looks like you had a good time in Disney withyour big brother,mum and dad. Hope you're still enjoying school.Take careLots of loveGill and the gangxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom31.3.2006 18:24:27http://Hello to jesson and kasiaHope you two are still making lots lots of noise and that you arestill getting better Jesson. Is kesia still helpping mummy to look after you? Bet she's doing a really good job!!!!. Now that the weatheris getting better hopefully it will keep the chest infections away and you will feel well enough to play in the garden.TRY TO KEEP WELL JESSONLove from Tina and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom1.4.2006 12:42:58WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hey Jesson Kesia Mummy and DaddyI hope your all doing well. Most of all that you are still on themend Jesson.Hope you hav lots of fun with your friend staying over, don't keepyour mum up too late. I imagine that the whole street will hear your noise :))Keep being strong JessonLots of love to you all.From Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom1.4.2006 Jesson, I had a funny moment last week when i got a phone call telling me a company was trying to deliever a 170kg/26 stone to me (for post pals)- full of craft kits made of foam! Im wondering if a member of staff fell in the box and no body noticed! I know im posting this on april fools day but its actually being delievered on weds. If i don't sign your guestbook for awhile its either because ive fallen into the box and can't get out or ive been squished! hehe Love Viks

Tracey JosephUnited Kingdom2.4.2006 Hi Jesson, Kesia, Ashley Helen. Really glad you feeling better Jesson and that you hada lovely holiday, i read your updates every week and look at your pictures. keep up the fight Jesson x love to Ashley and Helen. Take Care all love Tracey, Lewis + Sasha x

Joanne HartUnited Kingdom4.4.2006 sending lots of love to you all. I am always thinking about you and keep up to date via the web pages. So sorry to hear about Jesson's friend. Love Jo Andy Issac and Albert Hart

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom4.4.2006 19:28:52duranlebon1@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, I hope you are feeling better and you are being really LOUD!! I spoke to some-one who wants to sayhello to you. Her name is Alicia Kulbicki and she goes to yourschool. I think she may be in the same year as you. Anyway,HELLO from Alicia. I work with her daddy so she is going tokeep checking your website for pictures and to leave you messages. Keep loud , Lots of loveMichelle and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraEl Salvador5.4.2006 13:9:59http://hi jesson, hope the sleepover was fab! no sleep lots of sweets and chattering all night i bet!!just like my girls sleepovers!stay smiley! sera x*we all know you'll make the right decision for always to you all during this difficult decision time x

marina,jonny,morgan n guguUnited Kingdom6.4.2006 17:6:52http://Hi there Jesson and Family,As always little man, we are thinking of you and your lovely family.Lots of love and positive thoughts hugs and kissescoming your wayMarina,Jonny,Morgan and GU

Judy MorleyUnited Kingdom6.4.2006 18:2:46jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://

Judy MorleyUnited Kingdom6.4.2006 18:8:19jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://Hi, Jesson, Oops, did it wrong first time - signed it without a message - silly me!Just wanted to say how lovely it was to see you againwhen you visited school yesterday; the other children were very excited and pleased to see you.I hope that you and Kesia have a lovely time at Easter, and we look forward to having you back in the class soonLove from Mrs. Morleyxxxxx

Charlie PlantUnited Kingdom6.4.2006 19:30:1melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hi jj hope u are having a nice time happy easter holidayp.s hope u get lots of easter eggs!and kesia from Charlie.

Kerry wraggUnited Kingdom8.4.2006 20:31:19WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson Kesia Ashley and HelenHope your all ok and looking forward to Easter. I hope the weather gets better so you canplay outside during the holidays. I got absolutley soaking wet walking home today : ((( and it was very cold. Not very spring like : ((i hope you had fun with your sleep over Jesson and that your mum got over it. Hope you enjoyed going to school for the day Jesson, it sounds like everyone was pleased to seeyou, you must be very popular, well we all new that anyway.Stay strong Soldier Jesson.Los of love to allKerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou are all in my thoughts at this difficult time. Be strong as always. xxxxx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom9.4.2006 21:1:20http://Hello to you all,Hope your all ok, and that everything is going well. Bet you had agreat time when you had you sleep over, with lots of noise, bet mummy,daddy and kasia got no sleep, but as long as you had the a really goodtime that's all that matters. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.Have a great easter holiday and keep well and strong.Thinking of you all and looking forward to the updates when mummy as the time.**to hellen and ashley always thinking about you at these hard timesbut whatever you decide will always be the best for jesson as always.Lots of Love From Tina and Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraGuyana10.4.2006 20:40:1http://hi..hope the wraggs are enjoying the between theshowers and snow!guess what jesson, madison is at my mums cottage & they arecovered in snow!! how great is that!enjoy it all..sunshine..rain..snow..whatever the weather..hope your days are happy ones!love sera x* the decisions must be such a relief to have made it..and it is the right one.....cause you made it :o) and you know jesson best!*

viksUnited Kingdom11.4.2006 hop, hippety hop My “Easter Bunny” went off to the shop, He bought me an egg and lots of chocs And packed them into a cardboard box. Then he wrapped it with paper and shiny string It really was such a pretty thing. Disaster struck when I opened the door- He slid across the parquet floor, He went round the corner and past the stairs And finished up in a pile of chairs. Of the Easter goodies not a trace, he’d thrown them into my fireplace! So a warning before you go opening doors Make sure your “Bunny” has non-slip paws! Happy Easter With lots of love, Everyone at Post Pals

samantha istedUnited Kingdom11.4.2006 20:54:57s.isted@btopenworld.comhttp://hi helen,its peirs`s mum here,so glad to read that jesson is feeling better after we spoke last.just thought i`d warn you that when peirs was on temozolamide we found that his skin got incredibly dry,if jesson gets this we found that aquious cream helped quite a bit. did you have any luck on the dendritic cell vaccine. take really good care all of you,my thoughts are never far away from little jesson,good luck yours faithfully sam and peirs xx

charlie plantUnited Kingdom12.4.2006 19:10:16melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hi JJ i just wanner say be brave and watch docter who if not it will be taped and you can watch it with me love from charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Marina,Jonny,Morgan and GeorgieUnited Kingdom13.4.2006 13:28:10Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson and Kesia,HAPPY EASTERHOPE YOU GET LOTS OF EASTER EGGSLots of LoveMarina,Jonny, Morgan and GeorgieXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom15.4.2006 20:40:37kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson & KesiaHappy Easter !!!Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom16.4.2006 9:0:18WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to you allWishing you a very happy Easter. I hope you get lots of Easter Eggs.Don't eat them all at once!Lots of love to allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom16.4.2006 12:15:31http://Hi to you allHope your well jesson,and being a boisterous 6yrs old, with lots of noise and fun. Happy easter to you all and hope you got lots and lotsof eggs, but don't make yourself poorly eating them all a once.Keep well little manLove From Tina, Dave and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraSlovakia16.4.2006 18:49:47http://happy easter...hope its full of chocolate and smiles..:o) love to you allsera x

JeanUnited Kingdom16.4.2006 21:13:28http://Hi Jesson et alJust to say Happy Easter and dont eat all your eggs at once. Rachael reckons she's got 26 Cream eggs (she did say she liked them)so I think she'll still be eating them at Christmas! Glad the decision is made. It must be such a reflief and it will great not to spend so much time at the hospital. Take care all.Love Jean, Rachael and Samuel

margaret barrettUnited Kingdom19.4.2006 17:41:31http://

margaret barrettUnited Kingdom19.4.2006 17:55:9http://hello there,giad to hear your doing well, jesson.I always read your website,and i've just been looking back at all the photos taken.hope there will be some more,margaret,glyn,emma,lucy and sean.xxxxx.

GillUnited Kingdom20.4.2006 22:40:47d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Great to hear you're having fun and friends over for sleepoversGood luck for your scan Jesson I know you have to stay stillwhile they take the 'photos' but you can do it.Everything crossed for no black spots.Love to you allGill, Dave,Kane & Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraTurkey23.4.2006 18:26:48http://hope you have been out sploshing in wellies & eating chocolate this easter holiday!love sera xthinking of you thurs/fri as always with kind thoughts x

seraThailand24.4.2006 11:46:7http://even more kind thoughts...x sera

Mark PhythianUnited Kingdom24.4.2006 Jesson and family,My wife, 2 daughters and my son, have been watching your progressand we do so with a humility with regards to your bravery andcourage. We pray that you win this incredible fight and know thatevery moment is a precious one, and may they be forever.

EmmaUnited Kingdom25.4.2006 19:40:34emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson.Hope you are keeping well i will keep my fingers and toes crossed for your scan results.Love and kisses to you all love Emma Nathan and Meliah xxx Keep your chin up helen i know times can be very hard thinking about you all,keep beening strong.

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom25.4.2006 22:9:11WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hello Jesson, Kesia, Helen and AshSorry to hear that the chemo is making you so sick Jesson, but welldone for staying still while you had your scan done. Fingers tightly crossed and lots of prayers for the news to be good.Keep being a fighter JessonThinking of you all as always.Lots of loveKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom29.4.2006 Jesson, did you have a good Easter? I got lots of mini eggs and also some Kewi's as they are egg shaped (strange i know!), hope your feeling less sick soon so you can eat lots of left over eggs! Lots of love Viks

Steve WaltersUnited Kingdom30.4.2006 18:31:48stevewalters8@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson and familyI haven't had the pleasure of meeting you but my mother Jean has. She told me what a lovely family you are, and in particular what a special chap Jesson is.The necklace we bought a while back was great, many thanks.We have been getting the new's via this site for some time now.Our thoughts and good wishes are with you all.Steve and Sally Walters

seraGuyana2.5.2006 18:6:54http://so sorry to hear the easier option isnt quite so easy! as always jesson i am amazed at your strength..for a little person you sure are a tough cookie!prayers and wishes for an easier time with this treatment and many happy momentslove sera x

EmmaUnited Kingdom2.5.2006 19:4:37Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hiya Jesson .Keep been strong little man your a star.Thinking of you all .Hugs and kisses Love Emma Nathan & Meliah XXX

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom2.5.2006 Jesson - I hope you are ok?Take careLots of LoveKelly & Sophie xxx

Dale HarrisonJapan3.5.2006 10:30:45naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson, Keep fighting. We are all praying that you get stronger so as to be able to fight off this monster.Don't give up and We hope you will feel better soon.Love and Prayers Your friends in JapanDale and the kids from grade 5 Kanaya Elementary school.

Mary & BeccaUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 18:11:9eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson we are all thinking about and your family. Wish we could do some thing for you. Big squeeze. Love Mary & Becca xxxxxxxxxxxx

GillUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 18:40:51d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://I've never known anyone go through what you're are Jesson you're you are the bravest person I know, keep on fighting superman. Thinking of you all and sending you,mummydaddy and Kesia lots and lots of love.Dave Gill Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Denise KeranUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 Jesson,Sorry to hear you're poorly. We think about you alot and want you get well soon. Ryan says hi and hopes you'll be better soon.Love from,Denise and Ryan. xxxx

angelaUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 and prayers to you all at this tricky time xx thinking of you as always x x be strong and stay positive like you always do xxx love from ange, jez, oli and imogen lily xx

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 23:4:21WraKr@aol.comhttp://To Jesson, Kesia Helen and AshMy thoughts are with you all at this troublesome time. You have been through so much.Keep fighting Jesson. Your in my thoughts and my prayers.Lots of love to you allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alison + RachelUnited Kingdom3.5.2006 23:37:32 Jesson, really hope you rally through this latest setback as quickly as possible. We don't sign your guest book often, but I do check regularly. Thinking of you. Alison + Rachelxx

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom4.5.2006 8:59:55http://Hi to helen, ashley.jesson and kasia,I'm really sorry to hear you are poorly jesson. All our thoughtsand prayers. Keep fighting little man and be the brave soldier we allno you are. Hope you start to fell better soonLove From Tina and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

marina,jonny,morgan and guUnited Kingdom4.5.2006 16:41:58marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,So sorry to hear you are back in hospital and poorly,Hopeing you start to feel better soon,Lots of love to you and your familyLove The Summerfieldsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraEl Salvador4.5.2006 23:5:50http://thoughts, prayers and lots of love..sera x x

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA5.5.2006 5:27:42aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hi there. I haven't been online in so long. Sorry. It sounds like things have been a bit rough lately. I hope today will be a better day for all. I think of you guys everyday and am glad to be able to check up on you again. Victoria had a friend over today and Cody actually took a nap today. Hooray!! He is now three months old. Jesson, I know you are such a special boy to all those that know you. You are thought of frequently and know you must be so tough and a joy to be around. Hang in there. We love you and pray for you and know God cares for you very deeply even on those days that just stink. Hope it goes better this week.

Sharon WalshUnited Kingdom5.5.2006 you at Hatton I work with Melanie Rose, I have followedJessons progress. Thinking of you all, he's a fighter xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.5.2006 Jesson,Sorry to hear you are having such an awful time. You are so very brave. Thinking of you and all your family.I hope the pain eases very soon for you.Diane Hughes(Samantha Hughes Nana)

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom6.5.2006 21:24:3WraKr@aol.comhttp://Your all in my thoughts and my prayers. Big Kiss X to Jesson and as well to Kesia.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rosie and Benny USA7.5.2006 3:9:15wildthistlerose@twcny.rr.comhttp://Sorry to hear Jesson is in such pain, we keep you all in our prayers, stay strong, Godbless, Rosie & Benny.

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom7.5.2006 13:51:35http://Just a quick message to let you know we are thinking of youall everyday. All our love at this hard time.Love From Tina Dave and family

SallyEurope7.5.2006 18:51:37sally@georgies-fund.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comDear Jesson,I hope you know that we are thinking of you always, sending you lots of positive thoughts and healing energy! We check your site every day and you are forever in our thoughts!Lots of loveSally XXXXXXXXXXX

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom7.5.2006 20:21:4kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Dear JessonI hope you are feeling better today sorry to hear you arefeeling poorly.Sending you all my loveKelly & Sophie xxxxxx

seraVenezuela7.5.2006 23:55:56http://love and kind thoughts being sent to you all..especially to jesson x x x sera x glenn x liberty x madison x honey x

DaleJapan8.5.2006 5:57:50naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson. I hope that you are feeling better. You must be in sooo much pain. But you are a fighter.Keep smiling and keep fighting.Your friends in Japan

Pamie NewlandsUnited Kingdom8.5.2006 9:31:58thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonI'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling very poorly just now. Hope that your doctors will be able to make you feel lots better soon. Take care and keep fighting. I think of you often. Pamie Newlands (friend of Alara Curran)

Judy MorleyUnited Kingdom8.5.2006 18:5:41jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://Just to say that we hope Jesson will soon be feeling a bit better.Our thoughts are with you, and lots of love from everyone at school. xxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom8.5.2006 Jesson,Sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. May angels be watching over you and answer all our prayers.Thinking of you and all your family, you have all been through so much. May you all find the strength to see you through.Love to you allDiane Hughes(Samantha's Nana)

DaleJapan8.5.2006 23:58:59naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson, Keep fighting. You are going to beat this horrible monster.Keep smiling and know that there are so many people all over the world that are praying for your recovery.Love and hugs Dale and the kids from Kanaya elementary school.

Dale HarrisonJapan10.5.2006 7:8:3naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Just writing to say Hi. You are in my thoughts now and everyday.Keep fighting and stay strong. Luv and BlessingsDale & the students from Kanaya Elementary School Japan

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom10.5.2006 20:54:7WraKr@aol.comhttp://Just a quick note to let you know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts.Stay strong everyone.Come on Jesson, you can do itXXXLoads of love Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DaleJapan11.5.2006 3:16:27naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson, My students are all praying that you will find the strength to get keep fighting.Stay strong and don't give in. You can do this your are a real fighter.Love and Blessings Dale & the kids from Kanaya elementary school Japan

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom11.5.2006 13:57:37http://Hi-Ya to ashley.helen,jesson and kasiaGreat news to hear your at home, and feeling alot better.Hopethe nausea stay away jesson, and that you are well enough to enjoythis lovely weather. You and kasia can have lots of fun playing in the sunshine. Get big and strong as soon as you can, and always be the brave soldierwe all know you are.All our Love from Tina, Dave,and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom11.5.2006 19:28:25WraKr@aol.comhttp://Yeah yeah yeah go Jesson we knew you could do it!!!!I am sooooooooooooo pleased that your home and getting better.Jesson you are so brave, we're all so very proud of you.Go go captain Jesson.Lots of love to you all, you must be so relieved.Love Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom11.5.2006 Jesson,What a superstar you are! Your courage and fighting spirit are truly amazing!So glad to hear the pain has gone away.I have been so worried about you. Fingers and toes crossed for your next round of tests.Love Diane Hughes(Samantha's Nana)

DaleJapan12.5.2006 0:37:23naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Yeah, Well done Jesson. I knew you would beat it. Keep fighting and Keep smiling. You are a super star.My students send there love and prayers.Love and hugs from Dale & the Gang

seraUruguay12.5.2006 21:40:31http://YEAH JESSON!!!! you really are one tough cookie!love to you all..special wishes for an eventfree weekend spent at home!sera x

THE "NEWTRONS"United Kingdom13.5.2006 11:7:2newtonuk2000@aol.comhttp://Hey Jesson .... I know we're going to see you at Uncle Lee's 40th Birthday BBQ (soz LEE!)today but we all wanted to say how brave you are and we are so proud of you. You are our "Super Hero"!!!!Lots & Lots of Hugs & KissesA.Lisa, George & Annie :O))xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom15.5.2006 Jesson,Was thinking about you, so checked in on you. Hope you are doing as well as Sammy is at the moment. Stay strong and positive.Love Diane Hughes (Samantha's Nana)

Kerry TaylorUnited Kingdom16.5.2006 19:30:50kerry.taylor@uhl-tr.nhs.ukhttp://Hi Jesson, I hope you are feeling better, as much as you can! Ivemoved from the x-ray at the LRI and work in the x-ray at theLGH now but I keep an eye on your progress with your website.I love the angels you have made and Im going to do a bit ofpromotion work to sell some of those here at the LGH for you. I hope Mum, Dad and Kesia are all keeping well. Looking at your photos, I noticed Hollie Worrad on one,its good to see your making some lasting friends from ward 27.Hello Hollie if you happen to read this, I hope your ok too?I'll be in touch as soon as I can with an angel order for you.Take care Jesson.Kerry xx

Nicole and Katie BensonIreland16.5.2006 22:18:36http://Thinking of you Jesson!!We like your site, it's very cool :-)Hope you are feeling betterXXXX

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom17.5.2006 18:0:46http://Hello to you all,Just a note to say we hope everything is well with you jessonand your keeping well and strong.Have you been having fun in thenice weather with Kesia, Keep well jessson and being the hero we all know you are. Thinking of you all always and sending you all our love ad prayersLove From Tina and Familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulaUnited Kingdom17.5.2006 21:51:14paularich7@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson, i'm back online again! Missed having my computer and so glad i can catch up on all your news.It was good to see you yesterday see you soon, lots of love Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

seraSingapore18.5.2006 18:49:3http://hi..hope things are still going well with you all..its gcse time in our house (liberty) how boring is that jesson!! exams!hope your having more fun!kind thoughts sera x glenn x liberty x madison x honey x

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA19.5.2006 0:40:15aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://So glad to hear Jesson is out of the hospital. Hooray! I hope he is still feeling better. We think of you often. We have been staying busy. We all participated in the Make-a-Wish gala here and it was a huge success. I know at least $2oo,ooo was raised in just 10 minutes in a live auction. Pretty cool! I have a new email address, so give me a quick line and I'll send you some pictures. Jesson, hang in there, we are keeping you close in our prayers. Love to you all.

Vivienne PartnerUnited Kingdom19.5.2006 Jesson thinking of you and wishing you well has been such a long time since i saw you at the hospital.Keep fighting mate love to you all viv.Rob +dean.

