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Tuesday January 1st 2008

Here we are 2 months since we last had our little fella with us...

I'm not even really sure what to write, what can I say. We have endured two months of grieving and wanting Jesson to come back, all I can say it's tough, and life with out Jesson will never be the same. Jesson is constantly in our conversation's and thoughts, we still make decisions thinking how he would have liked things to be.

I have been decorating, and managed to finish every room I set out to brighten up, I have painted Jesson's old bedroom he used to sleep in when he was a baby, I have placed all his photograph's on the shelves, hundreds of them !! if we need a little Jesson time, this is where we can go. I have framed his lovely art work, and hung some lovely photos of us all together.

I'm not sure I have mentioned before, but Jesson's said he wanted to be cremated, he ensured on the Saturday before he passed away that I would carry out his wishes.

It was never the spoken word that Jesson was going to die, but he knew.

He courageously spoke about when he had gone, he said he was going to become a turtle!! he said, "when I die I've decided I'm going to become a turtle, because you don't have to move fast, and if you get tired you can just go in your shell!!"

He always made us giggle even when talking about the saddest matters.

Jesson is now sitting in our living room in his pyramid, he really wanted to see a real pyramid, and he really enjoyed learning about how the Egyptians lived. We managed to find a beautiful green pyramid for his ashes.

I am starting back to work on Jan 8th, I am going back to my old job, teaching hairdressing (thanks guys for wanting me back xx)

Kesia has settled  into her new life with out her big brother, she is wonderful xx she is always there for me, with her little tender arms to give me the needed hugs just when I need her.



(Here is another video clip of Jesson  Helen asked me to put up here, even hooked up, bald as a coot, and in Ninja Turtle PJ`s the little man could bust a move....... Jonny the webmaster)