At diagnosis Jesson had an 11ins x 5ins tumour near the base of his spine, his bone marrow, and trephine was affected with neuroblastoma. The MIBG scan lit up in his arms, legs, pelvis, and spine.

Jesson has undergone the standard protocol Rapid Cojec, at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, his treatment will consist of:

8 intense chemotherapy every 10 days (Carboplatin, Etopoiside, Vincristine, chyclophsphamide, Cisplatin,)

Stem cell harvest (at Birmingham Children's Hospital)

Major Surgery (tumour resection, removed all of tumour, apart from a lymph node)

High Dose Chemo (Carboplatin, Etoposide, Melphalan.)

Stem cell transplant

Radiotherapy (abdomen, and right Tibia)

Cis-Retonoic Acid (Accutane) 6 cycles

Jesson Bone marrow Aspirate was still showing evidence of Neuroblastoma after transplant,  LRI carried out another aspirate September 2004 it was clear in the Marrow and Trephine.

At this stage we were hoping the journey had come to end, Jesson was well and led a normal active life.

April 11th 2005,

 We had the news Jesson had suffered a huge relapse, the MIBG was showing uptake in his skull, legs, spine, left shoulder, and pelvis.

He had had some ongoing leg issues, which was on and off, but we tried to make excuses why this was happening, we didn't want to think this horrible monster had returned.

Jesson's catecholamines had started to rise in January, but not huge jumps, by the time the relapse was discovered the VMA was 18 and Noradrenaline slowly going up.

We no longer have curative options, treatment will hopefully improve and lengthen Jesson little life.

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