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom20.5.2006 7:9:37http://Hi Jesson and Kesia Helen and AshHope your all OK, most of all that Jesson is still on the mend.Your always in my thoughts.Lots of loveKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom20.5.2006 Jesson,Just checked by to see how you are. Hope no news is good news.Keep up the fight, hope you are busy getting big and strong.Love Diane (Samantha's Nana)

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom21.5.2006 14:53:58http://Hi, to you allHope you are all well,especially you jesson. Just looking atyou web page, but there is no news,so really hope that yourwell and having loads of fun with your friends and kasia. Mummywill update when she gets time. So until then we are all thinking ofyou all and sending you all our love. Keep well and brave jesson.LOVE FROM TINA AND FAMILY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

GINA INGHAMUnited Kingdom22.5.2006 10:26:35GINAINGHAM@AOL.COMhttp://Hello to you all, hope you are still feeling much better Jessonand all the nasty pain has gone away! Just checked your siteand hoping very much that no news is good news. Look forward toto hearing that you are all well and have had a great time at hometogether.Take careThinking of you all as alwaysLoveGina, Tim, Adam, Laura and OliviaXXXXX

TINA STEELSUnited Kingdom23.5.2006 15:32:56http://Hello to you allSorry to hear things are not to good at the minute,We can only pray that things get better soon. COME ON JESSON KEEP FIGHTING.I don't really know what to say.But try to stay postive and hellenwe understand you not being hapy at the moment (your only human and a very special person. Your've all been through so much.) ALL THE BEST WISHES AND LOVE GOES OUT TO YOU ALLFROM TINA, AND FAMILY.COME ON CAPTAIN JESSON KEEP FIGHTING

seraTogo23.5.2006 19:5:34http://its ok to have a grumble..not one of us could manage this any better than you helen..scream shout swear if it helps!!!poor jesson, his little body must be getting so tired..but hes a fighter!we're all here praying, wishing & thinking of you all.sending all our love through cyber spaceglenn x sera x liberty x madison x honeyp.s if you pass my shop on welford road pop in..its bambino baby..near clarendon park road, sandwiched between two houses & behind the bus stop!i'm happy to display one of jessons angel pictures you can drop one off. x

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom23.5.2006 20:18:34duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://Helen, If anyone is entitled to have a little moan then you aremore than entitled. The way you care for your family whilstdealing with Jesson's illness is amazing.I have seen you a few times in the past few years and you are such aninspiration . Something happens and you deal with it in away that only you can, many others would crack under the strain. I hope things improve for Jesson soon, He is like his mother, a born fighter. Sending love to you allMichelle and family

AlisonUnited Kingdom23.5.2006 22:25:19 Jesson, this just isn't fair. Hopefully it isn't hepatitis, but something simpler and less troublesome.Keep updating the site, since we have gone onto maintenance ie only at clinic once a month, we are losing touch a bit with you guys, and it is horrible actually. Take care, just because we are not around doens't mean we're not thinking of you. Alisonx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom23.5.2006 Jesson and family,Sorry to hear news not so good at the moment. I know its hard but hold on to each other and keep fighting, what choice do we have. Sammy's bone marrow result was disappointing as still not clear, but hey is better than last time. I guess sometimes we have to crawl and inch our way bit by bit.I know how you feel, CAN WE ALL PLEASE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE! I feel like shouting this from the roof top GIVE US A BREAK WE ARE TRYING AS HARD AS WE CAN.You are not alone we are with you all the way, we will never stop fighting this!Love and as much support as everDiane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

Tara & ShaneUnited Kingdom24.5.2006 8:38:29http://HelenSorry its not great at the moment. Keep your chin up you have all come so far with this horrible illness.Jesson - get well soon little manlove Tara & Shane xx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom24.5.2006 8:58:0WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hello AllSo sorry to hear that another hurdle as come your way yet again.The poor little man has been through so much, just one thing after another.Helen, no wonder you are feeling so negative, this must be so hard for you.Your all forever in my thoughts and prayers.Stay strong together.Loads of loveKerry and Stacey

Pamie NewlandsUnited Kingdom25.5.2006 0:50:0thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://I'm so sorry that Jesson is having a terrible time at the moment.You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that things will get bettter for all of you.xxxxx

Dale HarrisonJapan25.5.2006 1:6:29naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Dear Jesson and family. I cannot start to imagine the pain that you are all going through.Jesson is a real fighter and I know that he won't give in.I and my students pray for you all every day and hope that God will give you the strength to fight this monster to the end.Love Blessings and loads of Prayers.Your Friends and Supporters in Japan

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA25.5.2006 21:7:57aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://I don't know where to begin, I just hope things will improve. Jesson has pulled through so many things. You are all close to our hearts and in our prayers. Hang in there, I can't imagine dealing with everything you guys must. I know you are doing your best and Jesson is a determined little fighter. Love to you all and all your family. You'll be in our prayers.

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom27.5.2006 Jesson,Hope you and your family have a good weekend. Hope you are no longer in any pain and able to play and forget things for a while.Thinking of you all and praying things have improved,hope no news is good news.Love & SupportDiane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

jeanUnited Kingdom28.5.2006 19:16:18http://Hi allGlad things are a little better. You've all had a tough time of it recently. Hope things continue on the up. Thinking of you allLove Jean, Rachael and Samuel

DaleJapan28.5.2006 23:53:21naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson. What a fighter you are. I wish I had half the courage and will power that you have.Keep smiling, Keep fighting.Love as always Dale & the Gang

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA29.5.2006 1:6:49aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://Thanks for a quick update. So glad to hear the trephine was clear and you have another appointment set up about MIBG. Glad you are feeling a bit better, Jesson. Hopefully you will all be able to get some good rest and improvements will keep coming. Hang in there. We are thinking of you all.

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom29.5.2006 14:7:46WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson and the gangSo glad to hear that things are looking up a bit. We knew youcould do it Jesson cos your a superstar.Ask your Mum how many days ther are in May???Lots of love to you allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DaleJapan31.5.2006 3:52:6naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Glad to hear that you are still feeling better.As always you are in my prayers today and always.Keep fighting.What Cancer Cannot DoCancer is so limitedE.It cannot cripple LOVEIt cannot shatter HOPEIt cannot corrode FAITHIt cannot destroy PEACEIt cannot kill FRIENDSHIPIt cannot suppress MEMORIESIt cannot silence COURAGEIt cannot invade the SOULIt cannot steal ETERNAL LIFEIt cannot conquer the SPIRIT

Tina SteelsUnited Kingdom31.5.2006 13:38:24http://Hi to you all,Really glad to hear things are alittle better, knew you could do itcaptain jesson. Your always the hero. keep up the good workand hopefully you will be able to have some fun in the sunshine this weekendAll our thoughts are with you all and you are always in our prayers LOVE FROM TINA AND FAMILYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

seraGermany31.5.2006 20:52:12http://ditto to dales wonderful and touching to you allsera x

ReeceUnited Kingdom1.6.2006 JessonSorry we couldn't go to Twin Lakes my Mum says that we can go at a weekend when you feel better. Hope your feeling alright and happy. See you soonLove from Reece

EmmaUnited Kingdom1.6.2006 19:40:48Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello Jesson We are so glad that you are on the mend.Have a lovely weekend what ever you do.Keep been strong little man.Love Emma Nathan & Meliah xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom3.6.2006 Jesson,Hope you are doing ok and able to enjoy the sunshine . I pray the rest of your test results are ok.Take care, thinking of you and checking for news daily.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom5.6.2006 18:57:38kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://A Big Hello to the Wragg FamilySorry to hear you are up and down at the minute Jesson. Go platelets!!All my thoughts are with you as everLots of LoveKelly & Sophie

Dale & the GangJapan6.6.2006 6:53:28naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Hope you are feeling better. My students send their love and prayers to you.Keep fighting.


Gail DavidsonUnited Kingdom8.6.2006 23:50:52gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://we're so sorry to hear that you have had a very bad time of it Jesson and we hope that things look up soon. Helen and family keep your chins up. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for better news and do lots of praying. Lots of love from Colin, Gail and Shannon Davidson. xxx

seraGuatemala10.6.2006 15:23:28http://lovely to see you all.. honey keeps asking WHEN kesia is going to come around again!hope you've got over the shock of the loft stairs!love to you allenjoy the sun and the dreaded football :o)sera x x x

Karen AccardiIceland11.6.2006 22:40:59 there,this is Jordan Accardi Mum and we have been following your website and hope very much that Jesson is feeling better and we wish you all the best from New York where Jordan is receiving his currant treatment,at the moment he has chicken pocks!We are thinking about you all, karen Accardi.P.S Jessons angels are lovely .

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom12.6.2006 Jesson,Hope you are doing ok. How are you feeling in this heat?? Are you enjoying the sunshine or hiding from it?I am hiding from the football! Don't let Sammy's Grandad know I said that!Thinking of you all and hope everything is ok. Keep up the fight!!Love Diane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.6.2006 Jesson,Just checking on you as always. Hope everything is ok. Sammy is back at the hospital for sleepovers only, she has lost so much weight and needs TPN again.Stay positive I know some days that's harder than others.Stay strong.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom18.6.2006 Jesson,Thinking of you today and every day.Wishing you all good news and sending positive thoughts and love.Hoping you are well, stay strongLove Diane Hughes

DaleJapan20.6.2006 0:30:40naron810@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Sorry for not signing for a while. Hope you are feeling better and am looking forward to hear how you are getting on. Keep smiling keep fightingLove and hugs and lots of prayers

NatashaUnited Kingdom20.6.2006 jesson,i'm so sorry i haven't been in contact for so long,i have just had a look at your website to catch up with what you have been up to. i was sad to read you had been poorly again, i hope youare feeling better now.i often think of you and your family, say hi to everyone for melove from natasha x x x(i used to work on ward 27, just in case you couldn't remember me!!) x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom20.6.2006 Jesson & family,Thinking of you today and every day. Diane Hughes

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom21.6.2006 Jesson,Just seen on Sammy's site you are on holiday at Prestwick. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Sammy & her brother Louis had a fantastic time.I have been really worrying about you as no updates for a while. Silly me, I should have known you would bounce back again!Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Clare EdwardsUnited Kingdom23.6.2006 to you all. Hannah and I send our best. I raised over £3000.00 running the London Marathon for the Neuroblastoma Society. While running round a couple of people shouted out the name of our charity and I swelled with pride. Love and positive wishes to Jesson. Take care Love Clare xxxx

jessica eatonUnited Kingdom24.6.2006 8:35:31http://24/06/06hi jesson it is jessica from hoilday thinking of you day and night hop i see you all again on hoilday i had so much with you write back to this address 614 havery road de240ej love you all bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraHonduras26.6.2006 11:2:38http://hi .. hope the lack of update means you're just too busy having a fab time on holiday :o)kind thoughtssera* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * jessons angel canvas is now displayed in my shop- its even more gorgeous in "real life"!& a shabby chic style nursery range is being designed to match it by a bedding designer i stock!i'm hoping this will increase the sales for the canvas's & a percent of the bedding range will also bedonated to the neuroblastoma exciting is that!!** so all you shabby chic lovers come to see it at bambino baby, 282 welford road *** its a beautiful range (from cots to full sz beds & reasonably priced) & is for such a good cause which we all support *** i'll send pics soon helen* love to you all x

kim,chris,callum,nathan,brianneUnited Kingdom26.6.2006 helen,ashley,jesson,kesia.hope you are all ok, read the message on the web page.the sun is shining here in scotland, how is it down the way.we had a great time at prestwick too,all the best and takecare.xxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom28.6.2006 Jesson and family,Hope you are still well. Thinking of you all as you go to Royal Marsden today.Stay strong Jesson, just like Sammy, you have a big battle to fight as you both hope for the go ahead for stem cell.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

kim,chris,brianne,callum,nathanUnited Kingdom29.6.2006 jesson,hope you feel better soon,hope everything goes well at hospitalyou are in are thoughts,miss hearing your voice and that lovely laugh.all the best,take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom1.7.2006 Jesson,Hope you are feeling better, and back home again soon. Hope all went well at Royal Marsden.Time to get well and strong Jesson, lots to do!I am going on holiday to Zante Greece tomorrow for two weeks, as Sammy has no treatment for a while, take care and I will be in touch when I get back.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

jessicaUnited Kingdom2.7.2006 20:42:50http://2 July 2006hi i am missing her to please write to me again thank you jessica xxxx

Emma United Kingdom4.7.2006 19:30:11Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hi ya Hope you are keeping well and looking after each other.Love Emma Nathan & Meliah XXX

Alecia and Victoria FulenwiderUSA7.7.2006 5:5:7aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hi Jesson and family. Glad to hear of your happy holiday, but hate to hear Jesson is not feeling well. I hope he feels better very soon. We have been thinking of you all. Victoria prays every night for Jesson before she goes to sleep. We have been busy at swimming lessons. Cody had his first swim yesterday and seemed to enjoy it. Well, just wanted to say hi and wish you well. Love and prayers go out.

jayne edwardsUnited Kingdom11.7.2006 allmy daughter Rachel has had neuroblastoma, i'm sure Helen you remember her. she's 12 now. i have just got the info for jessons angels so will be ordering soon.All out love and thoughts are with youJayne and Rachel Edwards

seraYugoslavia11.7.2006 20:25:1http://hi all..been reading but not left message for a while..xnice pic of you jesson and the naughty pooch :o)what a pair!prayers and wishes for some lovely quality time for you all sera x x x x

jeanUnited Kingdom11.7.2006 22:2:0http://Hi JessonWe're of to scotland on thursday. We're hiring a caravan on the beach. (They have to move them in winter in case they get washed away by the sea). Sorry things havent been too good lately. What a super photo of you. Samuel's looking forward to walking his cousin's dogs along the beach. take care all. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of good times.Jean, Rachael and Samuel

Mary and BeccaUnited Kingdom17.7.2006 23:10:48eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson!! Not long before 1000 people have signed your guest book. I hope that you are ok and that the weather isnt too hot for you. Take care and love to you and all your family. You are never far from our thoughts. Love Mary and Becca XXX

seraGuyana19.7.2006 17:31:35http://my weekly hi ya!love to you allsera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom19.7.2006 Jesson,Hope your ok. I am back from 2 weeks rest in Zante, no better place to chill out!Love your latest photo, what a handsome, grown up young man you are becoming.Was interested to here about the tip toeing due to vincristine, I learn something every day. Sammy often walks on tip toe, now I know she wasn't practicing her ballerina steps (she wants to go to ballet classes when she is better).I wish so much I could grant you only good news but keep going Jesson we are with you all the way.Stay strong.Love Diane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

kim,chris,callum,nathan and brianneUnited Kingdom22.7.2006 jesson,hope you had a great time with all the racing cars,brianne would loved to have seen you,racing round the will have to get mum to send us some photos. glad youare felling a bit better, all the best.take care,love from us in bonny scotland

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom23.7.2006 11:19:38WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to Jesson and gangHey I'm really sorry it's been som long since I last wrote but my computer is on the blink, right now I'm at work (Rrrgh on a Sunday)so I though I would drop a quick line.Ihope your feeling better after that horrible tonsilitus (wrong spelling)thats so nasty, but your strong and brave Jesson so I know you'll be ok.Wow, fancy you going racing, that must have been great, can't wait to see the pictures.Hope you have been enjoing the hot weather, not too sure whats happening today : ((Helen, I hope your Dads ok. Be strong all.Lots and lots of loveKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paula,Rich,Daniel&AbbieNew Zealand24.7.2006 Jesson!We are online at last and it's great to be able to visit your web site to see how you are getting on,it sounds like you had a fab day at the races slightly faster than your mummy drives eh? Helen sorry to hear about your dad hope he is feeling better now and to let you know you are always in our thoughts, love to you all, Paula, Rich, Daniel ad Abbie x x x

rebeccaUnited Kingdom24.7.2006 11:3:21bubble_queen_94@hotmail.comHi jesson,i hope you are ok and having fun in the hoildays. I hope you are not getting into mischief.Have loads of Rebecca and Rachel

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom24.7.2006 19:52:24kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi To The Wragg Family,Helen, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad and hope he's on the mend now.Jesson your day racing sound's excelent thats something i've always wanted to do, speed without getting a ticket.Anyway love to you allKelly & Sophie xxx

seraUruguay25.7.2006 15:58:18http://a so sorry and a so happy sorry to hear about your dad..he's a tough old thing!pleased jesson had a great time racing! what a wonderful sight that must have been!love to you allsera x x x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom26.7.2006 Jesson,Hope you are well and able to see some friends in the summer holidays.Sorry to hear about your Grandad, your Mum must be so busy trying to be everywhere at once!Stay well and give your Mum an extra big hug to cheer her up.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Mary & BeccaUnited Kingdom29.7.2006 13:26:29eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Jesson, Hope you are feeling alot better, so sorry to hear that you havent been well. Hope your eyes are ok now, keep your chin up. We are always thinking about you all. Big hugs. Love Mary and Becca xx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom30.7.2006 Jesson,I was so sad to see your latest photo, you really do deserve things to go your way for once, without all this bad luck.I hope you feel better soon. You won't go far wrong with your mum beside you.Helen - you keep speaking up and insist the doctors listen to you, nobody knows your son better than you, the doctors must always remember these children are individuals, and react differently.Lots of LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

charlieUnited Kingdom30.7.2006 16:30:41melenie.plant@ntlworld.comhttp://hi jj i cant wait till we go camping have fun un till thatday have more love charlie

seraAfrica1.8.2006 13:50:12http://hi, hope jesson is still feeling well..nice to see you out helen..sorry didnt have time to chat more on saturday (glenns birthday :o)pop in to see me when you're passing the and kind wishes to you all love sera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom1.8.2006 Jesson,Hope the swelling has gone down and your eyes are better.Thinking of you and your family and special thoughts for your Grandad too.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

rachel n xxxUnited Kingdom2.8.2006 11:22:17fundraiserfrenzy@aim.comhttp://www.xxrachamyandsimxx.piczo.comhiya jesson my name is rachel and i am 10 and i do lots of fundraising for cancer and i am doing one on the 16 of august and i am doing a sponserd run and afterwards we are having a little garden party and letting off some balloons hope you are ok love rachel xxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom7.8.2006 JessonJust to let you know I am still thinking of you every day. Hope you are feeling better and that your treatment is back on track.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

seraTurkey10.8.2006 20:56:50http://love to you all - in my thoughts oftenlove sera xxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom11.8.2006 Jesson,Hope you are doing ok, thinking of you today and every day.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

seraSingapore15.8.2006 18:39:39http://hi wraggs :o)hopefully no news is good to you all as alwayskind thoughtssera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.8.2006 JessonStill in my thoughts today and every day.Take careDiane (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom17.8.2006 Jesson,Still thinking of you today and every day. Stay strong and keep fighting.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

seraUSA20.8.2006 12:20:39http://loving thoughts as always to you allsera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom23.8.2006 Jesson,Pleased to hear you had a good time at Legoland. You are looking very handsome and growing up very fast.Sorry to hear your blood counts are taking their time, same as Sammy, they struggled to find enough for her transplant! At least that means those bad cells had a battering too!Take care, you may disagree with your sister, but one day she will be your best friend!.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

MaryUnited Kingdom24.8.2006 13:5:46eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://You looked like you had a great time! What your mum has written made me laugh as I remember what my daughter had said a few months ago. I had a packet of meat in the kitchen with its label on. Rebecca said "why are we having Lion chops"! But she ment to have said Loin chops!!Big hugs Jesson xx Mary

seraGuatemala24.8.2006 19:48:32http://love the photo - jesson looks fab! and so happy :o)so please you are having some time to spend together away from hospitals and all that..nearly the end of the summer hols!love to you allsera xp.s liberty got her gcse results today (can you believe shes 17 next month!!)12 passes - 5 A stars, 5 A's and 2 b's..better than us eh helen :o)

PAULANew Zealand31.8.2006 Jesson & Kessia,sounds as if you had a fab time at legoland,Kessia could you order a Porshe for me to?Love to you allPaula x x x x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom1.9.2006 Jesson,Hope today is a good day. Sammy has been transferred back to Nottingham today, good to be nearer home! Stem cells have been returned now the fight back to health begins.Hope your blood results are improving and your treatment is on track again.LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

seraGreece1.9.2006 17:50:21http://hi wragg gang..just a hiyalove & kind thoughts as alwayssera xx glenn x liberty x madison x honey x

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom4.9.2006 21:2:58WraKr@aol.comhttp://Big Hello to Jesson and the gangIt was great to see you all at the wedding. Thanks Jesson for showing me all your lego. You are growing up so much and very handsome, especially with the gap in your teeth : ))I bet you had a great time at legoland, did you manage to buy almost everything? I can't imagine that there is much that you haven't gotalready.How grown up are the two of you with your own bank accounts, Kesia, the car will have to come later : (Hope your all well.See you soon I hope.Lots of love to all.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tracy leftlely callums mum ward 27United Kingdom7.9.2006 14:12:20tracyandshaun@btinternet.c0mhttp://jus gone into 21st century and gone on internet think about jesson and how hes doin and so i looked on his web site hope things r not to bad at moment always ask when at clinic luv to u all tracy callums mum who use to work for wishes 4 kids

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom7.9.2006 14:16:41http://hi ya bbz hope your feeling better jessonluv zoex x x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom9.9.2006 Jesson,Hope you are doing ok. Is your treatment back on track yet?Best Wishes Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Jo HartUnited Kingdom10.9.2006

Jo HartUnited Kingdom10.9.2006 JessonI remember you so well when you were a baby. I am always checking the pages to see how you areI hope you are enjoying school. You will soon get back into the swing of it. Keep smiling. Jo Hart

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom10.9.2006 Jesson,Glad your ok, now lets get those platelets up! As for your snail pet, that's ok. My niece Amy keeps them too and when she goes on holiday I have a tank full to look after and clean out! I have to do it cos no one else will.Take care and keep that smile of yours.Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Vicki ScottUSA13.9.2006 i haven't been in touch for a while. I read your website oftenI hope your platlets increase very soon.It is lovely to hear you have an interest in snails.How big is your snail trail now?Have you built a home for them too?What is your bigest snail have names for them?Thinking off you all the time. My love you your family.Vicki

TaraUnited Kingdom14.9.2006 13:15:2http://Hope your feeling better soon.Keep looking after those snails!love from Tara & Shane

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.9.2006 Jesson,Hope today is a good day! how are the snails??Best Wishes Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom17.9.2006 22:36:10WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson and the gangHope all is well in the Wragg house. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell Jesson, I hope your feeling better now,.I hope the snails are doing well, what do they eat???Hope your enjoying school Jesson.Stay strong all.Loads of loveKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulaNew Zealand18.9.2006,thinking of you all, hope your platelets increase soon Jesson.Have you painted 'BIGS' shell? Glad to hear your enjoying school.Love to you all, miss you lotsPaula x x x x

seraGuyana18.9.2006 20:46:15http://hi all..a very exciting and just a bit yuch!! :o)have fun with him (or her :o)love to you all..sera xxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom20.9.2006 Jesson,Hope you are ok. Have you found the missing snail yet?? Is big even bigger??Take care and stay wellDiane (Sammy's Nana)

seraSlovakia20.9.2006 18:42:6http://thank you for the link to christi..makes me feel even more thankful for my 3 healthy one being told off here for a while xlove to you allsera x

seraSingapore22.9.2006 15:6:14http://through jessons site i wanted to sendprayers and strength to all parents of children with neuroblastoma..(i'm sure you read each others sites) especially to christi & abbies parents..heaven has two new beautiful angel princesses this week who will be sadly missed on earth.x sera x

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom27.9.2006 19:59:41WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi To Jesson and the gangReally glad to hear that the new round of treatment is going wellJesson, not that I'm surprised that your coping well, you always do.Hows school going? Is Kesia still enjoying it too? Our thoughts and prayers are with Christie and Abbies' families, two very brave and special little girls, it was humbling to read their brave stories and certainly makes you reflect on how precious our time is. x x x x x Keep being a strong and brave soldier Jesson. We're very proud of you.Loads of love to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom27.9.2006 20:41:40ginaingham@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson and the gang!Great to hear that you are enjoying yourself with lots of holidaysetc and you look as fantastic as ever!What a relief that you have now started the next lot of treatmentand handling it really well.We all think of you lots still and keep checking your website regularly to check that you are still having a great time.Hope Kesia is OK at school and you are still arguing over the TV etc, heheTake care all of you, thinking of you lots as always,(Keep fighting Jesson XXXXXX)Lots of loveGina, Tim, Adam, Laura and OliviaX

Jessie and StanaUnited Kingdom27.9.2006 21:3:13londonstana@hotmail.com Jesson and family,I haven't signed your guestbook yet but I have been following your story for many months. Jesson, you are a very brave little boy and I wish you all the best. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to legoland. My daughter Jessie loves it there too. Jessie was diagnosed with ganglio-neuroblastoma in december 2005. Jesson and family, your are in our thoughts,Love Jessie and Stana

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom29.9.2006 Jesson,Hope you are well, what a wet day today, but hey I didn't have to mow the lawn! Hope school is ok and you are learning lots.Sammy is doing ok, still bossy, still singing! Her site crashed which worried a lot of people but a new one will be up and running soon.Best Wishes Diane (Sammy's Nana)

PaulaNew Zealand1.10.2006 Jesson and family, thinking of you all,Lots of lovePaula & family x x x x

seraUSA3.10.2006 21:48:4http://hi wragg gang..hope everything is still going ok with the treatment..stay strong and a little bit naughty :o)love to you allsera x

SANDRA United Kingdom5.10.2006 8:45:57sandra.matthews@scitekuk.comhttp://Wishing a very special young man a very very HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY WITH LOVE AND THE BESTEST OF WISHES!

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.10.2006 Jesson,Happy Birthday for Saturday! Hope you have a long list of pressies you want! Have you chosen your cake yet?? Stay well!Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Marina,Jonny Morgan and GuUnited Kingdom5.10.2006 12:52:53Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson,We cant wait to see you this weekend Birthday Boy.Hows school ? we hope your enjoying it.Lots of loveMarina, Jonny , Morgan and GeorgeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Tara Robinson United Kingdom5.10.2006 13:11:4http://Have a very special birthday on Saturdaylove from Tara & Shane x

Steve WaltersUnited Kingdom5.10.2006 21:47:13stevewalters8@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Jesson and familyGreat to read it's your Birthday this Saturday! Hope you have a really good time with lots of presents.Don't eat too much jelly!Steve, Sally Walters and family

Jo HartUnited Kingdom6.10.2006 Birthday Jesson love from Jo and Andy Hart Isaac and Albert.

Doug and PaulaUSA6.10.2006 18:43:3dougiemar@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hi Jesson,We hope you have a super Birthday with lots of presents and may all the wishes you make come true.Lots of Love to you and keep on being the tough little warrior that you are.Doug and Paula.

chrissieUnited Kingdom6.10.2006 19:3:54chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://hi jesson HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY for tomorrow hope you get lots of lovely presents :-).have a fantastic day and ill look forward to reading all about it on here.

Victoria FulenwiderUSA6.10.2006 19:59:13aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://Happy, happy, happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! What a great age to be!!!I pray for you every night before I go to bed. I am so glad you get to celebrate being seven. I am only six now but I can't wait to be seven. I like to go to school and play with my little brother. I hope you have a great birthday and a really fun party!

EmmaUnited Kingdom6.10.2006 20:2:56http://Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you get everything you wish for, thinking of youand hope that you have a lovely day.

deepikaUnited Kingdom6.10.2006 22:47:4dr_deepikasharma@yahoo.comhttp://Dear JessonMany Many Happy returns of this day.Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have lots of fun.Best wishes for Kesia and your loving parents.



Diane HughesUnited Kingdom7.10.2006 BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSON!!Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Gill BrookesUnited Kingdom7.10.2006 13:22:37d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://*********HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSON********Have lots of fun on your birthdaylove and kissesDave, Gill, Kane and Alfiexxxxx

SallyUnited Kingdom7.10.2006 22:34:28sallY@georgies-fund.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comHappy Birthday Jesson, We hosted the NSOC 5th Annual Golf Day yesterday and all the trustees were thinking of you. We were so glad to hear from Tania you had spent 5 days at school!Lots of love to you and Kesia, we think about you all of of the time.Sally XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Claire and Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom8.10.2006 10:34:7http://Happy 7th Birthday for yesterday jesson, I bet it was filled with lots of special suprises,Love to you all, Love Claire,Ju, Liam and Poppy xxxxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom9.10.2006 21:35:0kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Happy 7th Birthday JessonI keep up to date with your progess and like your mum & dad I am very proud of you! Helen - were has the time gone it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago!GO JESSON GO JESSON GO JESSONLots of Love to Kesia and AshleighLoveKelly & Sophie

KaitlynAustralia16.10.2006'day Jesson,I turned 7 as well.Love Kaitlyn

PaulaNew Zealand17.10.2006 to you all,hoping all goes well thurs & fri, thinking of you all, hope your dad is home son Helen, love Paula x x x x

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom17.10.2006 19:37:4WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi To Jesson and the gangFirstly Jesson, really sorry I missed your birthday : ((I hope it was a good one, 7 years old, and such a handsome caring young man you are growing up tobe too.Whats this I hear about you forgetting your nan nan? driving off without her??Who forgot?? I hope that you have still been looking after your nan while grandad is in hospital. I hope that school is still good for you both.Good luck for Thursday (be strong Helen) I'll be thinking of you and saying my prayers through the day. xxxxxxLots of love to you allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraVenezuela18.10.2006 21:11:8http://belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY cheer for jesson!!!love and happy thoughts - sera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom19.10.2006 Jesson,Good Luck for the scans today/tomorrow I am thinking of you as always!Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom20.10.2006 14:35:11WraKr@aol.comhttp://Thinking of you all and sending lots of love and best wishes.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFrom Kerry and Stacey

rebeccaUnited Kingdom21.10.2006 18:21:37bubble_queen_94@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson just to say im thinking of you and i love all of the art work that you have dont it is really nice love rebecca xx

Daisy SnapeUnited Kingdom23.10.2006 17:26:48daisyalicesnape@aol.comhttp://This is an incredible website and story. You are a truly outstanding family with so much love and strength. What an inspiration to us all. Love and xxx Daisy & Paul (from Mel & Neil's Wedding)

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom23.10.2006 18:26:6kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi To the Wragg FamilyHelen I've just read about your Dad again, so sending all my love to Jesson's Grandad!!I'm so pleased to read that Jesson is doing Part-time school I bet he comes home beaming everyday!!! Go JessonGood Luck with all the test you've got coming up.Ashleigh, Helen, Jesson & Kesia you are always in my thoughtsLots of LoveKelly & Sophie xx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom26.10.2006 Jesson,Hope you are enjoying school holidays, pity the weather is wet and miserable.Hope scans went well, thinking of you as always.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.11.2006 Jesson,Hope everything is ok. Are you still enjoying school, it's a busy time with halloween and now fireworks.We are going to Sammy's house tonight to have a fireworks party.Take care and still thinking of you.LoveDiane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom8.11.2006 Jesson,Carry on enjoying yourself! Did you have a good time halloween, bonfire night? Have you done your Christmas list yet, Sammy and Louis just want the whole toy section in the Argos catalogue!!Live for today, ignore tomorrow, don't waste time worrying about what might happen, we may have a cure by then.Stay well and strong.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

PaulaNew Zealand9.11.2006 sending lots of love, thinking of you always :) x x x xPaula & family x x x x

EmmaUnited Kingdom13.11.2006 11:30:59Emmafarmer_52@hotmail.comhttp://Hiya,It was really nice to see you all the other day even if it was for 5 mins,bet you all had a lovely time at centre parks??take care all love Emma and Meliah xxx

seraJamaica15.11.2006 22:50:32http://hi you missed huh..huh..????missed you all too :o) xx but you are never far from my keeping me a little too busy! or is all those daughters i have??love to you all..scan results heart breaking & i wish there was more i can do and say..prayers tonight for you all to have a wonderful christmas together..full oflaughter and very special well as cake, chocolate and lots of prezzies!love to you all xx especially to you helen-i'm so proud of you x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom18.11.2006 Jesson,Pleased to hear news. It must be good to be back at school with your friends. You are doing great, we must all continue to look for new treatments and eventually a cure will be found.Hope your cough has gone, and you are feeling good this weekend.Love Diane(Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom20.11.2006 Jesson,Hope the cough is clearing, isn't it cold today!By the way do you still have the snails??Love Diane HughesSammy's Nana

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom21.11.2006 19:5:36WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi Jesson and the rest of the Wragg gang.I hope my message finds you all well. I hope your still enjoying school Jesson, what about your Kesia?Its really cool to hear that your well Jesson, such a soldier.Helen, I hope your dads ok. Christmas is not too far away, I can imagine the length of them lists.Keep warm all, its brass monkeys out there : ((Love and prayers with you always.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alecia and VictoriaUSA27.11.2006 4:51:3aleciafulenwider@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hey Jesson. Hope you are feeling well and have been up to some things. We all went to see Santa tonight and so it is official, the Christmas season is right around the corner. So much to look forward to! Hope you will have some fun Christmas parties to go to with lots of surprises. Hope you have a great week. Lots of Love and Kisses.

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom27.11.2006 13:30:55kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Too All the Wragg FamilySending my love as usual - Helen, where has this year gone?You are all in my thoughts all the time, hope Jesson & kesia aregetting excited as December is nearly upon us. I know my 2 are! ha ha!Take care and my love to you all.Kelly & Sophie xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom27.11.2006 Jesson,Glad you are doing ok. Hope tomorrow will be good news with the vaccine results.Snails on the rampage in the garden! Will soon be eating your Mum's plants again.Take care Jesson, especially in this cold wet weather.Best WishesDiane (Sammy's Nana)P.S. I am embarrassed to admit my Christmas tree is already up. Sammy & Louis insisted yesterday and they hung the decorations themselves. I am putty in their hands.

paulaNew Zealand28.11.2006 to you all, hope all goes well tuesday afternoon with the results so the vaccine can go and best wishes to you all, Paula & co x x x x

Alison SmithUnited Kingdom30.11.2006 10:53:8 Helen It was lovely to get your message in Rachel's guestbook! Glad to hear life is pretty normal in your household at the moment. The vaccine therapy sounds SO positive, it is amazing - fingers crossed it makes the difference. Probably see you on Sunday at the Christmas party...Alisonx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom30.11.2006 Jesson,Fingers crossed for your treatment. Aren't the medical profession brilliant, they are always there to give us hope!We should remember the hard work and long hours they all do, to try and make a difference for children like you and Sammy.Soon be Christmas, life is good and exciting.Take care little man.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

seraThailand30.11.2006 12:17:56http://hi jesson..i have just thing for snail spotting and i'll post it to you this will make it much more fun :o)an advent calendar countdown..what a great idea! a countdown to the countdown!only you jesson would think of that! xxxlove to you all..i know my notes are a little fewer these days but i'm always here..reading and smiling at your stories..and sending love and kind thoughts to you alllove to you all..only 25 days to go till christmas!!(if you're driving past my shop at night make mum slow down so you can see the count down tree :o)sera xxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom30.11.2006 17:10:8http://Hi to Jesson and the rest of the Wragg GangWow!!! great news about the vaccine, fingers and everything crossed that the medical marvels can continue with the fantastic work they doand progress, and our Jesson can be the pioneer, yeah, go Jesson. xxxHow excited our you about opening the advent calender tomorrow, the big countdown begins : )) love the idea of the countdown to the countdown,very inventive.Hope verything else is ok. Will see you all before christmas.Until then, sending you lots of love and advent choccies xxxxLove to allKerry and Stacey Ho Ho Hoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

taniaUnited Kingdom30.11.2006 23:17:57tania@georgies-fund.comhttp://Well at least I won't have to go ooooooooo for my age!Am glad to read your update! Will give you a call to discuss further!Thinking of you all as always.lots of love

viksUnited Kingdom1.12.2006 Jesson, what was in your advent callender today? I haven't opened mine yet, but will do a minute. Does yours have chocolate in? Lots of love viks

Sally Etheridge-LLL LeicesterUnited Kingdom7.12.2006 Helen,Am just catching up with all your and Jesson, and Kesia's, news. It's wonderful to hear Jesson's had his seventh birthday - I was thinking about how old he was now, and reckoned he must be six! Still thinking about you all, and catching up when I can. LLL is very busy these days, and growing all the time.Love to all of you, from Sally

seraGuatemala16.12.2006 11:45:7http://so pleased you are enjoying are growing up so fast!i havent posted your prezzie i i was worried it may get squished!so glenn is going to drop it down for you this weekend-(dont worry if you're not in here'll hide it somewhere!)a special wish for a magical chrismtas filled with laughter and love xlove to you all xxxxxxxxxxx sera xxxxxxxxxxxxglenn x liberty x madison x honey x

Vicki ScottUnited Kingdom19.12.2006 Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.Hope you all have a wonderful time over Christmas.Glad jesson is enjoying school and that he is meeting lots of new friends.Take Care.Vicki

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom21.12.2006 Jesson,Sorry to hear about the pains you are having. I hope the excitement of Christmas helps you to forget about them for a while.I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas full of lots of very happy memories.With LoveDiane HughesSammy's Nana

kim chrisUnited Kingdom21.12.2006 jesson and crewhave a happy christmas, hope things get better for you. sorry to hear about your friend. all the bestlove kim, chris,callum, nathan and brianne

taniaUnited Kingdom21.12.2006 23:11:45tania@georgies-fund.comhttp://Hi guys, glad you liked the pressies.....we all agreed that the robot was a definate Jesson pressie!Sending lots of love to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom22.12.2006 16:6:12WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi To Jesson and the Wragg GangHeres wishing you all a very happy Christmas. I hope that Santabrings you all the presents on your lists.Sorry to hear about your friend. chin up.Lots and lots of love for a very happy christmas and a very happy new year.from Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sera Greece23.12.2006 15:52:45http://hi jesson..hope you have a magical christmas and those cleverdocs manage to reduce the pain..i know for sure you're on that good list so expectlots of prezzies!prayers for strength and peace for the family who lost their little one..thoughts and love with you all as alwayssera xxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulaNew Zealand30.12.2006 there to you all, hope you had a magical Christmas, sending you love and best wishes for the New Year, thinking of youLove Paula & family x x x x

Doug and PaulaUSA31.12.2006 23:47:8http://

Doug and PaulaUSA31.12.2006 23:59:54http://Hi Wragg family, As new year is only a few hours away over here, we just want to wish you all the very best in 2007 and hope it was a great Christmas for all of you and that your next christmas is going to be even greater.Our Love to all.Be strong and keep smiling. Much love from Doug and Paula.

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom1.1.2007 Jesson & family,Wishing you all a Happy New Year.How I hope and pray this could be the year of miracles, and a cure is found for this awful disease. Wishing you peace and good health.Thinking of you today and every day.LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

Kerry WraggSpain3.1.2007 15:49:1http://Hi to all the Wragg GangI hope you had a magical christmas and new year.I hope that your feeling well Jesson, hoping and praying for you always.Love from sunny spain.Kerry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.1.2007 Jesson,Just checking you are ok?? I thought you have probably gone back to school in the last couple of days. and hope you have been well enough to go.Hope the headaches have gone.Thinking of youLove Diane (Sammy's Nana)

seraUSA5.1.2007 18:17:58http://kind thoughts and love for 2007to the wragg gang and to all who love them xxxx sera x glenn x liberty x madison x honey x

Jo and Raphy AbergelSpain7.1.2007 8:39:34joabergel@gmail.comhttp://Dear Helen, Jesson and family,Just got the link to this site from an Xmas card you sent to mum (Sue Jacobs). She has been keeping us informed of Jesson's progress and we are all thinking of you and praying for you, and hope this year will bring you miracles and blessings. Your courage and stregth is an example to us all.Lots of LoveJo, Raphy, Daniel and Rachel xxPS We are actually living in Gibraltar but that wasn't an option in your list of countries!!!

kim chrisUnited Kingdom9.1.2007 helen and familysorry that things are not going to plan, lets hope that things can get better for jesson. just keep on looking forward and not back. sorry to hear about your dad, send him all our 2 all the family and take care.

SteveUnited Kingdom9.1.2007 11:49:17stevewalters8@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Helen and familyJust read your update. Sorry to hear the latest on your Dad. As always, all you can do is bat on and try and keep positive. My thoughts are with you.Steve

Alison SmithUnited Kingdom9.1.2007 16:33:36http://Hi Helen, I'm so sorry 2007 hasn't started in the best of ways for you - try not to get too downhearted, but I know it must be so difficult. Wishing you strength and hope 2007 improves from here. Alison x(Rachel's Mum)

Pamela NewlandsUnited Kingdom9.1.2007 16:35:25thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://Just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts. I think about you, Jesson and the rest of your family often and wish you all nothing but the best.Take care and stay strong xxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom10.1.2007 Helen,I am so very sad to read your update. I guess like us you were almost too scared to welcome the New Year, because we all wonder what next.We all desperately need some happiness and good news. All we can do is keep going and whilst our kids fight so do we. So sorry to hear about your Dad, I used to work at the DRI a few years ago and I was always impressed with the wonderful people and their achievements in the Stroke Unit there. I hope your Dad has the same experience.Please stay strong.LoveDiane HughesSammy's Nana

claire n Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom10.1.2007 of you all,With all our love, Claire, Ju, Liam and Poppy xxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom10.1.2007 21:18:27kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi HelenCrap! If it doesn't rain it pours! I'm so sorry to hear the news about your Dad and Jesson.I came on-line to wish you a Happy New Year, but it looks like its got of to a bad start.Com on Wraggs - I'm sending you lots of positive thougths!Sending my love as always to you all. Lots of LoveKelly xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom11.1.2007 Helen,I have just read on teletext news about Oxford University Professor Leonard Seymour. He has been trying to kill tumours with viruses like the common cold.It looks like another way forward and Cancer Research have welcomed it. It mentions trials called virus therapy. Hold on scientists are moving forward every day.Take care.Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Jo HartUnited Kingdom11.1.2007 wanted to let you know I am thinking about you all. love Jo, Andy, Isaac and Albert Hart Whetstone UK

Doug and PaulaUSA11.1.2007 15:52:3http://Dear Helen and family,Your latest update was certainly not a good start for 2007 and I can only imagine how sad and frustrated you feel.You have overcome many of these experiences before and I am sure you will manage to stay positive through this one.I am sure your friends, family and readers like us will continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.Stay strong and positive and remember you have many people pulling for you.Love and best wishes from Doug and Paula.

Michelle WoodUnited Kingdom11.1.2007 20:44:34duranlebon1@aol.comhttp://I wish I could say or do something to help .Thinking of you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BeccaUnited Kingdom11.1.2007 jesson,I hope you had a nice new yearand i hope you got what you wanted from santaRebecca xxx

PaulaNew Zealand12.1.2007 to you all, just to let you know we are always thinking of you, sorry to hear about your dad Helen, sending you love and sincere wishes, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom12.1.2007 9:57:40WraKr@aol.comhttp://Dear The Wragg GangI am so sorry to hear the news, you must be devastated. This is so hard and my heart aches for you.Be strong all, You've come so far. Jesson is so strong.Love to your Dad Helen.Loads of love, thinking of you always.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom13.1.2007 the Wragg family,My thoughts are with you all. Lets hope the New Year brings a miracle cure to this dreadful disease. Stay strong. You must be one of the bravest families on this earth. My heart goes out to you all. Thinking of you Hayley & Paul

Tara RobinsonUnited Kingdom15.1.2007 10:50:4http://So sorry things are extra bleak at the momentTake careTara x

ChristineUSA16.1.2007 5:52:41sockerstar888@yahoo.comhttp://Hi. You don't know me but I came accross your page while looking at someone elses. I know that you are from the UK but I just wanted to let you know about a great hospital in America. It's called St. Jude Children's research hospital. They have high cure rates and it's a great hospital dedicated to children with cancer. If you ever decide to take your son toAmerica for treatment, you might want to think about looking at this hospital. If you are interested in looking at the website, it's I hope your son is doing well. Best wishes, Christine.

Jo HartUnited Kingdom16.1.2007 sending you all love and support and thinking about you all. Jo Andy Isaac and Albert Hart. Praying for you all.

seraUnited Kingdom17.1.2007 22:24:54http://i don't know what to've all fought so hard..we're all praying and wishing there was somthing we could do to must be so tired.give my love to your mum & dad xlove to you all too x sera x

PaulaNew Zealand23.1.2007, always thinking of you all, lots of love, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

seraGermany23.1.2007 22:42:18http://;o) lovely to hear some good news..and lovely to see you!kind thoughts to you allsera xp.s -organic food delivery i use - fab!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom24.1.2007 Jesson,Hope you are well. Did you see snow today? We did and we are not too far from you.The strong winds last week, blew half the roof off the playhouse in my garden!Hope you are having a good day, stay well, I am always thinking of you.Helen, I hope you are doing ok.LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

lisaUnited Kingdom24.1.2007 18:50:10http://hello all......sorry its been a while computer been down love and thoughts are with strong lisa@nick x x

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom27.1.2007 7:34:15WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to Jesson and the gangI hope things are ok with you all. Lots of love to you all and thinking of you always.Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

margaret BarrettUnited Kingdom27.1.2007 10:50:16http://

GAIL DAVIDSONUnited Kingdom27.1.2007 16:54:57gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://H ito you all, sorry that it's been a long time and that you haven't received more hopeful news for the start of 2007. I'm sorry to hear also about your dad Helen i hope that he has improved since your last up date.As i'm sure you know our thoughts are with you. Keep your chin up. Hugs to you all love Colin, Gail and Shannon. xxx

viksUnited Kingdom28.1.2007 Jesson, Sorry I haven't signed your guestbook for ages, I read your page regularly but don't often get around to signing.sending lots of love to you,ViksPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting


RachelUnited Kingdom31.1.2007, I had your link from Sera and have added you to my links page to help raise awarness for little Jesson and his angels. I have also donated some money via Sera. Can you send me a piccie of one of the angels either as a picture or necklace - up to you - as i'd like to display it by your link on my site. All the best and loving thoughts and hugs to Jesson, what a brave special little man. Rachel x

billy craneUnited Kingdom31.1.2007 18:21:44http://hi jesson and family hope you all ok xxxxxxxx

PaulaNew Zealand3.2.2007 to you all, glad to hear your dad is regaining his strength and movement. Big cuddles to Jesson and Kesia, wishing you all well and sending you lots and lots of love, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

beccaUnited Kingdom6.2.2007 11:23:2bubble_queen_94@hotmail.comhttp://hey jessonhope you are okaywaster is coming soon and i hope you get loads of easter eggsfrom the easter bunnylove becca x

seraYugoslavia6.2.2007 a hi ya!!kind thoughtssera x x

Alison HopkinsUnited Kingdom13.2.2007 my name is Alison, I have just been reading all about Jesson, I got the sight from my great neice's site Baby Emma. I can't imagine what your going through it must be really heart breaking, I hope your dad is ok. It must be so frustrating when the doctors have different opinions about the treatment. Anyway just to let you know your in my thoughts and God Bless.

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom14.2.2007 13:30:50Wrakr@aol.comhttp://Hi AllSorry its been a while but my computer at home is down and I have been off work poorly.Really glad to hear that your Dad is improving Helen, I know that thelast few weeks must have been a great struggle for you.Keep being a strong Soldier Jesson. Lots of love to you allKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom15.2.2007 Jesson,Hope you are ok and enjoying school half term. Sending positive thoughts for you and your family.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

PaulaNew Zealand18.2.2007 of you all, lots of love Paula & family x x x x

Dave WilliamsUnited Kingdom20.2.2007 16:31:43edwilli24@talktalk.nethttp://Hi Jesson,it's a long time since I visited your website - I finished work a couple of years ago and have been doing all thosethings I never had time to do when working.Glad to see you are still in there fighting - and enjoying school - keep it up!!!

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 Helen,So very sorry to hear your sad news. I think sometimes we have to drag ourselves out of bed, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Life is so unfair at times,you are certainly overdue for some good news.Love to Jesson and good luck with the treatment, so brave of him to be carrying on at school.Kesia enjoy the swimming, Sammy went a few days ago and enjoyed it too.Thinking of you all.Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 12:59:15WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi EveryoneSo sorry to hear of your news, I knew how thrilled you wereand how devastating this will be. You are a very strong familyand together you will get each other through. Glad to hear that Jesson is getting on well at school, he is a wonderful young man and I'm sure surrounds himself with many friends to jun in the fun : )) go Jesson.Well done to Kesia X you have doen so well with your swimming. Maybe you can teach Stacey when your really strong,she never wanted to swim!!! Hope all is ok with you Dad Helen.Loads of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraGuatemala22.2.2007 13:4:59 to you all,stay strong sera x

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 14:8:58http://sorry to hear the sad newshope you will all be ok.hope jesson sore throat gets better.see you soonluv u all zoe XXXXXXXXXX

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 u all, lots of love and hugs, always in our thoughts,claire, ju, liam and poppy xxxxxxxxxxx

angela daviesUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 20:33:36littleoik@hotmail.comhttp://Helen, It's Angela from the ward. I still read Jesson's website even though I've left.Just want you to know my love and thoughts are with you and you have my number should you need a shoulder or anything else. As a mum you are one in a million .xx

MaryUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 21:24:23eeyoreuk1970@yahoo.comhttp://((((Hugs)))) to you all, you are in our thoughts.Love Mary, Rebecca, Rachel and Lauren xxxx

AlisonUnited Kingdom22.2.2007 22:17:22, I am so sorry, I check every day for your news. How many blows can a family take. I hope there is some way you can manage to look forward from this really sad and difficult experience - I really hope you will be encouraged, not despondant, that you will go ahead and have a healthy pregnancy really soon - goodness knows, you deserve it. All of you. Wishing you a speedy recovery from this, and I feel oddly confident, even though the start hasn't been perfect, that you will see a happy end to 2007, fingers crossed. xxx

GillUnited Kingdom23.2.2007 19:47:11d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://To a very special family sending you lots of loveDave Gill Kane and Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom23.2.2007 20:8:3kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi WraggsOh Helen I'm sooo sorry to hear the news. You guys are always in my thoughts!I hope your Dads on the mend as there was no news of him in your report!Sending all our loveKelly & Sophie xxxx

PaulaNew Zealand25.2.2007 you all lots of BIG HUGS, you are always in our hearts and thoughts, Love Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

Jesson WaltersUSA26.2.2007 2:39:42all4walters@sigecom.nethttp://Hey! I thought I was the only one with the name Jesson. Nice to know you.

viksUnited Kingdom26.2.2007'm so sorry to hear your latest news, the bad news seems never ending for you all :( your in my thoughts,Viks

viksUnited Kingdom2.3.2007 A giraffe looks in my windowAt the same time everyday,He just appears with silly ears, When I turn on the light to play. I tell him the things I do at twoWhile he munches and crunches the leaves,That are so very tasty too,From the tippy tops of the trees. One night he didn’t look so good,His eyes were filled with pain.I asked him, "What is the problem, the food?"He said, "I must explain!" "My knees are hurting pretty badAnd my long neck is so sore. I really do like our talks,But I can't take much more!If you do a favor for me,I know how my pain will be free.CAN YOU MOVE UP TO THE SECOND FLOOR!!! Love from Post Pals

seraGreece4.3.2007 all,In my thought's and my prayers,you know where i am if you want a chat helen orjust to escape for a to you allsera xxxxxp.s well done all who supported international childhod cancer day!my amazing daughter liberty raised awareness & over £100 (fromstudents!! cant imagine how hard that was!!) for georgies fundlets all keep "doing our bit" and through research we'll beat this monster!Georgies fund bands and badges are available from me (at the shop) for youguys who are in leicester £1 each-just email and i'll even send you one!lets raise awareness as well as funds into neuroblastoma

michelle and deanUnited Kingdom7.3.2007 Helen, so sorry to here your news, we haven't seen each other for a while, but we never stop thinkink about you all and are alwayswondering how Jesson is doing.You have so much strength, i admire you. Dean is still having treatment but not for the cancer. Keep up the good work love to Jesson and Keisia and of course to you.Hope to see you soon Michelle and Dean

seraSlovakia8.3.2007 21:37:21http://hi wraggs, just checking and saying hi..hope this time no news is good news!love and kind thoughts to you allsera x

kellyUnited Kingdom12.3.2007 Helen, Ash, Jesson and KesiaYou are all in my thoughts - what more can life throw at you????? Keep strong, I know you can, I am here if you needto talk. Take care all of you. See you soon.Lots of Love Kelly

PaulaNew Zealand13.3.2007 thinking of you all, lots of love Paula & family X X X X

seraFrench Guiana14.3.2007 19:27:29 passing by and saying hi!love and kind thoughts to you allsera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom15.3.2007 Jesson,Have dropped by a few times, hope you are ok.Has the cough and the infection finally cleared now?? You have enough with the treatment without any nasty bugs lurking.Thinking of you, stay strong.Love DianeSammy's Nana

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom15.3.2007 18:19:56WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to you allJust checking that all is ok. No news is good news I hope.Your always in my prayers.Loads Of love Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.3.2007 Jesson,Stay warm, I hear we are gonna have snow this weekend!Stay well & strong.Love DianeSammy's Nana

viksUnited Kingdom16.3.2007 sending some ________XXXXXXXXX_______ XXXXXXXXX_________ ______XXXXXXXXXXXX____XXXXXXXXXXXXX ________ _____XXXXXXXXXXXXXX__XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ______ ______XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX _______ _______XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX________ ________XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_________ __________XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX __________ ____________XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX _____________ ______________XXXXXXXXXXXXX ______________ ________________XXXXXXXXX ________________ __________________XXXXX __________________ ___________________ XX ____________________ ______________________________________________ To you, From Everyone at Post

FionaAustralia17.3.2007 7:37:56fiona2jason@hotmail.comhttp://Hi Found your website linked to a message on,family&ID=71#71and had to have a look at your beautiful brave son. Our daughter was diagonised with neutroblastoma just over 3 weeks ago, so we like so many are searchinf for support and some answersThankyou allowing acess to your website,CheersFiona Holmes x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom17.3.2007 Helen,Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.Best Wishes to you allDianeSammy's Nana

PaulaNew Zealand19.3.2007 there, lots of love to you all, Paula & family x x x x

Vicki ScottUnited Kingdom21.3.2007 a lovely surprise seeing you in M and S , you looked so well.I am sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Hope you are recovering well.I hope everyone is well, glad both Jesson and Keisha are doing well in School.Take CareVicki

seraSingapore22.3.2007 13:23:54http://just a hiya and in my thoughts kinda quick message..xx sera xx

Claire of Brussels!!!Belgium26.3.2007 11:13:29claire @sunlicked.comhttp://Hello to all the Wraggs.How is Jesson at the moment?I havent heard from you in a while and we have had no up dates lately, lots of love from across the pond, your little belgian truffle!!!

Linda PungUSA26.3.2007 16:0:1ginponymom@yahoo.comhttp://Just wanted to say that someone in Colorado thought of you today. May you find some love and laughter in your day.

tabathaUSA26.3.2007 21:41:47tabathalively@yahoo.comhttp://What beautiful children you have been blessed with. Someone is thinking of you today!!You are in my thoughts,Tabatha

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom26.3.2007 Jesson,Hope you are doing ok, and no headaches. Are you looking forward to Easter?? Hope you are off the medicines and are able to enjoy some of those chocolate eggs.Helen hope you are finding the strength to make sense of this crazy unfair world.Always in my thoughts.DianeSammy's Nana

seraRussia28.3.2007 14:27:17http://thinking of you all..hope there are smiles x

PaulaNew Zealand29.3.2007 there, are you ready for all those easter eggs???Thinking of you all, sending you lots of love from Paula & Family x x x x

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom29.3.2007 12:52:34WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hello To The wragg familyJust a quick hello to let you know your in my thoughts and prayers.Lots of love Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom30.3.2007 Jesson,hope today is a good day, as your school Easter holidays begin. I hope you get to spend it at home.Take care, thinking of you all.DianeSammy's Nana

seraSweden4.4.2007 18:1:23http://hope there are more smiles than tears..update soon x

Colleen - Kaitlyn's mumAustralia5.4.2007 14:37:54vegemite1971@gmail.com there Jesson and family, Jesson has grown so much!I am sorry to read about the miscarriage you've just been through, hopefully your little angels will understand.Thinking of you and wishing you all our best wishesColleen and Kaitlyn

Claire n Ju MuttockUnited Kingdom5.4.2007 a quick message to wish you all a very Happy Easter, your always in are thoughts,Lots of love n big hugsClaire, Ju n Gang xxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom5.4.2007 stopping by your page to wish you.. With lots of love,


seraTrinidad & Tobago8.4.2007 hoppy easter jesson and kesia..the best easters are those spent with your favourite people and mountains of....chocolate (organic fairtrade of course!!)love to you all..and wishes for smiles in the sunshine!x sera xx glenn x liberty-breeze x madison x honey-willowx x x x x

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom9.4.2007 18:45:20kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://To The Wragg FamilyHapp Easter & All our loveKelly & Sophie xxx

PaulaNew Zealand9.4.2007 there, glad to hear Jesson is doing so well at school, hope all is well for you on Tuesday, Kesia keep on with the medicine your throat will be better soon, how many Easter Eggs did the Bunny leave for you both? Sending lots of love and best wishes to you all, always in our thoughts, love Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

seraUSA9.4.2007 to hear your is complicated but sound positive!love to you all..enjoy the sunshine..whilst it lasts!sera xx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom12.4.2007 13:31:22WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi To all The Wragg GangGood to read some updates.My hope is that you are all staying strong and positive.Go Kesia, only very good people take their medicine (ask Jesson), I hope that your throat is now better. Sending you all lots of love and kisses.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen McCartneyUnited Kingdom13.4.2007 19:3:47http://Hi I bumped into you in Aldi Car park and was very touched by your story. My daughter Beth is the same age as Jesson and I could not imagine coping half as well as you seem to be. You sound like a fab family, lots of love and prayers to you all xxx

viksUnited Kingdom13.4.2007 Kesia, sorry to hear your throat is hurting, is it feeling better now? Here is a picture of a mouse just for you, who also isnt feeling very wellLove Viks Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

seraGuatemala19.4.2007 22:5:56http://just a quick hiya..let you know i'm still here..great to read an update..we do worry!wishes for sunny days and smiles..sera xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom22.4.2007 22:51:20http://Hi Jesson,Thinking of you, wishing you Good Luck with your next treatment.Thinking of you and your familyDiane (Sammy's Nana)

seraPuerto Rico25.4.2007 there..hope everything goes to plan,great to hear jesson is up to normal "boy stuff!" sending wishes for sunny days full of smiles spent lazing in the garden(my favourite pass time!)love to you allx

LENAUnited Kingdom25.4.2007 21:0:35lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://Hi honey,It was lovely to meet you at the Neuroblastoma Society AGM last weekend.Reading your updates on here, I am amazed how strong you were when I saw you.What you have gone through this year aside from Jesson's illness is heartbreaking.My thought's and prayers are with you, your dad and little Jesson. I've asked Jack to look over him and keep him safe.Bless you all, keep strong and live every moment to the full.Lena. X

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom2.5.2007 10:9:7http://Hi Jesson,Hope you had a lovely time away. Good Luck with the stem cell harvest, I will be thinking of you.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Jo hartUnited Kingdom3.5.2007 will be thinking about you all. Jo Hart xxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom3.5.2007 19:35:24kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi To he Wragg FamilyGood luck Jesson with all your treatment. Lots Of LoveKelly & Sophie xxx

Tara & ShaneUnited Kingdom4.5.2007 11:13:43http://Hope the treatment goes well, take care x

Doug and PaulaUSA4.5.2007 16:51:24Dougiemar@sbcglobal.nethttp://Hi Helen and Family,Just read your latest update and as alwaysyou will be in our thoughts and prayers through this trying ordealand hopefully things will go smoothly and successfully.All of youdeserve a HERO medal.Love and Best Wishes from Doug and Paula.

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom5.5.2007 11:21:15k.wragg@emea.vanguardcar.comhttp://Hi To Jesson and the Wragg GangAs always, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.Jesson, you are very strong and brave and I know that you can carry on being the soldier that you are. Your our very own Super Hero.Kesia, I hope that your throats feeling better and that school is going well.xxxSending you lots of love and best wishes.Kerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom8.5.2007 jesson, i know this section of treatments difficult, im thinking of you all hanging on in there,%20Red%20Tree%20Frogs.jpg

viksUnited Kingdom8.5.2007 jesson, i know this section of treatments difficult, im thinking of you all hanging on in there


Diane HughesUnited Kingdom8.5.2007 18:51:31http://Hi Jesson,Hope you are doing ok. Next Saturday I will be taking part in the Race for Life in Derby, I will be wearing the names of all children fighting NB mentioned on Sammy's site. I will be proud to wear your name in honour of your bravery.Take careLoveDiane Hughes (Sammy's Nana)

seraGuyana8.5.2007 19:59:24http://hi..thankyou for the nice and simple explanation! i know this is going to be tough on all of you so my thoughtswill be with you and kind thoughtssera(pop in to see me soon!)

LenaUnited Kingdom8.5.2007 22:24:48lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://Hi there,Just read your latest news and wanted to wish you luck with the Stem Cell harvest.It's funny how the treatment regime has changed, Jack had GCSF through a syringe driver. He had the line put in in the treatment room on 27 and went to Birmingham. Something happened, can't remember now what it was and he didn't have the harvest there and ended up having the machine sent to LRI and he had the harvest in Cubicle 3!I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that the GCSF does it job and they can get the stem cells out.Take care, thinking of you.Lena. X

viksUnited Kingdom9.5.2007 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI thought you might like these hammah letters so figured I would leave you a message to say viks

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom15.5.2007 15:39:25http://Hi Jesson,I have been worrying about you! Well good and bad news, hope you feel better soon, I know tonsilitis is uncomfortable on its own without your other problems.good news on the stem cells.Take care Jesson, I know sometimes life is very hard but just keep battling on.LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

GillUnited Kingdom15.5.2007 20:50:48d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Sorry to read you've got tonsillitis on top of everything else.Hope it soon clears up and the chemo can start.Stay strong Jesson.Thinking of you all and sending lots of loveGill & the gangxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom18.5.2007 9:48:25http://Hi Jesson,Hope you are feeling better and your temperature is back down.Are you back up to mischief again?Take careLove Diane Sammy's Nana

Judy MorleyUnited Kingdom29.5.2007 21:44:0jude_morley@hotmail.comhttp://Lots of us at school check your web-site regularly to keep up to date with Jesson's condition.We're so sorry to hear that he has been so unwell; our thoughts are with you all, and we are hoping that Jesson willbe feeling a bit better by now,Lots of love from Judy and all the staff at Montrose xxxx

PaulaNew Zealand29.5.2007 22:8:21http://Hi Jesson, you are in our thoughts and prayers, hope you are feeling better soon, all our love from Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom30.5.2007 7:46:47http://Hi Jesson,I hope you are feeling better now and the pains are all gone. I have been sending as much positive energy as I can.Helen, you are in my thoughts and prayers, I know how tough this time is.Sending loveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

Vivienne BottrillUnited Kingdom30.5.2007 8:0:0viviennebottrill@yahoo.comhttp://I am sorry to hear that Jesson has been so poorly again. I visit your website regularly when we are not at school to keep up to date with what is happening. Jesson is such a special little boy, he is a pleasure to have in the class, always happy and smiling despite all that he has been through.I hope that by now things have started to improve and that we will see him back on Monday.My thoughts are with you all.Vivienne Bottrill

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom30.5.2007 12:20:31kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi AllI'm so sorry to hear that Jesson is going through a really rough patch! Com' on Jesson you can do it !Oh Helen everytime I read the site I'm hoping for a miracle, Life is so unfair! As always my thoughts and love are with you all.Go Jesson!!!Lots of LoveKelly & Sophie xx

Carsten MolleSpain30.5.2007 19:52:33management@justkickzazz.comhttp://justkickzazz.comHello Jesson,I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. Cancer sucks - BIG TIME but you are kicking it's 'bum' every day again.You have shown us that you are a fighter and I know you will continue be one.Crack on Jesson, you really rock !All the best wishes to you and the yoursCarstenP.S. Although we can't physically be with you, we keep you in our minds and prayers and when you go through rough times, we feel with you and pray even harder.

LenaUnited Kingdom30.5.2007 22:43:39lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://Hi,It was lovelly to meet Jesson the other day, he's such a gorgeous, happy boy with a huge, albeit very cheeky, smile!I was so sorry to hear he became poorly, Tina told me. Me and Ady are visiting Fran again on Saturday, if you're still thereI'll see you then.Big hugs, you're in my prayers.Lena. X

Claire of Brussels!!!Belgium1.6.2007 8:52:55claire @sunlicked.comhttp://Oh chick, so sorry to hear that little Jesson has taken a turn for the worst since we saw you the other week on Bradgate park. I know he was tired then but obviously he got worse.Jonny I and the kids are thinking of you always, my mum and dad too.We have some really great pics of all our kids playing on Bradgate park, we will forward them to you, they are fab :-)Take care and speak soon Claire Lindsay XXXX

seraSuriname1.6.2007 wragg gang,my prayers are with give you strength to cope with this difficult time,prayers for jesson, that they can control the pain enough for the cheekiness to come back!i know more difficult times lay ahead, (no rose tinted glasses here)my thoughts are with you helen constantly,you are and will always be an inspiration, jesson is the amazing little person he is because of you,x sera x

GillUnited Kingdom1.6.2007 22:37:42d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://My heart goes out to you Helen and Ashleigh you are all inour prayers. We're blowing all our strength down to you allthere in Leiecester hoping Jesson can get some relief fromthis horrible disease.Jesson, I've never known a braver fighter than you stay brightsweatheart.All our love to you allGill & the gangxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oliviaUnited Kingdom2.6.2007 13:28:10lou_hedley2@hotmail.comhttp://hi jesson and family, sorry to hear things arent too good at the moment, but im sure things will start to look up soon.Hope your feeling alot better soon Jesson all the best olivia x

lisa nickUnited Kingdom3.6.2007 12:4:1http://hello allso sorry to hear jesson is not very heart and prayers are with you all...come on jesson u can do it your such a fighterthinking off you alllove lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom4.6.2007 13:27:47http://Hi To the Wragg GangGlad to hear that you all had a good weekend at lego land.Sorry to hear that Jesson is being sick. Be strong Jesson.Your always in my thoughts.Kerry and StaceyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The SummerfieldUnited Kingdom6.6.2007 12:44:3Marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi There Jesson,Sorry you have not been feeling so good,We are thinking of you and hope you start tofeel better soon, be strong and brave.x.x.x.x Helen Ash,As always thinking of you alllots of love to youThe Summerfields.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

Sue MaxenUnited Kingdom6.6.2007 have followed Jesson's site for a long time - I was a Robyn Brooks supporter (still am!). Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you all and hoping that the new therapy will really help Jesson.

seraSwitzerland7.6.2007 13:3:28http://thoughts and prayers for more good than bad days,thinking of you,(and a naughty prayer that a virus attacks the spammers pcs)x sera x

PaulaNew Zealand12.6.2007 8:8:13http://Hi Jesson, hope all goes well for you in London, thinking of you always, lots of love and prayers i send to you, Paula x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

LenaUnited Kingdom12.6.2007 23:33:15lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://Thinking of you all, sending love and happiness your way.Lena, XXX

seraPuerto Rico14.6.2007 21:32:7http://great to see new photos..hasnt jesson grown since i last saw him!love to you all x sera x

Jude DonahooAustralia15.6.2007,auhttp://www.kahlilla.comHi Jesson,I read your page often but haven't sent a message before. Sending loads of positive thoughts and energy from Phillip Island in Australia. My little granddaughter also has relapsed NB so we know what your family is going through. Hangin there guys, live each moment. We hope and pray that thenext treatment may give Jesson some relief and who knows, getrid of this beast from his precious little body.Love to you Jesson and your family.Jude (Kahlilla's nan)

LibertyPhilippines15.6.2007 10:27:4http://Wow, Jesson got to meet Crash Bandicoot that's so cool!Thinking of you!xx Liberty

JulieUnited Kingdom16.6.2007 9:43:20julie00winter@aol.comhttp://Hi,I hope you are feeling ok. Am thinking about you and Samantha and praying you are going to pull through. I have four daughters and are all fine health wise apart from eczema and asthma, but nothing compar ed to what u are going through, chin up eh? Julie x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.6.2007 10:49:8http://Hi Jesson,Sorry not been on for a while. We all went to Greece for 2 weeks, and Sammy has had a great time. she is really getting used to travelling around. We got home late last night, so first thing I wanted to check on is how you are!I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I know your doctors will all be working hard to make things better for you.Helen, we are all thinking of you all and send our love and positive thoughts your way.Love Diane Sammy's Nana

sarahUnited Kingdom17.6.2007 16:6:40phoebe145@msn.comhttp://You are a brave little boy and pray you will get better

bridget edwardsUnited Kingdom17.6.2007 20:9:16bridget.edwards@dsl.pipex.comhttp://Hi there Jesson,mum,dad and kezia,I just wanted to send lots of healing hugs and love to you all at the hard time. I have one of Jessons angels which I haven't worn for a while so I will put it on tonight and where it to strengthen the healing I'm sending.lots of loveBridget Edwards(mum of Daniel who was diagnosed with neuro aged 8mths now 4 and currently NED)

Clare United Kingdom20.6.2007 14:47:32claredpalmer@aol.comhttp://Hi allJesson you are so brave and big hello from Hannah. We will be heading down to London too soon to discuss MIBG therapy for H as does not look like the TVD will do the job! Hannah is at school today and wanted to go swimming and this is the first time she has been in a position to go since relapse!! Take so much care and love to you all. Stay strong. Love Clare Chris Hannah and Cameron xxxxx

seraGreece20.6.2007 15:30:11sera@bambinobabyc.o.ukhttp://hi there, sending strength & love to you all through cyber space..sera x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom21.6.2007 22:46:45http://Hi Jesson,Thinking of you and hope you are ok.Love Diane (Sammy's Nana)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom26.6.2007 14:37:9http://Hi Jesson,Everyone is bursting with pride! What a courageous young man you are! You should have medals on your chest.Stay strong Jesson, you deserve so much more in life, good times will come, just keep fighting.Love DianeSammy's Nana

KERRY WRAGGUnited Kingdom2.7.2007 12:53:35WraKr@aol.comhttp://Hi to Jesson and CoJesson your are sooooooo brave. We are all very proud of youthere will be lots of hugs coming your way. I hope that the infection is now better.Keep strong Jesson, your a super hero.xxxLoads of love and hugsKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LenaUnited Kingdom3.7.2007 17:40:53lena.court@btinternet.com there brave little soldier,I'm always thinking about you, I'm sooo pleased the bump on your head is a little smaller.Helen, I always ask when I visit Tina and Fran if they've seen you, you are alwaysin my thoughts and prayers.This has been a long and difficult process, your 'glove hugs' must have been heartbreaking.Not to be able to hold Jesson in your arms must have been torture. I admire your strengthand your courage, all of you.God bless you all, maybe I'll see you in LRI again soon.Take care,God bless,Lena. X

LenaUnited Kingdom11.7.2007 18:5:14,Just dropped by to catch up, but there's no updates. I hope no news is good news and things are going well.You are always in my thoughts,Love Lena. X

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom12.7.2007 14:38:2http://Hi Jesson,How are you doing?? I must admit I am getting worried about you. Hope the headaches are gone.Stay strong.LoveDiane (Sammy's Nana)

seraGreece13.7.2007, its a while since an update..hope things are going to plan,thinking ofyou allsera x

nikki james darren & natalieUnited Kingdom14.7.2007 19:53:59s.tierney90@ntlworld.comhttp://just looked through all your website & pics they are all superb he looks so happy im really glad i met u in London you have been tower of strength for me down there just good to talk to someone who truly understands what im going through let me know how the results go thinking of you all everyday tell all staff at uch i said hello they are the best docs & nurses i've ever met just keep smiling and if you need to talk you know where i am take care you must be so proud of your children i cant believe how tremendous Jesson been always smiling good luck and i wish you all the best for the future love nikki

PaulaNew Zealand15.7.2007 7:9:7http://Hi there, glad to hear your home Jesson and back to your bubbly self again, you are so brave- a real champ! Sending lots of love to you all, Paula & family x x x x

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom17.7.2007 17:49:5http://Hi Jesson,You are a truly amazing young man! You deserve so much happiness and only good times.Take care, you are a true wonder.Love DianeSammy's Nana

Alice WilliamsUnited Kingdom17.7.2007 jesson,how you doing? not seen you for a you and your family? hope you all our okay!!best whishes, love, hugs and kisseslove alice xxp.s my mum and dad and chloe send their love to you all and hope to get to see you soon!!xx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom19.7.2007 19:11:22kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi To the Wragg Family,You are such a brave little boy - I bet your mummy & daddy are so proud of you.Sending all our love as ever & wishing for a miracleLots of LoveKelly xXx

seraGreece20.7.2007! you really are a star *love to you proud of you all as always!love and kind thoughts - sera & gang x x x x x (who for once are where we say we are-greece!)

sera - me again :o)Europe25.7.2007 wraggs gang..just a quick p.s to helen..if you have any at home..pop a few necklaces in the post if you have chance for the shop..i have a customer who wants to see them "in real life" (why i don't know?? but customers can be funny old things :o)and i can display them to you allxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom26.7.2007 9:52:0http://Hi Jesson,Hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy the school holidays.Take careLove Diane - Sammy's Nana

sera - me AGAIN!!Brazil27.7.2007 22:47:0http://hey jesson...hear you were the first superstar to use the gameboy ds in isolation!hope you didnt wear it out!stay happy and sparkley!sera xxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom4.8.2007 9:8:22http://Hi Jesson,Just checking for news. Hope you are ok and no headaches today.Stay well and enjoy the long school holidays now the rain has finally stopped.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Alice WilliamsUnited Kingdom5.8.2007 jesson and family how ur doin sorry i didnt get round and c u wen u were round liz and andys i wos looking afte nan and playing on the wii wot u bin up to jesson hope ur havin fun luv ya millions ]luv alicexxxxx luv mum and dad and chloe too!! oh yh and ruby our 4 month pupxx

MarinaUnited Kingdom8.8.2007 9:59:27marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi there JessonHow are you doing, Well i hopeHope your are enjoying this lovely hot weather and getting out and about, Morgan and George are at Twinlakesfor the day!!Take CareLove to all the FamilyThe

melUnited Kingdom8.8.2007 14:57:58melinie@ntl.comhttp://

charlieUnited Kingdom8.8.2007 15:1:9http://hi jj hows your hampsters doing p.s. boo drags her bum on the carpetlove from charlie

BeccaUnited Kingdom9.8.2007 15:22:0bubble_queen_94@hotmail.comhttp://hiya jessonJust writing to you to say hIAND STAY STRONGyou are a brave boylove becca xxx

seraDominican Rebublic11.8.2007 wragg gang..hope everythings ok..and no news is good to you allsera x x x x x hey jesson & kesia- do you remember last summer when honey's rabbit kept escaping..well guess what..he's gone again! lept from the 3rd floor of his hutch to freedom!last seen munching grass & chasing a cat in next doors garden! :o)

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom21.8.2007 20:1:3http://Hi Jesson,How are you doing?? just checking on you.Hope you are able to enjoy the school holidays.LoveDiane - Sammy's Nana

marina,Jonny,Morgan and GuUnited Kingdom28.8.2007 11:9:50marina@checkind.comhttp://Hi Jesson and Family,Just read the update.Jesson you are such a good,brave boy.xWe are always thinking of you.xSounds like you and Keisa have been having lots of funof the summer break i am pleased.Lots of Love to you and your family.The Summerfields.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

seraSingapore29.8.2007 13:15:7http://so pleased the update is a good one! i was getting a little worried!The summer seems to have whizzed by & i to am sad about the start of school..i love having all my girls home-time is so precious as we all know.can you believe liberty is applying to uni helen! where does the time go!prayers and positive thoughts for ryan, his family and to you all,sera x

kim chris callum nathan brianne roberts United Kingdom29.8.2007 jessonyou are being so brave,keep up the good work.i still hear your little laugh in my head at times,give your sister a weehug as well. say hello to mum and dad for us, glad you have had a nice summer holiday.enjoy the rest of the holiday take care lv all the roberts family from bonny scotland

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom29.8.2007 22:38:42http://Hi Jesson,Pleased to hear you are enjoying the holidays, stay well, you deserve the best of times.Love DianeSammy's Nana

VICKI SCOTTUnited Kingdom31.8.2007 a little to note to say hi and be strong. Always thinking of you and your familyVickiXXXXX

LenaUnited Kingdom3.9.2007 16:55:35lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://jack-ford.memory-of.comHi,Just dropped in to say Hi and I'm glad things are going well.The summer hols certainly have flown by, Charlie's back at school tomorrow.I was so sorry to hear about little Ryan, bless him.All the brave warriors are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, carry on being 'loud' Jesson, Mummy wouldn't want you any other way!!!!God bless,Lena. XP.S. I took to liberty of putting a link to your site on my work site, I hope you don't mind...If you'd like to take a look, cut & paste this: you want me to change it just drop me an e-mail.

rosemary mcgivernIreland12.9.2007 everything goes well for u all he is so brave!!xx i am going through the same thing , my wee boy pierce was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma on the 8th of june this year, it took the doctors 3 months 2 find out what was wrong with him. he has just finished his 9th chemo he has it every 10 days and it really intense aswell, so where waiting 3 weeks now untill he gets mri scan on the head where the tumor is in 3 places and the bone scan 4 his hip and the bone marrow hopefully hes in the clear, 2 go through the next will be in our prayers and thoughts ..good luck. xxxx Rose.

seraRussia12.9.2007 19:26:39http://hi wraggs..just passing by and saying hi..sending kind thoughts and strength to you allsera xxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom16.9.2007 10:54:0http://Hi Jesson,Pleased you had good times in the holidays and lots of fun and were able to go back to school with your friends.So sad to hear about the loss of your much loved friend, I know you will be missing him, especially on your hospital visits.Remember him with love and a smile as you think of the fun times you shared.So now we have to get you better again, trust those doctors to work their miracles again, I know so well staring at scans intently hoping all is well but not breathing until the docs give their verdict.Lots of LoveDiane Sammy's Nana

PaulaNew Zealand18.9.2007 22:12:18http://Hi there, so sad to hear about Ryan our thoughts are with his family. Would love to see some pics of you in your fab pink camper van, sounds like you had lots of fun! Good luck with everything in London, always thinking of you all, lots of love Paula & family x x x x

seraUnited Kingdom19.9.2007 14:45:52http://lovely to hear your happy stories..a pink camper - wow i want one!! :o)so sad to lose another brave and very special child to this disease,love to you all,sera x

viksUnited Kingdom21.9.2007'm sorry to hear Jesson's progressing yet again. My thoughts are with you. Love viksPost Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom21.9.2007 9:10:2http://Hi Jesson,Wow you got to see a show in London, how cool is that! Sammy loves singing and dancing, she would have loved it.So you have a Birthday coming up, we will all have to have a think about the best way to celebrate, sounds to me like time to PARTY!!Stay strong Jesson, we all send our love and lots of positive energy.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

claire and ju muttockUnited Kingdom21.9.2007 15:57:16http://Hi there,Your always in are thoughts, love to you allBig hugs, love claire and gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraSingapore26.9.2007 12:47:25http://loving and positive thoughts to you all flying through cyberspace,if you read this helen i've emails you sera x

Jude DonahooAustralia30.9.2007 Jesson,I often drop by your page and keep updated with your progress.Sending loads of posiive thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you fight this ugly NB.One of your nurses in the UK left a message on Kahlilla'spage a few days ago and asked us to drop by your site again.Even though I keep updated, this is the first time I havesent a message.Love to you little man and to your family.Jude Donahoo (Kahlilla's nan)

jeanUnited Kingdom3.10.2007 JessonJust to say we're thinking of you all. Keep loud!Love Jean Rachael and Samuel

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom3.10.2007 22:24:51http://Hi Jesson,Hope you are doing ok, and the pain has subsided.Thinking of you.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Danielle McCormickUSA4.10.2007 18:54:3djmccorm2@msn.comhttp://caringbridge/ryanmccormick/org.I am praying for your son. I lost my 19month old to Neuroblastomain April 2007. I pray that your son will not have any more pain and thathe will beat this monster. God Bless you and your family.Danielle McCormick

lisa nickUnited Kingdom4.10.2007 19:1:6http://hello all!!!hello big man i hope your feeling better for your birthday sunshinewere all thinking about you...i cant believe you will be 8what a big number...have a great dayhappy birthday.. XXXXXXXXXXXXLOVE LISA NICK

GINA INGHAMUnited Kingdom4.10.2007 20:28:13GINAINGHAM@AOL.COMhttp://Hi JessonSorry to read that you are feeling unwell at the moment. Hopingso much that you can get back to your usuall loudness forthe weekend to open all your cards and presents!!! Can't believe you will be a BIG 8 year old.Thinking of you lots and really hope you have a fab birthday!!Lots of LoveThe Inghamsxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom4.10.2007 23:38:0http://Hi Helen,Have you read news about new RH1 treatment in paper this week. Works on chemo resistant tumours, ready for trials on children.Jesson, rest up ready for your Birthday, you deserve a fun time for a change.Thinking of you all.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

GillUnited Kingdom5.10.2007 22:8:22d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Wow Jesson a big 8!!!!Have a fantastic birthday Jesson Lots of love Gill, Dave, Kane & Alfiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

claire and ju muttockUnited Kingdom6.10.2007 0:41:45http://R thoughts and prayers are with you, thinking of you all.sending you all, all r lovelots of loveclaire, ju n gand xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol, Dave Joe and Kaitie UebersaxUnited Kingdom6.10.2007 10:32:37d.uebersax@sky.comhttp://HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESSON HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!Have a wonderful day little man.Sending you all our love and birthday cake wishesCarol,Dave, Joe and Kaitie Uebersax (the Brummies)xxxxxxxxx

The LindsaysBelgium7.10.2007 12:50:43http://Happy birthday Jesson..!Hope you feel well enough to enjoy your Birthday, Make sure you get plenty of cake down you to give you some energy!Have a great dayJonny Claire Thomas and Lottie. xxxxx

Sue (UK)United Kingdom7.10.2007 12:55:56http://Happy 8th Birthday Jesson, hope you are having a really good day.Sending you lots of love to you and your

viksUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 Jesson></a>Love Viks<a href=Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

viksUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 JessonI put 3 pictures in your guetsbook to wish you a happy birthday but they havent show up. They were - Post a Smile on a Sick Child's Face

the Worrad familyUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 8th birthday jesson hope your having a lovely day we are all thinking about you keep your chin up everyone love the Worrads xxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 19:6:50kellyhatty@hotmai.comhttp://Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to youHappy Birthday dear JessonHappy Birthday to you Hip Hip HoorayIts a good job you cant hear my singing ha ha haSending all my love as usual to the whole of the wragg family.Always in my thoughts Lots of LoveKelly, Garry, Sophie & Jack Hatfield xXx

deepikaUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 19:18:50dr_deepikasharma@yahoo.comhttp://HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSONGLAD THAT YOU ARE AT HOME TODAY.We also wish your parents strength and remind them howfortunate they are to have a wonderful son like you.loveDeepika, krishan

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 20:49:11Ginaingham@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonSo glad you are back home for your birthday, we posted your cardon Thursday or Friday but I guess with the strike you won't have it yet, so thought would send another message. Hope you have a lovely day and get lots of cards and presents!Thinking of you all lots, as always.Lots of loveThe Inghamsxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 21:47:26http://Hi Jesson,Hope you we were well enough to enjoy your Birthday, you are a very special young man, and I have been thinking about you a lot today.Thinking of you allLove Diane - Sammy's Nana

Natalie HalfordUnited Kingdom7.10.2007 22:36:42snhalford@btinternet.comhttp://Hi Jesson, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie, hope you have had a lovely day, thinking of you.Lot's of love & big hugs & kisses, Natalie, Steve, Ryan, Rhys & Mollyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PaulaNew Zealand7.10.2007 23:45:13http://HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY JESSON!! with all our love always, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

v bottrillUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 9:26:28viviennebottrill@yahoo.comhttp://So sorry to hear that Jesson is not well. Keep strong and smiling! Have a super time in the limo with your friends!Jesson you are a star. Thinking of you all.Sending you love and best wishesVivienne Bottrill

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 9:51:3http://Helen,You are all in my thoughts, sending you strength and love.LoveDiane - Sammy's Nana

Kelly, James and MeganUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 10:15:18http://Hi Jesson, So good to see you yesterday, hope the rest of the day andevening was great fun.Have a fantastic day today in the Limo.Love and best wishes to you ALL.Lots of Love Kelly, James and Megan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steve WaltersUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 11:46:32stevewalters8@hotmail.comhttp://HelenOur thoughts are with you as always.

sarah Bingham and familyUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 16:5:27http://Hi Jesson we are so glad your were home to celebrate your 8th birthday , smelly melly told me you had a lovely day , we could see your fireworks lighting up the sky over the roof tops from our front door step sonny has now said he would like fireworks on his birthday.I hope you liked the giant confetti bomb i bet it made lots of mess! And how posh are you picking up chaz,bel and kesia up from school in a stretch limo just to go KFC thats what i call style!!! well sweetheart we are all thinking of you so much and also your mummy and daddy and kesia, your such a special boy (and the loudest boy ever!!!) but thats just how every one likes it, great big sloppy hugs coming you way love from Sarah,Jody, Callum,Jaymie and Sonny Bingham xxxxx

GillUnited Kingdom8.10.2007 21:50:22d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Thinking of you all, sending all our loveGillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LenaUnited Kingdom9.10.2007 16:35:38lena.court@btinternet.com checking in on Jesson, I am so happy he spent his 8th birthday at home but devestated to read those words "received news we were dreading".As always, you are in my thoughts and my prayers,God bless you all and keep you strong through these dark and difficult times.If you need a shoulder, mine is here. As Thomas Jefferson once said.. "Who, then, can so softly bind up the wound of another, as he, who has felt the same wound himself."With love,Lena. X

Kelly RendallUnited Kingdom9.10.2007 guys - sorry for the bad news - it totally sucksWe're all thinking of youLove Kelly - Mum to Angel Beeboxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom11.10.2007 10:39:54http://Hi Jesson,I am so pleased to hear you had a wonderful Birthday. It sounds like you had lots of fun. Riding in a limo must have been very exciting.Stay strong, you are doing great!Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Mandy LindsayUnited Kingdom11.10.2007 Jesson,Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a fab day. How exciting going to KFC in a limo! Best wishes, Mandy (Jonny's sister)

lisa nickUnited Kingdom11.10.2007 15:32:17http://hi jesson and sounds like you had a brill brill birthday it sounded like so much funwere all thinking off you jesson u big brave boytake care alllove lisa and nick x x x x x

Tracy CosgroveUnited Kingdom12.10.2007 a fantastic birthday Jesson. Jasons mummy toldme all about it at school today. I'm so glad you had a goodtime. Keep strong everyone.

Tracy CosgroveUnited Kingdom12.10.2007 me I'm half asleep I meant Jordans mum.

Gail DavidsonUnited Kingdom12.10.2007 23:8:3gaildavidson68@ntlworld.comhttp://Hi Jesson and family, Glad to hear that you had a fab birthday Jesson sounds to me that you are recieving all the things that a special little boy like you deserves. It's hard to belive that you are 8 already i can still remember that little boy that i first met playing without a care in the world. I'm so sorry that you have received the news that you dreaded but i just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and i'll keep checking up on you keep your chin up. Love Gail and family. xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom13.10.2007 9:39:48http://Hi Jesson,Hope today is a good day and you feel well enough to play.Thinking of you allLove Diane - Sammy's Nana

tracy martinUnited Kingdom13.10.2007 really don't know what to say only. you all are very brave people. Well done for giving Jesson such good memories. I knew about Jesson's diagnosis 4 years agoI am friends with Heidi Mee. I have four children myself and can't imagine what you are going through. My thoughts and love is with you all. I have shed lots of tears lookign through your photos, both of joy and sadness.My love is with you all at this very sad time.XXXXXXXX

seraUnited Kingdom16.10.2007 18:42:49http://belated happy birthday jesson!you've all come so far over the last 4 years,thinking of you all now, as alwayssera x(hope you got the healing info ok -vicky said call her anytime if you want more info/appointment etc)

PaulaNew Zealand17.10.2007 1:3:18http://Thinking of you all, sending you lots of love-always in our hearts and thoughts, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x x x x x

Debbie HardyUnited Kingdom17.10.2007 Jesson is feeling well and you are all coping x

seraEl Salvador17.10.2007 15:1:46http://just wanted you to know i'm thinking of you x

vicki ,scott,joe,mollyUnited Kingdom17.10.2007 16:9:25vickycharles@btinternet.comhttp://hi helen ash and kids , cant belive its been 4 years since jesson was diagonosed , what a little fighter, cant put into words how you must be feeling all our love and thoughts are with you love always vicki scott and kids

LenaUnited Kingdom17.10.2007 21:31:30lena.court@btinternet.com,It was so lovely to hear from you this evening and hear your cheeky little man in the background, Charlie was asking how old Jesson is and if he knows Jack because Jack can look after him and be his friend soon.It would be lovely if Charlie and Kesia could be friends, they have so much in common, maybe they could help one another.For us too to keep in touch would be lovely, we share the same endless nightmare and sometimes, having someone that knows your pain can be a great help. I am always here for you Helen, I have cried for you all tonight, I have laughed too, remembering the day I met Jesson in LRI, pretending that plastic box was a boat! I will always remember his cheeky face, grinning and giggling.I feel honoured to have met him.I've asked Jack to wait at the gate. He's got a friend, they can be cheeky monkeys together for eternity.

GillUnited Kingdom17.10.2007 22:7:44d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Helen,Ashleigh,Jesson & KesiaThinking of you all and sending you all our love alwaysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

viksUnited Kingdom17.10.2007 I'm so sorry to hear Jesson is in a lot of pain and his meds are having to be increased. If there is anything we can do please let us know, we are currently organising for Jack Brown (who has relapsed) to go to Centre Parcs and sending lots of parcels and cards to him and his siblings to brighten up their days.Thinking of you,Viks

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 9:17:19http://Helen,Hold your head up high, Jesson is right you are a wonderful Mum who has fought so hard for her son. You should be so proud of yourself and of Jesson, he is a truly remarkable young man.Cherish every second, my thoughts are with you all.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Tara & ShaneUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 10:59:52http://Sorry Jesson's feeling a lot pain. You are doing your very best for him and he is right he does have the best mummy x

Kelly, James and MeganUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 12:0:10http://Hi to you all,Thinking of you all every day. Helen, Jesson is absolutelyspot on 'HE DOES HAVE THE BEST MUMMY IN THE WORLD'. You have strength, courage, patience, and mountains and mountains of love and nothing ever appears to be too much trouble.Your courage is unbelievable I do not know anyone else like you.Take care all of you xxxx

SummerfieldsUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 12:11:14marina@checklandkindleysides.comhttp://Dear Helen,Ash,Jesson and Kesia,Wearing our Angels and thinking of you each and everyday.Jesson you brave lovely boy,We are sending you lots of love and kissesLove alwaysMarina,Jonny,Morgan and Gu.xxxx

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 14:28:27hsknott@sky.comhttp://You are such a brave and inspirational family. My thoughts are with you at such a difficult time. No one can imagine what you are going through but remember you are in everyone thoughts. You are an amazing family xxxxx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom18.10.2007 18:53:4K.Wragg@vanguardcar.comhttp://To Helen Ash Jesson and KesiaWe are s proud of you all. Your wonderful family is such aninspiration to anyone that knows you. You are loving, thoughtful andkind and yes Helen, you are the best mummy that Jesson could have.Youshow such dedication to Jesson and Kesia, you should be very proud.You are all constantly in my prayers.Lots of loveKerry and Staceyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom19.10.2007 17:29:27http://Thinking of you all with all my heart, big hugs and lots oflove claire ju liam and poppy xxxxxxxxxxx

Mike St.ClairUSA20.10.2007 16:19:19chound52@hotmail.comhttp://Hello probably don't remember me as I am Dave Chesters from America.We met about 2 1/2 years ago on my visit there.Wishing you and yours the very best..........keep your chin up and look to the Lord for answers, they are there, maybe not what you want to hear, but we must go with what we know.Hoping to see you again maybe in the spring....Mike

Polly SellicksUnited Kingdom20.10.2007 18:34:30polly@pollysellicks.com thereJust wanted to say we are thinking of you all and hope Jessonand Kezia are able to be out in the garden enjoying thislovely weather. What a fab photo in the paper today.with lovePolly and Jemima Sellicks

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom20.10.2007 20:19:44kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Hi JessonI've just read the Leicester Mercury and there was this really handsome boy with his beautiful mummy - my word jess it was you!! You do your mum & dad Proud!Lots of LoveKelly, Gaz, Sophie & Jack xxxx

seraUnited Kingdom20.10.2007 23:1:32http://There has not been a day go by when Jesson has not thanked me for being a really good mummy who takes really good care of him.well said jesson! your mums a star x

tina and familyGreece21.10.2007 11:5:51http://to ash helen kasia and jessonjust a quick message to say we are all thinking of you and thatyou are always in our thoughts xxxxxxx

Alice williamsUnited Kingdom21.10.2007 17:17:23http://hey guys Hope you are all okay.Hope to see you soon.Jeson hope you are okay.Lots of love alice xxxxxxxx

SamanthaUnited Kingdom22.10.2007 Everyone Just been reading your website!!!You are so lucky to have a brave boy like jesson xxxThinking of you all,All my lovesam xxxxx

Sue MaxenUnited Kingdom23.10.2007 7:42:59http://Thinking of you

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom23.10.2007 10:51:6http://Hi Jesson,Pleased you are busy enjoying school holidays.Today is a beautiful day with the sun shining, so let's have a good time.Sammy & Louis love going to a local farm and feeding the animals too!Keep smiling Jesson.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Marina,Jon, Morgan and GuUnited Kingdom23.10.2007 12:48:9http://Jesson,Well done 2 teeth!!Sweetie that's what happens when you kiss the girl's, hehehePut them under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy will come for sure.Glad you have been having fun.Lots of Love to you AllLove,The Summerfields.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x

GillUnited Kingdom23.10.2007 18:45:32d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Glad to read you've been out enjoying these lovely sunny daysWhat negotiating skills, a kiss so your mate can stay, likingyour style Jesson!!Don't forget put your teeth under your pillow for the toothfairy.Love to you allGill,Dave,Kane & Alfiexxxxxx

LenaUnited Kingdom25.10.2007 11:53:7lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://How funny! I'd heard the saying... "you've been kissing the girls" when a lad has lost his front teeth, but I've never known it to be true!Well, Jesson, you've proved a few points in your lifetime, but that has to be the funniest! Best not kiss her again! You won't have any teeth left to help you eat all your yummy food!Glad you are laughing, having fun and making memories little soldier, keep praising your mummy as you do, she deserves it.Love to you all.

J. MeadowsUnited Kingdom25.10.2007 18:4:7http://So glad that Jesson is feeling a little better :)we are all still thinking about you,Julie Meadows(Mrs. Meadows, Montrose School)

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom25.10.2007 22:17:2ginaingham@aol.comhttp://Hi JessonCan't believe your teeth are falling out due to that long kisswith Melenie, sure it wouldnt happen if you dared to do it again!Hehe! She's a very lucky girl too, but I guess she'salready knows that.Glad you have been able to get to the farm and pick up all thoselovely, cute, animals and are having fun.Keep strong little man.Lots of love to you all, as always.LoveGina, Tim and the gang!xxxxxxxx

Jude DonahooAustralia26.10.2007 Jesson & family,I have been following Jesson's journey for a long time. I praythat this precious little man will continue to be happy andpain free. As Kahlilla says "it's not fair nan", and she isso right. Positive energy and thoughts are with Jesson and the family.LoveJude Donahoo (Kahlilla's nan - another NB fighter)

ClaireUnited Kingdom26.10.2007 15:0:18cstevens6@ntlworld.comhttp://Just wanted to send best wishes to you all.(met you at the knighton park in the summer hols)

maria ahyesUnited Kingdom27.10.2007 0:3:47zuss_tan@hotmail.comhttp://hello all xxx i rememberdrawing a little face on your plaster xxxkeeo in touch xxx maria from play school xxxlove to you all

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom27.10.2007 16:41:8http://hey jesson your a brave boy kissing mel hehe! thinking of you and sending you all the love in world to a special family big hugs claire ju and gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

seraSlovakia27.10.2007 22:29:38http://a kiss..worth more than anything!love to you all!special wishes for smiles & painfree days..and lots more kisses!sera xxxxx

Richard ColeyUnited Kingdom28.10.2007 20:44:33Rich.Coley@btinternet.comhttp://Hey Jesson and family,my friends mum works at montrose and i got told about this page,i decided to take a look as my best friend passed away from cancer last year,and since then iv been helping most causes to fight cancer,i wish all the happiness in the world to jesson,and he must be a very brave boy!all of my love and respect~*Richard*~

Sarah BinghamUnited Kingdom28.10.2007 21:24:21http://Hi jesson im so pleased you have had a lovely week going to see the animals at the farm park i bet the baby guinea pigs couldnt believe there luck when you turned up again and again to see them you must have made them feel very speacial! I want to tell you what an amazing character you are Jesson, you have this wonderful natural gift of making people smile and laugh with your cute sense of humour,never complaining always smiling you have a beautiful soul (that means you are a very kind gentle happy considerate person)there should be lots more Jessons in our world!I know alot of people know you and i can bet you have made every single one of those people laugh with your funny little way with words which is amazing because you have given each and everyone of us a personal little memorie to hold forever ,what a wonderful gift .Keep being your happy smiley self Jesson eat lots of your fav food and rest when you need to sweetheart ohhh and stop kissing my sister or you wont have any teeth left and that means you will have to gum your food hehehe!!! xxx Helen and Ash i want to let you know jody and i are constantly thinking of you both,i know you dont feel you have the strength at times but let me tell you from someone who is standing on the outside watching you cope with this desperate situation just how amazing you both are, it is so clear to see where Jesson gets his strength,courage and fighting spirit from,you should be extremely proud parents. knowing what you are having to cope with breaks our heart so much it physically hurts.I know you must get people saying this all the time but please if theres anything we can do for you please please let me know, anything! washing,ironing taking tilly for a walk(but im drawing the line at picking up brown dog parcels from your garden lol)but seriously just let me know if theres anything we can do.Hold each other close and tight you need to be there for one another more than ever now , love to you Helen,Ash,jesson and Kesia xxxxx sarah ,jody and boys

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 Jesson,Hope today is a good day, I am thinking of you and your family.Sending love and support.Diane Hughes - Sammy's Nana

Emma and MeliahUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 2 you all, i cant believe 1 kiss jesson and 2 of your teeth have fallen out :-) Did you have lots of fun when your friend stopped over plenty of noise i hope hehe. Your a very STRONG little boy and your mummuy is doing a great job. LOve 2 you all. Emma & Meliah xxxx (riley mummy and sister)

Russ/Karen & all at Unique PhysiqueUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 17:36:36infophysique@aol.comhttp://Ash and Helen. Just had a call from Martin, words cant tell you how sorry we are. We are thinking of you all.

alice williamsUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 21:12:3http://Ashley and Helen i am really sorry about the news and i cant put it in words how special Jesson was i never once saw him not happy.I went tennis this evening and just couldnt consentrate with the thought.I love you all very much Once again i a really sorry to hear.alice xxxx

glyn (charlie and isobels nana)United Kingdom29.10.2007 so sorry.Words are so inadequate,Jesson was such a lovely kind considerate litte boy.It was my pleasure to have known him,my heart goes out to all of you and I.m thinking of you and sending you all my love xxxx

Natalie & SteveUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 22:54:29snhalford@btinternet.comhttp://Dear Helen,Ashleigh & Kesia,We hope that you find the strength to cope with your loss of such a beautiful, brave boy Jesson.God Bless Jesson, thinking of you all.Nat,Steve & Family.xxxxx

deepikaUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 23:7:46dr_deepikasharma@yahoo.comhttp://Dear Helen, Ashleigh and KesiaDo not have strength to write yet i must say that the sameboy who has brought tears today in so many eyes was the one who had brought countless joyful moments for you all.Remember Jesson with a smile for he would not like you to be sad.With him has gone all his pain but happy memories would last for ever. remembering you all in this difficult time.deepika and krishan

LauraCanada29.10.2007 23:16:11tavcanada@hotmail.comhttp://Much love and strength to you on your tremendous loss. Farewell beautiful Jesson, thank you for making my life brighter with your smile and courage. XOXO

mick sandersUnited Kingdom29.10.2007 Ash & helen, I,m not good with words,just want you to know am thinking about you. Be strong,love to all mick xxxxxx

jo danny robsonUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 of you all.our hearts go out to strong. xxxxxxxx

Alison SmithUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 1:0:23http://Helen, I am so sorry. I really thought he was indestructible - but his character certainly is, none of us who met him will forget him. Be proud, all of you. Much love to you all xxx

Ruth United Kingdom30.10.2007 1:6:14ruthgrogan@btinternet.comhttp://Hello Ash, Helen & Kessia. Thinking of you all at this time. Don't know what to say but love you all loads. Big hugs & kisses. Ruth, Miles & Lloyd xxxxx

Jennifer ClickUSA30.10.2007 1:58:9JSClick@gmail.com am so sorry to learn of Jesson's passing. I have been a silent follower of his journey for several years. He was such a brave fighter, now he has earned his freedom from this beast called neuroblastoma! Peace and strength to your family. May you always feel Jesson's loving spirit by your side.

kim chris callum nathan brianne roberts United Kingdom30.10.2007 thoughts are with you at this time,give our love and thoughtsto all the family.jesson will be the brightes star in the sky brianne says so, and she is always right. love and,chris,callum,nathan brianne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SallyUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 7:58:24sally@georgies-fund.comhttp://www.georgies-fund.comDear Helen, Ash and Kesia,I'm so sorry to hear of Jesson's passing. I remember when Tania and I came to visit Jesson at UCLH in June with some Nintendo games for the MIBG suite. Jesson was so thoughtful dividing them up between the two rooms making sure that there was some girlie ones for each room in case a girl stayed. He was such a sweetie with the lovliest of smiles.I feel honoured to have met him.lots of love to you allSally X

LISA NICKUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 8:1:53http://helen ash kesiaim so so sorry to hear of jessons passing he was a remarkable little fellowhis smile lit up the world..helen ash he had the best mummy and daddy in the whole worldhe could of not asked for anyone as loving and caring than you proud of truly heart broken for all 3 off you and your one once said to me helen..hold on to your memories they will last a life time no one can ever take them of you.god bless all of lisa nick and family... XxX

Steve WaltersUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 8:19:0stevewalters8@hotmail.comhttp://So sorry to hear the news. I never met Jesson but through this website I realised what a brave little fighter he was, supported by a family second to none.My thoughts are with you at this sad time.

Jay K.United Kingdom30.10.2007 8:23:42jkenny@talk21.comhttp://Our thoughts are with you. X.Jay, Nikki and girls.

Marina,Jon, Morgan and GuUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 8:56:0Marina@checkind.comhttp://Helen,Ashley.Kesia,extended Family,We feel so heartbroken for you all.All our Love AlwaysThe Summerfields.x

Emily SharrattUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 9:7:14acdoctor@sky.comhttp://Helen, Ashleigh and KesiaJust to let you know we are thinking of youLove from Emily and family xx

LenaUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 9:17:46lena.court@btinternet.com, Ashleigh and Kesia,You have shown Jesson so much love throughout his short life, you have shown so much courage and strength, he has gained his angel wings but he will never leave you.A love and a bond that strong can never be broken.This terrible disease destroys many things, but it cannot invade the soul, suppress memories, kill friendship,destroy peace, conquer the spirit, shatter hope, cripple love, corrode faith,silence courage or steal eternal life, ...Jesson can be free now, to run, play and laugh with our angels, for all eternity.He will always be watching over you, he will live on in your memories and in your hearts.God bless you all.Lena. XXXXXX

Gina InghamUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 9:28:7Ginaingham@aol.comhttp://Helen, Ahsleigh and KessiaWe are so sorry, hope you find the stregnth from somewhere.Lots of love to you allLoveThe Inghamsxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly, James and MeganUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 9:30:3http://Helen, Ashleigh and Kesia,Thinking of you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKelly, James and Megan

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 10:21:45http://So sorry to hear the news, may Jesson be at peace, he need fight and suffer no more.May you all find the strength to help you through this.JESSON YOU WERE A WONDERFUL BOY, WHO FOUGHT SO HARD, IT WAS AN HONOUR TO FOLLOW YOUR BRAVE BATTLE, AND HEAR ABOUT YOUR STORY.Diane Hughes and family

seraUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 10:32:7http://jesson - what an inspiration! His character, his fighting spirit, and his loving familykept him with us for longer than we thought possible,After the tears i now find i'm remembering all the funny thingsjesson has done..his cheeky jokes..his determined and super sweet spirit,Jesson has touched the hearts of myself and my family more than he will ever know,He truely was a gift and one i will always be inspired by,Heaven must be having a party..because the unique and oh so funny jesson has arrived!love to you allx

sue smithUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 10:41:9danielross@ntlworld.comhttp://Im so sorry, thinking of you all.

Sue DriverUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 Helen & family,Just to let you know that I am thinking of you all.Words are inadequate.I know how you are feeling and I am so sorry, it is devastating news.I remember Jesson coming to Remembering Rosy day back in 2004, he's adorable.Jesson will continue to keep you strong and I am sending you all my love.Take care, all my love Sue (Rosys mum and Maries friend)

momtaz begumUnited Kingdom30.10.2007

chelsey GroocockUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 11:11:22chelsey578@msn.comhttp://Hi to all of jessons family,the constant reminder of jessons smiling face makes me smile,the way he used to tell me i was playing his games wrong when i saw him on his d.s game makes me laugh,he's a star in my eyes and always will be,keep on smiling up there jesson..your one in a billion!love from chelsey:) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Debbie,Enzo,Danielle and laurenUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 11:49:27debbie.ferri@uhl-tr.nhs.ukhttp://Thinking of you,love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 12:22:58http://hi helen im so sorrythinking of you allluv zoexxxxxxxxxx

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 sorry to hear the new of Jesson's passing. Nothing anyone can say will take away your pain but your many many happy thoughts of Jesson will hopefully ease the pain a little. You are in my thoughts now and the hard times ahead. Love to you all xxxxx Hayley

JO WARDUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 12:26:42J.WARD427@NTLWORLD.COMhttp://Helen, Ashley & Kesia,our deepest sympathy at this sad time, thinking of you alwaysJo,Andy,Ashleigh & Sam Ward(Aylestone)

SueUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 12:54:52http://So, so sorry for the loss of your lovely little boy,I never met Jesson but have followed his story and hoped so much for a different outcome, may you find peace through all the wonderful memories you will have of him. Sending lots of love to you all.Sue xxx

The Smith familyUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 12:57:0nichola.smith97@ntlworld.comhttp://Helen and familyWe are so sorry to hear of Jessons passing, heaven has gained a special little boy. You have been such an inspiration to me Helen giving me words of comfort in times of need. There is nothing i can say that will make you feel any better but just know our thoughts are with you alwayslove Nicola Scott Connor Callum & Jack xxxxx

kelly(tinas daughter)United Kingdom30.10.2007 sorry to hear about jessons passing i followed his bravey on the compter he was such a soilder.our thoughts are with you at this sad time and always in my prayers. thinking of you all always kelly and family.xxxxx

Sophie WellUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 13:43:54http://Awful news. Sooooooooooo sorry for your loss. Such a special boy xx

Judy PearsonAustria30.10.2007 13:47:1http://Your loss is heavens gain. Please keep this website going as you are such a wonderful inspiration to all those other families who are suffering fronm this dreadful illness. Love and silent prayers are on thier way to you all x

Julie NunnUSA30.10.2007 13:48:41http://Peace after pain, Heavens gain x RIP LITTLE MAN

charmaine jonesUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 13:52:19charwake@aol.comhttp://Hi ThereJust a short note to say how heartbreaking it is to hear about Jesson's passing away.Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.Charmaine Jones xxx(Jade Hayward's aunt)

HannahUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 terribly sad to hear Jesson has died :( xxx

ange,jez.oli and imogen lilyUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 15:4:10a.e.james@btinternet.comhttp://To Helen, Ash, and Kesia,Its so hard to find the words to say how we feel but we just want you to know we are thinking of you all and that you are in our prayers. Jesson was a superstar in every sense of the word- i never saw him down, however much pain he was in. I will always remember his cheeky grin andhis infectious laughter that filled every where he went. Take care of yourselves. Lots of love Ange, Jez, Oli and Imogen Lily xxxxx

Clare United Kingdom30.10.2007 15:40:16claredpalmer@aol.comhttp://The light that Jesson gave out will never be extinguished. Sending strength and love to you all. Love from Clare and Hannah xxxxx

Angela AtkinsonUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 16:7:41angelaatkinson@hotmail.comhttp://Your little soldier fought such a brave fight.My thoughts and prayers are with you all.Angela Atkinsonxx

Joanne LeewoodUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 Helen, Ash & KesiaSo sorry to hear that Jesson has gone to heaven. Please feel blessed that you were chosen to be his family, and always remember you gave him such a wonderful life. The love and strength that glows all around you is an inspiration to us all. God BlessJo & Dave XXX

Lorraine HallUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 17:18:31lol.hall@ntlworld.comhttp://Oh Helen,So sad for you and your family to hear that Jesson has died.This morning for the first time in a long time I found and wore my angel necklace, strange isn't it?Thinking of you. xLorraine, mum to Jake who also suffered and died from this awful disease

vicki , scott, joe and mollyUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 17:28:30vickycharles@btinternet.comhttp://Helen ash and kesia, oh helen and ash so sorry to hear of jessons passing,what a special little boy who touched the hearts of us all , sending our love and thoughts to you all and your familyslove always scott , vicki joe and molly x x x x

Julie MeadowsUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 17:51:12http://We will always remember Jesson with a smile on his faceand a bounce in his step. He livened up many a day at school and was always eager to participate in all we did. He wasso popular at school he always had a hard time choosingwho would stay in with him at lunch or break to join in with his 'picnic club'. He left many happy memories.Our thoughts go to all of you at this time,Julie Meadows (Montrose School)

Linda Wright (Montrose Nursery)United Kingdom30.10.2007 thoughts are with you at this sad time. My heart goes out to you all. Lots of love to you from Linda Wright, God bless you all xxxx

Doug and PaulaUSA30.10.2007 19:14:25Dougiemar@sbcglobal.nethttp://Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sadness.Jesson. May the good Lord bless and keep you

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 19:24:13kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Dear Helen, Ashleigh & KesiaI've had a lump in my throat all day and tears in my eyes. I still cant believe it, we knew it was going to happen, butits still a shock when it does. Helen & Ashleigh you are the strongest people I know, you faced this together and supportedeach other well. You've both been the best parents toJesson and I bet he was so proud of you both.I dont know how you will get over this but you too will because you'll do it together!My love goes to your whole family at this sad time.Lots of loveKelly, Gaz, Sophie & Jack xXx

Maureen GilbertUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 19:54:3mosyjg@aol.comhttp://Helen,Ashleigh and KesiaJust to say we are all thinking about you all at this sad time. Jesson was such a happy delightful little boy we will all miss him terribly but he has left such lovely memories with us.God Bless xxMaureen Gilbert (Montrose School)

sandra robinsonUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 19:54:55sandra.robinson3@virgin.nethttp://Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.Jesson was a special little boy.Love to all of you.Sandra, Mitch, Eleni and Saskia

Polly SellicksUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 20:32:19http://HelenI am so sorry to hear Jesson passed away.My thoughts are with you and your family.With lovePolly (Jemima's mum)

Paula, Rich, Daniel, AbbieNew Zealand30.10.2007 21:11:23http://Dear Helen, Ashleigh & Kesia, I sit here not sure how to put into words what i want to say, tears are flowing and our hearts ache. Jesson was the most amazing, courageous and gorgeous little man we have ever known. He has a wonderful family who has so much strength and love and you are all a great inspiration to us all. Jesson i wear your Angel with pride, we love you very much, night night, forever in hearts, Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x x x x x

rachel suderaUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 21:12:10rachel_griffiths_18@hotmail.comhttp://dear helen ash & family,just wanted to say how very sorry we are to hear jesson has passed away. our thoughts are with you all, love rachel, ravi & family x x x x.

GillUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 22:6:11d.brookes7@ntlworld.comhttp://Helen and AshleighWe are so sorry to hear about Jesson still can't believe that he's gone to heaven. He was, is and will always be such a special little boy who captivated everyone he knew with hiskindness, bravery and sense of fun.You gave him so much love and strength Jesson was so luckyto have you as his Mummy and Daddy.xBlowing you a big Jesson, night night sweetheartxSending you all our loveDave Gill Kane and Alfiexxx

maria hayesUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 22:35:1zuss_tan@hotmail.comhttp://i dont no what to say ,im so so sad i dont know how to say how om feeling , my little man with his plaster ,he was so lovely ,i want to be there at the funeral xxxx i remeber him playing doctors with me at play school and giving me injections xx lolx he a very special boy xxx my heart goes out to you x be strong he was so brave xx see you soon maria play school xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sera for christineGreece30.10.2007 22:35:1http://helen, ashleigh & kesia,my mum wanted me pass on her love,her thoughts are with you all and she wanted you to know,please also pass on her kind thoughts and love to your mum,as an adoring grandma herself she's thinking of jackie too at this time.Also grandma byers & all my aunties & my brother wesliegh, who have all followed jessons highs and lows over the past years.they are all thinking of you at this sad our thoughts and our prayers sera, glenn, liberty-breeze, madison & honey xxxxxgrandma & grandad byers, christine, wes, julie, melanie & mally xxxxxx

Sally PybusUnited Kingdom30.10.2007 23:47:23s.pybus1@ntlworld.comhttp://I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. Jesson was blessed with such a loving family.An angel in the book of lifewrote down my babies birth,and softly whispered as it closed -‘Too beautiful for earth’

Benny & Rosie QuinnUSA31.10.2007 1:18:6wildthistlerose@twcny.rr.comhttp://Helen, Ashleigh & Kesia, We are so sorry to hear about Jason passing, what a strong liitle man he has been, and he was blessed to have such a loving family around him. Heaven has gained an angel for sure.Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.Love, Benny & Rosie Quinn.

Nev, Sheona and MaisieUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 1:52:18grinneruk@sky.comhttp://Dear Helen and Ash,our hearts are broken, we all knew this time would come but somehow thought that if we didn't think about it, it wouldn't happen. We're so proud to have known the cutest, bravest, most polite, most thoughtful and totally charming little boy ever... You and Ash are an inspiration to us all.. you helped JJ live a whole lifetime in eight little years and in return hehas left everyone with a lifetime of wonderful memories.We love you guys so much..Our love and thoughts are with you allGod Bless little Jesson xx Sweet dreams XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 10:43:57K.wragg@premierfirstrental.comhttp://To Helen Ash and KesiaWe are all devastated over the loss of your wonderful littleboy.I hope that you can find some comfort in the fact that you provided him with the most loving and caring home that anyone could ever wished for, this shone through in his personality.He was a very special young man that has left behind the most precious memories.Good night and God bless Jesson.Love to you all.Auntie Andy, Uncle Kev, Tina Darren, Dean Kerry and Gandy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Denise KeranUnited Kingdom31.10.2007

Denise KeranUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 can I say?A lovely boy who charmed everyone he met. Helen my heart breaks for you and your family. Its just so sad.Love from, Denise, Charlie and Ryan Keran

Steve WalshUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 13:16:52http://Goodbye young man

Joanna ThomasUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 amount of words can say sorry.He was a beauitful smiling boy.please know that he is at peace now with all the little children whowere taken before there time.

Stana MagnusovaUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 accept my deepest sympathy at this heartbraking time. I am so sorry to hear that Jason passed away. I have been following his journey for nearly two years.We keep you in our prayers.Jessie and

Tim GeorgeUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 did not get to know you very well but we had a chat or twoon ward 27 as my daughter Ruby is on the ward and really appreciated the advice. Jesson was an inspiration to usbecause he was so brave and so smiley. Even Ruby at fouryears agreed that she would need to be as brave as Jesson.I wish there was something I could say or do to ease thepain of losing him but all words/actions become inadequateat these times. We are so sorry.

Jenny SmithUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 14:13:39Jennyjohnsmith@hotmail.comhttp://I will never forget you Jesson. A brave little boy who smiled his way through life's ups and downs.A brave little soldier whose smile lit up the school.Sleep peacefully, Jesson. You were an example to us all. x x x

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 15:13:14http://

claire n ju muttockUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 15:15:58http://Helen, Ash and KesiaThinking of you and your family, Cant put into wordshow sorry we are to hear about little Jesson.Sending you lots of love Claire, Ju, Liam and Poppy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tooneyUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 rember ur smile when i first saw u and i rember ur last smile when i saw u. u will never be forgoten little man love tooneyxxxx

AngelaUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 to a great little man,Helen, Ashleigh, Kesia and Tilly(the dog) xxxxxxxxxxx

Angela, Richie, Sydney, Max, Piper and OUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 to a great little man,Helen, Ashleigh, Kesia and Tilly(the dog) xxxxxxxxxxx

amelia,s nannieEurope31.10.2007 18:20:55http://my heart goes out to you at this awfull time my prayers and thoughts are with you all

amelia,s nannieUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 18:21:53http://my heart goes out to you at this awfull time my prayers and thoughts are with you all

joanne draycott & pam dalbyUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 remember jesson coming down to x-ray the 1st christmas with his head covered with foam blocks,he touched our hearts the moment we seen him and have kept up to date eith his progress ever since.what a truly inspirational little boy ,his mummy is one hell of a woman as well.our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time . god bless you allxxxxxxx

Mark GibbardUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 19:30:51mark.gibbard@sky.comhttp://We are so sorry to hear the sad news, our hearts go outto Ashley and the family.Be strong God bless Jesson Love from Mark, Vanessa, Mason & Sadie

MarinaUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 19:33:39marinagraydon@gmail.comhttp://I have followed Jesson's story for months now and was hoping so much for a miracle. I am so sorry for your loss. Bless his little heart. xxx

Joanne HewittUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 19:36:49adelle.danny@virgin.ethttp://Joanne has asked me to leave a message on her behalf.Deepest sympathy to all of you at this sad,sad time.Our thoughts are with you.Joanne, Craig, Jessica and Darcey. x

AdelleUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 19:39:41adelle.danny@virgin.nethttp://I don't know you personally but my daughter went to play school with Kesia.My heart goes out to all of Jessons family.He was a very brave little boy who fought so hard and for so long.Rest in peace

Michelle , Paul ,Lauren and Jake WoodUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 19:41:29michellewood60@hotmail.comhttp://Dear Helen, Ash and Kesia,We are all heartbroken for you.Can't put into words the sadness we feel for you.We never met Jesson but feel like we knew him from reading everything on the website.He was so brave and strong.We will miss him. sending you loveMichelle and familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vivienne BottrillUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 20:0:34viviennebottrill@yahoo.comhttp://Jesson will be remembered at Montrose for his cheeky smile and his cheerful disposition. I feel privileged to have known such a brave little boy, who touched the hearts of everyone that he met. He was so lucky to have such a caringfamily who stopped at nothing to ensure that he lived a whole lifetime in his tragically short life. My heart goes out to you in these dark days but take comfortin the knowledge that you did everything that you could, you stayed positive throughout the difficult times, you kept smiling and gave him the best. You will have some wonderfulmemories of the happy times that you all had together.Kind regards Vivienne BottrillMontrose School

michelle worradUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 21:34:21http://sorry to hear about Jesson. our thoughts are with you.michelle Garry, elise harry worrad

suzanne jacksonUnited Kingdom31.10.2007'm sorry to hear of your sad news.Class 3J will not be the same without his smiling face. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him for very long in my class but listening to the children talking about his personanlity and remembering all the times that they had shared with him at school over the years showed me that he will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. Many of the children spoke about his sense of humour and how he always put a smile on their face, even though it was him that did not always have something to smile about. Mrs Sutcliffe has all of class 3J's memories of Jesson and I am sure in the future you will enjoy reading them and seeing what a popular boy he was. My heart goes out to you and your family at this very sad time and I only wish that I could have known Jesson better myself. Rest in peace Jesson. From Miss Jackson and all of class 3Jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wayne SimmsUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 21:48:58kirsty.simms@sky.comhttp://To Ash and familyOur thoughts are with you at this sad timeGod bless Jessonlove from Wayne,Kirsty,Reiss,Tilley and Freddie xxx

Kerry MckenzieUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 thoughts are with you at this very sad time. No words will ever take the pain away.With much loveKerry , Steve, Jay xxx

rachel jonesUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 - bambino babyJust told me.. I'm sorry to hear about Jesson and my thoughts are with you xRachel

paul & sarah newtonUnited Kingdom31.10.2007 22:0:1http://please accept our deepest & hearfelt sympathy,helen,ash & families,we are so sorry to hear that jesson has passed away,what a brave little boy he was,god bless you jesson xlove bod,sarah & family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gary and Sue EdenUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 8:34:21gary.eden@ntlworld.comhttp://Big Man, Helen and KesiaThinking of you all Take CareLove Gaz and Sue xxxxGod Bless you Jesson

Jo Hart Broughton Astley LeicestershireUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 hearts go out to you all on the loss of this special, funny and brave little boy. I am going to send a donation to Neuroblastoma and also Wishes 4 Kids in Jesson's memory and I will continue to support those charities. You are in our families' thoughts. Jo Andy Issac and albert hart

Sue MaxenTurkey1.11.2007 very sad to hear the news

Claire MooneyUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 10:45:50Crlsnow@aol.comhttp://I can't begin to find the words...Jesson was the cheekiest little lad i have ever had thepleasure of teaching. An amazingly infectious giggle and huge puppy dog eyes that were used to full effect to do music and art rather than maths!I will always remember Jesson and his immense courage andjoyful personality.My thoughts are with you all.Keep shining Jesson xxxClaire Mooney, Children's Hospital School

SandraUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 12:51:51http://So so sorry to hear the newsThinking of you all at this very sad timeGod Bless you Jesson - sleep well darling

Tracey ColfordUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 14:32:36respond24@hotmail.comhttp://from all the dinning supervisors at Montrose school. So sorry on the loss of a very special little boy, deepest sympathy to all the familyxxx.

Kelly JackmanUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 15:18:42Kellyjackman@hotmail.comhttp://I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have viewed your son's website before now, as my friends little boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in August last year. I did a lot of looking up on the internet, to try to understand the illness.Sadly, he too passsed away this October. I cannot begin to imagine your loss, but having seen what my friend has gone through this last 14months, I can see how hard it must be for you all. Take care. Kelly x

Pamie NewlandsUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 16:6:9Thewildrosebabe@aol.comhttp://So very, very sorry to hear about Jesson. Although I never met him (I heard of Jesson through Alara), I thought of him often and have followed all of the updates on his website.Sending you all my love and very best wishes at this terrible time. Jesson was an absolute star xxx

amanda bonsellUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 just to say my thoughts are with you all. jesson was a star always makingus smile great fun to be with i will miss him but he will alway be in my thought.i had a lot of fun time with him and all of you take care amanda

Pamela PalmerUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 17:42:54http://I was so sorry to hear of your sad news. Thinking of you allat this sad time. Jesson was a very special little boy.With love from Hannah's Grandma

louiseUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 19:2:59shaun_lyon@hotmail.comhttp://Hello you don`t know me but I have been following the story of your brave little boy for some time. I wish that you and Kesiacan find some peace in knowing what a loving family Jesson was born into . I wish that you find some peace over the next few really hardweeks and months.

Sue RobertsUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 19:23:24sueroberts88@hotmail.comhttp://Jesson was such a brave little boy whose smile touched everyone he met.My thoughts are with you allGod Bless Sue Roberts x xMontrose School

Jason, Marianne and NoahSweden1.11.2007 20:2:13jf_woodgon@hotmail.comhttp://Helen, Ashley and Kesia.Words cannot express how sorry we are to hear that Jesson passed away.Our thoughts are with you and the rest of the family.Love and best wishesFrom Jason, Marianne and Noah.

Leighanne SmithUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 has been a mass of inspiration to all of who knew him,he most definately is to me.And I’m sure everybody else would agree.I’ve always had a massive soft spot for Jesson from the dayhe came and sat on my knee in the hospital and took the Playstation 2controller off me so he could crash my car on the game I wasplaying with my little brother, charming hay.Since then me and Jesson spoke mainly computers, the latestfavourite was Animal Crossing and SIMS on his Nintendo DS. I think I gotta get meone of those now matey especially after Jesson told me theygave him a half eaten birthday cake on his birthday when heplayed it, how cools that, he couldn't wait to tell me,bless him. Such a little charmer you just got to love him,You will always be in my heart Jesson and i'll never forget that cheeky smile. 'God now has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart' xxxxYour an amazing family and have always held things together so well for your little soldier,Helen, Ash And Kesia.I'm thinking of you all at this time and always.lots of love Leighanne xxxxRest In Peace Little Man xx

Nik & BertUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 21:33:28niknok@ntlworld.comhttp://We are so sorry that Jesson has finally lost his brave fight.We are thinking of you now and and in the months to come.With love.The Storersxxx

maria hayesUnited Kingdom1.11.2007 22:18:32zuss_tan@hotmail.comhttp://just a little note to say im thinking about you all ,keep strong x your very specail little boy will always be in my heart xxxxxmaria play school xx

HayleyUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 1:12:8http://Goodbye Sweet Jesson, I hope you are pain-free, fly high beautiful boy x x

louise coventryUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 Helen,Ashley and kesia So So Sorry, may all your memories of Jesson keep you Stong through this sad time. Jesson was a remarkable bravelittle boy who always made you smile and his memories always will. Helen and Ash you are fantastic parents and kesia you are a a beautiful little sister. God bless Jesson xxxxxLouise Ellis and Erin coventry

mark townsendIndia2.11.2007 10:12:43m.townsend453@btinternet.comhttp://thinking of you all in your time of need, sorry i cant attend the funeral as i'm on holiday in goa, but we will hold a minutes silence and light a candle for jesson at the same time as the funeral.God est his soul.

Victoria KilmartinUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 am so sorry to hear of you loss my thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time. I am a friend of Debbie and Jim who's grandson Connah Broom has neuroblastoma and that is how i came to hear about Jesson. God bless you all.

VickyUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 14:38:4vicky_2002@ntlworld.com are with you all at this time xx

christina prestonUnited Kingdom2.11.2007

Bridget EdwardsUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 16:56:45bridget.edwards@dsl.pipex.comhttp://I was so sad to read of Jesson's passing on Samanthas page. My son was diagnosed with neuro at 8mths.We were blessed with a happier outcome. He is now 4 and NED. I bought one of Jesson's angels last year and wear it with pride and now in memory of him too.Please accept our family's heartfelt sympathy for you at this time.Fly high Jesson sweetheart.Bridget,Darron,Joseph and Daniel Edwards

christina prestonUnited Kingdom2.11.2007,,Dear helen ,ashly, gorden .jackie and kashier,my heart goes out to you at this very sad time ,,sera kept me updated about jesson , such a super star soldier ,,very brave little guy ,,and you helen and ash absolute brick material, so strong for the little guy,, he is now free from all his pain and the brightest star shines above us now,,god bless you all ,,,have fun little jesson in gods garden,,love christina,,xxxxxxxx, (sera mum)

angie fairhurstUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 18:7:41simon357@btinternet.comhttp://Helen Ashleigh Kesia So very sorry that Jesson has lost his brave fight.It was always fun spending time with him, with his cheeky smile and funny jokes. Thinking of you all Angie Fairhurst Montrose School Thanks for being a good friend and making me laugh. Mitchell fairhurst

LorraineUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 heart broke for you all. I hope you've found your angel wingsGod bless, sleep tight.

Emma & MeliahUnited Kingdom2.11.2007 21:26:9EMMAFARMER_52@HOTMAIL.COMhttp://Thinking about you all at this sad time. Jesson was a very brave and strong little boy who i will all ways remember will a smile. Love to you all xxxx ( Rileys mummy and sisiter) XXX

Carl HassellUnited Kingdom3.11.2007 11:4:41carl.hassell@ntlworld.comhttp://So very sad to hear the news .Thinking of you all. (carl hassell & family )

Micky, Donna and FamilyUnited Kingdom3.11.2007 13:25:22michael.mcmahon@fsmail.nethttp://Ash, Helen and familes. we are so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful little boy.All our thoughts are with you all at this sad time.Keep strong.Micky, Donna and family.

Heidi BoswellUnited Kingdom4.11.2007 10:52:3heidi@talk21.comhttp://Ash, Helen & Kesia,We are so sorry to hear about Jesson. Our thoughts andprayers are with you and all the family.Lots of loveHeidi & Zoe xxx

IvonaPoland4.11.2007 13:28:1ibiela@yahoo.comhttp://Hi Helen, Ash and Kesia,I'm Claire and John's friend from Waterloo. I just want to say how sorry I am about the loss of your wonderful boy. I have never had chance to meet Jasson, but, Claire and John were often telling us, in our group of friends, about you guys,your painful fight and Jasson's joy of life and strenght in fighting the illness.I wish you even more strenght in this difficult time.Ivona,

lorraineUnited Kingdom4.11.2007 13:35:10lorraine.gilbert1@ntlworld.ocmhttp://Helen,Ashleigh, kesia and all the familySo sorry to hear the sad news about Jesson..what a brave andcourageous little boy.We will miss him and his cheeky little smile.Helen and Ash you did him proud, leaving no stone unturned, fighting along with Jesson until the very end.Love Lorraine, Jay, Neve and Georgia xxxx

thomas walkerUnited Kingdom4.11.2007 16:37:2tom13444@msn.comhttp://hi its tom walker here from ward 27. i am thinking of you all i am sorry that he passed away. i will always remember jessons energy and lovley smile stay strong lots of love tom waslker

Roy & Judy WillisUnited Kingdom4.11.2007 17:59:5rjwill@onetel.comhttp://Dear Ash,Helen & Kesia and all the family,We were so sad to hear the news of Jesson.Our hearts go out to you all.We must thankyou for all the support and good advice you gave to us and Dave & Marisa when Natasha was admitted to Ward 27 and we were all so shell shocked and frightened.All our love goes to you all and our thoughts and prayers are with youand your very brave little man.Roy & Judy (natasha wards grannie & poppa)

Debbie HardyUnited Kingdom4.11.2007 very, very sorry to hear this sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you gain comfort in the thoughts that you were so lucky to have been blessed with such a special, beautiful boy, and he was so lucky to have been born into a wonderful family. My heart is breaking with yours. So sorry, Debbie x

carrie brinleyUSA4.11.2007 Wragg family, I am so sorry to hear about Jesson's passing. I have been keeping an eye on him for a while now. I found out the day after he passed away, but couldn't find the words to write. Sorry.I lost my little man to Neuroblastoma May 06. I know all too well the pain. When I see of another who lost their life to it, I feel that pain all over again.Please know I am praying for your family. May God hold you near and comfort you all.God Bless Carrie

mel and julieUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 13:35:27melgales@hotmail.comhttp://our hearts and thoughts are with you at this sad time.all our love.mel and julie (sir johnathan north community college)

chrisUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 14:8:49chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://thinking of you all today.jesson may you rest in peace now you was a very brave and special little boy xxxx

leonie pawleyUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 sorry i couldnt get to Jessons funeral today You were in my thoughts and in my heart and i held my children a little closer today lover leonie

dean wragg and familyUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 18:35:2katewragg130@hotmail.comhttp://to ashley helen kesia thinking of you all lots of love dean kate family

Dalby & RachelUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 deepest heartfelt sympathy to you all, such a sad, sad loss. Sorry we couldnt make it today. Stay strong.xx

claire and andy walkerUnited Kingdom5.11.2007 23:6:14timbercarenationwide5@msn.comhttp://thinking of you all at this very sad time, not a day goes by when we havent thought about the friends we met on ward 27, its what kept us going through the hard times. Time passes but we will never forget the love our children gave to the familys left behind, Life is so cruel.All our love claire, andy jessica and katie walker. (lucy walker's family ward 27. 2004-2005)

paulaNew Zealand6.11.2007 1:8:10http://What a wonderful poem !!!! x x x x love to you all x x x x

Vicki ScottUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 am so sorry to hear the news Jesson has passed away.Over the years I have enjoyed reading his website, and seenJesson grow in to handsome little boy.I have viewed all his photographs, and seen how he hasenjoyed his holidays away with his family and with his friends.He will always be a special young boy, in your lives.There are no words that can describe close family and friends feelings.I am sure you must be heart broken.Since moving to Birmingham I have lost touch, but I havenever forgotton you.My condolences to you and your family.My love and best wishes to you all.

karen kenningUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 14:5:2kazhubbard@msn.comhttp://helen i am so sorry to hear about the loss of jesson

Elaine & Don HallUSA6.11.2007 15:21:47fibandmolly@aol.comhttp:// Hi to Jesson's family, I have known Jesson aunt and uncle Jill&John Rayner for years,and when I spoke to Jill on the phone the other day she told methat Jesson had lost his fight,and that I might beable to see hiswebb site over here.I saw his webbsite yesterday and thought it waswonderfull,but I was at a loss to find words to convey to you allmy deepest sympathy, I still am.After seeing all the lovly photo's I can see that Jesson has left you with many special memories and you had given him so much comfort and so much love that he hadmore in his short life than a lot of people have if they live to a hundred, how blessed you all are.I am glad that Mia and Jessica were ableto know him,he will live on in you and them and all the other people he met and touched.Forgive my inadequacy. God Bess you all. Elaine & family (also known as aunty Min)

michelle brewsterUnited Kingdom6.11.2007

michelle brewsterUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 Ash and Helen, I have just been told about your loss and I cannot say how very much i am sorry.I remember sitting with Jesson at Lee and Sarah,s wedding and feeling humbled by this truly wonderful,courageous and funny little boy. You are amazing parents and your strength,determination and love for your family is inspirational to everyone.You only have to look at the photo,s to realise how much fun,love and happiness he must have felt from you as parents, Thinking of you all, Michelle

Georgia ThorpeUnited Kingdom6.11.2007, im so sorry to hear about Jesson (i know this because i go to his old school Montrose)the day after it happened we was told in a special assembley we everybody was sad even the people that didnt really know him properleymy friends and I are going to do a guess how many sweets are in the jar competiton to raise money to put towards a special rememberence of Jesson in our special school garden.By Georgia 6H

Joanne swanUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 19:31:8joanne.swan@ntlworld.comhttp://Hello, Helen , Ashleigh and KesiaBeen following Jesson's story for years now.Big hugs to you all at this sad time.Love Jo ,Jessica ,Katie and Kieran Swan xxxxxx

Sian DownesUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 do not know you personally but have visited Jesson'swebsite on a number of occasions to see how he was getting on.I was extremely sad to learn that he has lost his battle andmy thoughts are with your family. Hopefully your memories ofJesson and what a wonderfull little boy he was will help youthrough this tragic time.Sleep well Jesson - goodnight and God bless xxx

Fay BriceUnited Kingdom6.11.2007 sorry to hear of your loss i am praying for you all at this sad time my heart goes out to you all lots of love to you all Fay xxxxx

Emma United Kingdom7.11.2007 17:40:32emmafarren30@hotmail.comhttp://It was a beautiful service Helen and Ashleigh.thinking of you all. Be strong. love Emma and Darren xx

Richard AccardiUnited Kingdom7.11.2007 21:19:43richard.accardi@btinternet.comhttp://We were so sorry to hear of Jessons passing. Thinking of you all at this difficult time.Richard & Karen

paul sansomeUnited Kingdom8.11.2007 9:43:25paulommas@aol.comhttp://you were a very brave boy with more courage than words could ever say i wish i had your courage but on the day it counted i sat outside the church and didnt have the courage to come in i am so sorry my dad died a year to the day of your funeral and i no that he will be there looking after you as so many people will be because he knows how much i wanted to walk in that church to be there for you and your family but i just wasnt as brave as you please forgive love paul xxx

Emma HiltonUnited Kingdom8.11.2007 20:49:30emma.hilton@virgin.nethttp://I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I found out after visiting Sam Hughes' web page. No longer in pain, and resting in peace, my thoughts are with you and your family.

MarinaUnited Kingdom9.11.2007 11:39:45Marina@checklandkindleysides.comhttp://Helen,Im thinking of you each and everyday.Lots of loveMarina.xx

Alice WilliamsUnited Kingdom10.11.2007 to helen and AshleighI have just read the update and it is really nice to hear how strong jesson really was and how much fun he had.I came to the funeral and it was a fantastic service,he will always be in my heart.I am still thinking about you all at this hard time.Lots of love Alice xx

viksUnited Kingdom10.11.2007 words "I'm sorry" just sound so empty but they are true, I really am sorry that Jesson has passed away, my thoughts are with you allLove ViksPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mary round the bendUnited Kingdom11.11.2007 8:5:21maryadare@hotmail.comhttp://To the amazing Wragg/Rankin family,Thank you for allowing us to share Jesson's journey it was such a privelage for wich we will always be grateful.Our hope for you is that one day you will have the strengh to say,Do not grieve that he has goneRejoice that he was here.This comes with our love to you allMary & Len

SueUnited Kingdom11.11.2007 10:10:50suehill10@hotmail.comhttp://Thank you for sharing Jesson's story with us, he is such an amazing brave little boy, you must be so proud, as one who has lost a very precios Grandson I truly believe that Jesson will always be with you. Be strong for his sake, you are in my thoughts and prayers.Love from Sue

the Thomas teamUSA12.11.2007 0:44:16Email@ChristiThomas.com I just learned of your sweetheart's passing. I had visited your website many times. I am so sorry. I pray our nine year old Christi was there to greet him in Heaven and to show him all of the wonderful things we tell ourselves she's doing.Much love and many prayers,the Thomas team Mom (Angela)

Mandy KellyUnited Kingdom12.11.2007 12:5:27Mandytaylor80@btinternet.comhttp://To all the Wragg family.Our heartfelt sympathies to you all - so sorry seems such a meaningless thing to say but our hearts are with you all.God blessMandy & Richard Kelly (Eve Kelly's mum and dad - ward 27)

Aylee and LouisUnited Kingdom12.11.2007 12:58:59al_hayward7@hotmail.comhttp://Our thoughts are with you deeply. Louis wanted to say goodbye in his own way so he has lit a candle for Jesson.Jesson was a very special boy to everyone.All our love Aylee(louis's mum) and louis (ward 27) xx

Kerry WraggUnited Kingdom12.11.2007 14:54:16Kerry.wragg@rentpremier.comhttp://To Helen Ash and KesiaThere is nothing I can say that seems appropriate. I hope that your life without your wonderful Son and brother is being made bearableby the many many precious memories that you made for each other in his shortbut extremely fulfilled life. The many messages of support on hiswebsite reflect on his strength and character and your strong family.He has left a void that can never be filled. My heart aches for you all.We are honoured that he was a member of our family.Lots of love to you always.Kerry and Stacey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom12.11.2007 19:17:50http://Helen & family,There are no words, I cannot imagine the emptiness and loss you all feel. You have lived through my worst fears and nightmares. Jesson was truly remarkable and brave, the truth is he shouldn't have had to be, a child deserves so much more from life.I know Jesson's pain and suffering is etched into your very heart and soul, I only hope his smile, laughter and happiness he brought to you all will also be filling your hearts with love and pride.My sincere thoughts and love are with you all.Love Diane Hughes - Sammy's Nana

MarinaUnited Kingdom13.11.2007 12:57:23Marina@checklandkindleysides.comhttp://Helen,Just sat and read your update,I have cried all the way through it :(,thank you for sharing such memories and moments..You are so courageous loving and strong, im sure these must feel like the hardest of times.Im thinking of you each and everyday Helen.xLots of love to you allMarina.x.x.x.x.x.x

Micky, DonnaUnited Kingdom14.11.2007 18:4:38michael.mcmahon@fsmail.nethttp://Hi Helen and AshWe've just read your update and think your both amazing for how strong you have been going through all what you have over the past 4 years, we know where Jesson got his strength from (you two!).Be proud of all the things you did for Jesson because we all know he is proud to have had a mummy and daddy like you.All our thoughts are still with you.Keep strong, see you soon!Micky, Donna and family.

jemimaUnited Kingdom15.11.2007 13:27:33jemimareynolds@hotmail.comhttp://thinking of you all -it was a real wonder to meet and care for this amazing boywith such a fighting spirit, humour and love.the light he brought so many will never go outlot of love jemima (student nurse)

Sandie ParkerUnited Kingdom15.11.2007 15:54:51http://What a brave family. It sounds like you have all suffered so much. Especially the special little boy who has touched the hearts of everyone who knew him. Kesia must miss her brother so much. May you find comfort in knowing that Jesson is now free from pain and will be watching over all. Enjoy all your happy memories and it will get easier with time. Love to all your family Sandie xxxx

Mark and Julie WestonUnited Kingdom15.11.2007 15:58:35http://Deepest Sympthay to your family on the loss of Jesson. Please find strength to keep this website/ photos updated as we were so touched by Jesson story

Danielle McCormickUSA19.11.2007 7:56:41djmccorm2@msn.comhttp://I was sorry to hear that your son passed. My son passed in April.He also had Neuroblastoma. He was 19months old. You have a wonderful son and I thank you for sharing him with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficulttime. God Bless, Danielle McCormick( angel Ryan's mom)

Sarah CaseyAustralia20.11.2007 11:26:14sarah.kc@bigpond.comhttp://Hi,I've just read your beautiful and touching story of Jesson's passing. It upset me and touched my heart in a big way. Ihave five children who at times drive me mad, but I dare not think how much it must hurt to lose a child. My mum died at my home with me 5 years ago and that it still very much a part of my daily thoughts. There are no words I can say to you to help to ease the pain, but at least Jesson is no longer in his pain x

Jo Hart Broughton Astley LeicestershireUnited Kingdom20.11.2007 are thinking about you xxx

purdyUnited Kingdom21.11.2007 night little man. You will stay in our thoughts & hearts forever.Steve Althia Charnah& Kyara

Hayley KnottUnited Kingdom21.11.2007 16:20:53hsknott@sky.comhttp://All the Family,Times must be so hard for you at the moment but you had an amazing little boy who has left you with a lifetime of wonderful memories. What you did for Jesson in this short life most people don't do in a lifetime. You are an amazing family. Stay strong xxxx

maria hayesUnited Kingdom21.11.2007 20:27:30zuss_tan@hotmail.comhttp://what fantastic photos what a big big smile ,my heart is with you eveyday i no you must miss him so so very much xxxxxxxx

Tara & Shane United Kingdom22.11.2007 13:45:23http://What lovely pictures of Jesson. We can't imagine how you are feeling or coping. Take Care love Tara & Shane x


Mary and Becca from LeicesterUnited Kingdom24.11.2007 16:57:57http://Thinking of you all. We never met Jesson but feel as if we knew him very well. (((HUGS)))Mary and Becca XXX

Jo HartUnited Kingdom25.11.2007 photographs are wonderful your hearts must be breaking. Jesson had his short life in a world where he had a wonderful family who loved him so much. You will all be together again one day in heaven. we can't understand it now but he is watching over you all and you will be meet again when there is no pain and nothing will part you all again. I am thinking about you all.

chrisUnited Kingdom26.11.2007 12:50:50chrissie2572@msn.comhttp://I cant imagine how you are feeling with out jesson.just take one day at a time.theres the saying of it gets easier as time goes on well i dont think thats true i think we just learn to live with out that person in out can any amount of time heal the hurt and pain.where ever you go what ever you do there will always be something that will make you think of jesson :-).take care helen ash and kesia my thoughts are with you all.

Heartfelt CarerUnited Kingdom30.11.2007 10:22:49http://Please STOP these stupid emails to this site. Get a life. These lovely people are grieving for their 8 year old son who has just lost this life. Sod off and go and annoy another site and let Jesson's family and friends enjoy all the lovely messages they should be receiving x HAVE A BIT OF RESPECT!!!!!!!!!

stacie baldwinUnited Kingdom30.11.2007 12:25:44apple1415@hotmail.comhttp://hello my name is stacie i just wanted to say im so sorry i was lookin through your website as i was on georgies i am really sorry X

julieUnited Kingdom30.11.2007 16:53:11http://So, so sorry.What an amazing brave boy. Why is life so unfair?X

zoe spencerUnited Kingdom1.12.2007 20:53:44http://hey babe hope youare ok.just to let you no im thinking of you through this hard timeand if you ever need me im always herewell just around the have all my support justremember you have everyone here for you.see you soon babe love zoe XXXXXXXXXXXXhope kesias alrite XXX

seraUnited Kingdom3.12.2007 17:44:43http://Helen, ash & kesia,Thank you for taking the time to update the wonderful photos..Jesson was never far from his DS!its in just about every photo!love to you allSera x

tammyUnited Kingdom3.12.2007 22:17:35thawkins@sunnydown.surrey.sch.ukbless you for your courage to go on and help those who are suffering are a credit to the human race and i'm sure Jesson is smiling down on you nowknowing that you care so much - well doneTammy

LenaUnited Kingdom5.12.2007 9:59:15lena.court@btinternet.com understand your words... "Our hearts are breaking, life with out Jesson is awful.He was such a big character, we have a huge void. we so loved every moment, of his existence."How I share the same perspective.I wish I could tell you the void will slowly close.I wish I could tell you time is a healer.I wish I could tell you it gets easier.I wish I could tell you life will be ok again.But most of all...I wish you weren't where you are right now.I wish that this terrible disease could be stopped.I wish that no other families have to share that feeling of emptiness that we have.Sadly, the power of my wishes is nothing against the power of this disease.The awful truth is, we are here, feeling empty inside, feeling pain that only an Angel family can feel.I can say that although we feel this emptiness, our boys are still with us.Look into Kesia's eyes, you will see him there.Listen to her laughter, you will hear him there.Hold her tight and close your eyes, you will feel him there.Those we love never truelly leave us, they are alive in our hearts forever.Maybe Jesson has met Jack, maybe they are comparing battle scars and chatting about their favourite nurses on Ward 27.Maybe they are playing and doing the things they love to do.Maybe they are watching over us, sending love and strength our way.God knows, they had too much Love for this world to hold and enough strength for us all.I hope that you can find comfort in you memories and in the arms of your family.Please remember, although I cannot give you all the things I wish, I can give my love and my support.I am here, sharing your agonising pain.If you need anything, you know how to reach me.Love and hugs to all.Lena. X

veronicaUnited Kingdom5.12.2007 was so lovely to see you at 27 party.Think of you often, you are trully inspiring to all of us who had the privilidge to be a part of your life

maria hayesUnited Kingdom5.12.2007 20:41:45zuss_tan@hotmail.comhttp://what a smashing vid made me laugh love the bum flash xxxxx think of you all every day xx

Joanne HewittUnited Kingdom5.12.2007 wonderful boy, a wonderful family.

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.12.2007 22:26:10http://Hi Helen ,I still drop by to see Jesson's smiling face in your wonderful photos, a lovely surprise to see the video.A lovely way to remember Jesson, dancing and having fun.Stay strong, remember the wonderful times, and cry too.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

MarinaUnited Kingdom7.12.2007 16:50:37Marina@checklandkindleysides.comhttp://Hi,Im so sickened by these spam emails! it's utterly disgustingyou should be shamed of yourselfs!HelenAs always thinking of you all.Marina.x.x.x.x

Auntie LisaUnited Kingdom7.12.2007 18:41:56Newtonuk2000@aol.comhttp://Ash, Helen and Kesia .... thinking of you all every day and cherishing the memories of Jesson. The video is fab .... I know where he gets that wiggle from eh Ash!! :O)With all our loveLisa, George and Annie xx xx xx

PaulaNew Zealand7.12.2007 18:54:28http://Hi there, Absolutely love the video!! Thinking of you all, lots of love Paula, Rich, Daniel & Abbie x x x x

Ruth WardUnited Kingdom8.12.2007 22:37:52texport2@netscape.nethttp://Life just ain't fair. Little people shouldn't be in heaven they should be down here with us. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work like that. Too many good people young and old are taken away from us. Well Jesson will be up there entertaining everyone including my Dad.Thinking of you all,Ruth Ward (meet on Ward 27 a couple of times0

seraGuyana11.12.2007 12:8:54bambionest@ao.comhttp://still popping by and saying hi,love to you allsera x

shannonUnited Kingdom11.12.2007 18:11:54SHANNONKENNEDY11@MSN.COMhttp://hi i am so sorry for your loss and wish the best of wishes for christmas stay strong for your daughter lots of love shannon xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

LenaUnited Kingdom12.12.2007 11:49:41lena.court@btinternet.com, what a wonderful video, such a moover and groover!Did you teach him to dance like that Helen?I can just imagine him teaching all the angels them moves!What fun they'd be having.Sending love and hugs your way...Lena. X

louiseUnited Kingdom23.12.2007 21:17:35http://Hi, wanted to say that people like me who don`t even know you are thinking of you at this difficult time of year,may you and your family enjoy remembering all the fun you had with your little boy Jesson.

Debbie HardyUnited Kingdom1.1.2008 been thinking of you all over Christmas, and just how hard it must have been to get through. I hope you managed to get some peace in your hearts.Debbie x

Marina,Jonny, Morgan and GuUnited Kingdom2.1.2008 16:38:54Marina@checklandkindleysides.comhttp://Helen, Ash and Kesia,Happy New yearWishing you a wonderful 2008.x.x.x What a great video :) and what a mover!!Thanks for a great evening over ChristmasYour right we must start and meet up alot more often.Lots of love to you allThe Summerfields

Sophie RoyUnited Kingdom4.1.2008 16:49:45sophieroy@trilingua.bizhttp://www.trilingua.bizHi Ashley, Helen and KesiaHappy New Year!!!Love the video- what a classic!Wishing you all the strength, love and happiness for 2008LoveSophie, Christophe and familyxxxx

Kelly HatfieldUnited Kingdom4.1.2008 20:40:47kellyhatty@hotmail.comhttp://Happy New Year Wragg FamilyAlways thinking of you all and hope you had a good Christmaswith Kesia. I loved the YouTube clip of Jesson. I hope that your new job goes ok Helen. If your every in Birstall pop in for a coffee with Kesia, id love to see you both Love Kelly xxx

Diane HughesUnited Kingdom5.1.2008 12:5:53http://Hi Everyone,I know times are tough, some days you just drag yourself out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. I am pleased you shared Jesson's thoughts on how he wanted to be a turtle. Zante is our all time favourite place and is famous for turtles. We all went there in June and Sammy loved to see the turtles coming up for air. I will always think of Jesson, swimming in the warm seas near such a beautiful island, whilst everyone watches in awe.Thinking of you all.Love Diane - Sammy's Nana

Lena and Charlie. XXXXUnited Kingdom6.1.2008 18:11:0lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://Oh Helen, that video is great, he makes a super turtle! Just sat and watched it with tears in my eyes, Charlie loved it.I am amazed you are going back to work already, you are stronger than me, thats for sure.I still struggle with work 5 years down the line.You're amazing Helen, no wonder Jesson was a star, he got his qualities from you.Take care,Love to all.XXXXX

LOUISEUnited Kingdom6.1.2008 19:20:56shaun_lyon@hotmail.comhttp://I love the video of Jesson!! He looked like he always had such fun! You sound like you are doing amazing things in his memory . My daughter and husband would do the triathlon if you dont live too far from Surrey? Hope Kesia enjoys school and you cope ok at work. Take comfort that you sound like an amazing family.

seraSingapore10.1.2008 11:52:36http://hi helen, thinking of you this week and your new (old :o) job,love to you allsera x

Joe KenneyUnited Kingdom11.1.2008 15:31:41http://Helen, Ashleigh & Kesia,You are such a wonderful family and i am sure Jesson is watching over you and smiling. He sounded like a smashing young man. Hope you all find the strength to continue living your lives in the knowldge Jesson is now free from any pain and hurt. You are left with the hurt and it will never go away only ease as time goes on. Hope you first week back at work wasn't too traumatic and you will be in everyones thought on your long journey through 2008. Please be happy as i am sure that would be on of Jessons requests. Don't be sad xxxx rip little man x

Dimitri VarnalisGreece12.1.2008 1:12:42mhtsosv@gmail.comhttp://anilikos.blogspot.comI just read about Jesson's passing..I'll always remember him by his sweet and tender little dance on that video.

Alice WUnited Kingdom13.1.2008 13:55:57http://Hi The video is amazing. Jesson never stopped smiling:)I look on this site about every week and look over the picsagain and again.Love to you allhope you are all okaylots of love alice xXx

Suzanne CarterUnited Kingdom18.1.2008 11:11:35http://Hope you are all ok and coping. I check out the website on a regular basis and i wish these stupid inconsiderate messages would stop as it amke reading difficult for those who really care about you. It would be lovely to have an update on how things are going (as difficult as it may well be). You and your lovely family are in many peoples thoughts and prayers. Love to you all

MelUnited Kingdom3.2.2008 2:9:53mel_leech@hotmail.com have just read the entire blog and i cannot believe what a brave young boy Jesson was and all of you as well. I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer, lymphoma and it has so far been unsucccessful but reading stories like this is truly inspriing, how jesson coped and dealt with everything was amazing and i truly admire your courage and strength. All my wishes and prayers.mel xx

claire yatesUnited Kingdom5.2.2008 wragg family i think you are all amazing and jesson is such a a inspiration to all he was so brave reading your diary on the internet moved me to tears

Brenda MaynardUnited Kingdom12.2.2008 is a message for Helen(jessons mum)I read your writeup in the leicester mercury about Jesson. this is a message from all the oldies you used to swim with on tuesdays and thursday at alystone leisure centre. We would love you to join us again sometime. love from Brenda,(the lady with the ginger hair)Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon, Brenda Maynard.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LenaUnited Kingdom28.2.2008 17:45:2lena.court@btinternet.comhttp://jack-ford.memory-of.comJust dropped in to see how things are, my, you have been busy!The amount of donations was amazing!!!All the events you are organising, you really are keeping busy.If I'd have looked sooner, I'd have come tomorrow night, but it's too short notice now to get a sitter for Olivia.Maybe, if you do another disco in the future, we'll be able to make that.Jesson must be so proud of you all, you really are fab.Take care,Love to all,Lena. 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À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬ À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬À!¬!0BCKLUgˆ—ªÂê'iš£µÈ×éý=x¯ßáâô#$,6ˆš­¼Îåí(PYk¢¾ÆÕ"³<WXas›ª½¾Æø1džÙNsš¨µ¶¿Ñè÷ 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" # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~  €  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ Š ‹ Œ  Ž   ‘ ’ “ ” • – — ˜ ™ š › œ  ž Ÿ   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ ÿ                           ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~  €  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ Š ‹ Œ  Ž   ‘ ’ “ ” • – — ˜ ™ š › œ  ž Ÿ   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ ­ ® ¯ ° ± ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿ À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ ÿ   !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~€‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘’“”•–—˜™š›œžŸ ¡¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¶·¸¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýþÿ     !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~€‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘’“”•–—˜þÿÿÿš›œžŸ þÿÿÿ¢£¤¥¦§¨þÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿýÿÿÿÈþÿÿÿþÿÿÿþÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿRoot Entryÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÀF0O±‡¨ÈÊ€1TableÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿdWordDocumentÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ."SummaryInformation(ÿÿÿÿ™DocumentSummaryInformation8ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ¡CompObjÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿqÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿþÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿþÿ ÿÿÿÿ ÀFMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.8ô9²q